How To Carry A Snowboard On A Motorcycle? Tips + Suggestions [2023]

If you are here, you must be wondering how to carry a snowboard on a motorcycle.

The cost of transportation going up to ski mountains can be expensive and the alternative cheaper options will be by motorcycle. 

I have been traveling around on a motorcycle and I want to try and ride up to the snowy mountain to snowboard.

The tricky part will be carrying the snowboard and my other essentials.

This article will cover a list of methods on how you can carry your snowboard on your motorcycle. You will also find a guide on riding a motorcycle in the snow as well as some recommendations on how to carry snowboard on backpack.

how to carry a snowboard on a motorcycle

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3 Ways You Can Carry A Snowboard On A Motorcycle

If you love traveling on a motorcycle and are a snowboarder, you may wonder how to carry a snowboard on a motorcycle.

The thought of carrying a snowboard on a motorcycle does seem impossible however, happy to report I have listed a few ways how you can do it. 

1. Use A Backpack With Straps

If you are on a budget, using a backpack to carry your snowboard will be a good choice for you. Following is a step-by-step guide on how to carry snowboard on a backpack.

Step 1: Use a backpack that comes with a chest strap and hip belt. 

Step 2: Place the backpack on the ground with the back panel of the bag facing upwards. 

Step 3: Slide the snowboard across the harness strap with the base of the snowboard facing upwards. The bindings of the snowboard should be facing down just the same as the front of the backpack faces the ground. 

Step 4: The back panel of the backpack should be in between the bindings. Keep the snowboard balanced while you lift your backpack off the ground making sure that the snowboard does not slide back out of the harness strap. 

Step 5: Tighten the harness hip belt and chest strap. This will secure your snowboard while you carry it on a motorcycle. You will need to ride with caution with the snowboard jutting out horizontally on both sides.

how to carry a snowboard on a motorcycle

2. Do-It-Yourself Snowboard Mount

You may also look for experts who can customize snowboard mounts as these guys did—the mount position the snowboard to be by the side of the motorcycle and is slanted. 

The excess length sits at the back of the motorcyclist and does not affect the rider at all.

The snowboard is secured by screwing into the binding holes of the board. 

3. Snowboard Bracket System

If you are into DIY stuff, I discovered that you can also hold your snowboard using the board-ski bracket.

The board-ski bracket is attached to a customized do-it-yourself rack that is mounted on your motorcycle pannier. 

The board-ski bracket comes in a pair, one with a shorter grip and the other with a much taller grip.

The shorter grip should be at the front and the taller grip should be at the rear. 

Secure the rack to the motorcycle pannier using buckle straps.

Use zip ties to further secure the whole rack down to the pannier at each anchor point. This video explains it best.

This system is ideal for a motorcycle that comes with a metal or hard pannier. 

How To Carry Anything On Your Motorcycle

It is helpful to know how to carry things on a motorcycle if you love traveling on a motorcycle. It is not ideal to jam everything into a backpack. This list is to help you if you have things to carry on a motorcycle ride. 

On a separate note, if you wish to open carry motorcycle, please check the local law enforcement before you do. 

how to carry a snowboard on a motorcycle

Size and placement are two main factors you need to determine before jumping into your preferred method and gear to carry your things. 

It is important to identify the amount of space needed for all your belongings for you to be able to ride safely and comfortably. It is the same for the placement of your belongings as well. 

The last thing you want is to have your belongings hampering your ride while putting safety at risk. Here is a list of methods you can carry things on a motorcycle.

how to carry a snowboard on a motorcycle

1. Backpack

A backpack is probably the most straightforward method to carry anything on a motorcycle. All you need to do is to put your belongings in the backpack, strap it to your back and ride away.

how to carry a snowboard on a motorcycle

However, there are disadvantages to this method.

The weight of the backpack rests primarily on the rider instead of the bike and this may cause sore shoulders.

You may want to consider strapping the backpack to the bike where the weight will rest on the bike.

2. Tank Bag

A tank bag is placed on top of the gas tank either by magnets, a locking ring, or straps.

A tank bag is typically located at the front and they’re easily accessible without having to get off your bike. You can think of them as the glove box of motorcycles. 

how to carry a snowboard on a motorcycle

They’re also easily removed and come in a variety of sizes depending on your needs.

how to carry a snowboard on a motorcycle

3. Saddlebags

Saddlebags are one of the most common methods used to carry luggage on a motorcycle. There are three types of saddlebags:

  • Hard saddlebags
  • Soft saddlebags
  • Leather saddlebags
  • Hard saddlebags

Hard saddlebags are rigid and mostly made of tough molded plastics or fiberglass. They are typically mounted onto motorcycles with non-removable metal or brackets. 

how to carry a snowboard on a motorcycle

Pros: They can be locked, comes with plenty of space, are waterproof, and are easily detached. 

Cons: It may be e expensive and it is hard to find a ready-made hard saddlebag that will fit your bike without modifying your bike or mounting system.

  • Soft saddlebags

Soft saddlebags come in plenty of sizes and can be well-adapted based on your requirements. It also fits all types of motorcycles. Soft saddlebags are made of materials such as nylon, polyester, and similar synthetic fibers. 

how to carry a snowboard on a motorcycle

The unit of measurement indicating the thickness, weight, and durability of nylon or other fibers of soft saddlebags is known as “denier”. The thickness and weight of fiber correspond to the denier number.

The majority of soft saddlebags are water resistant which is why most of them come with a slip-on rain cover.

how to carry a snowboard on a motorcycle

They are not directly attached to the motorcycle and typically have sturdy dual straps running between the two bags that are placed on the seat of the bike. 

Pros: Soft saddlebags are versatile and come in a variety of shape, size, capacity and you can be sure to find one that fit your motorcycle.

It is convenient with plenty of compartments, easily attach and detach, durable, and much cheaper than hard saddlebags.

Cons: Soft saddlebags are not secure and may easily be stolen. They’re also sensitive to heat and are prone to melting when it comes in contact with a hot muffler and this can cause great damage.

Lack of mounting also causes imbalance due to weight differences between each side of the bags.

  • Leather saddlebags

Leather saddlebags are in between hard and soft saddlebags and are the best choice for most cruiser-style motorcycle riders. 

how to carry a snowboard on a motorcycle

Pros: Leather saddlebags include a variety of sizes and capacities as well as affordable costs. 

Cons: The bag lack security as it can be removed or cut open easily. It has design limitations as it is only designed to look best on a cruiser-style motorcycle.

4. Motorcycle Trunk

The limited storage on a motorcycle can easily be solved by having a top trunk. The top trunk comes in different shapes and sizes.

how to carry a snowboard on a motorcycle

The top trunk sits on the back of the motorcycle and some are even designed to provide a comfortable backrest for passengers. 

5. Straps

If you find yourself without any saddlebags or storage or if the item is too large or does not fit into existing storage, you can always strap them into the back of your motorcycle. 

how to carry a snowboard on a motorcycle

Traditionally, bungee cords are used however there is a better option now such as Rok Straps

how to carry a snowboard on a motorcycle

They strap more securely and can be tightened easily regardless of the length. Make sure to only strap your belongings to secure mounting points and not on anything that can be broken easily. 

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4 Tips On Riding A Motorcycle In The Snow

I will be honest with you, riding a motorcycle in the snow is challenging and dangerous. But with preparation and precaution, it can be done. Here’s what you need to know if you are riding this winter season.

how to carry a snowboard on a motorcycle

1. Be Mentally Prepared

Riding a motorcycle in the winter can be a lot colder especially if you are prone to cold easily therefore it is important to be mentally prepared to ride in the snow.

Besides the temperature, the snow and sleet will have effects on your motorcycle and physical being.

The freezing cold air can cause frostbite and hypothermia and also affect your agility which can cause a lack of control on the motorcycle. Knowing all these before your ride will help prepare you for the next move which is gearing up physically.

how to carry a snowboard on a motorcycle

2. Wear Appropriate Gear

Wearing multiple layers of clothing will help keep you warm. The recommended layers of gear include thermal base wear, an insulated or heated jacket, and a pair of winter gloves, and boots. Don’t forget those winter socks too!

how to carry a snowboard on a motorcycle

Having a set of hand warmers is a great idea to keep your hands warm. You also want to get a full-face helmet which is equally important.

how to carry a snowboard on a motorcycle

3. Ride With Caution

Before starting your ride make sure you check and plan your route and destination. Check the weather before departure. Warming up your tires beforehand is crucial as everyone knows cold tires mean limited traction. 

It is highly recommended to ride in a group instead of alone to ensure safety. Make sure your visibility is increased and look further down the road which will help identify any hazards before they take place. 

Allow ample distance between the front vehicle and your motorcycle to ensure enough reaction time and space in case of any road hazards. 

4. Check Your Motorcycle 

Before you start riding, examine the motorcycle tires. Make sure the tires are appropriate for snow riding and have sufficient tread for grip. Y

ou may also want to consider having towing service that normally comes together with insurance. 

Having a towing service readily available in case of accidents that are more likely to happen during the winter is essential.

After a winter ride, keep your motorcycle properly maintained. If you live in an area where road salt is being used, wash your motorcycle immediately as it is corrosive to your motorcycle.

how to carry a snowboard on a motorcycle

5 Best Backpacks To Carry Snowboard

If you are looking for a backpack to carry a snowboard along with the rest of your essentials, you’ve come to the right place. I have compiled a list of backpacks that can carry snowboards both vertically and horizontally. 

how to carry a snowboard on a motorcycle

1. Dakine Heli Pro 24

Capacity: 24L

The Dakine Heli Pro is one of the popular backpacks among snowboarders. It is made of 600D recycled polyester, 400D nylon, and a nylon ripstop face and this combo combined with proper care will ensure your backpack last for years. 

The fabric is coated with water repellent finish which means you do not need to worry about snow getting into your backpack.

There is plenty of compartments and pocket areas such as a fleece-lined goggle pocket, internal and external quick-stash pocket, and snow safety tool pocket with sleeves. 

how to carry a snowboard on a motorcycle

The hydration sleeve allows you to use your Camelbak.

There are endless options to carry your snowboard with this backpack and if you happen to change your mind one day and decided to go skiing instead, this pack can also carry skis. 

how to carry a snowboard on a motorcycle

2. Thule Upslope Snowboard Backpack 

Capacity: 35L

This backpack has an amazing airbag-ready feature. While snowboarding might be fun, the snow mountain can be unpredictable. In the case of an avalanche, the airbag ready back will come in extremely useful.

The airback-ready pack can be used with or without the Mammut Removable Airbag 3.0 system and has ultimate flexibility with its removable feature.

how to carry a snowboard on a motorcycle

You can store your helmet either on the bottom of the backpack for easy retrieval or on the front of the pack. 

Gears can be easily accessed at the bottom of the pack and keep the snow from your backpack with the back panel access to the main compartment.

The insulated hydration sleeve and dedicated reservoir pocket prevent the hose from freezing and are separated from the main compartment in case of leaks. 

The adjustable carry loop can fit a variety of snowboard widths. This backpack is super comfortable and will ensure a stable ride. 

how to carry a snowboard on a motorcycle

3. Burton Sidehill Backpack 18L

Capacity: 18L

The Burton Sidehill is great if you’re looking to only do light laps and just cruise around the resort. If you’re planning to pack just the essentials, the 18L is great but if you wish to do more touring, go for the 25L capacity.

This backpack is made of ripstop fabric and has been coated with a 1,500mm PU waterproof coating ensuring your pack stays dry and keeps water out.

It has an ergonomically built back panel with cushioned ergonomic shoulder straps which will be good for your shoulder and back.

It comes with a sternum strap and hip belt which are great for keeping the backpack in place. If you wish to keep your hands free and are looking for a vertical carry snowboard backpack, this backpack comes with straps that allow you to do just that. 

how to carry a snowboard on a motorcycle

4. Osprey Sopris 30

Capacity: 30L

The Osprey Sopris is great if you are heading on a short but challenging expedition. The pack comes with dedicated avalanche safety kit storage with a shovel handle and probe sleeves.

It also has GPS/Radio internal carry with mic harness webbing attachment points.

A vertical front panel allows you to carry a snowboard vertically as well as horizontally. It has a dual position (front and top of the pack) for your helmet carry which is super convenient. 

how to carry a snowboard on a motorcycle

The easy-access scratch-free goggle pocket makes it convenient to keep your goggles. The backpack comes with generous compartments for small items or thermos and an internal zipper stash pocket. 

how to carry a snowboard on a motorcycle

5. Burton Day Hiker 25

Capacity: 25L

The Burton Day Hiker is a popular unisex backpack. This is a great option if you are looking for a backpack that does more than just carry your snowboarding tools. 

This backpack is also designed for hiking and short trips and if you wish to carry it to work, it comes with a padded hydration-compatible laptop sleeve and tablet sleeve. Besides just strapping your snowboard, the straps can be used to attach your skateboard as well.

This backpack has everything you need for snowboarding activities to weekend outings.

how to carry a snowboard on a motorcycle

FAQs On How To Carry A Snowboard On A Motorcycle

How To Carry A Snowboard On A Motorcycle?

If you wonder how to carry a snowboard on a motorcycle, you can use a backpack with a chest strap and hip belt, DIY a snowboard mount, or use a snowboard bracket system.

How To Carry Anything On A Motorcycle?

Here’s how you can carry anything on a motorcycle; use a backpack, get a tank bag, choose a motorcycle with saddlebags, look out for a motorcycle that comes with the top trunk, have built-in storage, install hard luggage, or use straps.

If you have always wondered how to carry stuff on a motorcycle, I hope you have now discovered a variety of options for you to do that.

While it is not easy to carry everything on a motorcycle but it is possible if you use the correct storage or system. 

how to carry a snowboard on a motorcycle

Riding a motorcycle while carrying your snowboard is a whole other challenge which is why it is important to learn how to strap your snowboard safely.

How to carry a snowboard also depends on your preference whether it is vertically or horizontally.

I hope this article has helped you figure out how to carry a snowboard on a motorcycle. If you find this article informative, do share it with any avid snowboarder and motorcyclist. 

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