13 Best Snowboards For Kids: Your 2023 Guide

Are you looking for the best snowboard for kids to buy for the upcoming snow season?

Snowboarding has been an integral part of my life and I know it will be something your kids will treasure as well! 

Snowboarding is a great way for kids to get outside and enjoy the winter weather. But before your child can hit the slopes, you will need to find the best snowboard for their size, weight, and skill level. 

A good snowboard can make all the difference in a child’s experience on the mountain.

So what is the best snowboard for kids? I have compiled a list of the 13 best snowboards for kids, so read on to find out what makes the top of my list!

Best snowboard for kids

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Best Snowboard For Kids – My Top Picks

No time to read? No worries! Check out my top 3 recommendations for snowboards for kids.

Best Snowboard For Kids
  • Best Overall: Gnu Young Money: A snowboard that is tough and durable, the Gnu Young Money is perfect for kids just getting into the sport. With a quality build that will last, this board is a great investment for any family.
Best snowboard for kids
  • Best Value: Burton Chopper Kids Snowboard: The Burton Chopper Kids Snowboard is the perfect product for kids who want to learn snowboarding. With its inbuilt foam pads, it gives early learners an authentic feeling of snowboarding. 
Best snowboard for kids
  • Premium Pick: Jones Mini Mind Expander: The Jones Mini Mind Expander is a great choice for kids who are looking for an eco-friendly snowboard.
Best snowboard for kids

13 Best Snowboard For Kids

Best snowboard for kids

1. Burton Chopper Kids Snowboard 

The Burton Chopper Kids Snowboard is the perfect starter kit for kids wanting to learn snowboarding. The inbuilt foam pads mean they can stand on the board without bindings, helping early learners have an authentic feeling of snowboarding. 

A balanced ride is what you can expect from this twin-shaped, perfectly symmetrical snowboard. Outstanding stability is guaranteed, whether you stomp or spin, ride regular, or like to switch up. This is one of the best beginner snowboard for kids.

What I Love:

  • The groovy, tiger-striped retro skin will have everybody’s eyes turning, and it’s unlikely you’ll be able to lose your kids on the slopes! 
  • This snowboard is great for kids who are just starting out and learning the basics.

What I Don’t Like:

  • If your kids are advanced snowboarders, you might want to look at other snowboards.
Best snowboard for kids

2. Gnu Young Money 

The Gnu Young Money comes to the top of our list of best snowboards for kids. This youth twin-tip park snowboard, comes in three lengths, to suit every child’s height. 

This eye-pleasing board is ideal for the young starter, while also rocking a sustainable wood core and eco-sublimated graphics. Handmade by Gnu Snowboards, you can be assured the quality is of the highest. 

We all know that kids tend to break things, but if your kid wants to get into snowboarding, this will take a lot of damage.

What I Love:

  • If the durability of your snowboard is a worry, the Gnu Young Money will last and last and last. 
  • Handmade at the Gnu factory, the quality of these boards is unparalleled, you only have to look at some of the reviews to see how much damage they can take without breaking!

What I Don’t Like:

  • Just like the other snowboards we have mentioned, the Gnu Young Money snowboard is an entry-level board, for kids new to snowboarding. 
Best snowboard for kids

3. Emsco Group Graffiti

The Emsco Group Graffiti Snowboard is not only eye-catching but one of the most budget-friendly snowboards out there. 

If your kids want to get into snowboarding, but you don’t want to spend a wad of cash, (let’s be fair, they might not like it), this snowboard is an economical way for kids to start snowboarding. 

Not beating around the bush, this is a no-frills, junior snowboard that is accessible to all budget ranges. Added to that, it has the added bonus of being customizable by your own kids, making this a unique-looking board for every individual. 

What I Love:

  • The Emsco Group Graffiti Snowboard is specifically aimed at snowboarders who want the experience for the lowest price possible. 
  • One of my favorite features of this board is the ability to customize and design your own graphics – making it perfect for gifts! 
  • This board is designed to be easy to practice moves and tricks for beginners. 
  • If you’re buying this for a gift, you can easily add a couple of extra items and have yourself a complete kids snowboard set.

What I Don’t Like:

  • As it is a budget model, it’s always going to be a starter/learner piece of kit, which if your child takes to snowboarding, will require upgrading at some point, but, conversely, if your child doesn’t like snowboarding, the outlay has been minimal.
Best snowboard for kids

4. CAPiTa Children Of The Gnar

Calling all children of the gnar! This so-called “tween-age” destroyer, the CAPiTa Children Of The Gnar is the perfect coming-of-age board for those aspiring young men out there.

Custom weighted with a special blend of fiberglass and magic bean resin, it’s designed for increased strength and durability, a perfect boys snowboard!

What I Love:

  • Geometrically-pleasing cut with badass skin, makes this a board to be seen on. 
  • The award-winning DOA series inspired this snowboard to feature a next-generation design with a hybrid camber, you can pop all you want with this baby!
  • If your kids got into snowboarding a few years ago, and wish to carry it on, but have outgrown their old board, and aren’t quite ready for an adult board, this is your go-to snowboard!

What I Don’t Like:

  • This board is designed for a specific age range, and therefore has a niche in the market. This limits those who it is suitable for.
Best snowboard for kids

5. Burton Chicklet

The Burton Chicklet snowboard is easy to master turning and stopping for even the lightest riders. This beginner board comes in the low-end price range, and sports a convex base with upturned edges, helping to hone your skills as a budding snowboarder.

What I Love:

  • Let’s be fair; you aren’t going to be using this board for aggressive, stunt maneuvers. This board is more of a soft and playful type, somewhat fun, and more of a toy than a tool.
  • Great fun and playful, this is a very well-made and unpunishing board for a child. 
  • It also comes in eight sizes, so whatever age your daughter starts, there is a board in a size for her! Here is a great resource for a kid snowboard size chart.

What I Don’t Like:

  • If your daughter feels she is a budding snowboarder, with more than basic skills, this is probably not the board for her. 
Best snowboard for kids

6. SportsStuff Snow Ryder Hardwood Snowboard

This is a value-for-money snowboard that is also great for sandboarding. It’s cheap as chips and does exactly what it says on the tin, but if your kid doesn’t take to snowboarding, you aren’t left with a huge hole in your pocket.

What I Love:

  • Price! Price! Price! You can buy six of these boards for the same price as a decent entry-level board, so if you’re unsure if you’re kids are even going to want to do snowboarding, this is about as entry-level as you can.
  • Its key safety feature is that when you fall, the straps completely detach, meaning fewer injuries.
  • There’s also room left in the budget to buy gloves, boots, and clothing for complete kids snowboard sets.

What I Don’t Like:

  • This board is not for the pros or wanna-be pros, it’s more of a backyard hill board than a snowy mountain board.
Best snowboard for kids

7. CAPiTA Scott Stevens Mini Kids Snowboard

Previously unreleased in youth sizes, and only in 120cm, this is a kid’s board that will make them feel like an adult. Another total resort destroyer, with a dual-core lightweight core, giving the most consistent and uniform flex.

What I Love:

  • This is a durable and lightweight board, perfect for letting your kids practice on park jumps, boxes, bumps, and freestyle terrain. 
  • This comes in the mid-range price bracket, balancing affordability with performance.

What I Don’t Like

  • Not for the faint-hearted, this is definitely not a beginner board, it’s more of an adult product that has been customized for kids. 
  • If your child is just starting his snowboarding journey, you might want to consider a less-professional version.
Best snowboard for kids

8. Jones Mini Mind Expander

If you’re looking for green, look no further than the Jones Mini Mind Expander For Kids by Jones.

This board is for seriously-minded kids who are way-beyond snowboard amateurs and view this more as an investment in a snowboarding future rather than as a toy for a bit of fun in the backyard.

What I Love:

  •  Built with renewable, bio-based epoxy instead of petroleum-based, this truly is a recycled eco-board.
  • The fetching and cool, but no-nonsense design, says that this board is for the higher-end snowboarders who are beyond playing and are wanna-be snowboarding pros.

What I Don’t Like:

  • This board only comes in one size, and as it is a higher-end, eco-friendly product, it does come with a high-end price tag. If you want to know how to size a snowboard for kids, check out this guide.
Best snowboard for kids

9. Burton Yeasayer Smalls Flat Top Snowboard

Coming with a super-soft flex, without stability sacrifice, the kids’ Burton Yeasayer Smalls Flat Top Snowboard, is the next progressive step for kids who have mastered the basics.

What I Love:

  • This is an all-mountain intermediate board that will cope with everything you want to throw at it. 
  • It comes with a very futuristic skin, more akin to a hoverboard from Back To The Future 2 than a professional snowboard.
  • A good-looking, functional board that is an excellent all-rounder and one that any budding younger snowboarder, would be proud to ride.

What I Don’t Like:

  • Like some of the boards here, this board has a niche market, as it’s aimed at older kids who are beyond amateurs and therefore will not be for everyone, but it is still one of the best kids snowboard out there.
Best snowboard for kids

10. Sledsterz The Original Kids’ Snowboard By Geospace

Coming in as the cheapest snowboard on our list, this is the perfect board for your budding snowboarders to get playing on in the yard. 

Recommended for ages 6-12 and coming in 3 uber-bright colors this snowboard will be great fun for those family days out in the snow too.

And who knows? If they show some skill with it then we have twelve more boards reviewed here that you can get serious with. 

What I Like:

  • The playful bright colors and younger kids’ theme make this a great toy for the younger market whilst giving them their first baby steps into snowboarding. 
  • It’s a great ski-around for the kids and a perfect stocking filler without breaking the bank, add some boots and gloves and you have yourself a decent childrens snowboard packages. 

What I Don’t Like:

  • The lower-end quality of this product is obviously what makes it so cheap, yet also why it should not be considered for serious snowboarders.  
Best snowboard for kids

11. Rossignol Jibfluence

Influenced by the award-winning jigsaw board, Rossignol has created the best of both worlds here, giving precision control on the hardpack, making this one of the best kids snowboards out there.

What I Love:

  • The loud head-turning colors, with a soft-flex pattern, mean not only a stylish board but a playful, easy-going one too.
  • A solid, attractive, no-frills board, more suited to hardpack than anything else.

What I Don’t Like:

  • This is a lighter board, and as such, possibly not suited to the bulkier snowboarder out there.
Best snowboard for kids

12. CAPiTA Jess Kimura Mini

Sporting graphics from Jess Kimura, this is a pro-model girls’ snowboard for the intermediate/expert snowboarder.

What I Love:

  • Not only is this high-end, professional board excellent for technical and pro skills, but it also sports a very, very cool sunglass-wearing kitty in its design. Beware mild jealousy if your daughter is sporting this under her arm!
  • Very kitsch, very cute, and whilst can go the distance in more professional circuits, this board needs a similar personality to match it.

What I Don’t Like:

  • Coming in at 3/10 on the flex rating, this is more of a soft than a stiff board, meaning that it’s not going to suit all performance types and may be more for the playful than the serious.
Best snowboard for kids

13. Ride Zero Jr

Twin hybrid camber, that handles all mountain, park, and groomers, this is a great mid-price-range all-rounder that can be used for beginners, or if they have a few winters under their belt.

What I Like:

  • The versatility of this board means it can cover most bases on the snowboarding circuit.
  • Situated in the mid-price range, balancing durability with a professional feel, this board is a ton of fun for budding intermediate snowboarders who want to combine playful and high-end park performance. 

What I Don’t Like:

  • Visually, the black and white, no-nonsense skin, is not as pretty or colorful as other boards on this page, and might not be for those looking for a board as a fashion statement.
Best snowboard for kids
Me and my family enjoying a snow trip together!

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FAQs On Best Snowboards For Kids

Why Do You Need A Kids Snowboard?

So, why do you need a kid’s snowboard? If you are buying a snowboard for a child, you will need to specifically buy a kid’s snowboard. This is because every board is designed for a specific weight range and is tuned a little bit differently and rides differently. 

Do not buy a child board if you are an adult, or expect a small child to be able to ride an adult’s snowboard as it will not work.

What Are The Different Types Of Kids’ Snowboards?

Curious as to what are the different types of kid’s snowboards? 

  • All-Mountain

An all-mountain snowboard is designed for someone who needs one board that they can ride on a wide variety of terrain, including anywhere on a mountain, backcountry, groomed runs, and parks and pipes.

  • Free-Ride

A freeride snowboard is best for ungroomed snow (meaning snow that hasn’t been groomed by a snow-groomer) in any terrain. These are usually directional boards that are meant to be ridden with one end always facing downhill.

  • Freestyle

A freestyle snowboard is light, short, and flexible and designed for snowboarders who want a lively ride anywhere on the mountain. They are great for performing tricks in terrain parks, but not so good for stability or hard snow.

Best snowboard for kids
This is me on top of the world (or a snowy mountain!)

How Do I Choose The Right Snowboard For My Kid?

If you are wondering how to find out kids snowboard sizes, Evo offers a really comprehensive sizing chart for children, as well as suggestions on whether you should size the boards closer to their chest or closer to their nose.

  • Construction Material

Just like most things out there, the better the material used, the better the quality of the snowboard. Many snowboards are made with polyethylene, a water-repellent, highly porous, and abrasion-resistant material that makes them perfect for snowboarding.

  • Bindings

Bindings are what connect you to your board and it is really important to get a pair that matches your riding style with your ability level.

  • Cost

Like many things, kids’ snowboards come in a huge range of prices, so consider your budget, as well as the likely use your child will get out of their snowboard. 

Consider buying a secondhand snowboard, or keep an eye out for sales if you are trying to save money, as once you have bought everything you need for your child to go snowboarding, you’ll have made a sizeable investment.

How Do I Look After My Kids Snowboard?

So, how do I look after my kids snowboard? Just like an adult’s snowboard, a kid’s snowboard will benefit from proper care and maintenance:

  • Wax it regularly
  • Avoid riding over exposed rocks and other hard, jagged surfaces
  • Make sure to dry off any snow that’s stuck to your board so that it doesn’t rust
  • At the end of the season, wipe it down thoroughly, melt on a thick layer of wax and store it somewhere where it won’t get knocked about

Are Kids Snowboards Any Good?

Are kids’ snowboards any good? Kids’ snowboards are perfect for kids to learn snowboarding on and practice on. 

They are designed especially for kids and are extra lightweight and durable. 

The best thing you can do is research what is best for your kid, and you can start by reading our list of the 13 best snowboards for kids above!

What Size Snowboard Should I Get My Child?

What size snowboard should I get my child? As a rule of thumb, kids’ snowboards should come up somewhere between the child’s chest and chin. 

It’s important to select the correct size for your child so that they can enjoy snowboarding the way it is meant to be enjoyed. Evo has an excellent size chart for kids that should answer any questions you may have.

Best snowboard for kids
View from one of my favorite snowboarding destinations.

My Verdict On The Best Snowboard For Kids

Overall, the best snowboard for kids is the one that best suits their individual needs and riding style. 

With so many different types of snowboards on the market, it’s important to do your research to find the perfect board for your little shredder. Keep in mind factors such as construction material, bindings, size, and cost when making your decision. 

With proper care and maintenance, your child’s snowboard will last for many seasons of fun on the slopes! Have fun!

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