9 Ski Boots For Skinny Ankles [Based On Personal Experience!]

The best ski boots for skinny ankles can be a little hard to find if you don’t know what to look out for. I have skinny ankles and its a pain in the butt -_-

Us skinny ankle folks are at a great risk of sustaining a sprain or fracture, especially during physical activities. which isn’t great news if you are a fellow skiing enthusiast too! 

Anyway, don’t get your ankles in a twist (ha!) because I discovered the best ski boots for skinny ankles, have a low profile and slim design. 

I’ve drawn up the list so you can look at the options you have here.

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ski boots for skinny ankles

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Women’s Ski Boots For Skinny Ankles

1. Atomic HAWX Ultra 130 S

2. Nordica Hot Rod 8.0 W

3. Nordica Hot Rod 90 Womens Ski Boots 

4. Nordica Cruise 90

5. Rossignol Pure Elite 70 Womens Ski Boots 

6. Salomon X Max 70 

Men’s Ski Boots For Skinny Ankles

7. Full TILT Drop Kick (Also Good For Women) 

8. Nordica Promachine 120

9. Tecnica Mach1 120 LV

ski boots for skinny ankles

My Top 3 Ski Boots For Skinny Ankles

This unique pair with hard and soft flex is great for improving precision and balance. The full shock eraser dampens vibration, and it’s got micro buckles with an adjustability option so you can fit them best to your feet.

This super comfortable pair has a soft-shell fit which is very forgiving and helps you gain better control. You can also completely customize the boot liners for a perfect fit. 

This is great because it had an adjustable overall flex, which allows you to suit the snow conditions or your skiing style. The liner is heat moldable so it gives your feet a perfect fit every time.

9 Best Ski Boots For Skinny Ankles


1. Atomic HAWX Ultra 130 S

Atomic HAWX Ultra 130 S are expert skier boots with a high flex rating of 130. You must be an expert skier to get the most out of this boot.

They have a narrow 98mm last, which makes them perfect for skinny ankles. They are also super light at just 3.6lb, so carrying them around will be no feat. 

The Atomic HAWX Ultra 130 S has Atomics Memory 3D Fit that conforms to your feet through moldable heat technology for an exact fit each time you ski.

To me, this is truly one of the expert skier’s best ski boots for small ankles considering the firm flex, narrow last, and weight.


  • 4 micro-adjustable buckles for a perfect fit 


  • For expert skiers only

2. Nordica Hot Rod 8.0 W

Nordica Hot Rod 8.0 W is an excellent skinny boots for skinny legs. These boots are made specifically for women and are great for girls seeking a balance of ease, performance, and comfort. 

The boots have Natural Feet Stance (NFS) technology, improving precision and balance.

The flex is a unique hard-soft one, which helps you if you’re a rookie practicing to be intermediate. However, they do take some getting used to. 

Another great feature I love is the full-shock-eraser which dampens vibration. It gives you maximum and complete shock absorption, which helps if you take a fall or two as your ski. 


  • Micro buckles with an adjustability option so you can fit them best to your feet


  • The hard-soft flex needs getting used to

3. Nordica Hot Rod 90 Womens Ski Boots 

The Nordica Hot Rod 90 Womens Ski Boots were designed for women who value performance, comfort, and ease of use. 

Nordica developed an entirely new category of ski boots to meet the needs of the evolving all-mountain skier, who requires equipment that will perform in all terrain, in varying conditions, and with the comfort and shock absorption that allows you to ski all day.

They have a fantastic design and the softest cushioning. The liners are one of the factors that make the Nordica Hot Rod 90 Womens Ski Boots one of the best ski boots for skinny ankles. They are highly personalized and custom-molded. 

Aside from that, these boots are constructed of high dual-density plastic. It’s durable and has easy entry and exit. 


  • Natural Feet Stance technology helps keep you balanced


  • One buckle too many (it’s got 5 in total if you include the straps)

4.  Nordica Cruise 90

The Nordica Cruise 90 covers all the best features of ski boots for narrow ankles. They balance performance, comfort, and confidence for the wearer – that’s you if you are a beginner! The boots are great for rookies to maximize their skiing potential and skills.

The soft-shell fit is very forgiving. And the fit increases response and control. They’re also super comfortable. 

I find it super cool that the boot liners can be completely personalized. You don’t have to worry about one-size-fits-all issues!


  • Adjustable cuff makes it convenient for you to get the perfect fit 


  • For rookies only

5. Rossignol Pure Elite 70 Womens Ski Boots 

Rossignol Pure Elite 70 Womens Ski Boots are another best ski boots for narrow ankles for intermediates and beginners. It has a wide opening tongue that makes it very easy to get your feet in and out at the end of a long day on the slopes.

With Merino wool insulation, this is a very warm and comfortable boot. It also has heat-moldable dual-density molded padding in the forefoot and toes.

The boot features Rossignals Sensor Blade Technology, which aids in transferring power into your skis at all speeds, from green to black runs.

I especially love that the Rossignol Pure Elite 70 Womens Ski Boots have women’s specific and lower cuff shapes with a soft liner to prevent sore calves. 

Combined with a narrow last designed to accommodate a narrow forefoot and a narrow shaft of the leg, these are quite the perfect ski boots for skinny legs.


  • Women’s specific and lower cuff shape makes it a great fit and you don’t have to worry about your boots slipping 


  • Beginners should have at least some experience to be comfortable in these boots, not for first-timers 

6. Salomon X Max 70 

This is one of the softest flexing ski boots, specifically designed for narrow feet, which work great for skinny ankles. 

It’s a no-brainer that the Salomon X Max 70  is a  best-selling boot in the women’s narrow boot category.

It also has a women’s specific cuff shape to fit a woman’s anatomy better, and it is available in a 70 flex and a 98mm last for ladies with narrow feet. 

The Salomon X Max 70 boot is ideal for new or inexperienced skiers. Learning the fundamentals is easier with the pivot oversized for more power into the edge of your skis.


  • Oversized pivot for more power into the edge of your skis


  • More suitable for less aggressive skiers


7. Full TILT Drop Kick (Also Good For Women) 

Full TILT Drop Kick boots are designed for advanced skiers who want a boot that you can use on all mountain terrains. They’re one of the best ski boots for skinny legs with a high flex and a 99mm narrow last.

Because the Power Wrap Intuition liner is heat moldable, you can get an exact fit around your feet. 

The Full TILT Drop Kick is a unique 3 piece boot that allows for a more natural progressive flex. The cable buckle system allows the boot to flex without creating pressure points.

They are great all round boots for skinny ankles with interchangeable tongues that allow you to adjust the overall boot flex to suit the snow conditions or your skiing style.


  • Adjustable overall flex, which allows you to suit the snow conditions or your skiing style


  •  Only for experienced skiers

8. Nordica Promachine 120

The Nordica Promachine 120 is an excellent pair of boots for experienced skiers with skinny ankles. 

It comes with “Tri-Fit” technology included, which gives you customized skiing performance.  The liner features Primaloft for optimal warmth and a softer feel, making it ideal if you are looking for a slightly more forgiving boot.

The boot has a lot of lateral stability thanks to the stiffer plastic along the spine of the shell, which allows for a lot of energy transfer.

This indeed does the trick when searching for the best ski boots for bony ankles. 


  • Super light – at only 8oz, you hardly feel a thing when wearing these boots


  • A little tough to put on and take off 

9. Tecnica Mach1 120 LV

The Tecnica Mach1 120 LV is a powerful, lightweight, race-inspired ski boot. They offer a great narrow fit.

They come with a T-Drive spine for excellent cuff-to-shell power transfer. It’s easy to see why they’re great for expert skiers. 

The Tecnica Mach1 120 LV is ideal for skiers looking for power and precision without sacrificing the uncompromising feel of a full 130 flex boot. The 120 flex is accurate and comparable to other brands’ 130 flexes

It takes some effort to get into the boot, but once inside, your foot is securely wrapped. 


  • 120 flex comparable to a 130 flex from other brands which means you get it a more value-price


  •  Some find the stance a little too upright 
ski boots for skinny ankles

What Is A Narrow Ski Boot

There are three main lasts for ski boot widths: narrow, average, and wide. The width of a thin ski boot would be 99mm or less, but commonly between 97-98mm, based on the reference size of 26 (26cm length). 

The volume and width of a ski boot are referred to as the last. There is less interior space in the boot with narrower lasts (vertically and horizontally).

ski boots for skinny ankles

Features To Look For When Choosing Ski Boots For Skinny Ankles

When selecting a new pair of ski boots, keep the following in mind:

The Flex Rating 

The boot’s flex rating indicates the stiffness or flexibility of the materials. A soft or low flex is advantageous for new skiers or beginners because it facilitates energy transfer into the boot and allows skiers to travel more slowly and at slower speeds. A higher flex will benefit you more the better skier you are, the heavier you are, and the more you shift your weight as you ski.

The Proper Boot Last

When fitting ski boots and shoes, the term “last width” refers to the width of the foot in relation to the width of the boot in size 26.5. Higher performance boots often have the narrowest last width to provide a closer fit and immediate reaction. The typical last width ranges from 93mm to 104mm. A 1mm width difference might significantly alter how well your boots fit.

ski boots for skinny ankles

The Price 

Narrower boots are typically more expensive than wider boots. The difference is due to the high cost of producing different boot widths for each length; thus, manufacturers choose a wider mold that can fit more feet for more affordable models. 

With narrow feet, the empty space in the boots will disturb the energy transfer from your foot through the boot to the binding and ski. Even if you are just starting out, you should find boots that fit your narrow feet to avoid the wider lasts of entry-level boots. 

Your Skill Level

  • Beginner – A softer to medium flexing boot and a fit that allows you to remain comfortable all day are the best options for beginners.
  • Intermediate/ Advanced – If you are an intermediate or advanced skier, you should opt for a medium-flexing boot with an accurate fit to offer complete control in various conditions.
  • Advanced/ Expert – You probably already know this as an advanced-level skier, but you should search for a boot with an extremely accurate fit and a stiff to very stiff flex. 

You can also downsize both in length and volume before working with a boot fitter to customize your boots for comfort. 

ski boots for skinny ankles

FAQs On Ski Boots For Skinny Ankles

Why Do My Ankles Hurt In Ski Boots?

Your ankles hurt in ski boots because is the flattening or rotating of the skier’s foot inside the boot when the skis are placed on the inside edges. Your foot might be in a more upright position with new boots, but it moves inside the boot as the boot’s liners wear and compress. 

What Are Low Volume Ski Boots?

Ski boots come in low volume (LV), mid-volume (MV), and High-Volume (HV). For skiers with narrow, slim feet, low-volume boots can offer a closer fit for better control.  Skiers with wider, higher-volume feet can get a better fit with mid or high-volume boots

Should Ankles Move In Ski Boots?

No, ankles should not move in ski boots. Ankles in ski boots should not have any internal heel or ankle movement. You should only be able to move your toes. The perfect-fitting boot should be very snug; you should be firmly in your boot with no loose feel. 

ski boots for skinny ankles

Is It Better For Ski Boots To Be Too Big Or Too Small?

Wondering is it better for ski boots to be too big or too small? Ski boots should be snug, but not too tight that they are painful. Your toes should be able to move freely around the forefoot while your foot is in the liner of the boot’s shell, and when the heel is all the way back, they should be just touching the front of the boot.

There you go, the 9 best ski boots for skinny ankles!

Now you can take your pick and move on to the more parts of planning, like maybe checking out some cool places to ski in the Balkans.

Or maybe your skiing partner is built differently and might need some different recommendations, you can check out this post on 11 Best Ski Boots For Wide Feet And Calves or share it with them.

Either way, I hope that you find my post useful. Let me know your thoughts in the comments. I’d love to hear from you!

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