15 Best Night Time Ski Goggles [Personal Experience!]

If you are already night skiing or want to ski at night, then you deserve the best night-time goggles!

If you are an experienced skier, you will know that skiing at night is a unique and exhilarating experience.

To experience the thrill of night skiing, you must have the best equipment.

This includes the best night-time ski goggles. In this article, I will share with you the main features, benefits, and the best night-time ski goggles for you.

night time ski goggles

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My Top 3 Choices Of Night-Time Ski Goggles

Goggles are an essential component of a night skier’s equipment. But choosing the brands and styles that are best for you can be very challenging given the wide variety of options available.

I have mentioned below three of the best night skiing goggles on the market.

night time ski goggles

1. Oakley O-Frame MX Ski Goggles

These goggles have a frame design that gives you a clear view of the slopes. It is optimized for comfort. They also have a special coating that helps reduce glare from the lights, making them perfect for night skiing.

night time ski goggles

2. Smith Optics I/O Mag Snow Goggles 

These ski goggles include two interchangeable lenses and a wide field of vision (one for low-light conditions and one for brighter conditions).

night time ski goggles

3. Anon Men’s M2 Perceive Goggle With Spare Lens 

In comparison to other night skiing goggles, these ski goggles include smudge-free lens technology. This technology offers the most natural vision possible and helps you see more light.

Why Night Skiing Is Great

The beautiful thing about skiing is that it can be done even at night. You get to enjoy the slopes after the sun goes down.

There are several benefits of night skiing. One is that it’s less expensive- a night ski ticket always costs less than a day one.

Night skiing is a great way to relax and hang out after a hard day’s work WITHOUT the pesky crowds.

Night skiing also gives you a fascinating and mind-blowing view of the skies and stars at night. It is a dazzling performance of the stars.

How To Make The Most Of Your Night Ski Experience

To enjoy your night skiing experience to the fullest, you must pay attention to a few things. 

1.Please ensure that you have the best equipment to keep you safe and secure in the adventure.Bring an extra torch light or head lamp.

2.Be fully aware of your surroundings, the other skiers, the slopes, the weather, and any potential hazards. Night skiing can be a little tough because of the absence of natural light. So, go slower.

3.Bring a warm drink in your ski backpack so you can have a warm cheeky beverage under the stars

15 Best Goggles For Night Skiing

Here is a list of the 15 best goggles for night-time skiing:

night time ski goggles

1. Trusiel Ski Goggles

These super sleek ski goggles are double-layer anti-fog lenses. Its inner lens has a permanent anti-fog coating to give you clear vision when skiing at night.  

The outer lens provides an anti-wind system and superior impact resistance for extra protection, so if you have a tumble, your ski goggles won’t crumble!

The coating on the outer lens also perfectly blocks UV rays which will protect your eyes effectively.

The ergonomic frame design makes it comfortable and helmet compatible, no more trying to squeeze uncomfortable ski goggles to fit your helmet!

It also comes with an adjustable non-slip strap that will effectively grip your helmet, so you can just focus on having the perfect ski run!


  • It can be worn over myopia glasses and is suitable for people with short-sightedness
  • It has triple layers of protection to keep your precious eyes safe
  • It has a bidirectional ventilation system that increases air circulation and prevents fogging


  • It does not come with an interchangeable lens but you probably won’t need to change it because it has all the useful features you need!
night time ski goggles

2. Outdoor Master Pro Ski Goggles With Clear Lens

The top features of these goggles are given below.

The lenses of these goggles have UV protection coating to protect your eyes. The large spherical, frameless lens provides a clear view of the slopes.  

It has an interchangeable lens system with a wide range of extra lenses. You can swap the lenses for day/night and different weather conditions. 

The Ski Goggles PRO features an OTG design that lets you wear your glasses under the goggles. All lenses are anti-fog coated and offer 100% UV protection.

An extra-long elastic strap ensures great helmet compatibility with all helmets. suitable for both adults and teens.


  • The lenses on these goggles can be changed.
  • It’s made of high-quality components.
  • Both a soft pouch and a semi-rigid case are included.
  • To keep the goggles in place, the inside of the headband is lined with silicone.


  • Even though the lens is large, the vision is still limited.
  • They don’t have an anti-reflective coating.
night time ski goggles

3. Odoland Magnetic Interchangeable Lens

These ski goggles have the following pros and cons:


  • It has interchangeable lenses.
  • The lens frame is wide.
  • It is compatible to wear with a helmet.


  • The straps come loose sometimes which can be bad during skiing.
night time ski goggles

4. COPOZZ MX 2-In-1

These goggles have a two-second quick-changing lens. It has 10 pairs of strong magnets around the ski goggles frame which are stable and firm.  This enables easy and fast lens switching.  

The goggles have cool mirror-coating and reflective ski goggles lenses from Italy with long-lasting anti-fog materials. The dual-layer lenses offer you 100% UV protection and protect your eyes from strong light. 

Great optical clarity is possible as a large spherical lens with a frameless design provides an unobstructed, clear view.

The OTG design allows you to wear your glasses under these ski goggles.  

It has an extra long and wide high-density elastic strap. It is compatible with any helmet. The silicone anti-slip strips on the back make sure your ski goggles stay in place.

A smart optimized venting system enhances airflow and reduces fogging.

They also have different ski goggles lenses for different light conditions. If you want to ski from day to night, you will get two lenses to switch.  


  • The choice of lenses is helpful.
  • The ventilation system is good.
  • The sponge makes it comfortable to wear.


  • The lenses come off on a slight impact.
  • There is no storage sleeve for the outer lens.
night time ski goggles

5. Cooloo Ski Goggles

They fit teens, youth, men, and women. An extra-long elastic strap ensures great helmet compatibility with all helmets.

These Ski Goggles are coated with anti-fog coatings and circular holes are distributed around them. This provides maximum airflow in the goggles, which can prevent fog to a certain extent. 

The tinted lenses provide UV protection to the eyes. The clear lenses provide the best view on cloudy days.


  • Comfortable and easy to use.
  • The anti-fogging system is good and helps while skiing


  • The foam padding is thin and may not last for very long.
  • They can fog pretty fast sometimes.
night time ski goggles

6. Oakley O Frame MX

These lenses have the following features:

It has a flexible matter frame optimized for comfort. The impact-resistant lens material provides protection against UV rays.

A scratch-resistant lens with F2 Anti-fog coating prevents scratches and fogging of the lens. The goggles have an adjustable 4mm strap with silicone lining for a more secure fit. 


  • It is comfortable to wear.
  • It fits nicely on helmets.


  • It may be small in size for some users.
night time ski goggles

7. Juli M3 Ski Goggles Black-Transparency

The detachable lens system offers spare lenses with different colors, and VLTs suitable for different weather conditions.

These goggles are designed to reduce fogging and optimize the flowing air over the inside of the lens. These ski goggles provide a smooth air-flow system that brings fresh air and exhausts moisture quickly and effectively. 

The big, spherical, frameless lens provides an unobstructed and clear view of the slopes. The extra-long elastic strap ensures any size helmet compatibility.

The over-the-glasses system is designed to fit over most prescription glasses.


  • The anti-fogging is good.
  • Works well on sunny days.


  • Some customers find that they do fog sometimes.
  • They are good only in sunny conditions.
night time ski goggles

8. Smith Optics I/O Mag Ski Goggles

The I/O MAG XL’s extra-large spherical Chromapop lens enhances clarity and amplifies your experience. With OTG compatibility, it integrates seamlessly into helmets to provide the ultimate fit and functions as a fog-free system.

It is helmet compatible, ultra-wide, and has a silicone-backed strap.

The Smith night goggles Include a microfiber goggle bag with a replacement lens sleeve and ChromaPop storm rose flash extra lens. The extra lens can be used in different light conditions.


  • It has extra large lenses to enable more vision.
  • It is easy and comfortable.
  • It can be used on helmets too.


  • The straps may not hold tight always.
night time ski goggles

9.  Outdoor Master Clear OTG Ski Goggles

 These ski goggles fit over glasses. It is suitable for both adults and youth.

The dual-layer lens technology with an anti-fog-coated inner lens gives you a fog-free ski experience.

The soft TPU frame with lenses provides maximum UV rays protection.

The extra-long elastic strap ensures great helmet compatibility with all helmets. It is suitable for both adults and teens.


  • Works very well in snow.
  • It blocks light effectively.
  • The design of the lenses is beautiful.


  • Fogs up occasionally.
  • The lenses may start cracking at times.
night time ski goggles

10.  Anon Men’s M2 Perceive Goggle With Spare Lens

The Anon Perceive goggles are helmet compatible. The thermoplastic polyurethane frame is durable and lightweight.

It uses technology that uses magnets for quickly changing lenses. The PERCEIVE lens facilitates a high-contrast vision and terrain-defining clarity. The lenses are coated for smudge, scratch, and moisture resistance.

The MFI technology (Magnetic Face Mask Integration) uses a magnetic connection to seal your face to your goggles. The no-slip silicone strap keeps the goggles in place. The glass-compatible frame fits over prescription eyewear.

Its spheric-injected lens design enhances clarity. The integral clarity technology anti-fog delivers crystal clear vision.

It also has a triple-layer face foam for a snug seal and comfortable fit. The outlast fog management face fleece controls moisture for added anti-fog protection. The full-perimeter vent channel maximizes airflow.


  • Its unique design makes it a fit for small as well as large faces.
  • The lenses are smudge and scratch-resistant.
  • The ventilation is good.


  • It may not always work well in cloudy circumstances.
night time ski goggles

11.  Bolle Freeze Unisex Snow Goggle

The Bolle Freeze goggles are comfortable and equipped with an anti-fog lens.

The Lens color is a pc lemon gun and it has a double lens.

The anti-fog and carbo-glass anti-scratch treatment prevent fogging of the lenses.


  • The lenses don’t fog.
  • The filter is good for all-day skiing.


  • They can slide easily as there is no rubber band grip.
  • The foam near the edges is not of great quality.
night time ski goggles

12.  Bolle Scarlett Ski Goggles

These ski goggles have an embedded P80+ anti-fog layer on the inner lens that restricts moisture buildup. The flow-tech venting promotes directional airflow across the inside of the lens.

The double-layer face foam enables a comfortable fit. A siliconized strap provides total support for the goggles on the helmet.

The double lens creates a dual-pane thermal barrier between the cold dry outside air and the moisture generated inside the goggle. This helps to prevent condensation.


  • The goggles are comfortable and stylish.
  • They do not fog.
  • The vision is clear and optimum.


  • The lenses are not photochromatic as may be implied.
night time ski goggles

13.  Oakley Flight Deck M Prizm Goggles

OAKLEY FLIGHT DECK SNOW GOGGLES maximizes your field of view, so you won’t miss a single target of opportunity.

The prizm-engineered lenses help you see contrast on the mountain in a variety of light and snow conditions. Ski goggles with Oakley High Definition Optics (HDO) offer a more accurate vision versus conventional lenses.

The F3 anti-fog lens coating absorbs moisture and eliminates haze. The Plutonite lens material provides protection against UVA/UVB/UVC and harmful blue light up to 400 nm.

The Oakley Ridgelock technology makes changing lenses quick and easy. It allows a complete lens seal to prevent harsh conditions from penetrating your goggles. 

A soft and pliable Oakley goggle frame conforms to your face easily. The triple-layer foam provides all-day comfort with moisture-wicking polar fleece lining. 


  • The lenses have good visibility.
  • The overall quality of the goggles is good.


  • It does not have a bag/case to carry when not in use.
night time ski goggles

14.  Oakley L-Frame with Clear Lens

The goggles have a UV protective coating that protects the eyes from harmful rays.

It is engineered to fit over prescription eyewear. 

It has a triple-layer face foam fleece to wick away sweat. The Lexan lenses are anti-fog, scratch, and impact-resistant.


  • The Oakley L frame goggles come with extra lenses.
  • They fit over regular glasses.
  • It is breathable and does not fog.


  • They are ok with thin glass frames but don’t work with thick glasses.
  • The directions about mounting clear lenses are difficult to understand.
night time ski goggles

15.  SPOSUNE Ski Goggles Over Glasses

These spherical ski goggles use a flexible TPU frame and unbreakable PC lenses. It helps protect the eyes from harm due to high impact.

In case you are hit, the lens will block the impact of the front, and the frame and thick sponge will relieve the impact.

The Sposune ski goggles use Italian double-layer anti-fog lenses. It has better anti-fog and UV protection. 

The OTG design allows you to wear your glasses under ski goggles. Even if you are nearsighted, you can enjoy the sport with pleasure. At the same time, the thick sponge provides you with a comfortable and sealed-wearing experience.  

These goggles have a high-density weave headband with excellent elasticity. It has two headbands for better adjustment of the length of the headband, ensuring excellent helmet compatibility for all helmets. 

These goggles are designed to reduce fogging and optimize the flowing air over the inside of the lens. Ski goggles provide a smooth air-flow system that brings fresh air and exhausts moisture quickly when you are skiing.


  • They fit very well and look great.
  • They work perfectly for snow glare and sun glare.


  • The head strap is wide and may ride over the ear.

How Much Do Ski Goggles Cost?

Goggles for night skiing can cost anywhere from $ 20 to $ 400 and even more. It depends on the brand, the materials used, the types of accessories, and the size as well.

The cost of the goggles will depend on the type of lenses you buy.  

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How To Choose The Best Night-Time Ski Goggles

If you want to go on a night skiing adventure, you need all the right gear, and the best night-time ski goggles are an integral part of it. Given below are some important criteria to help you decide on the best goggles for you.

1. Ventilation

Ventilation is a necessity to maintain the air temperature inside the lens. This will prevent fogging of the lens.  Some goggles have large vents and some even have mini fans in-built for air circulation.

Of course, some people use anti-fog sprays and wipes to prevent fogging. The choice is yours as to what you would prefer.

2. Adjustable Brim And Chin Strap

For night-time skiing, ski goggles with an adjustable brim are necessary. It will serve two purposes – keep snow from falling into your eyes, and prevent the reflection of lights from the snow.

It will stop the goggles from sliding off your face when you are skiing at high speed. 

The goggles should fit properly on your face – not too tight and not too loose. This can be done by securing the goggles with adjustable straps. 

3. Anti-fog Lens And Vents

The vents in the top of the lens prevent fogging and ensure that air circulation is kept at the optimum level. So make sure that your lens has proper vents before you purchase them.

4. Lens Color

While the color of the lens is a personal choice, certain colors suit particular lighting conditions. Yellow lenses are good for night skiing as they help you to have better visibility at night. It reduces excessive glare.

Amber-colored lenses are good for skiing during the daytime as it minimizes glare and helps you see better.

Yet some people prefer the black color as it helps to see better in the snow.

5. VLT (Visible Light Transmission) Ratings

The lens with higher VLT ratings should be preferred for night skiing. VLT means visible light transmission. These lenses will allow more light into the lenses so that you can see better in low light. 

When the light is dim, these lenses will help you see better and more clearly.

6. Anti-Fogging

It is important to choose goggles that improve your night vision but you must also have lenses that don’t fog. Clarity of vision is crucial while skiing at night. So your lenses must have anti-fogging properties.

7. Headlamps

Another important accessory to have with your night-time ski goggles is a headlamp. These will help you to see better in the dark of night. These headlamps facilitate hands-free illumination which is vital during skiing.

Thus, it will be better if you choose ski goggles that have headlamps as well.

night time ski goggles

FAQS On Night Time Ski Goggles

What Ski Goggles Are Best For Night?

So, what ski goggles are best for night? The following are ski googles best for the night: 

What Color Goggles Are Best For Night Skiing

Clear-lens goggles are best for night skiing.  Clear lenses are needed in night skiing because they don’t block out too much light. They provide a high percentage of visible light transmission. 

Do You Wear Goggles To Ski At Night

Yes, you should wear goggles to ski at night. Even though the risk of UV rays is not present at night-time, to prevent damage to your eyes from the snow, wind, cold, and accidents, goggles are still necessary. The air is cooler at night and you may feel like going without goggles, but you must use them.

You may seem overwhelmed at how to choose the best night vision ski goggles.

I hope that this article will guide you to choose the ones that suit you the best. Please use your discretion and choose the lens that suits you and your pocket. 

However, one thing I will recommend is that you pick up ski goggles that can swap lenses. This will enable you to use the lenses in different light conditions like during the day or night.

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15 Best Night Time Ski Goggles

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