5 Bike Tours in Penang for an Exciting Trip!

Are you someone who loves adrenaline rush but wants something that is not too extreme for your vacation? Well, this bike tour in Penang is just for you!

As someone who practices a healthy, active lifestyle, I understand the urge to exercise whenever there is some free time. I also find it difficult to stay still during vacation since exercise is already part of my daily routine. 

No matter whether it is a brisk walk or a leisurely bicycle ride around town, I make sure I get my body moving. So, for those of you who are like me, this article will be helpful to you on your Penang trip!

Also, another note is that I would consider myself a “Penang expert” since it is very much like my second home. Being born here in Malaysia, traveling to Penang has been my favorite pastime, whether it is for work or pleasure!

Therefore, if you want to explore the nooks and crannies of the hidden gems in Penang or want something more personal, private tour Penang by bike, continue reading!

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The 5 Best Bike Tours In Penang for Your Vacation:

1. Penang George Town All-In-One Heritage Tour By Bicycle & Trishaw (Metro Bike)

bike tour penang

⭐️ Rating: 5 out of 5 stars, with more than 147 positive reviews! | ⌛️Tour Length: 3 hours 30 minutes approximately

Why choose this tour? 

Wonder if there is any bike tour where you can choose either a trishaw or bicycle for your vacation? Well, good news for you because this is exactly what you are searching for!

This bike tour will help you uncover the lesser-known but beautiful parts of Georgetown city.

 Plus, with the help of the tour guide, you will get to know a little bit deeper about all the cultural sites and heritage buildings you will be visiting with your loved one. 

Aside from that, another bonus point is that this package includes hotel pickup and drop off, which means you don’t have to stress yourself out to book taxis or e-hailing rides to return to the hotel room.

The Penang George Town All-In-One Heritage Tour By Bicycle & Trishaw (Metro Bike) includes:

  • Bicycle or Trishaw rental
  • Breakfast, lunch, and bottled water are provided
  • Safety jacket and helmet 
  • Riding around the city streets and visiting some of the attractions such as Chew Jetty, Fort Cornwallis, Sri Mariamman Temple, and several others more

What past guests loved about the tour:

Our guide Ken was absolutely wonderful. We spent a delightful morning riding safely around Georgetown with his guidance and knowledge of the history of this vibrant town. Ken has a deep knowledge of the history of the area, different cultures and customs. We got to see inside some special temples, and try different foods from the market. There were no pressures at all and Ken was happy to answer all questions. Highly recommended. The whole town ride is flat with no hills so a very easy ride.”

– Tripadvisor Reviewer (read more reviews

2. Half-Day Penang Countryside Cycling Tour

bike tour penang

⭐️ Rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars, with more than 127 positive reviews! | ⌛️ Tour Length: 4 hours 30 minutes approximately

Why choose this tour? 

This bike tour is for gentle-paced recreational cyclists, which means that you and your whole family or friends do not have to worry too much about the traffic and just ride the bike for fun.

I truly encourage you to take a look at this package as biking around rural areas is also the best way to get to know the true color of Penang. 

Through this tour, you will get to explore Balik Pulau village, Kuala Sungai Pinang, Saanen Goat Farm, and lastly, pass by Sungai Rusa countryside and plantation areas.

And the best part of this tour is that all equipment is included, so you and your loved ones only require to bring yourself to the destination. 

(Technically, they will pick you up at the hotel, so it is not too much trouble at all!)

The Half-Day Penang Countryside Cycling Tour includes:

  • Local tour guide
  • Hotel pickup 
  • Water bottles
  • All external fees and taxes
  • Tools and bicycle equipment

What past guests loved about the tour:

Loved this experience! It’s good to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city, and to see how locals live in their villages. Stopped for coffee and a snack in the fishing village. TC is an excellent guide and very knowledgeable about the area and the history of Penang & Malaysia.”

– Anneliese_W (read more reviews

3. Heritage Tour and Trishaw Ride in Penang

bike tour penang

⭐️ Rating: 4 out of 5 stars, with more than 40 positive reviews! | ⌛️ Tour Length: 2 hours 30 minutes approximately

Why choose this tour? 

Prefer a package that you just need to sit back in the trishaw while having a tour guide explain the history of Georgetown to you? This is the perfect choice because you get to ride a trishaw for one hour and another two-hour tour by vehicle.

Aside from having an English-speaking tour guide, this package is inclusive of FREE hotel pick-up and drop-off if you are staying around Georgetown or Batu Ferringhi. 

Staying outside of those locations? Fret not because the driver can fetch you with some additional charges.

It is a great tour to consider as you will have the chance to see Penang from different angles, and visit the majority of UNESCO World Heritage Sites including Fort Cornwallis, Penang Town Hall, Beach Street, Kapitan Keling Mosque, and many more.

The Heritage Tour and Trishaw Ride in Penang include:

  • English-speaking driver/tour guide
  • Trishaw paddler
  • 1-hour trishaw ride (twin sharing) and 2-hour tour by vehicle
  • Round-trip transfers to and from the hotel 
  • Note: A surcharge of RM 60 (USD  $14) is applicable per way and car. You will have to pay by cash directly to the driver in such situation)

What past guests loved about the tour:

Had a good time and enjoyed it. Mr Ong drove us in a van around Georgetown and made commentary on the places. It’s quite informative and educational. The trishaw ride was also quite an experience — going in and out of the narrow lanes, even going against the traffic. Very exciting!!”

– Lee (read more reviews

Honorable Mention

The tours under honorable mention are packages that only have one positive review, yet it is still recommended for you to check them out as they have great deals to be considered for.

4. E-Scooter Tour in Penang Island – Time Tunnel Trail

bike tour penang

⭐️ Rating: 5 out of 5 stars, with 1 positive review | ⌛️Tour Length: 5 hours approximately

Why choose this tour? 

E-scooter might not be a famous choice for some tourists, but you should definitely take a look at this tour because you will get to engage directly and personally with your experienced local tour guide who covers some parts of the UNESCO World Heritage Site of George Town Linking to the East Coast Line Dedicated Bicycle Lane.

Moreover, this unique tour includes an offbeat meal beneath Penang Bridge, an interesting experience rarely offered by Malaysian tour companies which can be something unforgettable during your Penang trip!

The Time Tunnel Cycling Trail is designed to take you on a time travel ride with stories from the tour guide as you get the chance to see, feel, and discover the Penang landscape in a new light.

Sounds interesting? Book it now!

The E-Scooter Tour in Penang Island – Time Tunnel Trail includes:

  • Brunch
  • Lunch
  • Electrical Scooter

What past guests loved about the tour:

The changes in scenery along the Highway, the facts and stories told by Tiger were compelling and entertaining were absolutely worthwhile! It was really cool to travel by e-scooter and covered a lot of mileage which we wouldn’t have done by walking. Seeing sights most tourists wouldn’t see.”

– Juliana_K (read more reviews

5. Half-Day Guided Bicycle Tour of Penang Countryside

bike tour penang

⭐️Rating: 4 out of 5 stars, with 1 positive review | ⌛️Tour Length: 4 hours approximately

Why choose this tour? 

This tour of Penang countryside will bring you around Balik Pulau village, just like the Half-Day Penang Countryside Cycling Tour. Located southwest of Penang Island, you will ride past the paddy fields, fishing villages, and a mangrove forest, immersing yourself in an undiscovered side of Penang Island.

The difference between both tours is that this package includes a post-ride snack of coffee and light refreshments, which you can try to experience the authentic village or kampung people’s lifestyle.

So, if you are looking for a memorable experience, then book this Half-Day Guided Bicycle Tour of Penang Countryside!

The Half-Day Guided Bicycle Tour of Penang Countryside includes:

  • Bicycle and helmet
  • Post-cycling snacks and refreshments
  • Professional guide and driver
  • Round trip from the hotel to the location

What past guests loved about the tour:

“This was a fab way to see the side of Penang life you don’t usually get to see. Coming from the UK we felt a bit strange staring at people’s homes. But very interesting and our guide Eddie was very knowledgeable. We started at the Audi dream farm (although he picked us up from our residence and drove us all the way there) and then cycled around to a fishing village and a goat farm. Everyone was very friendly. Take loo roll, hand gel, water, and plenty of mozzie spray. The kids enjoyed it too. Drove us home.”

– Tripadvisor Reviewer (read more reviews

What to Expect From This Penang Bike Tour.

I would assure you that there will be no extreme and dangerous bike riding in any of these 5 tours I have listed above. 

However, your safety when riding a bicycle is going to depend on several factors, such as your surroundings, vehicle traffic and chance that you might be involved in an accident, the condition of the bike itself, etc.

If you want a Penang cycling tour where you can enjoy Malaysia’s countryside scenery with your family members while riding a bicycle, I suggest that you book a Half-Day Penang Countryside Cycling Tour.

 This bicycle tour of Penang will bring you through kampung, a local rural area that is less explored by outsiders.

In another case where you are traveling with seniors or less mobile family members, or you want a historic, authentic Penang city tour, you can check out Heritage Tour and Trishaw Ride in Penang

This package will bring you around to some best tourist spots like Fort Cornwallis, Penang Town Hall, and also Achech Street. Guided by professional trishaw riders, you get to experience Malaysia’s heritage at its finest.

Are These Tours Expensive?

As for these tours, you do not have to worry as all of the prices are below USD $100

The cheapest will be Heritage Tour and Trishaw Ride in Penang which cost you only about USD $22.49 whereas the highest price is E-Scooter Tour in Penang Island – Time Tunnel Trail which is around USD $98

Although the E-Scooter Tour might seem to be a little tad expensive, fret not because the tour guide in Penang has vast knowledge about the city and will explain to you all the attractions you will be visiting. 

All in all, it is up to you to decide which tour is suitable for your budget and preference. You may also want to keep some cash for yourself for emergency purposes and who knows, you might want to buy some souvenirs to bring back home!

FAQ On This Fun Bike Tours In Penang For Your Malaysia Trip

Is Bike Tours Penang Hard For Amateur Riders?

Are bike tours in this list dangerous for amateur riders? Fortunately, the list only includes beginner-friendly, recreational cycling tours.

Nowadays, you can find excellent bike tours that cater to your riding level almost everywhere around the world.

So, you don’t have to be a Tour de France cyclist to enjoy Penang scenery, whether it is Georgetown or just for the beautiful, scenic rural landscape.

Also, note that these tours have everything complete, which means you do not have to rent a bike in Penang on your own or go to a bike shop in Penang because they include all the things just for you. 

Is It Safe To Cycle In Malaysia, Especially Penang?

Is it safe to ride around in Penang? Penang is a fantastic place to experience by bicycle. However, you can never be completely sure of your safety even with the numerous precautions you have prepared. 

Still, this does not mean that you should ditch the idea of riding a bicycle when traveling because relatively, the number of fatal accidents involving cyclists is low in Malaysia (about 2% of all crashes).

Check out this link here to find out 10 riding safety tips you can practice while doing a bike tour in Malaysia.

Is Malaysia’s Weather Suitable For Cycling?

Is Malaysia’s weather suitable for bike cycling? If you love the hot, summer season and sunny weather, I bet Malaysia will be your best vacation destination as it has a tropical climate

Due to Malaysia’s weather and climate, it experiences monsoon seasons for several months, particularly Southwest Monsoon from June to September whereas Northeast Monsoon from November to March. 

Therefore, in case you are wondering which is the best time to travel to this place, the answer is November to January as the weather during these months is very pleasant and cool enough to do Penang cycling.

How About Bike Attire In Penang?

What kind of bike attire should I wear in Penang? Due to its tropical climate, you may want to bring almost any comfy outdoor or athletic attire i.e. breathable, moisture-wicking clothes when doing a bike tour in Penang. 

Here is the list of bike clothing and accessories you can consider buying:

bike tour penang
bike tour penang
bike tour penang
bike tour penang
bike tour penang
bike tour penang
bike tour penang
bike tour penang

Alternatively, if you do not want to ride a bicycle and would like to take a trishaw leisurely, I would suggest wearing a T-shirt, short sleeve shirt, jeans, or cargo shorts.

Try to avoid wearing clothing that is too revealing or skimpy since you may attract unwanted attention. Always remember to keep the same level of respect and decency as tourists especially when you are visiting any religious sites.

What Are The Do’s Of Riding A Bicycle During Vacation?

What are the things that you should do when riding a bicycle during vacation? Despite this being common practice when riding a bicycle, always remember to inspect the bike before riding to ensure it is in excellent working condition. 

Remain alert of your surroundings and use hand signals when turning

Also, look around before changing your lane to avoid unwanted accidents.  

Last but not least, you may want to check with your travel insurance if they cover accident-related damages or accidents.

bike tour penang

With this article, you have read through the best list of bike tours in Penang available for tourists. All the bike tours are an eco tour in Penang, which means you are reducing your carbon footprints while having a good time exploring this city!

Penang indeed has a vibe of its own, from the bustling city of Georgetown to the serene surroundings of the village, there are so many things to explore while staying here. 

In the meantime, it is also a safe place for you to ride around with your loved ones.

I truly hope you enjoy your time in Penang. If you find this article useful, feel free to share it with your loved one! Have fun on your vacation!

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