Camping In Niolon: The Ultimate Guide 2023

Camping is a great way to have a memorable vacation with your family and friends. And camping in Niolon has everything that you can find for a pleasant holiday.

With all the beautiful hidden gems in Niolon, looking for the best campsites that can provide an unforgettable camping adventure can be overwhelming and time-consuming. 

But do not worry! I have got you covered.

Camping in Niolon is a favorite pastime for many adventurers, nature lovers, and families. 

Spending time near the lovely Calanque De Niolon – which exhibits a picturesque cove,  clear turquoise water, and breathtaking scenery – gives you plenty of opportunities to satisfy your soul. And Niolon’s campsites have all of that.

Hence, in this article, I have rounded up the 11 best spots for camping in Niolon that will offer you exciting camping in Niolon experiences.

11 Best Camping Spots In Niolon

  1. Campsite Le Mas
  2. Camping L’Arquet
  3. Camping Pascalounet
  4. Camping Felix De La Bastide
  5. Camping Les Collines De La Malle 
  6. Camping Marius La Couronne
  7. Camping Marina Plage
  8. Les Mouettes Campsite
  9. La Source La Couronne Campsite
  10. Camping Du Garlaban
  11. Camping Lou Cigalon


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1. Campsite Le Mas

4-star camping spot in France
Photo by S_wh on Flickr

Are you looking for a 4-star camping spot in France? Why not come over to Campsite Le Mas which is a 4-star campsite located near Niolon, France.

Surrounded by shaded pine forest in a 5-hectare camp area, this campsite is a fantastic place for camping. And you can pick for a Seaview pitch without an additional fee.

Isn’t that awesome?

If you prefer a non-traditional camping style, you may choose other accommodations offered at Le Mas, such as mobile homes or chalets.

Your whole family will have a terrific experience at the camp since it is complete with a swimming pool, tennis court, multi-purpose court, game room, cycling route, etc.

The camp is just a few steps away from the beach. So you will have the opportunity to unwind at the sandy beach and admire the beautiful deep blue sea. 

Furthermore, there are plenty of hiking, snorkeling, and diving activities you can do near the campsite if you prefer more challenging ventures.

  • Pitch: Tent or caravan (2-6 people)
  • Accommodation/Rental unit:  Mobile homes and Chalets
  • Facilities: Sanitary area, water tap, electricity, WIFI, laundry area, cooking area, swimming pool, tennis court, multi-purpose field, cycling route, boat rental, and fishing.
  • Pets: Allowed
  • Address: Chem. de Sainte-Croix, 13500 Martigues, France (Maps)

2. Camping L’Arquet

Camping Spots In Niolon
Photo by Theo K on Flickr

Camping L’Arquet is a 6 hectare 4-star campsite located across the Mediterranean sea. 

It is a campsite that suits people who are not looking for a classic camping style since they do not provide camping pitches for tents or caravans at their site.

However, they have a great choice of mobile homes that you can choose from and a huge infinity pool with a sea view.

Plus, rich with unspoiled nature and only 300m from beaches and coves, this campsite is an ideal place that fits people who look for a chill and serene camping in Niolon experience.

Do you love fishing and love to savor the freshest seafood? 

Then you are lucky! Just a few minutes away from the campsite, there are small fishing ports where you can spend your time fishing and eating delicious seafood.

If you love cycling, you can go for a 22km cycling adventure on a route that extends along with the stunning Cote Bleue.  Pretty close to the camp is the fascinating Port of Martigues famous for its crisscrossed canals.

  • Pitch: Not Available
  • Accommodation/Rental unit:  Mobile homes (2 – 6 people)
  • Facilities: WIFI, laundry area, bar, restaurant, grocery store, infinity pool, paddling pool, multi-purpose court, and three outdoor playgrounds.
  • Pets: Allowed
  • Address:Chem. de la Batterie, 13500 Martigues, France (Maps)

3. Camping Pascalounet

Calanque de Niolon

Pascalounet was founded in 1957 and is the first-ever campsite created on the Cote Blue

Its location which is not far from the wondrous Calanques, including Calanque de Niolon, Calanque de La Vasse, Calanque de la Redonne, and Calanque de Mejean, makes this campsite a prominent location for nature lovers to take advantage of the natural beauty to recharge.

The campsite has an area of 2.5 hectares. The camp provides 116 pitches, including sunny, shaded, and semi-shaded camping pitches and 60 rental units.

Besides that, they also offer several activity areas at their campsite such as a Pentaque court, children’s playground, and play area for ping pong and table football.

The main attraction of this campsite is the location which is close to the fine sandy beaches of La Saulce and Sainte Croix. With its unspoiled nature as a backdrop, the camp is famous for shooting various films and TV series like  Camping Paradis.

And soon there will be more entertaining water activities introduced at the camp such as kayaking, paddleboarding, banana boating, water skiing, etc.

  • Pitch: Tent or caravan (under 6.5m long)
  • Accommodation/Rental unit:  Mobile homes 
  • Facilities: Sanitary area, sanitary area for disabled people, WIFI, laundry area, petanque court, play area, and children’s playgrounds.
  • Address: Rte de la Saulce, 13500 Martigues, France (Maps)

4. Camping Felix De La Bastide

Camping Spots In Niolon

Spread over 4.6 hectares in Saint Mitre-Les-Remparts in the Massane area, merely half an hour away from Niolon is Felix De La Bastide campsite.

The campsite provides 101 pitches that are fit for tents, caravans, or camper-vans. The camp also provides 6 campsite lodges and 13 rental units, including mobile homes for disabled people.

Situated on the wild west coast of Etang De Berre, you will get to enjoy bathing at the Pavillon bleu (french good water quality label) beaches and also practice all kinds of water sports such as diving and sailing.

Aside from that, various adventurous activities around the camp area certainly make camping in Niolon enjoyable, including tree climbing in Figuerolles Park, cycling, horse riding, and hiking. 

Also, take your time to visit the Roman cities Arles and Saint Remy, the zoo, the castles, and a few other stunning sites. 

  • Pitch: Tent or caravan (2-6 people)
  • Accommodation/Rental unit:  Mobile homes and lodges
  • Facilities: Sanitary area, sanitary area for disabled people, WIFI, laundry area, bar, restaurant, swimming pool, inflatable playground, outdoor playground, trampoline, solar boat, kayak/paddles/pedalo rental, ping pong table, football, and volleyball area, petanque court, and library.
  • Pets: Allowed (only at pitch area)
  • Address: All. de la Plage d’Arthur, 13920 Saint-Mitre-les-Remparts, France (Maps)

5. Camping Les Collines De La Malle 

Port De Niolon

If you are looking for a campsite that provides long-term rentals for camping near Port De Niolon, then head over to Les Collines De La Malle.

Les Collines campsite offers fixed monthly rentals for mobile homes and chalets to campers who aim for a long-term camping trip in Niolon. 

Within the campsites, you will find a playground, football, basketball and handball court, where you can have fun with your family and friends.

Since the campsite has easy access to public transport such as buses, it is a perfect place for you to stay and explore the whole of Cote Bleue.

  • Pitch: Not available
  • Accommodation/Rental unit:  Mobile homes and chalets
  • Facilities: WIFI, laundry area, bar, restaurant, swimming pool, playground, basketball, football, and handball court.
  • Pets: Contact the campsite for details.
  • Address: 25 Imp. des Genévriers, 13320 Bouc-Bel-Air, France (Maps)

6.Camping Marius La Couronne

camping near Niolon

Marius La Couronne is a small, quiet, and family-oriented campsite; set in the heart of Cote Bleue, between Marseille and the Camargue.

Founded more than 50 years ago in 1963, camp Marius has always been running to ensure everyone has a pleasant and unforgettable holiday.

Just walking distance from the camp to the charming sandy beaches, creeks, and coves of the Blue Coast, Camp Marius offers fantastic and authentic camping near Niolon. So you will be able to explore and marvel at the beauty of this well-preserved part of the coast. 

Do not forget to enjoy various activities offered by the campsite like diving, snorkeling, hiking, and cycling to have a fun and thrilling vacation.

The camping site has three kinds of pitches where each type has its distinct comforts. 

Other than camping pitches, they also provide fully equipped ready-to-camp tents and a few types of chalets that you can choose from for your camping escapade.

  • Pitch: Tent or caravan not more than 6m long (2-6 people). If you have a camper over 6m long, please contact the campsite before booking.
  • Accommodation/Rental unit:  Fully equipped ready-to-camp tents and chalets
  • Facilities: Sanitary area, sanitary for disabled people, WIFI, laundry area, wellness area, restaurant, canoe/kayak rental, diving, snorkeling, bicycle rental, and children playground.
  • Address:7 Rte de la Saulce, 13500 Martigues, France (Maps)

7. Camping Marina Plage

12 person camping tents

Marina Plage, located in the heart of the cultural city of Bouches-Du-Rhône, just on the shores of the largest salt lake in Europe, in the town of Vitrolles, is a terrific place for family camping near Niolon.

In addition, the camp is pretty close to the center of Marseille, Salon De Provence, Aix-en Provence, and the Mediterranean sea. Hence, you will have the opportunity to enjoy the activities available around the cities: zoos, museums, karting, etc.

If you do not have a tent or caravan, don’t fret!

The camp offers pitch rentals together with fully furnished 4 – 12 person camping tents/mobile homes. Hence, this is a great place to be for someone with a big family.

The fascinating thing about Marina Plage campsite is that it has options of free kids activities for your children to enjoy like the merry-go-round, playground, pony riding, circus and many more. 

What’s more, the campground is quite near the sea. Therefore, there are lots of activities you can discover at the camp. From adventurous water sports to calm and relaxed bathing, there is something for everyone.

All of that has made this camp a superb campsite for families.

  • Pitch: Included with fully furnished tents/mobile homes ( 4 – 12 person)
  • Accommodation/Rental unit:  Mobile homes
  • Facilities: Sanitary area, sanitary area for disabled people, WIFI, laundry area, bar, restaurant, shop, canoeing, sailing, archery, ping pong,  bicycle rental, and children playground.
  • Pets: Not Allowed
  • Address: All. David Guillermet, 13127 Vitrolles, France (Maps)

8. Les Mouettes Campsite

camping near Niolon

Are you looking for a campsite located near the beach? Perhaps you are looking for a place that provides some privacy and authenticity for you to enjoy with your family? Why not stay at Les Mouettes campsite?

Set in front of the sea and creeks with a private gate to access the beach, Les Mouettes provide you with quiet and relaxing camping near Niolon that you can rejoice with your family.

From stunning sea views to, serenity, and relaxed pitching packages, each pitch has its unique ambiance that you can choose from to fit your dream camping trip. 

Aside from that, you can also opt for their mobile homes or cottages if traditional camping is not your preferred style.

Surrounded by exceptional wild nature that certainly captivates your heart, the camping site is a fantastic place for hiking and mountain biking. 

Also, with Cote Bleue just around the corner, why not enjoy strolling by the seaside, swimming at the little coves, kayaking, diving, and fishing? It will be a fantastic experience worth a lifetime.

  • Pitch: Tent or caravan (2-6 people) including a car. For caravans, ensure they are no more than 6m long.
  • Accommodation/Rental unit:  Mobile homes and cottages
  • Facilities: Sanitary area, sanitary area for disabled people, WIFI, laundry area, restaurant, fitness area, ping pong, petanque court,  bicycle rental, children playground, and dump area for caravans.
  • Address:16 Chem. de la Quiétude, 13500 Martigues, France (Maps)

9.La Source La Couronne Campsite

La Source campsite is an incredible campsite located just 100m away from the fine sandy beaches. 

The campsite is also quite close to Martigues city and just 20km away from Port Niolon. Thus, it makes it an excellent camping location for you to discover the charms of the Mediterranean without the need to travel far.

Moreover, the camp has access to public transport like buses. Hence, it is easy for you to explore the neighboring area without worries.

At La Source, they not only offer bare pitches for rental, but they also provide rentals for mobile homes and cottages. 

Lazy to get out of the campsite to look for food? Don’t worry!

The campsite has a restaurant that serves delightful food that you can enjoy. Not to forget their delicious bread and pastries all are made by hand by their local chef.

There will be music every Thursday to Saturday night at their bar, where you can unwind and chill with your family.

  • Pitch: Tent or caravan (2-6 people) including a car.
  • Accommodation/Rental unit:  Mobile homes and cabins
  • Facilities: Sanitary area, sanitary area for disabled people, WIFI, laundry area, restaurant, bar, fitness area, ping pong, and bicycle rental.
  • Pets: Allowed 
  • Address: Rte de la Saulce, 13500 Martigues, France (Maps)

10. Camping Du Garlaban

8-person camping tents

Just below the Garlaban mountain, overflowing with untouched nature is one of the best eco-friendly spots for camping near Niolon. 

The Du Garlaban campsite resides in the center of 7 hectares of pine forest and offers you a genuine camping trip in a remarkably preserved nature. 

The camp has a strong commitment to ensuring the site’s ecological system is protected. So each camper should follow some environmental guidelines such as using ecological products for laundry or dishes to ensure the surrounding environment is secured.

Plus, there is no pesticide treatment at the site, and all products used at the camp are eco-labeled and fully comply with the ecological sanitation requirements.

The camp can accommodate campers in tents, caravans, and camper-vans. In addition, they also offer exceptional wooden cabins, mobile homes, and furnished 8-person camping tents/lodges for you to experience an unusual camping style.

Please do take note that this area is at a high risk of fires. Therefore, any barbecues, campfires, or candles are prohibited.

If you love to swim deep in the forest, Du Garlaban has a pleasant swimming pool located at the center of the forest for you and your family to have fun. 

Furthermore, there is also a wooden children’s playground, petanque court, a bar with the sound of cicadas, and a shared library, where you can write a camping trip essay. 

All this will provide a refreshing vacation throughout your stay here.

  • Pitch: Tent or caravan (2-6 people) 
  • Accommodation/Rental unit:  Mobile homes, cabins, furnished tents
  • Facilities: Sanitary area, sanitary area for disabled people, WIFI, laundry area, bar, coffee bar, shop, ping pong, bicycle rental, swimming pool, petanque court, and multi-sport fields.
  • Pets: Allowed (on leash)
  • Address:1914 Chem. de la Thuilière, 13400 Aubagne, France (Maps)

11. Camping Lou Cigalon

Lou Cigalon is a camping space in the water. 

Located just a few steps away from the beaches, facing the Calanques of Marseille and Blue Coast, you will have the opportunity to enjoy the breathtaking nature around the campsite.

Moreover, you will also have access to multiple outdoor activities like hiking, diving, snorkeling, boating, biking, horse riding, and so much more. 

Within the campground, you can spend your time at the pool area that offers many exciting things you can do with your kids and friends. 

What’s more, their restaurant offers delicious local delicacies on a terrace with a fantastic view of the cove in the shades of pines.

Each accommodation in Lou Cigalon offers extraordinary surroundings. From nature-based pitches to comfortably fully furnished mobile homes, any of them will surely provide a pleasant camping experience near Niolon.

  • Pitch: Tent or caravan (2-6 people) 
  • Accommodation/Rental unit:  Mobile homes
  • Facilities: Sanitary area, sanitary area for disabled people, WIFI, laundry area, restaurants, shop, ping pong, bicycle rental, swimming pool, petanque court, and volleyball court.
  • Pets: Allowed
  • Address: Chem. des Tamaris, 13500 Martigues, France (Maps)

Where Exactly Is Niolon?

Niolon or Calanques De Niolon is located in the commune of  Le Rove, northwest of Marseille, southern France, set between l’Estaque and Carry le Rouet,in the middle of Cote Bleue.

Niolon is well-known for its diving masterpieces and has become one of seven federal diving instructor training bases and the only one in the Mediterranean (FFESSM center). 

The center currently occupies a former 1860 military fort located in the center of Niolon.

On top of that, with beautiful coves, creeks, stunning panorama, and lovely plage de Niolon, Niolon has become one of the precious jewels of Cote Bleue that you must not miss visiting.

A blissful location for everyone who is looking for a pleasant vacation.

Why Camping In Niolon?

Camping In Niolon

If you have been wondering why you should camp in Niolon, then here are the reasons why camping in Niolon is one of the most exciting things to do:

  • Niolon is rich with magnificent unspoiled nature and landscape that allows you to enjoy a pleasant camping trip away from the bustling city.
  • Its magnificent turquoise sea makes Niolon a favorite venue for various water adventures such as snorkeling, paddle boarding, canoeing, kayaking, swimming, etc.
  • It is a heavenly place for divers with its remarkable underwater depth. Never dived before? Rest assured! There is a large diving school located at the heart of Niolon, which offers courses on diving.
  • For hiking fans, as you hike along the charming coastal path, you will be rewarded with unforgettable breathtaking views.  Hence, it is a fantastic place to strike on a hiking quest.
  • Niolon is very easy to access by both car and train. However, taking a train to Niolon is the best choice if you want to discover the most scenic view of the Calanques of Cote Bleue.
  • You can explore from one Calanques to the other on foot without the need to take a vehicle. So in terms of transportation, you will be saving a lot.
  • Restaurants in Niolon will be perfect for a gourmet break with a majestic panoramic view of Calanques de Niolon. Because of that, you won’t go hungry whenever you are in Niolon.

How Much Does It Cost To Camp In Niolon?

Well, it depends on the type of accommodation.

For camping pitch rentals, the rate for a pitch is from EUR15 (USD17) per night. The rates are usually inclusive of electricity and some other facilities. However, in some places, the rate is not inclusive.

So, you should check with each camp before making any bookings.

For comfortable fully-furnished rental units, you can rent them starting from EUR60 (USD70) per night. However, depending on the location, type, and size, the rates can go up to EUR100 (USD116) per night.

How To Get To Niolon?

By Train

Either by car, bus, or train, Niolon is pretty easy to access. But the fastest way for you to reach Niolon is by taking a train.

Moreover, by taking a train, you will be able to witness some of the lovely scenery of the Calanques that you will not see on other routes.

Train from Paris To Niolon

From Paris to Niolon by train, the journey will take approximately 5 hours 26 mins, including an average layover time of around 1 hour 49 mins. There are usually 11 trains running from Paris to Niolon per day, which depart from Paris Gare De Lyon station.

If you opt for trains, ensure to book the ticket in advance to get a discounted ticket price.

Ticket cost: EUR116 (USD135) – EUR164 (USD190)

Train Marseille to Niolon

Taking a train to Niolon from Marseille is the cheapest and fastest ride compared to driving. And the only public transport from Marseille to Niolon besides taxis.

The ride will take you approximately 20mins to reach Niolon, and it will cost you from EUR3 (USD4).

Operated by the SNCF, about 84 trains run weekly from Marseille to Niolon. For details on the schedules and routes, you may check it out here at the SNCF site.

Ticket cost: EUR3 (USD4) – EUR14 (USD16)

By Car or Caravan

If you plan to have a camping trip to Niolon, a car or caravan is the most convenient mode of transport since you will need to bring lots of camping equipment with you.

If you are going from Paris, the journey will take you around 7 hours 12 mins via A6 and A7 routes to reach Niolon.

While from Marseille, it will take you around 23mins to arrive at Niolon via the A55 route.

Please note that the road in town is closed for a vehicle during the middle of summer (June – August). For that reason, you will need to park your car outside and walk on foot into the town.

By Bus

If you are not in a rush, taking a bus from Paris to Niolon will be the cheapest route. However, this is not the most convenient way, especially if you go camping.

The bus will only stop at Marseille or Avignon. From there, you will have to change the mode of transfer to other lines by carpooling, taxi or by train to reach Niolon. 

The overall trip will take you around 11h 41m, including the transfer time.

For more information on bus schedules, routes, and ticket bookings, do check out here.

Ticket cost: EUR26 (USD30) – EUR42 (USD49)

What Is There To Do In Niolon?

Due to its magnificent landscape, beaches, coves, and creeks, there are countless things you can do here in Niolon.

Here are some of the best things to do in Niolon that we have rounded up for you:

  • Take on a train ride along the coast of Cote Bleue to witness the gorgeous view of the Calanques.
  • Go for a dive and explore the Mediterranean underwater.
  • Take the opportunity to enjoy swimming, snorkeling, and kayaking in the unique spots along Niolon’s beach.
  • Take a boat tour or go sailing to discover the hidden gems of Cote Bleue.
  • Make a stop at Port De Niolon and enjoy the shallow Mediterranean sea with your children at the pretty little cove. 
  • If karting is your thing, then head over to Karting Le Rove and enjoy the speed without limit with your family.
  • Enjoy delicious food with enchanting views across the bay at restaurants in Niolon.

The Best Time To Visit Niolon

Camping In Niolon
Photo by JeroSig on Flickr

Niolon is famous for its almost all-year-round sun. 

However, the best time to visit Niolon is from the late spring to the late summer, where the summer breeze makes things like swimming, boating, watersports, and dining outside fun.

Yet, if a hot and crowded summer is not your thing, don’t fret. Niolon is also great in other seasons. 

Considering Niolon has a dry and warm climate throughout the year, you will find that autumn and winter weather is pretty mild and peaceful.

On top of that, it will be less crowded, quieter and cheaper. Perfect for someone who is looking for calm and relaxing camping in Niolon.

Tips On Choosing The Right Location For Your Camping Trip

Looking for the right location for your camping trip can make you feel anxious.

So to ease yourself in finding the right location for your camping experience, here is what you should consider:

1. Set Your Camping Goals. 

Decide on the purpose of your camping trip. Is it for spending time with your family? Or to immerse yourself in the outdoors? 

Setting your camping goals will help you narrow down the list of finding the best camping locations that fit the purpose.

2. Check The Season

It is vital to check on the seasons before you embark on your camping trip. To ensure you make the most out of your camping adventure, apart from having the best location.

Take into consideration possible rainfall, temperatures, and which locations offer the most picturesque scenery in addition to your comfort with different climates.

The last thing you want to have your entire trip become unpleasant due to some bad seasons.

3. Accessibility

Accessibility is pretty essential in having an enjoyable camping trip. For example, a campsite that requires you to mountain hike might not be suitable for a family with kids. 

So for the best camping experience, look for a campsite that can be accessed easily by each member.

4. Facilities

If you are traveling with kids or a big family, look for a camping site equipped with facilities like the sanitary area, cooking area, laundry room, etc.

A campsite without enough facilities might be pretty uncomfortable for your whole family. 

However, it all depends on your camping goals and your groups. So choose accordingly based on what suits you and your group best.

Let’s Go On A Camping Trip!

Did any of the 11 best campsites in Niolon catch your attention?

Well, we hope it did!

Blessed with beautiful coves, creeks, beaches, and an abundance of activities from the land to the sea, camping in Niolon is one of the best locations in southern France, perfect for a camping adventure.

So come on guys! Don’t think too long! Let’s go on a camping trip!

If you have your own experiences camping in Niolon, please share your experience with us – we would love to hear about them.

Camping In Niolon: 11 Best Campsites For Your Next Outdoor Escapade

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