Saint Guilhem Le Désert camping sites

10 Best Saint Guilhem Le Désert Camping Sites In 2022!

Hey adventure junkies! If you are among the outdoor lovers who enjoy camping in the countryside or near the beach, Saint Guilhem Le Désert camping sites have some of the most excellent places for a camping gateway.

Camping in Saint Guilhem Le Désert is one of the things that you must add to your bucket list when you are in South France. 

With its exceptional scenery of mountains and sea as its backdrop and luxury tents to camper-van friendly campsites, Saint Guilhem Le Désert camping offers fantastic camping sites that fit all.

In this article, we have rounded up the 10 best Saint Guilhem Le Désert camping sites that will make your camping trip worth every minute.

The 10 Best Saint Guilhem Le Désert Camping Sites

  1. Farm Campsite Domaine De Pelican
  2. Camping Domaine D’Anglas
  3. Camping Residentiel La Pinede
  4. Camping Plein Air Des Chênes 
  5. Camping Les Mediterranees 
  6. Camping L’affenage
  7. Camping Domaine Sainte Cécile 
  8. Camping Robinson
  9. Camping Du Pont
  10. Family Camping Les Rives De L’Hérault


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1. Farm Campsite Domaine De Pelican

camping trip in Saint Guilhem Le Desert

If you fancy camping in the countryside, surrounded by beautiful vineyards or farms, Domaine De Pelican is one of the places to be.

Set in the Herault Valley, Gignac, the camp is just twenty minutes away from the Saint Guilhem Le Desert site.  

The campsite is located in a 17th century Languedoc farmhouse, rich with history, at the heart of the vineyard with thyme and lavender at your feet.

This campsite also offers incredible self-produced wine, which fits wonderfully with the menu of Languedoc flavor. Perfect for every wine lover.

Besides the camping pitch, bed and breakfast and gite (French holiday house) are also available as accommodation at the campsite. Hence, for those who do not have a tent or caravan, do not worry! You have other options to choose from besides camping.

Nearby, there are several local heritage sites, a stunning lake, and plenty of hiking trails for you to explore to maximize your camping near St. Guilhem Le Désert.

  • Pitch: Tent or caravan (2 people) in 2 hectares of shaded pine forest with 3 types of views.
  • Accommodation/Rental unit: Bed and breakfast and gite (French holiday house)
  • Facilities: Sanitary blocks, open sinks, laundry tubs, electricity, swimming pool (located at the farmhouse), and restaurant.
  • Pets: Allowed (on leash)
  • Address: Lieu dit le Pélican, Chemin de Pélican, 34150 Gignac, France (Maps)

2. Camping Domaine D’Anglas

canoe activity near Saint Guilhem Le Desert

Surrounded by forests of green oaks, a natural river, and organic vineyards, Camping Domaine D’Anglas provides a pleasant and peaceful holiday for you and your family.

The camp is in Brissac, not far from the famous and protected site of Herault Gorges

Shaded, semi-shaded, or sunny pitch, the D’Anglas 5-hectare camping site has a spot that suits everyone. There are five zones of pitch areas, and each has its own unique and stunning ambiance.

On top of that, other accommodations such as chalets, cottages, bohemian-style mobile homes, and wine cottages are also available to accommodate people who do not want to go for traditional camping or caravan.

In case you don’t have a tent or caravan, but you still want a traditional camping vacation, the camp has a fully furnished ready-to-camp tent available at their site that you can choose to enjoy the classic camping style.

If you are looking for places near Saint Guilhem Le Désert to canoe, the campsite also offers this sort of water sport activities at the river near the camp area, including paddle boarding.

In addition, they also provide two play areas for children to have fun and a natural swimming pool, multi-sport field, ping pong, football field, and volleyball court.

  • Pitch: Tent, camper-van, or caravan (6 people, children or babies include) including one car. For a second car, there will be charges.
  • Accommodation/Rental unit: Cottages, chalets, mobile-home and fully-equipped tent
  • Facilities: Sanitary block with hot water, laundry area, electricity, WIFI, swimming pool, kids playground, multi-sport field, soccer field, ping pong, volleyball court, bicycle rental, and restaurant.
  • Pets: Allowed
  • Address:D108, 34190 Brissac, France (Maps)

3. Camping Residentiel La Pinede

Camping in Saint Guilhem Le Désert

Residentiel La Pinede is a 5.5-hectare luxury campsite situated in the middle of the Mediterranean scrubland of Pezenas, Herault. 

Merely less than an hour away from the heart of Saint Guilhem Le  Désert, this is one of the great Saint Guilhem Le  Désert camping sites that offer a peaceful and quiet camping experience.

The campsite only provides mobile homes as their accommodation. Hence, there are no pitches available for tent, caravan, or camper-vans. 

However, they have fantastic choices of mobile homes available, from small to large homes. Each mobile home has an impressive design and decor that will make your camping trip exciting and comfortable.

In La Pinede, you can either rent or purchase their mobile home. There are around 155 mobile homes available at their site, with 60 of them open for rent. Others are either privately owned or open for sale. 

What’s more, La Pinede also has four amazing pools, including an infinity pool, heated pool, heated paddling pool for children, and a jacuzzi that will make your whole stay there more enjoyable.

Isn’t that awesome? I already feel excited to jump in the pool.

Not far from there, you will find several charming medieval villages and fascinating tourist hotspots that you can visit to fill the day besides the activities inside the camp.

Don’t forget to explore the nearby cities like  Sete, Pezenas, and Marseillan while staying at the camp.

  • Pitch: Not available
  • Accommodation/Rental unit: mobile home (fits 4 – 6 people)
  • Facilities: Sanitary area with hot shower, laundry area, electricity, WIFI, four swimming pools, restaurant, ping pong, football, volleyballs, miniature golf clubs, and petanque ball.
  • Pets: Not allowed
  • Address: Départementale 161, Route de Pomerols, 34120 Castelnau-de-Guers, France (Maps)

4.Camping Plein Air Des Chênes 

Located in the center of the ancient oaks forest, just a few minutes from Montpellier city is the 4-star campsite Plein Air Des Chenes.

An aquatic park with an Olympic-sized swimming pool, outdoor sports grounds, and free entertaining kids activities, make the camp one of the most exciting Saint Guilhem Le  Désert camping spots for families.

Pick your camping style, whether camping pitches, lodge tents, or cottages, and enjoy all the adventurous activities that the campsite has to offer. 

If you want to spend your time at the beach, you can reach Herault beaches by the shuttle service provided by the campsite in just a few mins.

Also, if you are looking for water rafting near Saint Guilhem Le Désert, Montpellier Canoe-kayak, is just a few minutes away from the camp area.

  • Pitch: Tent or caravan (2 people, there are charges for additional persons)
  • Accommodation/Rental unit: Cottages and lodge tents 
  • Facilities: Private sanitary area with hot shower, laundry area, electricity, WIFI, aquatic parks, restaurant, snack bar, play area, outdoor sports ground, game room, and campsite-beach shuttle service.
  • Pets: Allowed
  • Address: 531 Av. Georges Frêche, 34830 Clapiers, France (Maps)

5.Camping Les Mediterranees 

Saint Guilhem Le Désert to canoe

Are you looking for beach camping near St Guilhem Le Désert? Why not head over to Les Mediterranees.

Located in Marseillan, Les Mediterranees has three campsites (Garden Beach, Nouvelle Fluoride, and Charlemagne) which have direct access to the Marseillan beaches.

All three campsites offer spacious camping pitches facing the sea, sea cabins, and several types of cottages as their accommodation.

Since the campsites are just a few steps away from the beach, there are plenty of beach activities you can do to enhance your quality time with your family and friends, such as bathing at the beach, building sandcastles, beach volleyball, walking, and hiking.

Apart from that, each campsite has a large water park (indoor and outdoor) that was genuinely intended for your whole family to enjoy the stay. 

What is so interesting about their water park is that you will have free access to all three water parks, even though you are staying at a different campsite.

Pretty exciting, right? Surely a fantastic place to spend your time with your family or friends.

So, if you want to spend your entire camping vacation on a sunny beach, wearing bikinis and drinking some cocktails, this camping area is just perfect for you.

  • Pitch: Tent or caravan (2-6 people)
  • Accommodation/Rental unit: Sea cabins and cottages
  • Facilities: Sanitary area, laundry area, cooking area, electricity, WIFI, three water parks, restaurant, groceries, beaches, and cycling route.
  • Pets: Allowed
  • Address

Beach Garden: 1078 Av. des Campings, 34340 Marseillan, France (Maps)

Nouvelle Fluoride: 562 Av. des Campings, 34340 Marseillan, France (Maps)

Charlemagne:445 Av. des Campings, 34340 Marseillan, France (Maps)

6.Camping L’affenage

L’affenage is a 2-hectare campsite situated between the vineyard and scrubland in Le Pouget, Herault. 

An ideal Saint Guilhem Le Désert camping site that is located away from the hustle-bustle of the city and crowded beaches.

Their campsite offers 16 pitch areas and several comfortable cottages as well as chalets.

During the day, take a visit to Lake Salagou, located just 10 minutes away from the campsite, for fishing, sailing, paddle-boarding, or canoeing.

Furthermore, there are also hiking trails available near the camp for you to take advantage of either on foot or mountain bike.

In the evening, enjoy a relaxing moment around the beautiful vineyard while sipping a glass of wine.

  • Pitch: Tent or caravan (2 people) including 1 car.
  • Accommodation/Rental unit:  Cottages and chalets
  • Facilities: Sanitary area, toilet and wash area for disabled people, laundry area, cooking area, nursery, electricity, and WIFI.
  • Pets: Allowed
  • Address: Av. de Canet, 34230 Le Pouget, France (Maps)

7.Camping Domaine Sainte Cécile 

Another fantastic beach camping near Saint Guilhem Le Desert is Domaine Sainte Cécile.

Although the location is about an hour away from the center of Saint Guilhem Le Desert, it is an exceptional campsite situated between the land and the Mediterranean sea.

Surrounded by the campsite are thousand-year-old pines, bougainvillea, poppies, and excellent nature. On the other hand, the beach is just around the corner for you to unwind and relax.

Plenty of adventurous beach activities are available in the beach area, from jet skiing, paddle boarding, boating, beach volleyball, and many more.

Within the campsite area, there is a swimming pool with slides, sports fields, a health trail equipped with a zip line, and a cycling route that you can access to do other activities besides the beach.

The campsite offers options of a great camping style to choose from, like traditional camping and cottages. They also have caravan areas for travelers to have a shortstop before they continue their next journey.

Camping in Sainte Cecile is an opportunity to discover the UNESCO World Heritage Site Canal Du Midi. This is a remarkable navigable waterway that connects the Mediterranean sea and the Atlantic and is located just walking distance from the campsite.

The campsite is also quite close to the beaches of Cap d’Agde and the beautiful cities of Herault such as Sete, Pezenas, Beziers, and Marseillan.

Mind-blown! All this will make your Saint Guilhem Le Desert camping trip phenomenal.

  • Pitch: Tent or caravan (2-6 people)
  • Accommodation/Rental unit:  Cottages and caravan stop areas
  • Facilities: Electricity, WIFI, swimming pool with slides, multipurpose court, health trail, and cycling route.
  • Pets: Allowed
  • Address: Av. des Pêcheurs, 34450 Vias, France (Maps)

8. Camping Robinson

camping near St. Guilhem Le Désert

Camping Robinson is a 3-star family-friendly campsite located in the Marseillan Plage, set just a few meters from the Mediterranean sea.

The Robinson campsite features an impressive water park that fits visitors of all ages. They have a heated lagoon, waterfalls, whirlpools, and a children’s paddling pool. 

There is also a sundeck and wellness area within the campsite for you to hang around and recharge.

Thanks to its splendid location, you will have direct access to the beach to enjoy a nice walk and sunset along the Marseillan coast. 

As for the accommodation, the Robinson provides camping pitches, mobile homes, cabins, and a ready-to-camp tent that features a stunning sea view.

For a pleasant stay in the sunny climate of Languedoc, there are countless thrilling activities that you can enjoy. Jetski, tubing, wakeboarding, kitesurfing, you name it, they have it all. 

Besides that, if you love to hike, the natural surroundings of the campsite will surely captivate you. Plus, do not forget to take a tour of a lovely vineyard and chateaux for more relaxing activities.

  • Pitch: Tent or caravan (2-6 people)
  • Accommodation/Rental unit:  Cabins, mobile homes, and ready-to-camp tents
  • Facilities: Sanitary area, open water tap, electricity, WIFI, snack bar, cocktail bar, water park, play area, and multipurpose field.
  • Pets: Allowed
  • Address: 22 Quai de la Plaisance, 34340 Marseillan, France (Maps)

9. Camping Du Pont

Camping Du Pont is a small campsite for couples or families who seek a quiet and calm camping vacation.

Located in Gignac, just 10km away from the medieval village of Saint Guilhem Le Désert, Du Pont is one of the nearest places for camping in St Guilhem Le Desert.

They have flat pitch areas shaded by mulberry trees and pines. Hence, they are perfect for traditional camping enthusiasts to pitch their tent or caravan without getting sunburned.

If you prefer a more spacious and comfortable place, then opt for their mobile homes or cabins.

In Du Pont, there are swimming pools for both adults and kids, a spa pool, library, game room, and outdoor playground for you and your family to have a great time at the campsite.

There are also plenty of things that you can do around the campsite, such as exploring the medieval village, visiting historical sites, hiking, mountain biking, fishing, and canoeing.

  • Pitch: Tent or caravan (2-6 people)
  • Accommodation/Rental unit:  Cabins and mobile homes 
  • Facilities: Sanitary area, electricity, WIFI, snack bar, cocktail bar, swimming pool, play area, library, and game room.
  • Pets: Allowed
  • Address: 730 Bd du Moulin, 34150 Gignac, France (Maps)

10.Family Camping Les Rives De L’Hérault

Family Camping Les Rives De L’Hérault is a family established camping site located at Gignac, Herault.

The camp offers 100 pitches for tents, caravan, or camper-vans, including electricity and water. Apart from that they also offer mobile home rentals from budget to well-furnished types.

Just a stone’s throw away from Herault river, you have easy access to either go for a swim or canoe at the campsite, making the camp a great place for you to look for a canoe activity near Saint Guilhem Le Desert.

Moreover, since it is very close to the heart of Gignac, you will find cafes, restaurants, grocery stores, market places (usually open on Saturday mornings), etc.

  • Pitch: Tent or caravan (2 people) including one car.
  • Accommodation/Rental unit: Mobile homes 
  • Facilities: Sanitary area, electricity, laundry area, WIFI, tennis court, bowling, and children’s game.
  • Pets: Allowed
  • Address: Chem. de la Meuse, 34150 Gignac, France (Maps)

Where Is Saint Guilhem Le Desert?

Now that you already know the ten best Saint Guilhem Le Desert Camping sites. You probably have been wondering where exactly Saint Guilhem Le Desert?

Saint Guilhem Le Desert is a medieval village located on the Way Of Saint James, a pilgrim route to Santiago de Compostela in the Herault Valley in southern France. 

It is a commune in the Herault department in the Occitanie region

As one of the most beautiful villages in France since 1999, it offers a picturesque village with fascinating cultural heritages, boasts homegrown produce such as wine and olive, and is home to many artists.

Furthermore, its Abbey has been listed as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO under Saint James’ Way since 1998

A wondrous village in the heart of a preserved valley that you must add to your bucket list.

Why Should You Try Camping At Saint Guilhem Le Desert?

Well, Saint Guilhem Le Desert has not been known as one of the most beautiful villages in France for nothing.

From their narrow streets and alleys, ancient architecture, extraordinary rocky landscapes, and breathtaking views of the valley, these are some of the many reasons why you should go on a Saint Guilhem Le Desert camping trip.

Aside from that, Saint Guilhem Le Desert is packed with various adventurous outdoor activities that will surely excite every camping enthusiast.

Food is another reason why you should go camping in St Guilhem Le Desert. As part of Languedoc-Roussillon, the delightful Languedoc dish is something you should not miss whenever you are in this town.

If you love to try Languedoc cuisine, there are many restaurants in Saint Guilhem Le Desert for you to try to savor the exquisite southern French food.

How Much Does It Cost For A Saint Guilhem Le Desert Camping Trip?

The cost depends very much on the type of camping style you choose. 

If you go for traditional camping like tents or caravans, the rates usually start from EUR14 (USD16) per night and can go over EUR64 (USD75) per night depending on the location and number of people.

However, please take note that some campsites do have additional charges for electricity and other amenities. 

Therefore, do ensure that you check their rates thoroughly before proceeding with the bookings to avoid confusion later.

If you prefer a more comfortable camping style like mobile homes, cottages, lodges, and cabins, the price varies depending on the season and accommodation types and sizes.

Even so, on average, you can still get a comfortable rental unit starting from EUR80 (USD94) per night.

How To Get To Saint Guilhem Le Desert?

There are several ways to get to Saint Guilhem Le Desert. Some of the options are:

By Car

Saint Guilhem Le Désert can be reached by car through A75 and A750 motorway from Montpellier, Millau, Beziers, or Lodeve. 

However, do take note that the Saint Guilhem Le Desert is entirely a walking town.

Therefore, if you come by car, you will need to leave it at the car park located outside of the town.

By Tram

If you opt for a tram, take a ride on Herault Transport tram line no 668 (Clermont l’Hérault – Montpellier) to arrive at Saint Guilhem Le Desert. 

This line no 668 is the only line that stops at Saint Guilhem Le Desert.  

So, if you come from a location outside line no 668, you will probably be required to make a few transfers to reach the ancient village.

For details on the ticket price and other tram routes, check out the Herault Transportation site.

By Flight

To reach Saint Guilhem Le Desert by flight, first, you need to take a flight to either Montpellier Mediterranee airport or Beziers airport.

Once you arrive at either of the airports, you can either take a car or taxi to reach Saint Guilhem Le Desert town.

Tips: Since getting around Saint Guilhem Le Desert will require you to do a lot of walking, it is wise to check the weather report, the Meteo Saint Guilhem Le Désert, to ensure you have a smooth journey throughout your stay in Saint Guilhem Le Desert. 

Things To Do In Saint Guilhem Le Desert

As a beautiful village surrounded by stunning nature and magnificent ancient architecture, Saint Guilhem Le Desert has plenty of activities that you can do to maximize your camping experience. 

But looking for things to do sometimes can be time-consuming. Hence, here we have rounded up some of the best things to do in Saint Guilhem Le Désert besides camping:

Must-See Historical Sites in Saint Guilhem Le Desert

If you are a fan of history and ancient architecture, there are a lot of enchanting 12th-century structures that are still standing around Saint Guilhem Le Desert that you must see: 

Randonnée Saint Guilhem Le Désert

Randonnee is a French word for hiking. It is one of the most popular outdoor things to do around Saint Guilhem. 

With over 43 hiking trails blessed with beautiful scenery, hiking in Saint Guilhem Le Desert will surely fulfill the excitement of every avid hiker.

Looking for the best hiking trails to explore in Saint Guilhem Le Desert? Check out these options.

Canoe and Rafting In Saint Guilhem Le Desert

Canoeing and rafting in Saint Guilhem Le Desert is a must-do activity whenever you are in Saint Guilhem Le Desert. 

It is an opportunity to catch a sight of the most scenic location of the Herault Gorges that can only be accessed through the river apart from having fun canoeing. Hence, making the whole canoeing experience worth a lifetime.

Here are some of the recommended canoeing spots that you can check out and enjoy:

Browse Around The Marketplace And Savour The Languedoc Dishes

Before you leave this ancient village, do ensure you set a day to browse around at their marketplace along the cobbled street of Saint Guilhem Le Desert. 

As their marketplace is rich with local produce, local artisan shops, olive, and wine, it will be nice to bring some of their homegrown produce back home as a keepsake.

Also, don’t miss out on trying their local dishes at Saint Guilhem Le Desert restaurant. It is a must thing to do before leaving.

Here are some of the recommended restaurants that you should try:

What Are The Most Popular Things To Do In Saint Guilhem Le Desert With Kids?

If you are looking for things to do in Saint Guilhem Le Desert with kids, canoeing is the most popular thing to do.

Perhaps you are thinking, is it safe for kids to canoe?

Well, rest assured! 

These canoeing spots provide safe and enjoyable canoeing trails that suit kids from the age of 4 years old:

Besides canoeing, touring the Saint Guilhem Le Desert village itself is also an excellent activity to do with your kids as the town is safe from the danger of vehicles. 

In addition, it is also an opportunity for kids to learn a bit about the history of the town.

Saint Guilhem Le Desert Wine

restaurants in Saint Guilhem Le Desert

When you are in Saint Guilhem Le Desert, you need to try out the Languedoc-produced wines.

As a renowned wine region, it has produced various top-quality wines from AOC standard to IGP.

Terrasses du Larzac AOC and Saint Guilhem Le Desert IGP wine are two of the most famous AOC and IGP wines in the region.

If you are a wine lover, do pay a visit to their winery and have a taste of their finest wine.

Also, make sure that you bring some of the wine back to your camp so that you can enjoy it with your family and friends while camping in St Guilhem Le Desert.

What Are You Waiting For?

Now you are armed with the 10 best Saint Guilhem Le Desert camping sites, what are you waiting for?

Call up your family or friends, pack your bags, grab your tents, and head over to the most exciting camping trip in Saint Guilhem Le Desert.

From the countryside to the beach campsite, there is no shortage of fun things for you to do throughout your Saint Guilhem Le Desert Camping adventure.

10 Best Saint Guilhem Le Désert Camping Sites

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