Get Paid To Click Unlimited Ads And Make Money Traveling

Although it is an unconventional way to earn money, you can get paid to click unlimited ads. 

Are you one of those people who pulls up Google and types in “online add click earn money” or “paid to click sites paypal” frequently?

I can see why, as they can be a genuine source of income.

You can earn money while you are traveling, as its a super flexible way of earning!

All you probably need is an email address, a Paypal account, some time in your hands, and you can get started! You won’t get rich doing this,  but it can produce a decent stream of income if you practice some of the tips mentioned below!

So get comfortable because you’ll discover everything you need to know on paid-to-click sites and how you can start earning from them below. 

Get Paid To Click Unlimited Ads – The 11 Best Sites

  1. NeoBux
  2. Scarlet Clicks
  3. PaidVerts
  4. Swagbucks
  5. Prize Rebel
  6. Optimalbux
  7. FamilyClix
  8. Ojooo Wad
  9. Get Paid
  10. Ysense
  11. Offer Nation
get paid to click unlimited ads


Some of the links on here are affiliate links and I may earn if you click on them, AT NO EXTRA cost to you. Hope you find the information here useful! Thanks.

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Can I Make Money By Clicking On Ads?

Unlike other side hustles like freelance writing and proofreading, you may not be able to turn this job into your main source of income. For example, with freelance writing, you can earn around USD 200 per article. Now imagine, if you have different clients who pay just as much if not more for your work. 

Over time, you could be earning thousands!

Clicking ads will bring you about USD 0.001 to USD 0.004 per click as you will see in the sites explained below. You will need to click thousands of ads to achieve a decent amount of income. 

However, you can get paid to click unlimited ads and earn some money from them especially if you’ve got some extra times in your hand. 

It is legit and there are many sites for you to explore. Having said that, you must exercise caution, because there are scam websites that will ask you to complete work but will fail to compensate you.

These are some of the things that you can do to earn extra money clicking ads :

  • Click on ads
  • Read through emails
  • Complete surveys

What Are Paid To Click Sites?

get paid to click unlimited ads

Paid-To-Click (PTC) sites are websites that will pay you to click on advertisements. That sounds simple, doesn’t it? Most of these sites are free to use, and it is one of the simplest and easiest ways to earn decent money online as it requires little to no skills, an effortless means to make money with pay per click.

When an ad is shown to you, you click on it and search the website that has been opened for the amount of time specified. The reward is added to your account balance after the period has elapsed.

PTC sites serve as the broker or middleman between an advertiser and the consumers.

These sites earn money from the advertisers when they display the advertisements and a fraction of the fee goes towards the viewer when said advertisement is watched. Makes sense? 

If not, here is the process below: 

1- The website places ads on their site

2- You click and view the ad

3-The advertiser pays the website because their ad has been clicked and viewed

4- The website pays you 

Since most websites do not have a referral limit, the possibilities are virtually limitless. Don’t be hesitant to sign up for the free sites listed below because it’ll probably just take a minute or two to register.

Get Paid To Click Unlimited Ads: The 11 Best Options


get paid to click unlimited ads

Being one of the oldest and trusted PTC sites, Neobux offers a variety of activities for you to complete to earn money such as completing quizzes, viewing advertisements, playing games, taking surveys, and much more. 

It is one of the best sites that allows you to earn free money clicking ads.

The registration process is free and the account will allow you to earn money and get paid from the convenience of your own home by simply engaging with the content published online, and Neobux will reward you for your loyalty and activity on their site. 

They have an extensive Terms Of Services and FAQs page that will pretty much answer any questions you have regarding this PTC site. 

There are five types of membership plans for you to choose from upon registration :

  • Standard
  • Golden
  • Emerald / Sapphire
  • Platinum / Diamond
  • Sapphire

Rates start from USD 0.001 and you can make a withdrawal when your earnings have reached a minimum of USD 2

Payment terms :

  • USD 0.001 per click
  • USD 0.005 per referral click

Online payment processors : 

2.Scarlet Clicks

get paid to click unlimited ads

Another well-known PTC site is Scarlet Clicks

Do you want to earn and get paid to click unlimited ads? There’s no better place! Clicking advertisements, completing surveys, and referring new members to the website are all ways to make extra money on this site.

Their affiliate scheme (An affiliate may be a person or a business that promotes the seller’s product to potential customers in an appealing manner) is one of the highest in the industry, paying up to 100% of the referral’s earnings.

Completing deals is another way to earn money here. 

After receiving at least USD 2, you can quickly receive your check. However, payments will take up to 7 business days before it is released to you. A fun element in this PTC site is that you can use the money earned to purchase Bitcoins. 

Payment terms :

  • USD 0.001 per click. 

Online payment processors : 

Click here to register and read through their FAQ section for any queries you might have. 

3.Paid Verts

get paid to click unlimited ads

PaidVerts is a reliable PTC site where USD 9,368,894.91 has been paid in cashouts with 3,894,695 registered users. PaidVerts assumes that providing successful ads while simultaneously generating a business opportunity is possible. But, let’s face it, making money online is the aim of many. 

Members of PaidVerts are compensated for viewing advertisements for a brief period. But, unlike other PTCs, PaidVerts devised a method that allows you to earn based on your level of participation on the website. They will pay to click websites. 

There are two ways to earn from PaidVerts :

  • Advertise

Advertising tools are provided to reach as many audiences as possible at the cheapest cost. 

  • Earn

Get paid for each click! PaidVerts have set up an exclusive Bonus Points Program that will help you increase the revenue of the paid ads. 

Online payment processors : 

Click here to register and read through their Terms Of Services section for any queries you might have.


get paid to click unlimited ads

Swagbucks have paid out an astonishing USD 551,589,936 to their members and now you can be a part of this instant paying ptc sites. The rewards earned can be earned as gift cards which then can be used in major stores like Target, Walmart, Amazon, Starbucks, and other retailers. 

One coin earned from Swagbucks is equivalent to USD 0.01. You can redeem your earnings when you’ve hit a minimum of USD 3.00

Here’s how you can earn from Swagbucks :

  • Shop Online
  • Answer Surveys
  • Watch Videos
  • Discover Offers
  • Search The Web
  • Play Games

Online payment processors : 

Click here to register and read through their Terms Of Use section for any queries you might have. 

5.Prize Rebel

get paid to click unlimited ads

Prize rebel is another amazing free paid to click site that has partnered up with different research companies in the market who are actively seeking people to express their views on new products launched. 

Hence, as a reward for your participation and time, points will be given to you which then can be redeemed as cash, gift cards, items from Amazon, or even online game codes. 

Payment terms :

  • USD 0.01 to USD 0.10 per click. 
  • Up to 30% referral earnings.

Online payment processors : 

Click here to register and read through their FAQ section for any queries you might have. 


get paid to click unlimited ads

With 119,832 active members and USD 381,237.16 paid out, many can still use OptimalBux to get paid to click websites. The registration process is free and members from across the globe are welcomed on this platform. 

All you need to do is view ads, promote any site, and start referring your friends and family to do the same and you’ll get paid! The minimum cashout amount is USD 5, so as long as you’ve reached this amount, you’re good to go. 

Payment terms :

  • USD 0.01 per click. 
  • 100% referral earnings.

Online payment processors : 

Click here to register and read through their FAQ section for any queries you might have. 


get paid to click unlimited ads

FamilyClix relies on transparency so you don’t have to worry about your transactions with them. It is a great PTC site that has various means to earn money. With 443,371 active members, FamilyClix has paid out USD 688,481.27 thus far. 

 Here’s how you can earn from FamilyClix :

  • Paid Ads
  • Paid Offers 
  • Paid To-Sign-Up-Offers
  • Bonus Games
  • ClixGrid Clone (a game that allows you to win USD 0.05 credited straight to your account)
  • Referral Contests (win up to USD 0.25 for every active referral)

Payment terms :

  • USD 0.02 per click. 
  • USD 0.02 per referral click.
  • USD 10.00 per referral upgrade

Online payment processors : 

Click here to register and read through their FAQ section for any queries you might have. 

8.Ojooo Wad

get paid to click unlimited ads

Another great investment-free PTC site is Ojoo Wad with 37,252,801 members. 

You can make money by watching Ojooo Videos, completing simple tasks, or making deals on your own with advertisements on site. There are some easy ways to make money here. 

They even provide you with a referral service. 

You can earn money by referring others and earning from their clicks. Ojooo Wad offers direct, indirect, and rented referrals. They’ve got an affiliate program where you can earn USD 8 with 10 users in your downline. 

Payment terms :

  • USD 0.004 per click. 

Online payment processors : 

Click here to register and read through their FAQ section for any queries you might have. 

9.Get Paid

get paid to click unlimited ads

Since 2005, Get Paid has been conducting online market analysis and surveys.

This site interacts with companies from across the globe and are given surveys to be completed online. A percentage of their earnings from these businesses are then rewarded to every user who has successfully finished the surveys. 

You’re getting paid for simply expressing your opinion without even leaving the comfort of your homes. They’ve managed to get thousands of users engaged with various businesses. 

Here’s how you learn about coins and the different levels they have on their site.

Payment terms :

  • USD 0.001 to USD 0.003 per click. 
  • Unlimited referrals

Online payment processors : 

Click here to register and read through their terms and conditions section for any queries you might have. 


get paid to click unlimited ads

Ysense is one of the best PTC sites out there where you can earn money by taking online surveys, trying new services and products, signing up for websites, downloading apps, watching videos, and they pay up to 30% when you use your direct referral link and get others to join the club.

You get to enjoy unlimited referrals, meaning you can refer as many people as you’d like to the site, and tasks, and once you’ve reached USD 10 in earnings, you can cash the money out via any one of the payment processors below. They’ve got an attractive affiliate program for you to be a part of as well!

Payment terms :

  • USD 0.001 to USD 0.002 per click. 
  • USD 0.10 per referral commission.

Online payment processors : 

Click here to register and read through their FAQ section for any queries you might have. 

11.Offer Nation

get paid to click unlimited ads

Offer Nation is an excellent site that pays you every time you participate in a survey, More than USD 1,115,452.89 have been paid in cash to members who have successfully taken part in a survey. 

The registration process takes less than a minute, and you may be making your first payment in as little as 24 hours as long as you’ve reached the minimum cashout of USD 2.00.

By providing reviews, you can assist businesses in improving their services and goods. The majority of the surveys cost between USD 0.80 and USD 5.00, and you are compensated for each survey you complete.

Here’s how you can earn Offer Nation: 

Payment terms :

  • USD 0.80 to USD 5.00 per click. 
  • 30% referral commission.

Online payment processors : 

Click here to register and read through their FAQ section for any queries you might have. 

How Can I Make Money By Clicking Ads Without Investments?

No investment is necessary with this side hustle. As you can see in the PTC sites mentioned above, most of them are free to use!

Get your account set up and start earning them money. 

How To Make More Money By Paid To Click PTC Sites?

Getting started with legit paid to click sites is relatively easy. 

Read the guidelines and go through the simple registration process that has the most valid pay per click websites list and you can start clicking on jobs right away. 

When it comes to the earnings, set up a Paypal or a Payza account depending on the PTC sites.

These two accounts are one of the widely used online payment processors. Money will be sent through a check or directly linked to your bank account.  

Do you know how to get paid to click unlimited ads? Referrals – people who sign up using your connection – are the secret to making money with PTCs.

Why referrals you may ask? 

Referrals are the ones that earn free money for you by clicking on advertisements. Let me give you a rough idea of how this works, the figures stated are just an example. When a referral clicks on your link, they make USD 0.30 per day, and as a referral commission, you will receive around USD 0.03.

That is just for one referral. If you have 100 referrals making USD 0.30 per day, you would be receiving USD 3.00 daily. The best part? You didn’t even have to do anything to earn those three bucks. 

Your referrals would just have to click and get paid instantly and you can earn a commission without doing anything. 

 There are two types of referrals implemented in PTC sites : 

  • Direct Referrals

An exclusive link will be issued to you by PTC sites. Do you know how sometimes you come across influencers who link their referral links in their profile saying you’re entitled to a 10% discount if you purchase the item with their link? 

This is a direct referral. There are no limitations as to how many referrals you can have under you, so the more the better!

  • Rent Referrals

This is an option for those who can’t secure a proper downline. A downline refers to participants who’ve used your referral or who’ve entered the program after you’ve done so, who will bring you money with their sales and referrals.

You can rent referrals for a fee directly from PTC sites and you’ll be entitled to this referral for a certain period.  You can use this rented referral multiple times for as long as it is active. Referrals will be assigned to you by the site so you don’t have to go lookout for them. 

However, this may not be as effective as direct referrals because if you’ve got inactive referrals or if a bot referral is assigned to you, then the chances of you earning your commission are low. 

Which Is The Highest Paying PTC Site?

get paid to click unlimited ads

Ah yes, the most important information when you’re thinking about how to get paid to click unlimited ads.

 These are the 5 highest paying PTC sites :

  1. Offer Nation
  2. Get Paid
  3. Ojoo Wad
  4. OptimalBux
  5. Prize rebel 

Are Paid To Click Sites Legit?

With tons of different money-making schemes and PTC websites online, you are bound to experience some differences depending on the sites. Since PTC sites have gained their fair share of popularity recently, many scam websites have surfaced in the name of PTC sites. 

Look out for these red flags when you’re trying to earn some money from a PTC site : 

  • High Pay

As much as clicking ads to earn money sounds good, be wary if you’re promised high returns for the job. If you see an ad that promises to pay you USD 20 for two clicks, then you should probably know that it is a scam. 

  • No Proper Revenue

If the PTC program earns no money from consumers other than its own registered members, any profits you make would almost certainly come from the buy-in fees of other investors.

  • Upfront Payments

Think about it this way, you’re on the site simply to click on ads, complete some surveys, and earn the pay, so why would a site charge you a subscription fee or ask you to purchase a product in exchange to click on advertisements?

It doesn’t make sense, does it? Look out for these as well. 

  • Difficulty In Cashing Out

Even though it is stated on the site that registered online payment processors like Paypal are used, if you’re having issues in cashing out your earnings, be wary that the site may not have enough money to pay you. 

Here’s a list of scam PTC sites.

Bear in mind that almost every PTC is bound to have some negative feedback, which is expected and nothing out of the ordinary given the large number of people who use them. However, not everyone would be pleased for various reasons, so take your time to investigate and study the sites you want to participate in.

Keep these few steps below in mind when you’re scouting different PTC sites to avoid being scammed.

  • Conduct Thorough Research

The first thing you want to do is sift through a PTC site with a fine-tooth comb and take a look at their previous interactions. If the site is offline, dormant, or inactive, or if you think there is any unusual activity detected, that type of paid-to-click site is most likely a scam. 

If you’ve heard of a site being referred to as a scam site, refrain from registering with them. Chances are they’re still trying to scam people. 

Other characteristics to look out for are advertisements. If a particular PTC site is bombarded with ads, there are high chances that the site is not genuine. The purpose of you clicking on this article is to learn how to get paid to click unlimited ads and conduct your research to earn some legit money. 

  • Avoid Purchases Of Any Sort

If you come across a new site that appears to be “genuine” and you’re thinking about buying something from said site, do not even bother. Don’t register if the platform is brand new and has no real members or payment proof. To be safe, let the site run for a few months before buying upgrades.

  • Read FAQs

Even though it seems rather pointless to read the FAQ section, you might find real knowledgeable information in that section. 

Skim through the FAQ section of a PTC site to get a rough idea of the type of hurdles you might face with that particular site. You will get answers to questions that haven’t even crossed your mind. 

Get Paid To Click Unlimited Ads : Conclusion

There you go folks, the 11 best sites to get paid to click unlimited ads. 

A great way you can earn a bit of extra money on your travels! So you can travel longer!

Take these tips with a grain of salt because this particular side hustle may not generate you hundreds of dollars quickly but hey, if you’ve got some extra time in your hands and you’ve got gazillion friends you can get referral incomes from, then why not? 

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