31 Hakone Ryokans With A Private Onsen + Prices [2024]

Hey, Gorgeous Adventurer! Have you heard of Hakone Ryokan with a private onsen? Or are you craving a dreamy dip in an onsen tucked away in the heart of Hakone?

I totally get you. You have been itching to travel and start to realize that time is flying by faster than you can say ‘Hakone!’ So, it is time to seize the moment and embark on this adventure!

Hakone ryokan with private onsen

I bet you are looking for the best spots that are both safe and peaceful to soak in the hot springs and bask in Hakone’s beautiful nature all by yourself or with your partner. Well, darling, think of me as your go-to guru, here to help you out!

Hakone is famous for its hot springs, nature, traditional ryokan, and museums, with ryokans boasting private onsens offering a blend of tranquility and luxury. With so many options, I’ve curated a list of the best Hakone ryokans with private onsens to indulge in during your retreat. Get ready for an unforgettable escape!

If you are on a budget, check out these options:

  1. Hakone Yuryo
  2. Hakone Suimeiso
  3. Hakone Onsen Yuyado Yamanoshou

Looking for something in the middle range? Consider these:

  1. Hakone Kowakien Tenyu
  2. Hakone Airu
  3. Tensui Saryo Ryokan

When you are in the mood to treat yourself, look no further than:

  1. Gora Kadan
  2. Hakone Retreat Villa
  3. Hakone Suisheon

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1. Hotel Green Plaza Hakone

This Hakone private onsen with fuji view from most of their guest rooms. It has a magnificent view of Mt Fuji.

To enjoy the hot spring with the fuji view, you need to get the Japanese Style Suite (SENGOKUHARA hot spring), which comes with a semi-open-air bath so that you can appreciate the beauty of Mt. Fuji.

Alternatively, other rooms have private open-air baths that are not sourced directly from the hot springs, but you could still enjoy the magnificent view of Mt. Fuji.

This would cost somewhere between JPY 45,000 to JPY 47,000 (USD 300 to USD 313).

2. Hakone Takuminoyado Yoshimatsu

This luxury hotel has a luxury suite that comes with a view of Mt Fuji with private onsen. It is located by Lake Ashinoko up on a hill and is surrounded by nature.

Rejuvenate your mind, body, and soul while soaking in your private onsen with the serene view of Mt Fuji. Have a lovely time with your partner or family in the privacy of your room whenever you want.

The price for an overnight stay here is about JPY 35,600 to JPY 66,000 (USD 237 to USD 440).

3. Hakone Kowakien Ten-yu

This ryokan provides authentic Japanese hospitality with a modern Japanese-style interior.

Experience Hakone private onsen in the room. All the guest rooms in this ryokan have a private open-air bath for you to enjoy in your own time.

You could experience their enormous open-air onsen that has an infinite horizon overlooking the hills. Unfortunately, if you have tattoos, you might not be able to use this open-air bath.

You may stay in one of the rooms here from JPY 35,200 to JPY 84,700 (USD 230 to USD 563).

4. Gora-Kansuiro

This traditional ryokan with a private onsen has the most charming Japanese garden on the premises. It is located just about 3 minutes’ walk from the Gora Station.

There is a room that comes with its private onsen that has a direct flow of the hot spring from the source. Refresh your body in the hot spring with nature in the background.

The price for an overnight stay here ranges from USD 290 to USD 1,600.

5. Kijitei Hoeiso

Kijitei Hoeiso is a peaceful and beautiful Japanese ryokan with private onsen in every guest room.

It is located in the Hakone Yumoto Area surrounded by nature, mountains, and greens. You could either soak in the large communal bath which has 2 separate baths for males and females overlooking the nature

Hakone ryokan with private onsen

Otherwise, if you prefer to have a little more privacy while soaking, you can do it in your room at any time you want. The view from the room is so picturesque that it will leave you mesmerized.

An overnight stay here ranges from USD 380 to USD 1,100.

6. Gora Kadan

Gora Kadan provides only the best world-class service to their guests. This ryokan offers both communal and private onsen on the premises outside of the guest rooms for in-house guests to enjoy.

This is one of the best Hakone private onsen for couples because the rooms that have their private open-air bath are surrounded by nature giving you total privacy to have a pleasant soak with your partner whenever you want.

Each of these room prices for an overnight stay ranges from USD 800 to USD 1,900.

7. Hakone Yuryo

Hakone Yuryo is more of a traditional onsen resort with a rustic charm. It is only available for day trips and does not have any accommodation for an overnight stay.

They do have a private onsen with a view of nature, making it the perfect Hakone private onsen for couples.

Do be mindful that they would not accept people with body tattoos or body paints, and anyone that is intoxicated.

The price to use this private onsen ranges from JPY 9,400 to JPY 14,400 (USD 63 to USD 97).

8. Hakone Suimeiso

This ryokan is located a 2-minute walk away from the Hakone-Yumoto Station and faces the Haya River.

Be sure to get the room that comes with an open-air onsen for your private use if you prefer more privacy. Each of these rooms faces the river, so you can appreciate the scenic river view while soaking in the hot spring.

Fret not, you could also enjoy one of the 5 onsens that are on the top floor deck overlooking the river and nature. You could also reserve the private onsen on the top floor by paying an extra fee of about JPY 2,200 (USD 15).

The overnight stay costs between USD 280 to USD 690 depending on the room type – traditional Japanese with tatami, or modern Japanese with beds, and whether with a private onsen or not.

9. Hakone Airu

Amongst the many ryokans we listed here, this ryokan with private onsen in Hakone is the most unique in Japan. As most ryokan would have a Japanese concept or style, this ryokan however has a Balinese concept.

It is as if you are in a Bali resort, but instead of being in Indonesia, you are still in Japan.

The guest rooms are roomy and come with an open-air hot spring. You can soak in the onsen to rejuvenate your body while appreciating nature.

If you are looking for something very different in Japan, you could try their flower bath to reduce stress, beautify your skin, and balance your hormones.

For this service, there is an additional fee starting from JPY 11,000 (USD 74). The price for a night here ranges from USD 400 to USD 800.

10. Hakone Retreat Villa

Where to stay in Hakone with a private onsen? Try Hakone Retreat Villa where every villa has its open-air hot spring. This is an adult-only accommodation making it perfect as one of Hakone private onsen for couples.

The retreat is situated within the Sengokuhara area amongst the forest and greens. With this, you can enjoy the natural surroundings while soaking in the benefits of the hot spring. While at the same being able to stargaze at night.

Hakone ryokan with private onsen

An overnight stay in this place costs somewhere between USD 900 and USD 2,500 depending on the size of the villa that you get.

11. Hakone Kyuan

This Hakone private onsen hotel, Hakone Kyuan provides a private onsen for each room. This elegant and modern chic hotel is surrounded by nature with an amazing view of Mt. Myojogatake.

This cozy little hotel has about ten rooms with semi-open-air baths that you can choose from. Indulge yourself in the hot spring at any time of the day from the comforts of your room, with a clear view of Mt. Myojogatake.

Experience the hot spring any time of the day in the comforts of your room.

The price of the rooms here ranges from USD 640 to USD 1,200.

12. Hakone Suisheon

This luxury hotel with private onsen Hakone offers a unique blend of the Taisho era elegance and modern comfort. It is said to be a historical gem that is listed as a Registered Cultural Asset by the Japanese government.

Hakone ryokan with private onsen

This quaint hotel holds 23 guest rooms with different layouts and ranges of options – footbath, sauna, or hammock. What is best is that all the guest rooms come with private hot springs for your enjoyment.

Enjoy your stay and rejuvenate your tired body with the private onsen with a view of the garden.

An overnight stay here costs somewhere between USD 700 and USD 1,400.

13. Tensui Saryo Ryokan

If you are looking for a ryokan with private onsen, Tensui Saryo Ryokan has a few room options that come with an open-air bath for your enjoyment.

This ryokan has an updated style, more of a modern Japanese ambiance. It has a wonderful large public open-air hot spring from Owakudani.

Otherwise, you could reserve a private open-air or semi-open-air hot spring for you to enjoy the benefits of the hot spring with a little more privacy.

You may also find that this ryokan has something others do not, which is a bedrock bath that has a similar health benefit to a sauna.

The price for an overnight stay is between JPY 63,800 (USD 424) and JPY 99,000 (USD 658).

14. Shiunsao

This Hakone Ryokan with a private onsen that has the largest room that could accommodate a big family.

Not all of their rooms come with a private hot spring. However, you could reserve their private open-air hot spring to enjoy the benefits of the alkaline onsen that has a beautiful view of the mountain and Hayakawa River.

An overnight stay costs somewhere between USD 490 to USD 800.

15. Hakone Fuga

This quiet ryokan is great for an adult getaway, where no children are allowed. Enjoy your time here with your partner while soaking in the Gora onsen which helps to beautify your skin

The price for a room here ranges from JPY 67,000 (USD 446) to JPY 79,000 (USD 525).

16. Tonosawa Ichinoyu Honkan

If you would like to experience an old traditional ryokan, try Tonosawa Ichinoyu Honkan. It is also listed as a Cultural Heritage by the Japanese government.

Immerse yourself in their indoor bath while overlooking the Hayakawa Valley. They also have a private family bath area which is made from Italian marble.

The price for an overnight stay here ranges from USD 250 to USD 380 which comes with a meal.

17. Tonosawa Ichinoyu Shinkan

This ryokan with private onsen in Hakone is located in a quiet neighborhood that offers rooms that have private open-air baths for your enjoyment.

Located in a quiet neighborhood, Ichinoyu Shinkan offers rooms with a private open-air hot spring bath.

This inn is located on a quiet hill surrounded by greenery overlooking Tonomine, close to Hakone Yumoto Station, known as the gateway to Hakone Onsen.

The price for an overnight stay here ranges from USD 250 to USD 380 which comes with a meal.

18. Senkyoro Ryokan

This is one of the best ryokan in Hakone with private onsen where the rooms with private open-air hot springs are surrounded by the greenery and flowers of the garden.

Relax and enjoy the fresh hot springs with the view of the peaceful garden that creates a sense of calm and comfort. Try getting their Oku no Kigi Annex type room which is a private villa to enjoy the privacy of a private onsen in your room.

Alternatively, if you do not mind, this ryokan has a rotenburo in the main building for in-house guests to enjoy and relax.

An overnight stay here would cost between JPY 41,000 (USD 273) and JPY 57,000 (USD 379).

19. Hananoyado Fukuya

This ryokan is situated with a view of Lake Ashi which offers a soothing hot spring bath while appreciating the calm and tranquillity of Lake Ashi.

It has a room with a private onsen that you can use whenever you want for a comforting experience with a view of the lake.

An overnight stay here costs between USD 440 to USD 1,400.

20. Hakone Pax Yoshino

Hakone Pax Yoshino is just a 12-minute walk from the Hakone Yumoto Station. You could get a room that has a semi-open-air private onsen to enjoy the relaxing hot spring that faces the river on your private terrace.

Aside from hot springs, you can enjoy a reflexology session or a karaoke session with your loved ones at the ryokan.

The price for an overnight stay here ranges from JPY 44,000 (USD 293) to JPY 62,000 (USD 412).

21. Ryokan Hakone Ginyu

If you are looking for the perfect private onsen for couples in Tokyo, this would be the nearest ryokan from Tokyo.

Each guest room in this ryokan has a private onsen with a magnificent view of the Hakone Mountains. It is a wonderful place for couples that would like a private onsen experience with a mountain view.

The price for the guest room ranges from JPY 36,450 (USD 243) to JPY 86,610 (USD 576).

22. Laforet Club Hakone Gora Yunosumika

This sleek and chic ryokan is located in Hakone Gora surrounded by lush greenery. This ryokan is probably the best ryokan in Hakone with a private onsen that is pet-friendly.

By getting their premium room with an open-air bath, you could soak in the hot springs, while your dog can also relax in its own specially prepared dog room for your dog to enjoy the hot spring.

The price range for the premium room starts from USD400 to USD1,200.

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23. Yutorelo-an

This private inn has a splendid view of Mt Hakone. It has rooms that come with private hot springs and some that do not.

If you are looking to have some privacy while soaking and enjoying the breathtaking view of Mt Hakone during any of the 4 seasons, try getting a room that has a private open-air hot spring attached to it.

It is said that you can admire the seasonal changes of nature from the private onsen in your room.

The price for an overnight stay here ranges from JPY 24,200 (USD 161) to JPY 79,200 (USD 527).

24. Hakone Onsen Yuyado Yama no shou

The design of this ryokan captures the essence of the Edo era, reminiscent of the old Tokaido lodging.

They do not have rooms that come with private onsen. However, you could reserve a private hot spring for an hour. This private onsen is only available for in-house guests at no additional cost.

An overnight stay costs somewhere between USD 140 to USD 500.

25. Fukuzumiro

Fukuzumiro is both a cultural property of Japan and a part of Japan’s 20th Century Heritage. It is known for its traditional Japanese design and architecture.

This ryokan offers an authentic experience of a Japanese hot spring inn. While you enjoy the private onsen, you can embrace the tranquillity of the river flowing right beside this ryokan.

Fun fact, if you can locate the “Lucky bats” around the premises, it is said to bring you luck – in longevity, wealth, health, virtue, and dignity.

The price for an overnight stay here ranges from JPY 25,000 (USD 167) to JPY 33,000 (USD 220).

26. KAI Hakone

This ryokan is situated by the riverside. Each of the rooms offers a soothing river view.

For more privacy get a room that has a private open-air hot spring for you to enjoy and relax to the gentle sound of the river flowing.

Apart from that, there are other cultural activities on the premises – tea sessions, and craft workshops, that you could join and experience.

An overnight stay here costs anywhere between JPY 24,000 (USD 167) to JPY 80,000 (USD 532).

27. Furuya Ryokan

Furuya Ryokan is one of the best ryokan in Hakone with private onsen if you want to experience traditional style ryokan hospitality.

It was founded in 1806 and is located in the beautiful Atami Onsen area which is only a short 3-minute walk to the Atami Sun beach.

Hakone ryokan with private onsen

You would also be able to enjoy the art of geisha, who are skilled in traditional Japanese arts like dance and shamisen playing at an additional cost.

The price range for an overnight stay here is from USD 550 to USD 1,200.

28. Atami Sekitei

This rustic ryokan embraces the sukiya-zukuri style on a land of approximately 3,000 square meters.

Enjoy the hot springs in their public bath or book one of their rooms that comes with a private open-air hot spring for more privacy

Hakone ryokan with private onsen

Otherwise, you could book the private open-air bath within the premises for a fee of JPY 1,500 (USD 10).

The price for a room with a private onsen ranges from JPY 49,500 (USD 329) to JPY 88,000 (USD 585).

29. Hakone Ashinoko Hanaori

This modern Japanese ryokan is situated next to Lake Ashi, giving you the best view of the gorgeous lake.

It has rooms overlooking the lake with a private onsen, so you could experience a good soak in the hot springs while appreciating nature to the fullest.

Otherwise, you may reserve a private onsen in the ryokan for a fee of USD 20 for a 40-minute soak.

An overnight stay in this ryokan costs somewhere between USD 300 to USD 740.

30. Gora Hanaougi

This ryokan blends the traditional Japanese style with modern elegance effortlessly. It is located by the foot of Mt Hakone, surrounded by enchanting nature. You will be able to enjoy the picturesque view of Mt. Hakone even during the change of seasons.

Hakone ryokan with private onsen

All the rooms in Gora Hanaougi come with a private open-air bath that you can relax in while soaking in the beautiful view of the mountain.

The price for an overnight stay costs between JPY 43,000 (USD 286) to JPY 101,200 (USD 673).

31. Yama No Chaya

This traditional Japanese ryokan blends well with the surrounding nature of Tonosawa Onsen. Many of their guest rooms have private open-air baths where you can enjoy the blessing of the hot springs with the refreshing mountain breeze.

You can also stargaze and admire the moonlight from the terrace while relaxing in the onsen.

Prices to stay here start from JPY 29,000 (USD 193) to JPY 70,000 (USD 466).

Try out of these places to end your trip feeling relaxed and soothed. You do not want to miss out on the experience when you are in Hakone.

If you are uncomfortable with using the towels provided at the public onsen, you could try this wearable towel.

FAQs on Hakone Ryokan with Private Onsen

Does Ryokan have Private Onsen?

Most ryokan have their private onsens in addition to the communal onsens. If you would prefer more privacy, choose and reserve the private onsen.

Alternatively, look out for ryokan which has rooms that come with a private onsen that you can stay in.

Does Hakone Have Good Onsen?

Yes, they do. You can find good onsens in the upper highlands and mountains that are great for your skin.

There are several places in Hakone that you can enjoy onsens that have different benefits for the body.

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