How To Make Money While Travelling Australia [27 Ways!]

So you have decided to ditch that full time job to travel and are thinking of how to make money while travelling Australia?

Wondering what kind of jobs while traveling around Australia are up for grabs? 

Ladies, I got your (out)back! I’m Sarah, and I am exploring all the ways to leave my day job and start a new nomad life while working around Australia!

I’ve done all the research through friends, networking and tips from the Internet so you don’t have to!

A vast majority of people think the only way to make money while traveling in Australia is by fruit picking. While that certainly is popular, (and we will include those tips too), there are 26 other types of jobs you can explore while traveling around Australia.

So let’s get ahead on where to start finding income while travelling Australia!

27 Ways On How To Make Money While Travelling Australia:

1. Fruit Picking

2. Digital Nomad

3. Jobs in the Food & Beverage Industry

4. Station Work

5. Sketch Artist

6. Blogging

7. Teaching Online

8. Dog-walking

9. Busking/Musician

10. Photographer

11. Coaching Online

12. Virtual Yoga Instructor

13. Podcaster

14. YouTuber

15. TikTok Influencer

16. Selling Secondhand Items

17. Mobile Sandwich/Coffee Barista

18. Yachting Crew

19. Remote Travel Agent

20. Tourist Guide

21. Graphic Designer

22. Online Gamer

23. Voice Actor

24. Pinterest Manager

25. Dropshipping

26. Answer Surveys

27. Write Book Reviews


Some of the links here are affiliate links, and I may earn if you click on them, AT NO EXTRA cost to you. I hope you find the information here useful! Thanks!

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How To Make Money While Travelling Australia [27 Ways!]

While there are many jobs in Australia available while traveling, there are also tons of job opportunities online which require different skill sets. 

Here are the 27 ways I have put together to fund your dream travel experience in Australia so you can figure out what works best for you:

1. Fruit Picking

Fruit picking is always the popular choice as there is a known shortage of labor in the industry, and it requires very little skills. Luckily, there is a wide range of crops and farms throughout the continent, so it is very appealing if you want to travel around.

Jobs do pay well at almost AUD $30 per hour (USD $20 per hour), and the more productive you are, the higher your earning capacity will be! It is physical labor though so be sure to stay fit and healthy!

Get browsing right here:

1. Fruit Picking Jobs in Brisbane [The Ultimate Guide]

2. Fruit Picking Jobs in Adelaide [A Unique Guide]

3. Your Guide to Finding The Best Fruit Picking Jobs In Tasmania

4. Essential Guide to Fruit Picking Jobs In Perth

2. Digital Nomad

If you’re anything like me, and the words Digital Nomad are intimidating to hear, don’t skip this yet. After doing some research, I have found that it’s not so hard and anyone can easily pick up the basic skills without having any experience!

Here are some great examples on where to start your Digital Nomad life while traveling Australia:

1. 47 Digital Nomad Essentials You Will Need In 2022

2. 11 Digital Nomad Jobs (No Experience Required!)

3. Digital Nomad Jobs For Beginners: The Epic Guide to Get You Started In 2022

There are a vast number of work opportunities varying from Virtual Assistants to Translators and all you need is good Wifi and a laptop!

3. Jobs in the Food & Beverage Industry

Very simply put – waiting tables or bartending as traditional as they may be – pays the bills. Cafes and bars are in every corner so finding short term work around Australia while traveling should not be hard to find in this industry.

A bartender can make up to AUD $30.50 per hour (around USD $20.60 per hour), and waiting tables average wage is AUD $28.45 per hour (around USD 18.90 per hour)!

However, do take note that if you’re planning to serve alcohol in Australia, you do need to get an “RSA Certificate” which is short for Responsible Service of Alcohol Certificate. You will need to apply it here with a small fee. 

4. Station Work

What is Station Work? The slang for Station in Australia refers to a large land holding used for livestock production. Yep, cattling and shoving dung!

Just a quick search will show you over 4500 station jobs all over Australia so there’s plenty on demand to go around!

How to get started? Here are a few job boards:

1. Station Jobs for Backpackers

2. Cattle Station Jobs

3. Cattle Station Jobs in All Australia

5. Sketch Artist

Capitalizing on your natural talent is an easy one to figure out! If you are gifted, then you do you even when traveling Australia, mate!

Sketch artists or portrait artists are quite welcomed in the Land of Down Under, and there are no restrictions by the authorities.

 You can make an easy AUD $30-40 (USD 20-25) for a couple portraits as what I have seen on the sidewalks myself.

6. Blogging

Blogging does need its own separate headline – why? 

Unlike other Digital Nomad jobs, blogging does take some time to generate an income stream. Also it can get quite technical, but fret not!

Here are some guides to start blogging and generating that income asap:

1. How To Make Money Blogging For Beginners

2. How To Get Paid For Blogging On WordPress

3. Blogging Tips

4. How To Start A Travel Blog

7. Teaching Online

No experience or a teaching degree? Before you say “Next!”, you don’t actually have to be a qualified teacher to teach English online. Non-native English speakers can apply too!

Here is what I found:

1. How To Become An Online Teacher In 30 days

2. Best Non-Native English Teacher Jobs

3. Teach English Online To Adults

The potential can earn you up to USD $6000 a month!

8. Dog-walking

One of the most rewarding jobs in the world must be walking dogs! With no better companion, unlimited licks and cuddles, AND getting paid – come on, this one is THE easiest one to go for.

Search for dog walking or pet sitting jobs while traveling around Australia here:

1. Pet Cloud

2. Mad Paws

9. Busking/Musician

If you are traveling with your guitar (or any other instrument), then you might as well bust it out while camping at caravan parks or other venues that are looking for musicians.

Promote yourself online or on the job boards and a few gigs a week can surely fund your travel!

10. Photographer

Just like all freelancing jobs, freelance photography can help you earn extra income while you see the beautiful sights of Australia. 

Start by taking a masterclass like this one which is great for beginners or experienced photographers. 

Then set up your own business website to market your services and sell your prized pictures online to get extra income!

11. Coaching Online

With everyone working more remotely now, huge opportunities to coach anyone anywhere is very possible! All you need is a laptop, good internet connection and a platform to market your services. 

Various niches you can offer include:

1. Being A Life Coach

2. Being A Career Coach

3. Being A Wellness Coach

4. Being A Financial Coach

If you need further tips on becoming a successful coach, here’s an online course that will guide you from scratch!

12. Virtual Yoga Instructor

Are you already a Yogi? You can continue to spread the joy and benefits of yoga while traveling and make some money at the same time!

If you are not yet a certified Yoga instructor, this accredited diploma course will help you with useful teaching techniques so you can establish your yoga practice while enjoying the sights of beautiful Australia.

You can also learn how to become a Yoga Instructor in 7 days here!

13. Podcaster

If you’re a true crime podcast fan like me, you’ll know that podcasting is growing rapidly with the rise of various apps and tools on our mobile phones. 

Monetizing your very own podcast is such a possibility in so many ways

You can also get your audience to subscribe to your Patreon as a way of supporting you.

14. YouTuber

If you like journaling your travels, consider doing it on YouTube by starting your own YouTube channel

Vlogs are one of the best YouTube contents in the market, and you can additionally set up a blog to accelerate your presence online.

 Another way to boost your Vlog is by establishing your presence on social media AND generating income!

15. TikTok Influencer

Speaking of social media, all that buzz around TikTok has been crazy since the pandemic. So why not ride on the TikTok train as well? 

It is relatively easy to start generating income on TikTok and the rules are:

1. 18 years and older

2. Baseline of 10,000 followers

3. Accrued 100,000 views over the last 30 days

TikTok influencers do get paid a ton and this is an option worth exploring! 

16. Selling Secondhand Items

When I visit a new country or city, I always look up the weekend markets for cheap bargains to clothes, jewelry, souvenirs and most of them are pre-loved items, or vintage as people call it.

Sure enough, there are usually available slots in the farmers markets for used items to be sold found here:

1. Pre-loved Australian Markets and Fairs

2. Pre-loved Clothing Market

3. Love Me Again Market

17. Mobile Sandwich/Coffee Barista

A cup of flat white at any local cafe in Australia can go from AUD $5 to $8 (USD $2.70$5.30). But the cost of making a cuppa is less than 40 cents including the paper cup and lid.

All you need is a mobile espresso machine, a table, and a chalkboard sign to set up your mobile barista. Throw in a couple of homemade sandwiches and customers will have easy and cheap access to food on the go.

18. Yachting Crew

Yachting may seem like a glamorous way to travel around Australia, if you have the dough! But that doesn’t mean you can’t still enjoy the sights and perks of being a “Yachtie” onboard a luxury yacht AND get paid.

Here are some references if you’re thinking of work while yachting around Australia:

1. Luxury Yachts

2. How To Become A Yachtie

3. Job Boards

19. Remote Travel Agent

What does a Remote Travel Agent do? You basically help organize trips, itineraries, and bring tourists to authentic local places and experiences. 

You are not limited to providing these to Australia, since it is remote hence the world is literally your oyster! Check out this amazing guide on becoming a remote travel agent.

20. Tourist Guide

Since you’re traveling Australia and working your way through the continent, you may be best suited to becoming a tourist guide to other travelers just like yourself! 

Backpackers or nomads do make a reliable guide, as you probably navigate your way around the tourist traps, and seek for more authentic and localized experiences. Hence seriously do look into this.

Where to find these opportunities:

1. CoolWorks

2. Indeed AU

3. Season Workers

21. Graphic Designer

Any work that allows you to work remotely is something you would want to explore. Graphic designers are easily remote-based and provide you the flexibility to choose your work hours and projects that interest you.

If you’re an introvert, it’s one of the best jobs on how to make money while travelling Australia with minimal human contact!

Having previous experience in graphic design for websites and logos can be lucrative and earn you an average of USD $27 per hour according to Ziprecruiter.

22. Online Gamer

Packed your Playstation along for your trip? Hey if you’re already spending time playing as a hobby, turn those hours into money! A professional gamer can earn between USD $1,000 to USD $5,000 per month according to CyberAthletiks

Here’s how to be a Pro Gamer in just 10 steps!

23. Voice Actor

Ahem! Who knew just having a voice can generate income? Voice actors can lend voices to various projects, with your own flexible hours. With traveling around Australia filling up your core hours, these ventures will suit you:

1. Video Games Voice Actors

2. Dubbing In Other Languages For Movies And TV Shows

3. Online Learning Materials

Here is a FREE guide to help you get started by just using your voice!

24. Pinterest Manager

Another attractive way how to make money while travelling Australia without having technical skills is as a Pinterest Manager. All it takes is hunger for success!

I found a free simple guide you can follow to become a Pinterest Manager which includes cool tips to secure your clientele! Here is how to create your Pinterest website to get you started!

25. Dropshipping

What’s great about dropshipping is that you don’t ever have to worry about fixed costs or variable costs with stock keeping and warehousing. 

This just means you can operate remotely even while on holiday! Perfect, right?

These are the best Dropshipping suppliers:

1. AliExpress

2. AliBaba

3. SaleHoo

4. Worldwide Brands

5. Doba

26. Answer Surveys

Surveys are quick and easy money to make, and though they may sound tedious, they are not! 

Here are some great places to start clicking away:

1. Survey Junkie

2. Swagbucks

3. InboxDollars

4. Nielsen Mobile Panel

5. MyPoints

27. Write Book Reviews

You are already a bookworm, and reading while you are on holiday doesn’t seem much of a chore does it? Bonus is that you can make money while reading on your vacation!

This is a great addition to how to earn money while traveling Australia isn’t it?

How to apply? Click on the links below and get cozy with a book:

1. The US Review of Books

2. Kirkus Reviews

3. OnlineBookClub

FAQs on How To Make Money While Travelling Australia

How Can I Make Money While I Travel?

There are many ways to make money while you travel, especially with the digital space becoming more demanding.

Here are a few cool tips that can help you get started:

1. Make Extra Money

2. Digital Nomad Tips

3. How to Start A Travel Blog

What Is The Easiest Way To Make Money In Australia?

There are many ways to make money in Australia. But here are some of the top legit ways to make money online in Australia:

1. Freelancing

2. Online Tutoring

3. Become a YouTuber

4. Blogging

5. Selling Digital Products

What Places Will Pay You To Travel There?

Interestingly enough, post the pandemic, many countries who thrive on the tourism industry are actually encouraging people to move to their country, with good benefits you can obtain once you move there.

Here are some of the countries and links to know more:

1. Thailand: Foreign Investors, Professionals and Retirees

2. South Korea: Highly Skilled Foreigners

3. Vietnam: House Ownership by Foreigners Program

4. Antikythera, Greece: Help Increase Population on this Island

Gained Confidence On How to Make Money while Travelling Australia?

I hope you now have the information and resources on how to make money while travelling Australia. Australia is a HUGE country with many opportunities to explore whether you are backpacking the entire country or exploring a few locations. 

Good luck in your adventures and wishing you all the best, mate!

Do you have another idea to earn money traveling around Australia? Let me know in the comments below and I’ll add it to the list.

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