Fruit Picking Jobs in Adelaide (A Unique Guide)

Hello there, did you search for ‘fruit picking jobs in Adelaide’? 

If you’re looking for ways to make money with fruit picking in Adelaide while you backpack across beautiful Australia, you’ve come to the right page. 

Popular for their bountiful farms, Adelaide is also well known for its premium wine, great food, and it’s exciting festivals. 

This beautiful state is home to a variety of different types of produce throughout the year and will require workers on the farm all year round as they cater to markets locally and worldwide. 

These can be great for those who are looking for fruit picking jobs in Adelaide as there will be farm jobs available all year round, making it easier to find a fruit picking job in the southern part of Australia as you make your way across the country. 

Travelling can be costly.

Fruit picking jobs are an excellent way to keep your budget in check or help you save for your next trip, with cheaper accommodation (sometimes free!), and lower living costs – perfect for saving up for your next destination!

Summary of All The Best Fruit Picking Jobs In Adelaide 

  1. Penola
  2. McLaren Vale 
  3. Coonawarra
  4. Adelaide Hills 
  5. Clare 
  6. Berri


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How To Apply For Fruit Picking Jobs in Adelaide (South Australia)?

To find a fruit picking job in Adelaide is not very hard but you have to be wary of scams that can cost you a lot of stress and sometimes, a lot of hard-earned money. 

To help you with your research, we’ve compiled a list of hiring agencies, online sites, and governmental sites that you can go through to find the perfect fruit-picking job in South Australia. 

We also suggest applying to a few places to increase your chances of securing a job. 

Here are some sites you can check out before planning your trip: 

  1. Jobsearch

Contact: 1800 062 332

  1. Gumtree 
  1. Jobaroo 
  1. Workstay 
  1. Recruitflex
  1. Viterra 
  1. Fruit Picking Jobs
  1. MADEC

Contact: 03 5021 3472

  1. Skill Hire

Contact: 08 9376 2800

  1. Yellow Pages 
  1. Jora 
  1. Indeed 

All The Best Fruit Picking Jobs In Adelaide 

Fruit Picking Jobs in Penola 

February to August 

  • Grapes 

December to January

  • Cherries 

Contact Information 

  1. Penola Strawberry Farm
  1. Joyson Orchards

While you’re there, check out: 

Fruit Picking Jobs in McLaren Vale 

February to August 

  • Grapes (harvest workers are in demand from March to July) 

Contact Information 

  1. McLaren Vale Backpackers
  1. Magarey AA & Sons
  1. J Turner & Sons
  1. Rosemount Estate
  1. Dowie Doole

While you’re there don’t forget to check out: 

Fruit Picking Jobs in Coonawarra

February to August 

  • Grapes

December to January 

  • Cherries 

December to June 

  • Vegetables

Contact Information 

  1. Patrick T Vineyards

What are some other attractions in Coonawarra?

Fruit Picking Jobs in Adelaide Hills 

February to May 

  • Apples 
  • Pears 

November to January 

  • Cherries 

February to April and June to December

  • Grapes

Contact Information 

  1. Walkers International
  1. Drury Orchards
  1. AL Green & Sons
  1. B L B & L M Redden
  1. Gilmours Orchards
  1. Kersbrook Cherry Farm Pty Ltd
  1. Aberdeen Orchards

When in Adelaide Hills, give these places a go: 

Fruit Picking Jobs in Clare

February to April and June to September

  • Grapes

Contact Information 

  1. Sevenhill Cellars
  1. Mitchell Winery
  1. Kilikanoon Wines
  1. Annie’s Lane
  1. Mount Horrocks Wines

Some other cool places near Clare include: 

Fruit Picking Jobs in Berri 

January to April and June to August

  • Grapes

May to February 

  • Citrus

October to March

  • Stonefruit

Contact Information

  1. Brand A J & K L
  1. Pipinis D
  1. QFM Production
  1. B.S.F. Fruits

Some interesting places near Berri are: 

What To Expect When Fruit Picking?

fruit picking jobs adelaide

Fruit picking in Adelaide, South Australia will be a one-of-a-kind experience for you. 

The fruits are harvested and selected based on their size, ripeness, and color as well as the type of fruit as well as the harvest season you’re in at the time. 

Some of the things you can look forward to when fruit picking include starting bright and early every morning and being outdoors a lot despite the varying weather conditions down south.

 This is a good chance to discover Australia in a different light, especially during sunrise every day. 

Good general fitness will also come in handy when you spend most of your time standing and doing your work in addition to packing on the various work equipment you will be carrying with you such as containers, fruit bins, ladders, or canvas drop cloths. 

You will also likely be asked to work with heights, especially with fruit that grows on higher trees so if you’re afraid of heights, best to look for low-hanging fruit picking jobs. Teamwork is also important to maximize efficiency when working on a fruit farm. 

Skills that you may need: 

  • Ability to receive, learn and execute instructions provided quickly and effectively
  • Have clear and good (average) communication skills especially in English
  • Healthy, fit, and determined to do well 
  • Knowing fresh produces will be helpful too 

What Fruit Is In Season In Adelaide?

July to August (Late Winter)

  • apples, avocados, kumquats, lemons, navel oranges, limes, mandarins, pears, quinces, persimmon, rhubarb, tangelos, and tangerines. 

September to October (Early Spring)

  • pears, apples, avocados, kumquats, grapefruit, strawberries, lemons, loquats, blood oranges, Seville oranges, rhubarb, tangelos, tangerine, mandarins. 

October to November (Late Spring) 

  • pears, apples, avocados, blood oranges, rhubarb, grapefruit, loquats, mandarins, mulberries, Seville oranges, strawberries, tangelos, tangerines, lemons

December to January (Early Summer) 

  • apricots, blackberries, avocados, cherries, honeydew, blueberries, loquats, oranges, peaches, mulberries, peacherines, rhubarb, rockmelons, raspberries, strawberries, watermelons, plums

January to February (Late Summer) 

  • Avocados, apricots, blackberries, figs, honeydew melons, blueberries, loquats, oranges, plums, nectarines, peaches, peacherines, rhubarb, raspberries, rockmelon, watermelons, strawberries

March to April (Early Autumn) 

  • Apples, figs, feijoas, blackberries, grapes, raspberries, limes, mandarins, pears, passionfruit, persimmon, watermelon, plums, pomegranates, quinces, honeydew melon, rhubarb, strawberries, rockmelons, Valencia oranges.

June to July (Early Winter) 

  • Persimmon, apples, kumquats, grapefruit, limes, mandarins, quinces, navel oranges, pears, lemons, rhubarb, tangelos, avocados, tangerines

What To Consider When Looking For A Fruit Picking Job? 

fruit picking jobs adelaide

In Southern Australia where Adelaide is located, 188 000 tonnes of citrus fruits are produced every year for the local and global markets. 

Besides citruses, many other fruits like apples and grapes can be found throughout the year as well – hence the demand for grape picking jobs in Adelaide and farmworkers are constant all year round.

To find the best Adelaide fruit picking jobs, it’s important to make sure that you do your research beforehand – taking into account the seasons and regions you plan to go to and the type of fruit picking work you plan to do. 


The climate and types of produce differ across Australia and therefore might affect the harvest time and the types of fruits grown in their respective regions. 

Generally, summer is known to be better for fruits and vegetables as the weather is ideal for the fruits to thrive and therefore provides more jobs for fruit picking

Be sure to keep the climate and seasons in mind when searching for jobs as bad weather can limit jobs on the farm. 


Local farmers benefit from South Australia’s diverse climate in the regions that reflect in their delicious, high quality, safe and clean produce catered for local and international markets. 

Try avoiding regions that are heavily saturated with farm working jobs as your wages may not be as much as certain regions that are not as known. This can also be helpful when trying to get better-paying fruit picking jobs – the lesser your competition, the more you earn. 

Check out this harvest calendar to help you plan your trip.

What Are The Requirements For A Fruit Picking Job in Adelaide? 

A working visa is important to have when you’re looking for fruit picking jobs in Adelaide especially if you’re not a native or a permanent resident in Australia. 

However, if you are:

  • An Australian citizen 
  • An Australian permanent resident (PR)
  • A New Zealand citizen with a Subclass 444 Visa

You won’t need a visa if you are local or from New Zealand as mentioned above. 

On the other hand, if you are not, and is aged between 18 to 30 years old (or 18 to 35 years old if you are Canadian, French or Irish) and is from one of the countries listed below, you can apply for the  Working Holiday (Subclass 417) Visa in order to obtain a fruit picking job in Australia. 

  • Belgium
  • Canada
  • Republic of Cyprus
  • Denmark
  • Estonia
  • Italy
  • Japan
  • Republic of Korea
  • Finland
  • France
  • Germany
  • Hong Kong (including British National Overseas passport holders)
  • Republic of Ireland
  • Malta
  • Netherlands
  • Norway
  • Sweden
  • Taiwan (other than an official or diplomatic passport)
  • The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland

If you don’t see your country listed, don’t worry, you can apply for the Work and Holiday (Subclass 462) Visa to get a working visa. 

See if your eligibility applies here. 

Some other important things to note is to ensure you have sufficient funds to sustain your stay [at least AUD 5000 (USD 3694)] and your health is at its best before you clarify your health status and character requirement in your assessment. 

How Much Do Fruit Pickers Get Paid in Adelaide? 

fruit picking jobs adelaide

Wages for fruit picking jobs in Adelaide can differ depending on where you will be located and the kind of produce you will be harvesting. 

As different fruits will require different tasks, the amount you will be paid will also differ accordingly depending on your efficiency. 

Wages normally range from AUD 12 (USD 9) to AUD 25 (USD 18) an hour with an average of  AUD 15 (USD 11) depending on the tasks you were assigned to and your efficiency. 

You can be paid based every week, fortnightly, or monthly – per hour or according to how much you’ve collected for the day (basket, tree, or tray) and your overall performance.

 They are usually made via bank transfer, cash or cheque so make sure you have all your details ready. 

Another important factor to note before taking on a fruit picking job is that the minimum wage in Australia can also depend on the age of the worker.

If you are older, you will most likely receive more than a younger worker, even if you’re both doing the same job. 

If you’re hard-working and eager to make your earnings, the hourly rate is also higher if you work at night (after 6 pm) or if you’re working on public holidays but make sure they’re in your contract to avoid being cheated out of your wages. 

If your employer refuses to pay you or if you feel like you haven’t been paid fairly, contact Fairwork, the government agency that is responsible for matters concerning workplace conflicts and disputes in Australia.

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What Are The Work Hours and Working Conditions Like For Fruit Picking in Adelaide?

Work Hours 

Working hours differ depending on the region and the seasons but fruit pickers are generally expected to work 7 to 8 hours a day for 6 to 7 days a week. 

This also depends on the amount of produce that needs to be harvested and the amount of manpower available. 

High productivity is needed when the harvest seasons end to maximize yield before the next harvest season and therefore you may be required to start earlier in the day, as early as 7 am so that you can finish around 3 pm where the temperatures get warmer.  

Working Conditions 

The working conditions for fruit picking jobs can often challenge your fitness levels as it can feel quite repetitive and exhausting when done over a continuous period.

You may be required to do a variety of different things from climbing a ladder to pick high-hanging fruits to the ground kneeling to pick the lower hanging ones – all of which can be tiring in the long run, but oh, so rewarding when it’s over!

When working outdoors, it’s important to know that a good physical form will help you power through but it does not mean you need to be buff and hardcore to do a good job.

 There are different things you can do, so make sure to find something you know you’ll enjoy.

You will deal with challenges of all kinds, from terrible weather to maybe a little injury here and there hence, it is also important that you work on building your mental strength too. It may seem like a hard job, but with a little courage and determination, we’re sure you can do it!

Best Fruit Picking Farms in Adelaide 

Depending on what you’re looking for, there isn’t one best farm for fruit picking. 

However, if you’re not too sure where to start or where to go, we highly suggest starting with fruit picking in Adelaide Hills as they have a variety of fruits all year round and you may be able to make some new friends who can help you get adjusted too. 

If you love wine, grape picking in McLaren Vale and in Clare is also fun and a great job for wine enthusiasts!

Tips For Fruit Picking in Adelaide

  1. Do your research about the type of fruit you want to work with
  • Find out what fruits are in season and how long will the harvest take as you won’t want to arrive halfway through the season and waste your time. 
  1. Do your research about the type of picking you’ll be doing
  • Find out the kind of picking you will be required to do as some jobs may require you to do heavy lifting or climbing up ladders – find what works for you as you won’t want to get injured or minimize efficiency. 
  1. Maintain a good relationship with your boss
  • Fostering good relationships (professionally) with your boss from the start can help you with ensuring that you’re being looked out for and reflects your enthusiasm and professionalism from the beginning. 
  1. Check if you’ll be paid hourly or by the bin/basket
  • If you can choose, go with the hour but make sure to do your research first as different fruits may benefit you better by the bin. 
  1. If you’re booking a job through a company, research them thoroughly
  • Before confirming with any agencies about your fruit picking job, make sure to do your research thoroughly and find out how credible they are before accepting an offer, especially if you’ve found them through job search sites. 


I hope you’re as excited as we are to try fruit picking in Adelaide! If you’re backpacking across Australia, jobs like fruit picking and fruit packing in Adelaide can be great to stay on a budget on your travels and help you save for your next trip. 

We hope this guide has helped you with all you need to know about fruit picking in Adelaide, and what to look out for when you’re there. 

Good luck!

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