31 Shizuoka Ryokans With Private Onsens + Prices (2024)

What is more romantic than staying at Shizuoka Ryokan with a private onsen for your honeymoon? 

You guys know that Ger and I have been planning our wedding. And naturally, I have been looking into some popular honeymoon destinations. 

I came across this concept of Japanese Ryokans, and let me tell you, I’m intrigued!

I’ve compiled this amazing list of shizuoka ryokan with private onsen. But I don’t think you need to confine this to just romantic honeymooners, to be honest! 

Be it a couple’s getaway for a birthday, anniversary, or babymoon, here’s your chance to discover the master gateway to a romantic place!

Spend all that time with your loved one in a private onsen! 

If you are new here, Hi, I am Aisha Preece ! 

I am an avid female traveller and I love helping other females travel safer and better 🙂 I also travel with my partner sometimes too, so I like to share tips for solo female travelers and couples.

Shizuoka ryokan with private onsen

If you’ve always wanted to travel to Japan and never got around to it, it’s no coincidence that you stumbled upon my article today. 

I’ll let you know all the secrets I’ve gathered on the best places at Shizuoka Ryokan with a private onsen

This could be the answer you’ve been looking for all this time. 

In this article, I’ve listed the 31 best Shizuoka Ryokan with Private Onsen for honeymooners to go to, but here’s my top 3 based on: 

Budget-Friendly Ryoken With Private Onsen

1. K’s House Ito Onsen

Traditional Stay With Private Onsen

2. Atami Onsen Shukaen Yu-No-Hanazen 

Top Rated Shizuoka Ryokan With Private Onsen

3.  Oni No Sumika

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Shizuoka ryokan with private onsen

Shizuoka Ryokan With Private Onsen

Budget-Friendly Ryoken With Private Onsen

Japan can be quite expensive, and if you’re like me and like to spend according to the budget I’ve allocated, I’ve got some budget-friendly accommodations as well. 

Here are the best 3 budget-friendly Shizuoka private onsen that I’ve gathered for you. 

1. Garland Court Usami Private Hot Spring Condominium Hotel( 2-Star Hotel)

Is Ito, Shizuoka, a location you’ll be in? 

Then Garland Court Condominium should be a place you should consider staying if you’re looking for a place that doesn’t burn your wallet and has a private onsen. 

The property is located 5 km from JR Usami Station, which is relatively near if you are walking around to get by. 

If you’re on your feet, ensure you put on some sunblock and SPF lip balm to make sure your skin is always hydrated. 

For a romantic getaway, it’s also a 15-minute drive to Usami Beach. 

Starting from $118, you can get a Standard Twin Room with a Mountain View, though because it is a service apartment, the price is not inclusive of breakfast. 

It’s not much of a deal breaker for me, as you can harvest vegetables from the garden near the property and have a vegetarian barbeque grill night! 

2. K’s House Ito Onsen – Historical Ryokan Hostel (2-Star Hotel)

Do you two love birds have a great love for history? 

This is another great accommodation to stay in as it’s located in a 100-year-old Registered Tangible Cultural Property. 

For a room with a beautiful view of Matsukawa River, it starts at only $114 per night. The room does not come with an attached private onsen. 

However, they do have a private onsen on the property that you can book at no additional fee. 

The fact that it is located in the central part of the city, without paying so much per night, really puts this accommodation part of the top 10. 

Contemporary Modern Ryokan With Private Onsen

If you’re planning to book a hotel that has a more Westernized design, then this one is it: an affordable ryokan with private onsen

3. Hotel Sea Shell (3-Star Hotel)

Hotel Sea Shell gives you a Santorini vibe without making you travel all the way to Greece! 

2 hours away from the hustle and bustle of the busy city of Tokyo, each room booked in this property gives you a spectacular view of Shirahama Beach. 

For a more romantic getaway, you can opt for the 1-bedroom villa with a private entrance. 

However, if it were up to me, I would save up on some bucks and opt for the Deluxe Suite with a hot spring bath that starts from $205 per night.

Traditional Stay With Private Onsen

4. Laforet Shuzenji Sanshisuimei

What I personally love about this accommodation is that each room provides a private open-air onsen. 

From $366 per night, it also includes breakfast and dinner! This helps save up some budget to do other activities around the ryokan.

This area is a popular place for cycling and hiking, and you can also go on a lovely picnic with your loved ones. 

The staff at Ryokan is always available to provide information, and if you’d like this decorated on your honeymoon, you can do so as well. 

Mount Daruma is 22km, and Koibito Misaki Cape is 35 km, respectively. 

5. Atami Onsen Shukaen Yu-No-Hanazen 

Just 1km away from Atami Sun Beach, Syukaen Yunohanazen offers you a view of the sea. Each room is decorated with a Japanese–style room, atami, and a private open-air onsen. 

Staying here gives you that full Japanese experience for only $437, as the breakfast and dinner provided are full of Asian cuisine. 

Mishima Skywalk, another popular attraction and must-visit, is only 11km away from this property. 

6. Mibunoshou Izu 伊豆に創癒の隠れ郷 水生の庄

Mibunoshou is like a hidden gem, found secluded in the village with a luxurious view of the mountain and sea. 

Perfect for those who are looking for privacy, this Ryokan has only 8 rooms, and all come with a private onsen. 

They also offer Kaiseki meals if you’re looking for an authentic place to try out Japanese meals. From as low as $535, you’re able to stay at this beautiful ryokan. 

This ryokan is also very near to Kawazu Nandaru Waterfalls, a perfect place for honeymooners to check out! 

7. Ito Yukitei

This place is perfect for honeymooners who are looking for an adult place only without being disturbed by the sounds of children. 

You can book yourself a premium room with an attached private hot spring bathtub for as low as $187.

The ryokan is 650m from Ito Station and within walking distance to most of the restaurants. 

I highly recommend this place to go on your honeymoon because of the distance, and price, and it gives you an authentic Japanese-style room. 

Best 3-Star Ryokan With Private Onsen With Sea View

I know it can be quite hard to find a ryokan near Tokyo with a private onsen, so here’s what I’ve listed to help you find the perfect ryokan. 

Shizuoka ryokan with private onsen

8. Kisho Caren

If you’re looking for serenity as part of your honeymoon, this is the place. 

Just 1.8km from the famous Atagawa Hot Spring, this ryokan gives you a perfect sea view and you’re able to dip yourself with the source flowing directly from Atagawa. 

You can also spend the early mornings watching the sunrise and viewing Sagami Bay, nothing more romantic than that. 

From only $541, you can get your own private onsen with a special French Kaiseki course dinner. 

To top that off, afternoon tea is also offered with a side of free sweets to complement it. 

9. Isaribi

Another ryokan that is not too far away from Atagawa Hot Springs is Isaribi, and they, too, have a no-child policy that enables honeymooners to truly enjoy each other. 

All their accommodation has private open-air hot spring baths. You can spend the whole day in the ryokan as you admire the Sagami Sea. 

What I love about Israbi is that they offer free shuttle service to and from Izuokawa Station, which not many ryokans do. 

From only $360, exceptional breakfast is also included. 

10. Akaneironoumi Arujisu

Another great ryokan to take into consideration is Arujisu, and each room comes with a private open-air bath. 

At Arujisu because privacy is something they upkeep, breakfast will also be served in your own room. 

There’s a public hot spring bath that you can enjoy as the flowing water is directly from the hot spring. 

Arujisu is also known to have the best sunset in Japan, as you’ll be staying overlooking Suruga Bay. 

From only $250, I say it’s a no-brainer to spend a night here and have that perfect honeymoon. 

Shizuoka ryokan with private onsen

4-Star Ryokan With Private Onsen In Atami

Atami has a great beach that most tourists would love to go to. Here’s some ryokan for you to pick out. 

Don’t forget to pack some swimwear for yourself if you’re going to go to the beach and sunbathe. 

11. Watei Kazekomichi @ WA亭 風こみち

Just 2.1km away from Atami Sun Beach, this ryokan provides each accommodation with a private onsen attached. 

Each room also is equipped with a balcony with a view of the mountain. If you’d love to experience Japanese culture and be in awe of nature, this is the place. 

From only $604, your breakfast and dinner for the day are covered at the ryokan, providing you with freshly curated meals strictly selected by the chef on a daily basis. 

12. Soki Atami

For a more minimalistic design, Soki Atami is the place to be. 

“Soki” which basically means “plain vessel,” allows you to be connected to your surroundings and not be distracted. 

The ryokan is surrounded by greenery and overlooks the sea. Each of their rooms comes with a private open-air bath that only starts at $397.

Of course, since it is your honeymoon, why not splurge on a Suite Room?

It comes with a spacious living room with tatami and a view that is just too spectacular to move on from. 

However, if you are a smoker, this ryokan is absolutely non-smoking property. 

13. Tsukino Usagi 

A very private ryokan, Tsukino Usagi only has 8 rooms and has a private onsen perfect for couples. 

Just like the other smaller ryokan, this ryokan does not allow children to stay in the ryokan.

From $541, toast with your loved one a glass of champagne or their famous sake whilst admiring the spectacular view of Oshima.

Situated right in Ito, it allows you to roam to local attractions and sights easily without the hassle of thinking of traveling distance. 

4-Star Ryokan With Private Onsen In Kawazu Kamo

Kawazu Kamo is another district where you can get a 4-star ryokan with a private onsen to go for your honeymoon. 

14. Ushiogumo @ Isoaruki No Yuyado Ushiogumo

A private 7-room, non-smoking ryokan enjoys open-air baths in all the rooms. Situated right at the end, you’re able to have a spectacular view of Kawazu Beach. 

Take a romantic stroll at the beach around the property and take advantage of the public bath as well. 

At the ryokan, they’re also innovative in creating a Western breakfast using Izu ingredients, creating a cross-fusion food, which you will hardly hear of.

Starting from only $510 the ryokan also provides you for breakfast and dinner. 

Located 37km from Shuzen-ji Temple and 45km from Mount Daruma, you’re being placed right in the center. 

4-Star Ryokan With Private Onsen In Izu

The best ryokan in Shizuoka based on the 4-star rating in Izu are listed below. 

15. Tatsuta Ryokan Izu

Rated 9.1 for a two-person trip, Tatsuta Ryokan Izu is just a 5-minute walk from Yugashima Onsenguchi Bus Stop. 

This beautiful ryokan comes with a flat-screen TV in each room, air-conditioned, and some rooms come with a Japanese tatami seating area. 

For only $491 you can book a room with a private open-air bath with the view of the spectacular river view. 

This ryokan does charge an additional onsen tax of 150 yen that is charged separately in addition to the accommodation fee. 

However, the extra charge compensates itself with a scrumptious breakfast and traditional Japanese dinner that you will be able to enjoy at the kawadoko. 

You’d also be able to go on a romantic getaway to view Mount Fuji at Darumayama Kogen Rest House, which is just a 30-minute drive from the ryokan. 

16. Ochiairo

If you’d like to know more about cultural property, this ryokan offers traditional Japanese style and is more than 80 years old. 

Still being one of the highly reputable ryokans in Izu, this property has all its rooms with a private open-air onsen. 

Relax by the lobby when you’re feeling cold with a fireplace, or go on for a massage to relax during your stay. 

Shizuoka ryokan with private onsen

This ryokan offers a variety of other activities to keep you busy, such as bicycles to rent out and you can even have a singing competition with your partner! 

Albeit a little bit pricey as compared to the rest of the ryokans, the property also offers a free shuttle bus to Shuzenji Station.  

Treat yourself to stay here. With heated floors and premium bedding, you’d make it a holiday of a lifetime. 

17. Shirakabe @Shirakabeso Izu 

Looking for a special room with a tatami and open bath? Well, look no further. From only $544, you’d be able to book the room of your dreams. 

A Japanese-style room with a serene traditional interior. 

The restaurant is also known to serve a Kaiseki multi-course dinner and is well known for its horseradish soup. 

However, if you’re not really into Japanese food and would like to have an element of Western, you can request special meals upon checking in. 

Make sure you get a chance to visit the Joren waterfall if you’re staying here, as it’s only a 5-minute drive. Going to Mount Fuji for a short ski trip? 

It’s only a 70-minute drive from Shikarabeso! 

18. Ufufu Ryokan 

This 4-star hotel is everything you could dream of having a romantic getaway. Just 18 km from Mount Daruma, it is easily chilly. 

Starting from $1245 a room, all the accommodations come with a hot spring bath. 

Some rooms come with a seating area, though if you’d be doing a lot of activities outside, then I’d reckon getting a standard room should be fine. 

They serve authentic Japanese food, and Ufufu ensures that all their ingredients are fresh. For dinner, you can get a romantic dinner overlooking the majestic Kano River.

The nearest public transportation is the Shuzenji train, which is just 8 km away, so you don’t need to be worried about getting around. 

19. Izu Marriott Hotel Shuzenji

Another great accommodation is the Izu Marriott Hotel Shuzenji. 

The whole accommodation features Mount Fuji and Mount Amagi, and certain rooms feature this iconic view. 

For a hotel chain brand that offers very low prices as compared to the other ryokans, I’ve recommended it. 

Starting from just $250 per night, each room features a tatami inclusive of breakfast.

However, these rooms do not include a private hot spring bath attached. There are rooms with a hot spring bath inclusive but there are very limited rooms. 

You can also soak yourself in the spring water of Shuzenji Hot Spring and lie down and relax with your partner. 

Other activities, such as tennis and golf, can also be done at this ryokan. 

Don’t forget to drop by Shuzenji Temple to get blessings, as it’s just 1.9 km away from the ryokan. 

20. Sakahijiri Gyokushoen

Sakahijiri Gyokushoen Ryokan offers a wide, spacious room. This ryokan provides not only large double beds but also futon beds. 

Guests can get a full Japanese experience sleeping on the traditional futon bedding on the floor, with every room featuring a tatami and low table seating cushions. 

Not all rooms provide a private onsen, and you would need to book a queen room to give you that extra privacy that you need on your getaway. 

The females are in for a treat if you’re staying at this ryokan. They offer exclusive offers for females on massages and beauty treatments. 

The famous gold mine museum Toi Kinzan is also just a 10-minute walk, and you can go up to Mount Daruma that’s only 6 km away. 

4-Star Ryokan With Private Onsen In Gotemba

Shizuoka Onsen also consists of areas near Gotemba. Gotemba is a great place where you can have your honeymoon and find a private onsen. 

21. Rembrandt Premium Fuji Gotemba

What better way to remember your holiday with the view of the scenic foothills of Mount Fuji? 

This luxury hotel offers a variety of rooms that you’re able to pick from!

Shizuoka ryokan with private onsen

However, for a private hot spring bath, you can opt to book the Japanese-style room with an open-air bath that overlooks the majestic Mount Fuji view.

There is also a public hot spring bath at the property where you can go and dip yourself and have a night view of Gotemba.  

A variety of activities are also offered at the property, like squash, table tennis, tennis court, or sing your heart out at a karaoke session. 

22. Mars Gardenwood Gotemba 

Looking for a promising relaxing spa treatment? Look no further as Mars GardenWood Gotemba prides itself as a place where you’ll come out with total relaxation. 

It’s only a 10-minute drive from the Gotemba Premium Outlet for you to enjoy a hot spring bath, a fantastic fountain show, and scrumptious food. 

What I particularly love is that the property gives free coupons on extra activities for you to do as you book accommodation here. 

Some rooms boast a hot spring bath for the privacy that you need, though it’s very limited. The Ryokan also has a library that you can enjoy during your leisure time. 

There’s also an Italian restaurant, Fenice, that is available for lunch and dinner as a different option. 

4-Star Ryokan With Private Onsen In Ito

Looking for a cheap ryokan with private onsen that is still 4-star rated? I’ve picked out a few best ryokan in Shizuoka for you. 

23. Ito Kowakien

Ito Kowakien is located right in the center of the Ito hot spring area, giving this ryokan to boast of its indoor and outdoor public hot spring baths. 

During the summer, guests can enjoy the outdoor swimming pools and do some laps. 

Just a 10-minute walk from JR Minami Ito Train Station, you can easily access this ryokan whilst also going sightseeing around Ito. 

There’s also a free shuttle available every day between 2 pm and 6 pm to and fro the Train Station, which enables you to save some money and time. 

En suite bathrooms come with a private hot spring bath, and guests get a choice to sleep on the traditional Japanese futon bedding on tatami floors or modern-type beds. 

As you know, these Japanese love their singing, and this ryokan also comes with a karaoke room for you to sing your heart out. 

Just a 15-minute drive from Renke-ji Temple and a 25-minute drive from Jyogasaki Beach, this ryokan is a great place for your vacation!

24. Hanafubuki 

If you’re seeking tranquility and away from the hustle and bustle, Hanafubuki is the place. It’s a private ryokan with only 17 rooms. 

Though none of the rooms has an attached onsen, they do have 7 private hot spring baths that you can book to use. 

You can also get food to be served as you enjoy soaking in the hot spring bath for an additional fee of 1,800 yen per person.

There is a limitation of 50 minutes for private reservations. You can always try out the other hot spring baths after that. 

Hanafubuki claims that with 7 different hot spring baths in the forest, the 7 hot spring baths also have a different texture. 

From only $366, breakfast and dinner are already included in your stay. 

Some great locations are also very near, such as the Omura Lift at Fuji Hakone Izu National Park, which is 7km away.

Shogetsuin Temple and Arai Shrine are an hour’s drive away if you’d like to go for a visit during your trip. 

25. Abba Resorts Izu 

This luxurious resort offers all rooms with a private open-air bathtub. 

If budget is no issue on this trip, I’d opt for the one-bedroom villa that boasts a private entrance and minibar, as well as wine or champagne to celebrate the occasion. 

Enjoy a breezy stroll in the garden, and if you’re going in the spring, head over to the Izukogen Cherry Blossom Festival that is happening nearby. 

If you’d like to experience a full Japanese experience, you can also do it at this resort as you can dress in traditional clothing such as yukatas and kimonos!

You’d also be able to make scented bags and origami and savor different types of Japanese tea during your stay. 

This resort also offers a full-course French dinner if you’d like another option other than the traditional Japanese cuisine. 

I’d say everything you’re looking for is right here in Abba Resorts Izu. 

26. Isana Resort

At ISANA, all rooms come with 100% free-flowing hot spring baths that overlook the ocean. What possibly can be more healing than that? 

Apparently, you can get a healing space from food as well! 

At ISANA, they provide French Kaiseki, and it’s their goal to create a relaxing space where you can enjoy and pick out meals. 

You can enjoy activities such as hiking and cycling that are around Shaboten Park, just 7km away from the ryokan itself. 

There are also free shuttle services from Futo Station or Jogasaki-Kaigan Station. However, you would need to make prior arrangements as it’s ever ready.

Opt for a premium suite during your stay, and the resort is also able to curate something special for the special occasion. 

27. Village Izukogen 

Village Izukogen offers a condominium-style accommodation, with private balconies overlooking the Sagami Sea and a panoramic view. 

Starting from $175 with breakfast included, this accommodation is such a steal, especially with how big and well-equipped the property is. 

Each room has a kitchen, where you’ll be able to make light food if you’d like to, and 37-inch flat-screen TVs. 

Even with a private onsen in the room, you’d also be able to relax with massages at the outdoor hot spring baths or swim in the indoor pool and relax at the spa.

Since Village Izukogen is only an 8-minute drive to Mount Omuro, you can bring your hiking gear and hike up the mountain. 

Other than that, free shuttle services between Izukogen Station to the hotel are provided, which enables you to get around quite easily. 

At the restaurant, you’d also be able to get a Western buffet breakfast and Japanese dishes. 

Top Rated Shizuoka Ryokan With Private Onsen

Listed below are some of the best ryokan with private onsen to stay in Shizuoka. 

28. Ito Ryokuyu (5-Star Hotel)

Ito Ryokuyu is a ryokan that comes with a private onsen with a garden view as you relax in the hot spring bath with your loved ones.

Sleep on Japanese traditional futon bedding with a Japanese-style room to experience Japanese culture. 

This 5-star ryokan is also 23km from Mount Daruma and only 16km from MOA Museum of Arts, another top attraction to go when in Japan. 

As for public transportation, it’s 600m from Minamiito Station and 1.4km from Ito Station, making both places are walking distance and easy for you to get around. 

29. Pearl Star Hotel Atami (5-Star Hotel)

Only 600 meters away from Atami Sun Beach, stay at this beautiful place with a private onsen attached to every room. 

What I specifically love about this place is the infinity bath that it offers at the property. 

The infinity bath is an endless view of the sky and sea, giving you a sense of calmness and serenity when you’re soaking inside. 

Shizuoka ryokan with private onsen

The hotel features other amenities that you can enjoy, such as the sauna and a spa package for 2 you can get. 

The rooms start from $550 with buffet breakfast included. All the rooms have soundproof walls, a coffee machine, a fridge, and a minibar that you can enjoy. 

Atami Station is 450m, and Kinomiya Station at 1km away, just a perfect distance for you to walk to. 

You’re also able to enjoy walking distance to Nagahama Beach, which is 4.5km away.  

30. Fuji Speedway Hotel – The Unbound Collection By Hyatt (5-Star Hotel)

Get world-class service and celebrity treatment when you stay at Fuji Speedway Hotel. This hotel is a chain brand from the Unbound Collection by Hyatt. 

Depending on which room you book, some rooms have a mountain view and a balcony with a private hot tub for you to enjoy the day. 

Being a 5-star hotel might make you think you have to burst your budget, but with only $248, you’ll be able to get access to the holiday of your dreams. 

Experience the iconic Fuji Speedway race circuit against the majestic Mount Fuji as the race happens all year round. 

There’s also a motorsport museum for you to go to that is around the property. 

Treat yourself to a session at the wellness and spa or at the indoor pool. If you don’t want to miss your gym sessions while on holiday, don’t worry too. 

The property offers a 24-hour gym and is equipped with a professional race car simulator. 

31. Oni No Sumika (5-Star Hotel) 

An adult-only property, Oni No Sumika offers privacy and ryokan with a Japanese-style room, garden, and private onsen. 

This ryokan is a non-smoking property situated just less than 1km away from Shuzen-ji Temple and 14km away from Mount Daruma. 

Every booking you make is inclusive of breakfast and dinner

Enjoy authentic Kaiseki cuisine prepared by chefs who have carefully picked their ingredients, combining different techniques and tastes that can only be found here. 

Other top attractions near this beautiful ryokan are Fuji-Hakone-Izu-kokuritsu-kōen which is 9 km away, and Numazu Deep Sea Aquarium, which is 14 km. 

FAQs on Shizuoka Ryokan with Private Onsen

Is Private Onsen Worth It? 

You might be asking yourself, is private onsen worth it, and the answer is if you’d like to experience an authentic Japanese bathing experience away from the crowd, then a private onsen is the answer. It also provides the most romantic getaway and family bonding, and you’re truly able to feel relaxed. 

Can Couples Go To Onsen Together?

So you must be wondering if can couples go to the onsen together, and you’d find that most onsen are segregated by gender, which means couples cannot bathe together. To be able to have a romantic bathing experience with the best views, Japanese ryokan with private onsens is the best way to go. 

Do You Wear Towels In Onsen?

The next thing you might be thinking is, do you wear towels on the onsen, and if you want to keep yourself covered up before hopping into the water, you can, but essentially, you don’t wear anything inside the onsen and go completely naked. You will hardly see people walking around in the onsen. 

Are you ready to book your next flight out to Shizuoka? I sure am excited for you! I hope I’ve given you enough information for you to choose Shizuoka Ryokan with a private onsen that would fit your budget nicely.

Shizuoka is a great place for you to visit if you have not visited Japan yet, you can also immerse yourself in some history as part of your activity there.

If you’d like to make the trip a family affair and find that going to Shizuoka ryokan with a private onsen is not something suitable, you can also read my other article on the best family onsen to go to. 

Let me know in the comments if you’re also looking for a cheap ryokan with a private onsen in Kyoto. 

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