24 Ryokan Hokkaido With Private Onsens + Pics + Prices! (2024)

Ryokan in Hokkaido with private onsen; this should be the main criteria you are looking for when you’re making your next accommodation booking.

I mean, you guys know I share most of the details of my life with you and that I’m a pretty open person. 

But I would not extend that to soaking (naked!!) in hot water in public! No matter how therapeutic anyone might claim it to be! Sorry folks!

Ger and I have been looking for our next travel adventure, and Japan is quite high on the list. 

If you are new here, Hi, I am Aisha Preece ! 

I am an avid female traveller and I love helping other females travel safer and better 🙂 I also travel with my partner, Ger, sometimes too, so I like to share tips for solo female travelers and couples.

Ryokan hokkaido private onsen

I’ve been reading about ryokans and onsens and have been looking for private onsens where I can enjoy the therapy that comes with soaking what is bound to be my very tired body in hot water!

So I’ve decided that if Ger and I make it to Hokkaido,  we will stay at a Ryokan Hokkaido with private onsen.

The thought that crossed my mind thought, was this: Hokkaido is a big place. Would all of the ryokan come with private onsen? 

I was comforted to know that a lot of them actually do. 

That’s why I’ve curated a list based on the 5 main cities to give you more options and help you decide your accommodation. 

Ryokan hokkaido private onsen

Here’s my take on the top 3 Best Ryokan Hokkaido with Private Onsen that I recommend for your stay in Japan to make your traveling trip more memorable. 

3 – Star Hotel 

Nukumorino-Yado Furukawa

4 – Star Hotel 

Shikotsu Lake Tsuruga Resort Spa Mizunouta 

5 – Star Hotel 

Lake Shikotsu Tsuruga Besso Ao No Za 

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Jozankei, Minami Ward, Sapporo 

Staying around Jozankei? Here’s a list of the best ryokan in Hokkaido with private onsen for you to go on your trip! 

1. Jozankei Daiichi Hotel Suizantei (3-Star Hotel) 

Jozankei Daiichi Hotel has been established since 1957. If reliability is something you’re looking for when picking an accommodation, this hotel is for you. 

The hotel is situated just 4.2 km from Sasaki Fruit Farm, giving you serene surroundings with a traditional Japanese-style room. 

Providing a free shuttle from the Showa Building, you can easily get to Odori-Nishi 5-Chome and JR Sapporo Train Station. 

Depending on how many pax are traveling, this room starts at $394, with breakfast and dinner already included. 

The private onsen Ryokan Hokkaido features an open-air bath with tatami floors and futon beds. 

In the afternoons, you can spend your day in indoor or outdoor baths or what they call kashi-kiri baths, which are known as private baths. 

If skiing is part of your plan for the trip, Fujino Healthland is just 10 km away. 

Couples have rated this accommodation 8.6. 

2. Kuriya Suizan (3-Star Hotel) 

Kuriya Suizan is another ryokan that can be found just 28 km from Sapporo Station with a great Japanese-style room. 

The rooms at the Ryokan come with a tatami and air conditioners, and some of the rooms have an attached private onsen. 

What’s great about making the booking here is that it includes breakfast and dinner and you don’t have to worry about what to eat. 

This Ryokan is such a great place to stay as you’re only walking distance to the parks! 

Parks at a walking distance: 

  • Jozankei Ohashi Park – 250 m
  • Jozankei Iwado Park – 250 m
  • Mikasa green space – 400 m
  • Jozankei Himawari Park – 650 m
  • Jozankei Nishikidai Park – 650 m

There are also family rooms if you’re planning to come and stay here with your family. As for couples, they have rated this place 9.0. 

3. Hana Momiji Sapporo (4-Star Hotel) 

Hana Momiji Sapporo is one of the long and established inns you have in Jozankei. 

This ryokan offers beautiful Japanese-style rooms that are surrounded by beautiful mountains. 

Hana Momiji is also well known for its natural hot spring baths. They do not have an attached private onsen room available. 

However, you can reserve one of the hot spring baths for an additional charge. 

They have 3 public hot spring baths and 3 private baths with all different styles.

For a private bathtub, you can reserve on the same day or a day prior with an additional charge of 2,200 yen for 1 hour of usage. 

  • Maruyu (3-person bathtub) 

This bathtub is made for people with sensitive skin as it’s made up of skin-friendly ceramic from Shigaraki ware. 

  • Ten no Yu (5-person bathtub) 

This private bathtub is on the top floor, and you get a panoramic view. You can leave the door open for a semi-open bathtub. 

  • Hot water (5-person bathtub) 

It has a pleasant smell, and it’s known for its antibacterial properties. This tub is spacious and made up of luxurious Japanese wood. 

Couples have rated this place 8.6. 

Ryokan hokkaido private onsen

4. Nukumorino-Yado Furukawa ぬくもりの宿 ふる川 (4-Star Hotel)

Nukumorino Yado offers ryokan with a traditional crossover of Japanese-Western style rooms

Not all rooms are equipped with a private onsen, though it’s great to opt for so you can have your own privacy and be able to use it whenever you wish to. 

You can still go to their open-air bath called Yumemi. 

Yumemi is an old-fashioned onsen that recreates the Ichi-no-Yu using materials so luxurious from 150-year-old Otaru and old trees from Kyushu

However, if you’re traveling with small children, they are not permitted to bathe in the public open-air bath. 

If you’re a drinker, you might love this place! This ryokan gives an abundance of free drinks, and they are famous for Sapporo’s beer craft, which they call ‘Sorachi Ace’. 

This ryokan also has an open-air footbath where you can dip your foot and relax after a day of walking. 

Couples have rated 8.9 staying at this place. 

5. Okujozankei Onsen Kasho Gyoen (4-Star Hotel) 

Just by looking at the place, you’ll immediately fall in love with the place. Kasho Gyoen started to operate back in 1989 as a pure Japanese-style inn. 

To date, this ryokan now features a total of 23 guest rooms, all with forest views, private onsen and fireplace. 

The fireplace gives the room a feature to stand out as compared to the rest of the ryokans. 

Each of the onsen draws water from Usubetsu Hot Springs. Leaving you to enjoy a relaxing bath whilst you admire the scenery. 

A little bit on the pricier side, this accommodation starts from $960 per night for 2 people. Though, from the looks of it, it might be worth it. 

You can also enjoy activities around the Ryokan and go skiing or drop by Sapparo Art Museum or Winter Park Museum. 

Okujozankei Onsen Kasho Gyoen is one of the best ryokan Hokkaido that is rated 8.5 by couples. 

6. Jozankei Tsuruga Resort Spa Mori no Uta (4-Star Hotel)

Jozankei Tsuruga offers beautiful surrounding greenery, with every room having air-conditioned and flat-screen TVs and free Wi-Fi.

Only 1 room in Ryokan Hokkaido Jozankei Tsuruga offers accommodation with a private onsen, which is a cottage with a private open-air bath that starts at $679.

Spending that extra on a private onsen really is worth it because not only can you spend your entire day without any limitations on the onsen.

You can also soak and rejuvenate with your whole family. 

You can also take advantage of the outdoor hot spring bath that is surrounded by the lush forest. 

Unfortunately, if you have a tattoo, you are not allowed to bathe in the public hot spring and no clothes are permitted. 

If you’re uncomfortable being naked in front of strangers, it’s best to get the cottage with the private onsen. 

Couples have rated this ryokan an 8.8.

Shikotsukoonsen, Chitose

Looking for a Hokkaido onsen hotel in Shikotsukoonsen Chitose? Here are a few luxurious accommodations for you to choose from.

7. Lakeside Villa Suimeikaku onsen (4-Star Hotel)  

Lakeside Villa Suimeikaku is a very private accommodation that only features 8 guest rooms each has its own private onsen overlooking the beautiful lake. 

This ryokan is in Shikotsuko National Park, giving you a very scenic view while you start losing the essence of time as you dip in the hot spring. 

Unfortunately, if you are traveling with young children, this ryokan might not be the place for you. This ryokan is an adult-only accommodation, perfect for couples! 

The restaurant here was presented with the Gourmet Award Michelin Guide Hokkaido in 2017, an authentic French cuisine. 

Ryokan hokkaido private onsen

8. Daiichi Hotel Suizantei Shikotsuko (4-Star Hotel) 

Daiichi Hotel Suizantei offers a room with tatami and futon bedding for guests to lay on, and most of their rooms come with a private open-air hot spring bath. 

The spacious rooms are all air conditioned and have a flat-screen Tv and fridge. 

Like some of the accommodations in Japan, this Ryokan only allows children above 13 years old. 

You can go to Mount Monbetsu, which is only 3 km away, and Lake Okotanpe is a 30-minute drive from the Ryokan. 

You can get to JR Chitose Train Station using a free shuttle service that is offered once a day. 

Couples have rated this Ryokan 8.9.

9. Shikotsu Lake tsuruga resort spa Mizunouta (4-Star Hotel) 

Tsuruga Resort offers nothing less than luxurious accommodations with a modern Japanese style with tatami designs. 

Ryokan hokkaido private onsen

All the spacious rooms come with a flat-screen TV, tea maker, and a private bathroom with amenities. 

This Hokkaido ryokan with private onsen has 2 rooms and comes with a private open-air hot spring bath that starts from $809

What I love about this ryokan is that it’s just a 5-minute walk to the lake, or you can even rent a bicycle to use it around the property. 

The restaurant also offers an all-day buffet dining that serves Japanese cuisine and specialties. 

If you booked a room without a private onsen, you could always opt to use their outdoor or indoor hot spring bath. 

This resort prides itself in making sure that all their guests are comfortable.

It’s the only resort I know of with a pillow gallery where you can come in and pick out the pillow you feel best suits you. 

Families particularly love this ryokan, rating it a 9.2. 

10. Lake Shikotsu Tsuruga Besso Ao no Za (5-Star Hotel) 

This 5-star lake offers a private outdoor hot spring in every guest’s room, disregarding of the room type that you’ve decided to book

Other than the amazing private onsen, this ryokan offers an air-conditioned room, a flat-screen TV, and a coffee machine.

There is also a balcony where you will be mesmerized by the breathtaking clear blue water. 

The facilities here are also what makes this place great. Wear traditional Ainu clothing for a photoshoot anywhere in the hotel or a location nearby. 

The ryokan can send you to your desired location, too, for you to have that picture-perfect moment. 

Ryokan hokkaido private onsen

What I particularly love is this ‘letter service’. As backdated as it sounds, it’s nice to be able to send a postcard anywhere around the world.

You can also have it designed and have it handwritten exclusively for you. 

Couples have rated this place 9.4 for Ryokan with private onsen Hokkaido. 

Yunokawacho, Hakodate

Another great area to find ryokan Hokkaido is near Yunokawacho Hakodate. 

11. Hanabishi Hotel (3-Star Hotel) 

If you’re looking for accommodation near the Hakodate Airport, this ryokan is your top choice. Just a 10-minute drive away from the airport and Goryokaku Fort. 

The Japanese-style ryokan with tatami and traditional futon bedding also offers rooms equipped with a flat-screen TV. 

Some rooms have an attached private onsen that you can book. You can also enjoy the hot spring bath if your room does not come with a private onsen. 

This ryokan is a favorite amongst many families with small children, and there is also a karaoke facility that you and your family can go to unwind after a long day. 

If you’re up for some Ramen, you can enjoy it at Ezo Chaya at night and fresh seafood and Japanese dishes for dinner. 

Yunokawa Train station is also a 7-minute walk, and if you’d like to see what the Hakodate Morning Market is like, it’s a 12-minute drive from the ryokan. 

12. Heiseikan Shiosaitei (3-Star Hotel) 

Here’s another Hokkaido hotel with a private onsen.

Heiseikan Shiosaitei features a Japanese-style room with futon bedding, and tatami is a 3-minute drive away from Yunokawa Onsen Station. 

With limited rooms having an attached private onsen, this ryokan offers free WiFi access, TV, and yukata robes to be used in all the guest’s rooms. 

Looking for a place to unwind yourself? Head up to the Spa Visage on the 4th floor to get a relaxing massage and beauty treatments at an additional charge. 

You can also unwind with a drink in hand at the property lounge and find yourself a souvenir to pass as a gift on the ground floor. 

This ryokan is also just 3.6 km away from Goryakaku Park and is only 3 km away from Hakodate airport. 

Couples that stayed here rated it 8.8.

13. Kappo Ryokan Wakamatsu (4-Star Hotel) 

Kappo Ryokan Wakamatsu, also known as Wakamatsu Hot Spring Resort, is a 15-minute drive from JR Hakodate Station. 

The Ryokan features tatami flooring and futon bedding in every room for a traditional Japanese-style feel. 

Each room also comes with a flat-screen TV, and the en suite bathroom has a bathtub. 

Only one room is called “Yachiyo” or a special room that comes with a private onsen Hokkaido. 

Ryokan hokkaido private onsen

You can always enjoy the public hot spring baths that are located on the property. 

One of the top-rated attractions, Hakodate Tropical Botanical Garden, is just a 15-minute walk away, and Yunokawa Onsen bus stop is only 2 minutes away. 

Experience Japan, where you can roam about easily.

If you booked a room inclusive of dinner, you can savor a Japanese course meal with the best seafood picked by the chef. 

Families with kids have rated this place 8.9. 

14. Yunokawa Prince Hotel Nagisatei (4-Star Hotel) 

Yunokawa Prince Hotel Nagisatei is located right in a historic hot spring district with historical stories of 350 years and more. 

The room features sea views of Tsugaru Strait and a view of Hakodate City, depending on which room you book. 

You would need to book a deluxe Japanese style with open-air baths to be able to get a private open-air hot spring. 

All the rooms provide you with free WiFi, flat-screen TV tatami floors, and traditional Japanese futon beds. 

The restaurant in this 4-star hotel serves both Japanese and Western buffets to give options to those who are not accustomed to Japanese food. 

What I personally love about this hotel is the open kitchen concept where the chefs prepare tempura right in front of the guests. 

Couples have rated this ryokan 8.4. 


Noboribetsu is another district with great private onsen Hokaiddo options. Here’s a great listing for you to pick out the best Hokkaido ryokan for you! 

15. Takinoya Bekkan Tamanoyu Ryokan (3-Star Hotel) 

This non-smoking ryokan is situated just 8 minutes away from Noboribetsu Jigokudani, and 1.3 km from Noboribetsu Bear Park. 

All the room features a Japanese-style room with Free WiFi, flat-screen TV and tatami mats to experience the full Japanese culture. 

Although there aren’t any rooms with a private onsen attached, there is a family bath that you can enjoy with privacy. 

Just drop by the front desk to reserve a time for you and your family to visit, rejuvenate, and unwind. 

Its hot spring is a milky white color with a distinctive smell, but don’t be turned off by it. 

This hot spring is great for improving arthritis, eczema, blood circulation, and many more. 

Couples have rated this place 8.7. 

16. Dai-ichi Takimotokan  (4-Star Hotel) 

Daichi Takimotokan is a great place for families with Japanese-style guest rooms, with each room featuring free WiFi tatami flooring and traditional futon bedding. 

You can unwind in a yukata robe with a cup of tea in hand or rejuvenate yourself in a massage salon at the Ryokan. 

There are only 2 rooms in Daiichi Takimotokan Hokkaido Ryokan private onsen that’s attached to the rooms. 

Daiichi Takimotokan is well known for its various hot spring baths with different kinds of hot spring water for different kinds of treatment. 

If you’d like to try out other hot springs, Jigokudani hot spring is just a 5-minute walk from this ryokan. 

You can also visit Daiichi Takimotokan for a day trip to use the hot spring if you don’t decide to stay here. 

On average, the rates are:

  • 2,250 yen per adult 
  • 1,100 yen per child 
  • 5,500 yen for 8 people for a day use 

It’s relatively easy to get around as JR Noboribetsu Station is just a 15-minute drive from the property. Families have rated this a 9.2 stay.

17. Noboribetsu Onsen Kyo Takinoya (4-Star Hotel) 

This 4-star hotel is surrounded by the wonders of the forest. It also features a semi-Western cross-Japanese style room.

Almost all the accommodation in this ryokan with private onsen Hokkaido comes with a private open-air bath that will leave you nothing but serenity and tranquility. 

You can book your room easily here. However, this property is a non-smoking ryokan that will only allow you to smoke if you’re outside the vicinity of the property.  

For families, this ryokan is packed with many in-house tours for you to do during your stay!

At additional cost you can go on an outing to Noboribetsu Marine Parks, Bear Farm, and Noboribetsu Date Jidaimura. 

18. Noboribetsu Grand Hotel (4-Star Hotel) 

Noboribetsu Grand Hotel first started to open its doors back in 1938

Just a minute’s walkway from the Noboribetsu Bus Station, it’s a great place to stay so you can easily get around. 

The hotel offers accommodation with Western–Japanese-style rooms with some rooms inclusive of an outdoor private hot spring bath. 

You can also unwind yourself in one of the public hot spring baths available at the property. 

There are 3 hot spring baths that are available at the property with different kinds of sulfur. 

Salt spring, sulfurous spring, and chalybeate spring are the 3 different types of hot spring baths that you can rejuvenate at. 

You can also sing your heart out in the karaoke rooms and purchase a souvenir for your friend back home. 

When it comes to buffets, the hotel offers both Western and Japanese dishes with local seasonal ingredients.

Ryokan hokkaido private onsen

You can also go skiing at Noboribetsu Kogen Sanraiba, which is just less than 5 km away from the property. 

19. Ryotei Hanayura (4-Star Hotel)  

If you’re looking for a mountain view, you’ve come to the right place. 

Each room at this 4-star ryokan has mountain views that you can enjoy while you’re dipping yourself in the private open-air onsen. 

This ryokan also has family rooms, featuring tatami and traditional futon bedding that has free WiFi, air-conditioned rooms, a coffee machine, and a flat-screen TV. 

You can also use the public hot spring, but both the men’s and women’s hot spring baths are separated.

So, if you’d like to rejuvenate together as a family, getting a room with a private onsen would be best. 

Ryotei Hanayura is relatively close to Sengen Park and Noboribetsu Kogen Sanraiba if you’d like to ski. 

Couples that have stayed here have rated this location 9.0. 

20. The Lake Suite Ko No Sumika (4-Star Hotel) 

I personally love a ryokan where all the rooms have their own private onsen. This particular ryokan has its own open-air bath and also has a perfect lake view. 

With more modern, contemporary Japanese-style rooms, all the rooms have free WiFi and are strictly non-smoking properties. 

You can still dip in the public hot spring bath that is located on the top floor, it’s built towards the lake.

You can lose yourself in time, looking at the beautiful lake as if you are floating in the air. 

Pamper yourself at the sauna and get a hot stone massage, or relax with a book at the library lounge. 

The soft Japanese interior and warm atmosphere would make you feel that you don’t ever want to put your book down.

However, the library is only open for a short window from 3 pm – 6 pm.

21. Bourou Noguchi Noboribetsu NOGUCHI (5-Star Hotel) 

An adult-only accommodation where modern life meets Japan; Bourou Noguchi offers all suites with panoramic baths. 

This accommodation’s goal is to give you the most peaceful atmosphere giving you a sense of peace the minute you walk in. 

The rooms have everything a 5-star hotel could offer you, starting with a plasma screen TV and enjoying world-top amenities provided for you in the bathroom. 

One of the things I love most is the modern dermatological device that they have placed in each room. 

Families with kids below 13 years aren’t recommended to come to this hotel.

However, if you’re a couple traveling, or your kids are above 13 years old; this would be a perfect choice for you to stay in. 

You can book yourself a room that is inclusive of dinner so you are able to dine in at the restaurant that is known for its spectacular food. 

Abuta District

Finally, another location for you to check out Hokkaido ryokan with private onsen is Abuta District. 

22. Zaborin 坐忘林 Ryokan (4-Star Hotel)  

Zaborin is one of a kind ryokan that you’re able to find. Located in Kutchan, Abuta District; this place offers you an experience of a lifetime. 

The accommodation features not one private onsen, but two private onsen. Each room that you book, offers you an indoor onsen and an open air onsen. 

This ryokan provides you impeccable service and outstanding amenities that also provide you taxi and shuttle services that bring you wherever you want to go in Niseko. 

With a minimum age of 12 years to stay, this ryokan even offers a fireplace for chilly nights to make sure you have a warm atmosphere. 

Indulge yourself in the massage parlor and spend some yen to get your loved ones back home a souvenir. 

23. Niseko Konbu Onsen Tsuruga Besso Moku no Sho (4-Star Hotel) 

Another luxury Japanese-style hotel is Niseko Kombu Onsen Tsurga Mokuosho. 

This ryokan features accommodations with majestic mountain views that will leave you breathless. 

Book rooms with a private open-air bath so you can soak and rejuvenate to your heart’s content. 

This ryokan is also a perfect place if you’d like to ski, as it’s only a 10-minute drive to Niseko Annupuri Ski Resort and 16 minutes to Niseko Village Skiing Resort. 

The 24-room accommodation is a non-smoking property.

If you’d like a more traditional Japanese room, ensure you book a room with a seating area with tatami flooring. 

Enjoy the slopes while you’re here! You can also get skiing lessons here at the property for as low as 12,000 yen per person.

24. The Lake View Toya Nonokaze Resort TOYA (4-Star Hotel) 

The name of the accommodation does not rob us of any rooms, enjoy the view of Lake Toya from all the rooms.

Book yourself a room ryokan in Hokkaido with a private onsen that’s inclusive of breakfast and dinner. 

This resort also offers a retro, retro-themed public bath and glass art gallery for you to enjoy during your stay there. 

Other than soaking yourself in the indoor and outdoor hot springs, you can also enjoy a relaxing massage.

Ryokan hokkaido private onsen

When you stay here, you can also choose to dine at 3 restaurants. 

Kazenooto features a fusion of Japanese and French cuisine, while Nonokaze Saryo offers a spectacular variety of authentic Japanese cuisines. 

You can also request a free shuttle service from Jr Sapporo Station to the new Chitose airport. 

It’s also relatively near to Siro Observatory, that’s just a 15-minute drive, and Showashinzan Station, that’s a 10-minute drive. 

FAQs on Ryokan Hokkaido Private Onsen

Do Ryokans Have Private Onsens?

If you’ve been wondering do Ryokans have private onsens, the simple answer to that is yes. Most ryokans boast private onsen alongside their public hot springs, though not all ryokans come with a private onsen attached to a room. You can rent for a fee for a private use of onsen.  

How Much Does A Private Onsen Cost In Japan?

Do not worry on how much does a private onsen costs in Japan as it typically costs an average of 1500 yen to 3000 yen per hour. The rate varies from Ryokans and it might be cheaper to book accommodation that comes with a private onsen so that you won’t need to top up.

What Is The Difference Between Ryokan And Onsen?

Wondering what is the difference between ryokan and onsen, well the answer is onsens refers to the hot spring bath facility that is at the property and ryokans are the accommodation, much like the hotel. Often, these two come together, especially here in Japan, where private and public hot spring baths are very famous. 

Have you found the dream ryokan Hokkaido with private onsen that you’re looking for?

Ryokan Hokkaido with private onsen can give you that dream vacation you’ve always longed for.

Don’t need to worry about hogging the onsen for too long and being pressured by the crowd. 

If you’re also a shy person like I am and would prefer to just be in a two-piece but can’t bring yourself to do it in public, then ryokans with private onsen is the answer for you.

I hope you have a fantastic vacation in Hokkaido and that this article was able to help you make your decision about your accommodation. 

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