The Best Short Getaways From KL

The Best Short Getaways From KL

Are you looking for the best short getaways from KL?

Kuala Lumpur, the capital of Malaysia is one of the many choices for visitors wanting to see and experience Asia.

It can be your stopover before you head to other Asian cities while savouring the sights, sound and flavour of this amazing city. It’s very easy to do short getaways from KL just in Malaysia itself.

WWB Writer Dee, fills us in on all the best short getaways from KL below.

Where Is KL?

Kuala Lumpur or KL for short is the capital city of Malaysia, nestled between Selangor and Federal Territory of Putrajaya. 

It’s vibrant, busy and bustling with life 24 hours a day.

It’s famous for landmarks like the Petronas Twin Towers and full of history and colonial beauty by the presence of Kuala Lumpur Railway Station and Sultan Abdul Samad building.

If you make KL as your base for your Asia travels, you have tons of options to fly out of KL and venture into other parts of Asia. It’s connectivity to other Asian countries makes it easy to do so.

However, there are times you do need a short getaway from KL, which does not involve currency exchange and a passport. 

This list will provide you with ideas of short getaways from KL which is doable and easy to go to.

The Six Best Short Getaways From KL

  • Janda Baik
  • Cameron Highlands
  • Port Dickson
  • Cherating
  • Melaka
  • Ipoh


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1. Janda Baik

Janda Baik is located in Bentong, Pahang and takes around 40 minutes to reach from KL, by road. 

This place is one of those perfect short getaways from KL for nature lovers, as it maintains the beauty and serenity of the rainforest. 

Through the years, the place has started to see homestays, small and luxurious resorts being developed to allow it to be another recreational and tourism option for locals and non-locals.

How To Get There?

The easiest & cheapest way to get to Janda Baik is by car. 

You can take the train from KL Sentral going to Gombak. From Gombak you need to get a taxi to get you to Janda Baik. The train tickets can be purchased in KL Sentral itself on the day of your travel. 

This second option would be slightly longer due to the change in transportation. 


Other than ensuring you have enough cash for petrol, you would need to spend on accommodation. 

Due to the unlimited choices of type of stays in Janda Baik, it entirely depends on what type of accommodation you would like to experience here. 

A hotel/resort would start from RM 150 (USD 35) per room and a luxurious homestay would start from RM 900 (USD 220) for a 4 or 3 bedroom home which may or may not come with its private pool.


Janda Baik is cooler because it is a hilltop village making it perfect for that quick getaway from KL.  

Other than experiencing the numerous types of homestays and resorts, the place has been seeing a growth of cafes. 

You can try locally grown coffee at Pinto Coffee, Janda Baik and if the season is right, the best of durians (the King of Fruits) is known to be from this area. 


There are options to choose either a riverside resort, a glamping resort or if you want to rough it, there are camping sites in Janda Baik. 

You can trek to see the 7-tier waterfall called Lata Tampit while spending the weekend here. If trekking is not your thing, you can savour the local dishes and enjoy it amid lush greenery and chilly weather.

Recommended Activities

Janda Baik has many things to offer and activities to be done. 

The distance makes it perfect for short getaways from KL. 

There are small, quaint cafes to have your coffee and brunch amid a chilly rainforest, which is a total opposite of a bustling, big city.

Glamping & Cottage Experience

You can try a glamping experience via Tiarasa Escape without having to fly far away and contribute to the local tourism at the same time. 

Room rates or tent rates start at RM 990 (USD 250) per night and as it says, glamour camping so no need to worry if you need to pitch your own tent.

Further details can be obtained from their website here.

If you would want a budget-friendly chalet/cottage, you can try Dana Daun Chalets

It is perfect for family and small groups where some of the villas have its private pool. The accommodation would be perfect for a private function or perhaps even a hen night party.

Farm To Table Meals

Another interesting thing to do in Janda Baik is to experience a farm to table meals. 

A place that offers this is called A Little Farm On The Hill.

 Here you can experience yoga retreats, cooking workshops and their pre-booked gourmet lunches are known to be delicious and worth the experience. 

Accommodation & Bookings

Depending on your choice of stay, most of the homestays and resorts can be booked via, Agoda and Airbnb

Some extra facilities provided are meeting area, halls, BBQ pits and even team building activities making Janda Baik as a choice for corporate events or company retreats. It’s perfect for your short retreat near KL. 

2. Cameron Highlands

Cameron Highlands is located in Pahang, another chilly option for your short weekend getaways from KL which is about 300km away. 

This place is famous for strawberries, tea plantation, greeneries and mountainscapes. It was founded by a British colonialist, Sir William Cameron 

How To Get There?

You can drive to Cameron Highlands and the duration it takes to do so is about 3 to 4 hours drive. 

An alternative is to board the ETS (Electric Train Service) to Ipoh from KL Sentral and from Ipoh you can board the bus to Cameron Highlands. 

The ETS rate starts from RM 25 (USD 6) per person depending on the class (Silver, Gold and Platinum) whereas the bus from Ipoh to Cameron is RM 20-RM 22 (about USD 5). 


Other than spending on transportation, you would have to put aside a minimum of RM200 (USD 50) per night for a hotel stay here. 

The famous hotels are:

Homestays are also available however best to check if it’s near the attractions in Cameron Highlands.

Why Visit Cameron Highlands?

It’s all about getting out of the heat and busy city and this place offers the remedy for that. 

There is also a touch of British where you can get cream teas other than historically, the place was founded by a British. 

Depending on your time of visit, it can be less crowded and perfect for your short vacation from KL


Mountainscapes, tea plantations and strawberry farms. They are worth a visit while enjoying the cool weather in Cameron Highlands.

It’s impossible not to love the scenery here and feel relaxed at the same time. 

Accommodation & Bookings

Like most places, you can book the hotels via Agoda, and other travel accommodation websites.

Do check the rates and compare prices and what they offer. Some packages may come without breakfast and may or may not provide parking if you drive yourself.

Recommended Activities

There are many interesting things that you can do here which is not easily found elsewhere in Malaysia. 

Visit Strawberry Farms

It’s the only place in Malaysia that grows strawberries all year round and when the season is right, you can pick them yourselves. You can spoil yourself silly with everything strawberry when you are here.

Below is a list of strawberry farms that you can visit in Cameron Highlands

Lavender Garden

Another thing that should be first on your list is to visit the Lavender Garden

You can have lavender ice cream amidst the purple hues of the lavender park. The entrance is RM10 (USD 2.5)  to enter this park.

Indulge In Cream Teas

Have afternoon tea at the Jim Thompson Room which is an eatery at The Cameron Highlands Resort. 

The afternoon tea set is famous among visitors where you indulge in hot tea from Cameron Highlands itself, cakes and buttery scones. Nothing like having tea with warm scones in a setting that feels very unlike Malaysia.

Tea Plantation Tours

There are various tea plantations to visit and see in Cameron and the most famous one is Boh Tea Plantation. Another tea plantation that is worth mentioning is Bharat Tea Plantation.

You will be able to learn the processing of tea from the beginning until it is packed into tea bags/loose tea leaves that you purchase at the supermarket. 

It’s educational, interesting and you appreciate your cup of tea better.

Short Getaway From KL
Photo by Richard Mccall from Pixabay

3. Port Dickson, Or PD For Short

If you need a change of view and in particular, a sea view then Port Dickson is the solution for your short escape from KL. 

It’s a coastal town located in the district of Port Dickson, Negeri Sembilan. The journey takes about an hour and a half to travel from KL to PD. 

How To Get There?

Driving yourself to PD is the easiest means of transportation to get here. 

You can opt for public transport which is the bus or train but you need to get one that stops in Seremban. 

From Seremban bus station, get a taxi to get yourself to PD. The taxi rate would be around RM 55 – RM 70 (USD 14 – USD 18).


The accommodation here starts from RM130 (USD 33) per night, depending on the type of rooms and hotels including luxurious hotels. 

The famous one is Lexis Hibiscus PD, an oceanfront hotel which has overwater villas designed to resemble a hibiscus when you see it from above. 

The rate starts from RM 747 (USD 185) for the villas. 

Why Visit Port Dickson?

An hour away from KL just to feel the sand under your toes and smell the fresh sea breeze, why not? 

It’s perfect for a laid-back short retreat near KL with your family or a group of friends. Some hotels/resorts even offer private pools for your usage so you get your rest and relax while enjoying the ocean view.


Port Dickson features various hotels to enjoy and the beaches are great to spend the day at while enjoying your time together with family & friends. 

The town itself has some local museums and places of interest that you can visit while you are here. The fact that it is just an hour away makes PD the easiest choice for a beach getaway from KL. 

Recommended Activities

It’s perfect to combine a road trip and a short weekend getaway from KL by lazing at the beach. 

There are various fun activities & things to do in PD for both adults and kids alike.

Cape Rachado Lighthouse

There is Cape Rachado Lighthouse that you can visit, which is well, a lighthouse. 

It’s a very popular tourist spot and said to be the oldest lighthouse in Malaysia. Entrance is free and if the sky is clear, you can spot Sumatra, the Indonesian island from here.

Alive 3D Art Gallery

For the kids (or kids in us), there are a few attractions that you can go to namely, the Alive 3D Art Gallery and Port Dickson Ostrich Farm

The 3D Gallery has at least 50 illustrations designed to trick your eyes and produce crazy, whimsical photo-taking opportunities. 

The entrance fee is 

  • RM 25 (USD 6) for adults & 
  • RM 20 (USD 5) for kids, disabled and senior citizens 

It would be less by RM 5 for both category if you are Malaysian

Ostrich Farm Visit

The Ostrich Farm does not only have ostriches but they do have other farm animals namely goats, turkeys, camels to name a few. 

It’s a great activity to bring the kids to experience the animals up close and personal. 

The entrance fee is:

  • RM 25 (USD 6) for adults &
  • RM 20 (USD 5) for kids

Malaysians would pay less by RM 5 to get in.

Short Getaway From KL
Photo by jennifertn from Pixabay

4. Cherating

Another perfect choice of short vacation from KL that boasts of beautiful beaches is Cherating. 

The road distance between KL and Cherating is about 278 km

It is a resort town located in Kuantan, Pahang and gives you that slow, easy-going fishing village vibe.

How To Get There?

The drive here would take about 3 hours or slightly more depending on the stops you make along the way. 

If you opt for public transport, it will take you longer which is about 5 hours by bus. You would need to take the bus to Kuantan arriving at Kuantan Sentral Terminal

Purchase your bus tickets here and expect to pay around RM 24 (USD 6) one way.

The fastest way to reach Cherating from Kuantan is to take the taxi from the bus terminal. The rate is between RM 95 – RM 130 (about USD 24 –  USD 35). 


The accommodation here would start from RM135 (USD 34) per room depending on the type of rooms and depending on the date you are planning to come. 

Asia’s first Club Med is located here, called Cherating Club Med

If you have the extra money, staying at the Club Med is great because there’s in house activities planned for you and your family while staying in a beautiful resort.

Why Visit Cherating?

The drive to Cherating is scenic and coming to a quiet, beach town is perfect for a retreat. 

The beaches are known for its white sandy beach and among the cleanest there is.  Other than coming here for the beach, there is a turtle sanctuary that you can visit while you are here


Surfing, turtle sanctuary and white sandy beaches. 

Depending on the time of the year, Cherating is perfect for you to learn how to surf. You do not need to fly out to Bali to do this which is great when you need a holiday but not wanting to fly out to do so.

Recommended Activities

Picnic By The Beach

Have a picnic by the beach by either packing your own meals or getting it packed from any of the cafes/coffee shops nearby. 

It’s a great activity to do with a group of friends or family. Taking it easy while enjoying the beach is one of the main reasons why Cherating beckons travellers to visit.

Visit A Turtle Sanctuary

The Turtle Sanctuary is another place that you should not miss to visit while you are here. 

The entrance is free and it’s a great way to know how turtle conservation is being done. At the same time, do donate as it would be one way to help the conservation effort.

Learn How To Surf

If you time your visit from Nov to March, it’s perfect to come here to learn how to surf. There are surf operators that provide lessons and at the same surfboards for rent. 

There is, however, no guarantee whether the waves would be perfect or not for surfing daily.

Expect to pay at least RM 220 (USD 54) for private surfing lessons and RM120 (USD 30) per person for group lessons. 

The notable surf operators in Cherating are listed below:

5. Melaka

Melaka is about two hours away from Kuala Lumpur by road and it is located between Johor and Negeri Sembilan.

Malacca city, its capital was declared by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site back in July 2008. It’s rich with historical and cultural background and was known as an important trading port back in the 16th century for Southeast Asia.

How To Get There?

Driving here is the easiest and cheapest option. 

However, buses do get to Melaka from KL and the price is at RM12 (USD 3) per ticket. Duration is longer because buses make stops along the way

Please board your bus from Terminal Bersepadu Selatan at Bandar Tasik Selatan (TBS-BTS) and purchase your tickets online from here


Expect to spend from RM 120 (USD 30) up to RM 300 (USD 34) per night at the hotels here. 

I would personally recommend looking for one that is located nearby Jonker Street, in particular, The Baba House for its Peranakan charm. 

Most of the historical and places of interest are within walking distance from this street.

Why Visit Melaka?

Why get out of KL just to experience another city, well Melaka will not disappoint you. 

It is rich with culture, colonial history and historical sites to visit. As much as it’s a city, the history of how Melaka was ruled by Portuguese, Dutch and British are still evident in the architecture of its buildings.

It’s one of those short getaways from KL which is rich in culture and history.


Night markets, Peranakan and Portuguese food with beautiful murals painted on the city buildings. 

At almost every corner would demand your attention to admire the paintings and architecture of the buildings. 

It’s a great short weekend getaway from KL where you can combine learning the history of trading & how Melaka contribute to making Malaysia grow as it is along with food discovery itinerary

Recommended Activities

Short getaways near KL may mean you would prefer not to go to another city, but Melaka is unlike KL.

It’s slower and less hectic, which would make it a perfect trip to do. There’s a lot of historical sites here that you must see and visit

See Historical Monuments

Historical monuments such as The Stadthuys and St Paul’s Church are next to each other whereas the A’ Famosa Melaka is located nearby.

This makes it an easy walk while absorbing and learning the rich history of Melaka. You can also ride the colourful rickshaw decorated beautifully at this area and end the ride at Melaka River.

Go On A River Cruise

Board the Melaka River Cruise which would take about 45 minutes. 

The cruise will bring you slowly to see all the bits of Melaka city from the historical area and towards Jonker Street. It is best to go for the evening ones as it is cooler and you’ll see more when the sun is about to set. 

The rate is RM30 (USD 7.50) for adults and RM 25 (USD 6.50) for non-Malaysians. It is advisable to book online in advance to avoid disappointment. 

Short Getaway From KL
Photo by Sharonang from Pixabay

Jonker Street Night Market

The Jonker Street Night Market happens only on weekends. This is when you will see stalls selling all kinds of trinkets, crafts, food and antiques. 

On other days, it’s a wonderful street to stroll on while admiring the historical houses on both sides of the street.

Eat Chicken Rice Balls

Chicken rice ball is synonymous with Melaka as this is where it originates. It’s chicken rice but the rice is shaped into ping pong sized balls. You can try this dish at these places below:

Try Peranakan & Portuguese Food

Melaka is also a melting pot for all Baba-Nyonya food/Peranakan food and Portuguese food which makes the trip here, another great food discovery adventure.

You can try Peranakan Food at

And the places below for Portuguese Food

6. Ipoh

Another short vacation near KL that you can consider which is also a city, is Ipoh.

Ipoh is located in Perak and it is about 174km away from KL. It takes about 2 and a half hours to get to Ipoh by road.

How To Get There?

Driving is always the best and easiest option so you can move easily when you get to Ipoh. 

If you prefer public transport, I suggest using the Electronic Train System or ETS for short. 

The ETS Platinum (RM 45/USD11 with wifi and food) and ETS Gold (RM 35/USD 9 – no food/wifi) is a non-stop train to Ipoh that takes about 2 hours to reach. 

If you feel like taking it slow, then board the ETS Silver at RM 25 (USD 6) per trip where the train would stop along the way making the trip a little bit more than 2 hours. 

Click here to check schedules and purchase your tickets online.


The average price for accommodation here is from RM 150 (USD 37) and up to RM 300 (USD 74) depending on which part of Ipoh you are planning to stay. 

The ones that are located in central Ipoh are more expensive due to its proximity to tourist attraction spots and eateries.

You would need a car to go from point A to point B if you are not driving. However, that would not be an issue as there’s always Grab for that. 

Why Visit Ipoh?

Ipoh offers interesting attractions to its visitors with its limestone caves, temples and historical buildings.

For coffee lovers, the Ipoh White Coffee is a must to try here considering this is its birthplace. Then, of course, there’s the fact that it is considered as one of the cleanest cities in Malaysia.

One of the best short getaways from KL for people who are particular about hygiene!


Ipoh features colonial buildings, limestone caves and an array of delicious food to try. 

The temples are beautiful and worth a visit regardless if you are a believer or not. The old and new Ipoh somehow come together and makes it even more inviting to discover.

Recommended Activities

Walk Along Concubine Lane

When you are in Ipoh, do not miss to walk along Concubine Lane and sample the delicious food at the cafes/stalls along the street.

The lane has it’s history that back in the day this is where rich mining tycoons and British officers kept their mistresses. There are murals on the walls which are great for your social media.

Savour Ipoh White Coffee In Ipoh

Coffee lovers alike would want to sample Ipoh White Coffee in Ipoh itself at their local coffee shops. 

The coffee beans here are roasted in palm oil margarine which makes the colour lighter. The best one that you should try is at Sin Yoon Loong and Nam Heong.

This one of the best short getaways from KL for coffee addicts!

Visit The Railway Station

Ipoh Railway Station is still being used and should you arrive in Ipoh via train, this station would captivate you. 

The building was meant to be used as a hospital however it turned into a station as it is today. It has Moorish architecture and the beautiful garden welcomes you as you arrive at the station

Visit Sam Poh Tong Cave Temple

Make time to visit beautiful Sam Poh Tong Cave Temple, which is built into the limestone. It is said to be the biggest temple in Malaysia. 

The beauty is not only in the built but how it is set amidst pretty gardens and pools.


These six places that I have listed above are not the only short getaways from KL that you can experience and do. 

However, I have chosen this six based on the different experience that it offers which is something that you definitely cannot find in KL itself. 

The distance to these places would only take less than 3 hours provided traffic is smooth.

It’s perfect for a short weekend retreat near KL that would give you that change of scenery. 

There’s the cooler temperature to experience in Janda Baik and Cameron Highlands. There is the sun, sea and surf in Port Dickson and Cherating. Finally, there’s history, nature and culture in Melaka and Ipoh.

The Best Short Getaways From KL

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