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30+ Best Onsens In Kyushu + Prices! [2024]

If you are wondering where the best onsen in Kyushu is, look no further. Kyushu has enchanting landscapes and centuries-old heritage with a wide variety of onsen areas.

I will be talking about 8 of the best onsens in Kyushu, with 30 amazing options of places to stay and soak. 

Also, don’t forget to check out the Beppu area for their specialty, which we will talk about further in this article.

At a glance, here are the 8 Kyushu hot springs areas to check out when looking for the best onsen in Kyushu map.

  • Kurokawa Onsen (Kumamoto Prefecture)
  • Beppu Onsen (Oita Prefecture)
  • Unzen Onsen (Nagasaki Prefecture)
  • Kirishima Onsen (Kagoshima Prefecture)
  • Yufuin Onsen (Oita Prefecture)
  • Ureshino Onsen (Saga Prefecture)
  • Ibusuki Onsen (Kagoshima Prefecture)
  • Takeo Onsen (Saga Prefecture)

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1. Kurokawa Onsen (Kumamoto Prefecture)

Kurokawa Onsen is surrounded by green mountains in the Kumamoto Prefecture in the middle of Kyushu and bordering the Oita Prefecture.

It is rich in minerals, making it one of Kyushu Onsen that has healing properties to heal injuries.

The history of Kurokawa Onsen is quite interesting, and Kurokawa Onsen was a Kyushu hot spring that was unexplored until the 2000s.

In the 1980s, Nyuto Tegata (入湯手形) (bathing ticket) allowed access to three different ryokans of your choice among the two participating ryokan for only JPY 1,500 (USD 10).

This is the best way to try Kyushu onsen ryokan in and around Kurokawa Onsen. 

The Nyuto Tegata can be purchased from the Kurokawa Tourism Office or at any of the participating ryokan.

There are several ways to get to Kurokawa Onsen, either by car or public transport from the Kumamoto Airport, Fukuoka Airport, or Oita Airport.

Here are a few places to stay or bathe:

Located at the hilltop outskirt of Kurokawa, it has a panoramic view of the mountain with a rustic and traditional feel to it.

It has an indoor and outdoor bath as well as private hot springs that are available for rental.

Kiyashiki has daily admission for JPY 500 (USD 3) and overnight stay ranging from JPY 23,000 to JPY 37,000 (USD 153 to USD 247) per person.

Kurokawaso is highly rated by visitors as one of the best ryokan in Kyushu. It has excellent service with a relaxing atmosphere.

You can choose from using a rotenburo (露天風呂) (an open-air bath that is usually outdoors and offers a view) that faces the mountain cliff or an indoor bath. 

Aside from that, they have in-room massage services to further help you unwind.

Kurokawaso price ranges from JPY 19,800 to JPY 49,500 (USD 132 to USD 330) per person, depending on the room type.

Situated along the Tanohara River on a 1.6-acre site. It has accommodation, hot springs, and dining available on-site.

One of the specialties of this ryokan is that there is a cave hot spring, providing the reverberating water sound for your full relaxation of mind, body, and soul.

The cave has a specific time where it is restricted for females only, between 8 pm to 10 pm.

The price for an overnight stay per person ranges from JPY19,500 to JPY44,000 (USD130 to USD294). Whereas daily admission costs JPY700 (USD5)

Ryokan Nanjoen is conveniently located in town, making it easy for guests with the Nyuto Tegata to enjoy the hot spring.

It has 2 rotenburo that guests can enjoy, one outdoor onsen, and the other a semi-outdoor onsen.

The price for an overnight stay ranges from USD 237 to USD 374. They also have daily admission to the hot spring that costs about JPY 600 (USD 4)

A quaint village feel that has a beautiful garden and onsens bringing a sense of unity with nature.

It has a separate gender rotenburo that is surrounded by nature, filtering sunlight during the day and providing extra comfort and relaxation.

The ryokan also has a private indoor hot spring, which is only for in-house guests.

The price range for an overnight stay is from USD 330 to USD 370.

2. Beppu Onsen (Oita Prefecture)

Beppu Onsen can be considered as one of the best onsen in Kyushu map. It is situated in the Oita Prefecture, which has eight different hot spring towns.

Every hot spring town in Beppu Onsen is known for its specialties, i.e., milky waters, sand, and mud.

There are, however, seven hot springs that are only for viewing and not bathing, and it is called the hells (jigoku) of Beppu, which can reach up to 100°C.

If you are interested in visiting these hells, the Chinoike Jigoku is unique where the pond water is bright red due to the high levels of iron and magnesium.

Alternatively, you could visit Umi Jigoku (Sea Hell), the most beautiful one among the seven jigoku where the pond of blue milky water is shrouded in steam.

Best onsen in kyushu

You can get to Beppu Onsen by taking a flight to Oita Airport or by taking the Tokaido or Sanyo Shinkansen from Tokyo to Kokura Station and transfer to the Sonic limited express train for Beppu.

Here are a few places to stay in Beppu Onsen:

A little cozy rustic ryokan that has a nostalgia of the Showa era. They have both a shared open-air hot spring and a private hot spring.

Their shared open-air hot spring has dedicated time slots for male and female, which should be mindful of.

If you prefer quality time with your family or your spouse, you can reserve a private onsen in the ryokan free of charge.

Alternatively, there is a sunaburo (sand bath) that is worth a try. Your whole body will be covered with sand to keep your body warm, leaving you feeling relaxed.

The price range for a night stay is from USD 188 to USD 377.

This hotel has a sea view, which you can enjoy from your room. The hotel has the classic Japanese tatami style or the slightly updated modern Japanese style.

Make sure that you get a room that has a private open-air bath annexed to the room, as some rooms do not have it. Enjoy the sea breeze while soaking up the onsen’s benefits.

The price for an overnight stay ranges from USD 82 to USD 1,400, depending on the room type.

This retro-modern ryokan is situated on the hill in Beppu. It has several hot spring areas, a communal bath, and a private bath.

For in-house guests, you do need to reserve a private bath.

Best onsen in kyushu

They have daily admission to the communal hot spring from 10.00am to 4.00pm for USD 7 for an adult. 

The price range for an overnight stay in this ryokan is anywhere from USD 100 to USD 220.

The style of this ryokan is modern Japanese minimalist, where the rooms are either fitted with traditional Japanese tatami or a Western bed with mattresses.

It is located in a quiet residential area that has both private and communal hot springs that are sourced from Beppu Onsen. 

You can stay in a Japanese-style room with tatami in order to enjoy the attached hot spring for the extra privacy.

The price for an overnight stay ranges from JPY 61,000 to JPY 76,600 (USD 400 to USD 512), depending on the room and meal package that you choose.

This ryokan was originally a family house that was converted to a ryokan after the war. It has a traditional yet rustic design with fragments of the Showa era everywhere, as if you have traveled back in time.

It is conveniently located in the middle of Beppu and is only a 10-minute walk from the Beppu Station.

If you prefer privacy, you may reserve an outdoor hot spring or you could enjoy the public indoor bath.

This ryokan allows daily usage of their hot spring, either the communal or private hot spring. 

The fee for this is USD 20 per person for the private bath and USD 3 per person for the indoor bath.

As for overnight stays, the price ranges from USD 82 to USD 100 per person.

Amane is one of the best onsen in Kyushu, with a world-class service. Every room has an open-air onsen with a stunning view of the ocean and Beppu Bay. 

Guests can relax and enjoy the view while also benefiting from the natural hot spring from Beppu Onsen.

The price for an overnight stay ranges from USD 147 to USD 544 per person, depending on the room type.

Best onsen in kyushu

3. Unzen Onsen (Nagasaki Prefecture)

Unzen Onsen is near the peak of Mount Unzen. It was previously developed as a temple town, and eventually, it became Japan’s first tourist resort during the Meiji Period.

It is just a 1 hour and 20 minutes drive from Nagasaki City. This onsen is famous for its natural sulfur spring.

Kojigoku onsen is only for daily usage and does not have any accommodation on the premises. 

At the back of this hot spring, there is a famous hot spring for its heart-shaped formation. 

Best onsen in kyushu

The price for daily use is USD 2 for adults.

Azumaen is next to Oshidori Lake. You can enjoy the view of the lake with the green mountains surrounding the property.

Best onsen in kyushu

Soak in nature while enjoying the blessing of the onsen in an open-air hot spring in your room.

The price for an overnight stay ranges from USD 300 to USD 600.

This ryokan was updated back in 2019, and it has a brand-new look with a modern Japanese-style interior.

Every room overlooks the ocean, so you can enjoy your private onsen with an oceanic view to calm and comfort your soul.

Alternatively, you could do a day trip to the facility and enjoy the hot spring and a meal (it could be lunch or dinner). 

The price for a day trip with a meal ranges from JPY 13,200 to JPY 15,400 (USD 88 to USD 102) for adults, depending on the room of your choice.

For an overnight stay, the price range is between USD 250 to USD 500.

This beautiful ryokan has a panoramic view of nature, giving you a sense of calm and serenity while soaking in their open-air or private hot spring in the main building.

You could also experience their private open-air hot springs, which are available for guests or stay in one of the rooms that has a private bath for more privacy.

The price range for an overnight stay is from USD 200 to USD 500.

Ryotei Hanzuiryo is a luxury resort that is well within the Unzen National Park, surrounded by nature. It has 14 individual villas, and each villa has its private onsen.

Hanzuiryo might be one of the best onsen in Kyushu to visit if you appreciate nature and love the privacy and quietness that it brings.

It costs somewhere between USD 900 to USD 3,700 a night in this luxury resort.

4. Kirishima Onsen (Kagoshima Prefecture)

Kirishima Onsen is located in the Kagoshima Prefecture and is on the lower slopes of the Kirishima Mountains with a view of an active volcano, Sakurajima.

Best onsen in kyushu

This ryokan has 180 years of history and is hidden in the Momiji (Maple) Valley. Amongst the 21 rooms in this ryokan, 6 of them have a private onsen in the room.

They have 2 different types of onsen for your choosing, a sulfur hot spring or an alum hot spring.

The sulfur hot spring dissolves dead skin cells and beautifies your skin, whereas the alum hot spring tightens your skin and helps alleviate chronic skin diseases.

The price for an overnight stay is between USD 190 to USD 500.

The property overlooks the volcano Sakurajima. All the rooms in this hotel have natural hot spring baths.

You can enjoy the benefits of the onsen in the comfort of your room while relaxing with a view. 

Something unique about this hotel is if you have a dog, they have a dedicated room for your dog to stay in as well as enjoy its time there.

The cost for an overnight stay here ranges from USD 250 to USD 550.

5. Yufuin Onsen (Oita Prefecture)

Yufuin is an onsen town located in the Oita Prefecture, neighboring the Beppu Onsen. which has the second-highest water flow in Japan. 

The onsen here is colorless, tasteless, and odorless.

Situated at the foot of Mount Yufu, the town is blessed with beautiful nature with a stunning landmark of Lake Kinriko.

Best onsen in kyushu

You could enjoy the scenic Yufuin town by foot or even by horse carriage or bicycle. After which you could stay or relax in one of the best onsen in Kyushu:

This is one of Kyushu onsen ryokan that prides itself on their returning quests and speaks highly of the great service.

Best onsen in kyushu

They provide rooms – detached guest rooms that come with a private open-air hot spring where you can soak whenever you want.

The price for an overnight stay here ranges from USD 650 to USD 1,200.

This might be one of the best ryokan in Kyushu, which is surrounded by beautiful nature. It has elements of classic Japanese style with a hint of European charm.

The hot springs here are private for guests only, but you can get a private onsen in the guestrooms for your enjoyment and soak up the benefits of the onsen.

The price for an overnight stay is between USD 590 to USD 1,400.

Immerse yourself in this best onsen in Kyushu that has a private onsen in each room, which is a private independent cottage.

They have either an open-air, semi-open, or indoor bath that has a fine view of Mount Yufu.

The price for a night here ranges from USD 330 to USD 1,500 depending on the room type.

This ryokan is situated in the middle of Yufuin with its old charm and nostalgia. Each of the rooms has its private onsen that has a beautiful garden.

Soak in the hot spring while you get mesmerized by the garden. The only downside of this place is that they do not have any meals provided.

The price for a night in this ryokan is from USD 210 to USD 560.

This ryokan has a clear view of Mount Yufu. Experience the most wholesome scenic view of Mount Yufu from any part of this ryokan.

Each of the rooms in this ryokan has its own bath where you can enjoy the hot spring until your heart’s content. 

Otherwise, you may also use their large communal open-air bath that has specific timing for females and males.

The price for a night here is between USD 430 to USD 1,500.

This luxurious ryokan has a charming view of Mount Yufu. It has a spacious area of about 33,000 square meters with private villas surrounding it.

Each villa comes with its own open-air onsen that is surrounded by the garden nature.

You would be able to enjoy your onsen soak with the surrounding nature and the sound of the river. Relaxing with nature is the best way to recharge your tired body.

The price for an overnight stay is within the range of USD 290 to USD 500.

 6. Ureshino Onsen (Saga Prefecture)

Ureshino Onsen is situated in the Saga Prefecture and is famous for its hot spring, which is said to beautify the skin due to high sodium bicarbonate and sodium chloride.

This was recorded in the Hizen no Kuni Fudoki (the ancient historical records) that was created during the Nara era.

Ureshino Onsen is also famous for its finest quality green tea. Have the ultimate tea experience when in Ureshino onsen.

You may enjoy a tea-drinking experience or a bicycle trip around Cha-ka while sipping on the finest green tea.

Taishoya has been around for about 100 years since 1923. It is located in a quiet serenity surrounded by cedar trees. 

Each of the rooms in this ryokan has a scenic view of lush greens, and some may even have mountain views.

There are annexed rooms with their private onsen for more privacy. Otherwise, Taishoya has a large hot spring bath, which is only for in-house guests, available for you to soak in.

The cost to stay overnight ranges from USD 200 to USD 735.

Ryokan Yoshidaya is situated alongside the Ureshino River, and all the rooms have their very own private hot spring – an open-air bath.

Stay the night and enjoy the modern minimalist Japanese interior with your very own bathing area. 

Should you prefer to have a day trip there, they have a bathhouse that has an open-air bath or a private bath.

The price for a day’s use of the open-air bath is USD 7, and for the private bath is USD 27. The cost for an overnight stay ranges from USD 350 to USD 1,200.

This ryokan sits on a huge land of 65,000 square meters with lots of traditional experiences to try.

Each room is a traditional Japanese style and is equipped with a bath, either a cypress bath or an open-air bath. 

You could also enjoy their onsen in one of their four large baths with the pure hot spring.

The price for an overnight stay is somewhere between USD 100 to USD 500, depending on the room of choice.

7. Ibusuki Onsen (Kagoshima Prefecture)

Ibusuki Onsen is in Kagoshima Prefecture and is famous for the sand bath due to the warm sand caused by the volcanic hot springs.

Here are two of the recommended places to try when in the Ibusuki Onsen area:

This ryokan is built alongside the ocean, and it also has a beautiful garden with more than 1,000 pine trees. 

Guests can relax and enjoy the oceanic view and the pine trees while soaking in the onsen.

If you would like to try something different, this Ryokan has a Sunamushi sand bath that you could try before heading to the onsen. Enjoy, relax, and rejuvenate your soul before you go home.

The price for an overnight stay ranges from USD 500 to USD 1,000.

Ibusuki Syusui-en is famous for its food, and it took first place as the best ryokan in the food category. 

Make sure to try their premium Kaiseki, which uses local ingredients.

You can also experience the sand bath, which is not far from the ryokan, and then enjoy their hot spring thereafter to soothe your mind, body, and soul.

The guest rooms do not have their own private bath. However, there’s a private onsen available for rent for USD 24.

An overnight stay here costs between USD 350 to USD 1,000.

8. Takeo Onsen (Saga Prefecture)

Takeo Onsen is a small town in Saga Prefecture with a long history of over 1,300 years. You will be greeted by this distinctive and iconic red and white gate, a Romon Tower Gate that indicates the entrance of the Takeo Onsen.

The hot springs are rich in sodium bicarbonate, which makes your skin feel silky smooth.

Have a stay at Kyotoya, which was founded back in 1910 during the Taisho era. This is a quaint ryokan that has antiques reminiscent of the Taisho era.

Best onsen in kyushu

They have gender-specific large hot springs available on the premise that you can enjoy and relax either indoors or open-air. 

Unfortunately, they do not have a private onsen on the premises. The price for an overnight stay is within the range of USD 50 to USD 100.

It begs the question of whether is Kyushu worth visiting. Yes, it is! There are several onsen areas to choose from and numerous activities and experiences you could try in Kyushu.

It is definitely a place you should visit when in Japan.

FAQs on Best Onsen in Kyushu

Does Kyushu Have Hot Springs?

Yes, Kyushu has an abundance of hot springs or onsen within multiple prefectures; some examples are the Beppu Onsen, Yufuin Onsen, and Kirishima onsen.

What Is Kyushu Best Known For?

Kyushu is the third largest island in Japan and is known for its variety of hot springs, tonkotsu ramen, scenic mountains, and serene beaches.

What Are The Three Most Famous Onsen?

The three most famous onsens are Arima Onsen, Kusatsu Onsen, and Gero Onsen.

Arima Onsen is located in Kobe in the Hyogo Prefecture, the Kusatsu Onsen is in Gunma Prefecture and Gero Onsen is in the Gifu Prefecture.

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