9 Hikes in KL, Malaysia You May Not Know About

Hikes in KL, Malaysia You May Not Know About

Looking for an escape in nature this weekend? WWB writer, Charmaine, has got you covered with 9 easy hikes in KL for your weekend delight!

As many parts of the world start easing movement restrictions, things are slowly (but surely!) kicking into 1st gear and moving! 

Guidelines have started to relax Malaysia and after being cooped up at home for the past year, a weekend escape in nature sounds like the perfect idea! 

The itch to travel outside of the capital city may be strong but if you’re looking for a quick and easy fix to your cabin fever, hiking in KL is your best bet!

Kuala Lumpur may be rapidly booming with skyscrapers everywhere, but you’d be surprised to know that we have a handful of easy hikes around the city that might just be a stone’s throw away from where you’re staying!

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Photo by Jon Flobrant on Unsplash

Photo by Jon Flobrant on Unsplash

Hikes in KL to help you stay fit and healthy

1.Taman Tugu

hikes in kl taman tugu
hikes in kl taman tugu

This somewhat hidden hike in KL is another green lung situated near the Tugu Negara (National Monument). Initially planned for a for-profit tourist attraction, this 66-acres land was converted into a public park with a 5km trail instead after feedback from the community. 

Easy to hike, lush and with plenty of rest spots, this park also features a few insta-worthy gazebos. 

Parking is available for free in the Taman Tugu Nursery itself. 

Tip: Up to 1,000 trees within this park have been identified and tagged for preservation, so have a lookout for some indigenous species such as the Jelutong and Pulai that are potentially over 100-years-old! 

Difficulty level: Easy

Approx. hike duration: 1 – 2 hours

Fee: Free

Google Maps: https://g.page/tamantugu?share

2.KL Eco Park – Bukit Nanas Forest Reserve

Photo by Sherman Wong

One of the few green lungs within the city, the KL Eco Park is an easy-to-follow trail that also features a 200m canopy walk which provides you with an aerial view of the park and a glimpse of the KL city skyline.

The best time for your insta-worthy pictures would be at around 8.30am-9.00am for that “peeking-sun-amongst-the-trees” shot. It also has a good view of the neighbouring KL Tower and although it is smack in the middle of Kuala Lumpur, it does act as a refuge for monkeys and birds alike. 

As it is linked to KL Tower, park your car at the KL Tower parking lot and make your way to the entrance. The nearest Monorail station is Bukit Nanas, which is a 20min walk to the park.

Tip: Don’t feed the monkeys if you encounter any during your hike. They can become aggressive and travel in packs.

Difficulty level: Easy

Approx. hike duration: 1 – 2 hours

Fee: Free

Google Maps: https://goo.gl/maps/oTFZuUD3GygKmMPN9

3.Ayer Hitam Forest Reserve (Puchong Hill)

A little lesser-known forest reserve to KL urbanites, the Ayer Hitam Forest Reserve has been the place for an early morning hike by many Puchong locals. Spanning only at 2.8 kilometres, Puchong Hill remains as one of the easiest trails around the area and is perfect for those looking for a breezy hike in nature. 

Parking is easy-to-find around the shophouses nearby. What makes this hike even better, is a hearty kopitiam breakfast post-hike at Kopitiam Kaki Bukit!

Tip: If you have that extra energy and stamina, you can hike up to the peak and be rewarded with the reserve’s waterfall.

Difficulty level: Easy

Approx. hike duration: 1 – 2 hours

Fee: Free

Google Maps: https://goo.gl/maps/DEgm9abtu2ydLV79A

4.Bukit Kiara Trail 

Photo by greatruns.com

If you’re looking for a hike in KL that’s not too far off from the city, this easy trail could be the answer to your ultimate Sunday hike. 

Located between Taman Tun Dr Ismail and the Bukit Kiara Equestrian and Country Club, this recreational park is also perfect for those looking for a jog, a light hike or even a nice picnic in the evenings. 

In the mornings, there are usually little food stalls selling drinks and fruits along the park entrance. If you’re looking at a hearty post-hike brunch, Little Rimba (5-min walk from TTDI Park) serves up inexpensive local delicacies like nasi lemak, lontong and assam laksa. 

Tip: This trail is also mountain bike-friendly as well. So, do keep an eye out for a whizzing biker or two along the trail.

Difficulty level: Easy

Approx. hike duration: 1 – 2 hours

Fee: Free

Google Maps: https://goo.gl/maps/Zwp2Q9Wxxo7px34x5

5.Bukit Besi

Photo by @shahmer_07

Don’t let the name fool you, this 3-kilometre hike is located in Alam Denai, Cheras and not anywhere near Sungai Besi. There is a huge communication tower that sits on the peak of this hill, which is probably where it got its name. 

If you’ve been searching for a hill that overlooks the city (like the one in La La Land), this hike offers great checkpoints for you to recreate that scene as the dazzling city lights come to life in the background at night.

Tip: Don’t forget to bring a torchlight if you’re planning to hike in the evening, and as this is a lesser-known trail, bring a friend to navigate the hill together!

Difficulty level: Easy

Approx. hike duration: 1 – 1.5 hours

Fee: Free

Google Maps: https://goo.gl/maps/zQ45G9fcjvoJbXLr7

6.Bukit Gasing

Popular amongst residents in the neighbourhood, you won’t need to worry about getting lost in the many trails that Bukit Gasing offers. Several trails within this forest reserve have been deemed as “The Killer Stretch” which is a trail with a flight of stone steps (talk about overwhelming!)

So if you’re looking at working those power thighs, I’d say take that challenge!

Parking is a little tricky, as there isn’t a proper parking space. So, try to find a spot around the residential area that’s without a double line on the roads to avoid getting a ticket!

Tip: Drop for Raju’s after your hike for your quintessential roti canai and teh tarik fix!

Difficulty level: Easy-Moderate

Approx. hike duration: 1.5 – 2.5 hours

Fee: Free

Google Maps: https://goo.gl/maps/1RXZt3bNUVKxmQLt9

7.Kota Damansara Community Forest Reserve

Photo by @ezreenaamirhamzah

Kota Damansara Community Forest Reserve is one of the best and well-maintained hikes in the Greater KL area. The trails are well-marked and sustained by the Kota Damansara Community Forest Society.  

If you’re a beginner hiker, you could also reach out to them for guided hikes or ask to tag along with other regular visitors on their morning or evening hike, they’ll be more than happy to do so!

Tip: Look out for wooden hand-carved signs by Temuan craftsmen along the trails to make sure you stay on the right track.

Difficulty level: Easy

Approx. hike duration: 1 – 2 hours

Fee: Free

Google Maps: https://goo.gl/maps/V8xUNu4AumYnAa1Z9

8.Bukit Saga

Photo by @meisim.hoon

With well-marked trails and fairly steep terrains, Saga Hill (also known as the Apek Hill Trail) is one of those hikes in KL which requires you to remember your route as there are a total of three entry points—Cheras Awana, Cheras Hartamas, and Taman Saga (Ampang). 

Although it can get pretty muddy especially after a downpour the day before, the summit views from this scenic hike are one for the books! 

Tip: Look out for an interesting outdoor makeshift gym on your way up and give those dumbbells a try if the hike hasn’t tired you out yet!

Difficulty level: Moderate

Approx. hike duration: 2 – 3 hours

Fee: Free

Google Maps: https://goo.gl/maps/yEgn2JXrN9uufeVa8

9.Forest Research Institute Malaysia (FRIM) – Kepong

The Forest Research Institute Malaysia (FRIM) is a great recreational park for families to spend a morning with fresh air and plenty of exercises. Located on the outskirts of KL, many would visit FRIM for a short morning hike and the famous and now revamped Canopy Walkway! 

Being a forest research institute, there are various activities that you can do there apart from hiking, like jogging, birdwatching and cycling. If you’re not in a rush and still have the energy, Batu Caves is also around the vicinity *wink*

Tip: Keep a lookout for some of the 182 species of birds in FRIM.

Difficulty level: Easy

Approx. hike duration: 1 – 1.5 hours

Fee: Malaysian Adults: RM1, Non-citizen Adults: RM5

Google Maps:https://goo.gl/maps/sPsH79BomdhjuHnTA

Important things to take note:

Photo by Evan Wise on Unsplash

Photo by Evan Wise on Unsplash

  • Watch out for pesky little leeches that you might encounter when hiking through the wetter terrains of Malaysia. If one crawls up on you, just drop a few drops of medicated oil (or vinegar!) on it and it should fall right off.
  • Check the weather forecast and avoid hiking during/after a rainy day. Although we enjoy tropical sunny weather all year round, try avoid hiking during the rainy/monsoon season (October to December). It can get pretty muddy, slippery and dangerous! 
  • Keep a lookout for exotic tropical plants like pitcher plants and twisty ferns as you ascend to cooler and denser foliage. 
  • Look out for wild monkeys as well, that might get a little too friendly especially if you’ve got food in sight. Take a snack break at designated checkpoints!
  • Avoid sweet scented lotions or perfume that might attract mosquitos and other bugs. Spray on some mosquito repellent especially around the ankle area as South-east Asian mosquitoes usually stay low.  
  • With our hot and humid weather, please bring an extra bottle of water to hydrate yourself.
  • Wear the appropriate shoes for your hike (e.g. running/hiking shoes), and long pants if you are prone to mosquito bites.
  •  A cap/hat ‘cause the tropical climate is no joke!
  • A friend of two, it’s always more fun together and safer just in case you get lost
  • Bring a change of clothes especially if you sweat easily in this humid climate of ours

All set to traverse every one of these hikes in KL?

And there you go, 9 easy hikes in KL to get you fit, moving and your engines started. Although the difficulty level we’ve provided says ‘easy’ but please take it with a pinch of salt as different people have different levels of fitness and stamina. 

As long as you understand and listen to your body and take it one step at a time, you’re good to go! 

Let us know in the comments section below if you’ve visited any of the mentioned hikes, or if you have a recommendation that we might have missed out on, we’d love to hear from you!

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