A Quick Guide On What To Wear Under A Wetsuit

You can’t decide on what to wear under a wetsuit?

I get it. There are so many options to choose from, and you don’t know where to start.

What you wear under a wetsuit is important to keep you warm from the cold water because depending on the weather, it can be freezing, and it can significantly decrease your body temperature. 

Let’s dive right in to know what to wear under a wetsuit. 

What To Wear Under A Wetsuit ?


  1. Swim Shorts
  2. One-Piece Swimsuit
  3. Full Piece Swimsuit
  4. Two-Piece Swimsuit
  5. Period Proof Swimwear 


  1. Diving Shorts
  2. Sleeveless Tops
  3. Rash Guards
  4. Swimming Trunks

Other options 

  1. Water-Based Lubricant 
  2. Swim Gloves 

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What To Wear Under A Wetsuit For Females

what to wear under a wetsuit female surfer

1. Swim Shorts

What to wear under a wetsuit surfing, you might be thinking. Is diving short the right choice for surfing?

The answer is yes, but there’s a small catch.

If you have wondered what do surfers wear under their wetsuit?

They are probably wearing swim shorts.

Because it is lightweight, doesn’t take long to dry, and does not completely restrict your movements.

Although it is not tight as other clothing, it can be difficult to wear in a wetsuit because it can bunch up.

Some people don’t like their shorts bunching up in their wetsuit, but not to worry, some swim shorts fit perfectly around your body. 

Our Pick

what to wear under a wetsuit

With a drawstring attached to the swim shorts, you can adjust the shorts to your liking without feeling the shorts are too tight or too loose, and you can enjoy them without constantly worrying about your swim shorts.

It is 95% Polyester and 5% of Spandex. 

You have the combination of handling a good amount of wear and tear while providing light and stretchable swim shorts, which simultaneously, the shorts can dry quickly. 

They’re water repellent where the shorts do not easily absorb water, and the shorts have no mesh lining, which if you find them unnecessary.


  • It is great for any outdoor activity and casual wear.
  • Offer UPF50+ protection
  • It doesn’t cling to your body and offers stretchability.


  • You need to order a size up because it was produced smaller.

2. One-Piece Swimsuit

If you are a female surfer or want to become a surfer, you might have searched what to wear under a wetsuit female surfer? 

The most common result is a swimsuit, but why is it the most common piece to wear? 

A swimsuit can come in the form of a long sleeve swimsuit or sleeveless swimsuit, and it is a personal preference because others want to cover their hands from exposure to the sunlight or don’t want any coverage on their hands at all.

A swimsuit can offer the freedom to move around without feeling restricted and provides warmth to the body.

Our Pick

What to Wear Under A Wetsuit For Females

If you are looking for a more durable swimsuit than the traditional swimsuit made of nylon, Ekouear One-Piece Swimsuit offers a great blend of 85% Polyester, a long-lasting material, and 15% of Spandex to provide you with the stretchability for your comfort wear.

It provides you with more coverage around your upper body except your back to offer more warmth to you if you tend to feel cold after a water activity. 


  • It is adjustable with a self-tie around the neck.
  • Soft and Stretchy materials.
  • It has soft and removable padding to offer support and comfort.


  • The size is smaller. You can consider a size-up when purchasing it.

3. Full Piece Wetsuit 

Yes, you heard that right—another full-piece wetsuit.

But it has benefits that outweigh the hassle of wearing another wetsuit.

Let’s say you will swim for a long time or do other activities such as open water swimming or diving.

What to wear under a wetsuit for warmth? 

Most probably, wearing a thin and lightweight full-piece wetsuit is your best chance because it helps keep you warm if you are in the water for a long time.

The chance is you might feel your body is getting too cold, and it might make it harder to move around because your body is below the supposed body temperature of 37’C.

A full-piece wetsuit can solve your question of what to wear under a wetsuit for cold water because a wetsuit helps you store heat inside your wetsuit and prevent your body from dropping in temperature.

Our Pick

What to Wear Under A Wetsuit For Females

Neopskin Womens Wetsuit has a thumb hole and foot strap to avoid the wetsuit, which is a great relief because having a wetsuit bunching up is not ideal while offering more flexibility to move around.

It also comes with a back zipper that helps you wear on and off your wetsuit much easier. It is fitted with a stretchable collar to prevent being too tight or too loose, making it more comfortable to wear. 

The thickness of the wetsuit is between 2mm to 3mm, which is still an ideal wetsuit for any water condition to provide warmth to your body.


  • It has a flatlock stitch that prevents the swimsuit from breaking.
  • Fit perfectly 
  • 3mm with neoprene and nylon
  • Thumb Holes and Foot Straps
  • Back Zipper with Flatlock Stitch


  • It might have a harmless odor initially, but the scent will wear out after a few washes.

4. Two-Piece Swimsuit

If you want more coverage than a one-piece swimsuit, but you don’t want to wear another wetsuit on top of it.

What do you wear underneath a wetsuit? 

A two-piece swimsuit could answer all the questions because you want more freedom to move around while also makes wearing a wetsuit much easier.

Then, you have the option to choose either long-sleeve or short-sleeve as well, and you can have more coverage at your lower body compared to a one-piece swimsuit where it primarily covers your upper body.

Our Pick

what to wear under a wetsuit

OMKAGI Women High Waisted Swimsuit is a great choice for all body sizes and has soft materials that don’t irritate your skin while you are wearing it.

It has adjusted shoulder straps that you can adapt to your liking, and if you feel insecure with some of your body, they have a tummy control that covers up until your belly button.

But, you are a unique and beautiful human being, no matter how you look in any swimwear.


  • Fits at all kind of body shape and sizes
  • It is a soft and flattering material.
  • Offer full coverage on your upper and bottom body.


  • Depending on your body shape and size, it has a range of measures that you must consider.
  • Expensive swimsuit

What To Wear Under A Wetsuit Male

what do surfers wear under their wetsuit

1. Diving Shorts

What to wear under a wetsuit surfing, you might be thinking. Is diving short the right choice for surfing?

The answer is yes, but there’s a small catch.

Because diving shorts offer an extra layer that can provide you extra warmth while surfing, it all comes to the temperature and how long you will be in the water.

On the one hand, if the water’s temperature is warm and not cold, you might not need the extra layer because it might get hot in there, and the longer you are in the water, the more favorable toward Diving Shorts.

If you choose Diving Shorts, neoprene shorts are better if you swim in cooler water because they are heat retention and comfortable to wear.

Our Pick

What to wear under a wetsuit surfing

If you want more stylish swimwear when deciding what to wear under a wetsuit, while the shorts are not too tight or loose but stretchable, Layatone Wetsuit Shorts can be a good choice to consider.

With its adjustable elastic fitted around the waistband, it helps you cling to your body nicely without feeling restricted to move any parts of your body.

Also, with a 2mm neoprene (90%) and nylon (10%) mixture material to create the diving shorts, it will provide you warmth on top of your wetsuit to make sure that your body does not feel cold when you are in the water for a long time.


  • 2mm Neoprene and Nylon
  • Thick Materials that help provide warmth.
  • Has UV Protection 
  • Abrasion Resistance


  • The shorts are too small. You might consider at least two to three sizes up before buying.

For example, if you are a size M, you might need XL or XXL to fit.

2. Sleeveless Tops

What to wear under a wetsuit that can provide upper body protection and is sleeveless? 

If you want more protection towards your upper body from the sunlight, but you want it to warm you up while moving freely, Sleeveless Tops might be the one for you.

Sleeveless Tops can provide warmth and the freedom to move, and it is suitable for all water sports. We all do not stick to one water activity, and we might try other water sports as well.

When choosing your sleeveless tops, there’s the option of having a thick sleeveless top or thick sleeveless tops with quick-dry materials such as polyester or neoprene. 

Our Pick 

What To Wear Under A Wetsuit Male

Something comfortable and easy to wear and remove. Lemorecn Mens Wetsuit has it all.

The wetsuit is created with a 3mm neoprene that is robust with any wear or tear. It also can easily be worn, which is great news if you are worried that you will struggle to wear it properly.

With that, it also comes with flatlock stitching which helps you to prevent any skin irritation. Besides, it has a front zip that makes wearing and removing your sleeveless tops much easier.


  • A front zip closure
  • 3mm Neoprene
  • Flat-lock Stitching 
  • Fit well without feeling restricted 


  • You need to order one size up because it is smaller.

3. Rash Guards

What do u wear under a wetsuit that can prevent any skin rashes and prevent it from grazing your skin which can cause damage to your skin?

Rash Guard is the answer to the problem because it helps you avoid any skin irritation when you are in the water.

Rash Guard is perfect for answering your question on what to wear under a wetsuit for open water swimming because the longer you stay in the water, you will increase the chance of skin irrationality.

Rash Guard helps you protect your upper body, which you can get a similar benefit of having another wetsuit, but it won’t cause any skin irritation when you are in the water for quite some time.

Our Pick

what to wear under a wetsuit for open water swimming

Quiksilver Men’s Solid Streak offers 50+ UPF sun protection which means you won’t get any sunburn or tans lines.

Also, it is washing machine friendly, where you can toss your washing machine and start washing it, which we tend to do more often than not.

If you tend to be sweaty inside your wetsuit, Quiksliver Men’s Solid Streak is Moisture Wicking, which helps evaporate your sweat and make it cooler for your body.


  • Chlorine Resistant 
  • Moisture Wicking
  • 50+ UPF Sun Protection
  • Loose Fit
  • Washing Machine Friendly


  • It’s a size bigger. Consider ordering a size down if you are considering buying it.

4. Swimming Trucks

If you don’t need the extra layer to keep you warm and the weather and water are warm, but you want to wear something to protect yourself to avoid any irritation or rash from occurring, especially if you are renting a wetsuit.

Swimming Trucks can be a good choice because they are lightweight, offer flexibility to move freely, and are not a hassle to remove.

You might be wondering, what is the difference between Swimming Trunks and Diving Shorts?

If you prefer a perfect fit around your body and want more warmth, you can choose Diving Shorts, while Swimming Trucks provide more looseness around your waist, and it is easier to wear on and off your swimming trunks.

There’s no one better than the other. Sometimes Diving Short is better for more extreme water activities like scuba diving or open water swimming. In contrast, Swimming Trucks are more casual such as paddle boarding. 

If you opt for a swimming truck, go for swimming trucks made from polyester and spandex because polyester helps dry it quickly, while spandex enables you to fit around your body.

Our Pick

what to wear under a wetsuit for open water swimming

If you prefer a more loose-fit approach to your swimwear and it must be lightweight, Speedo Men’s Swim Trunk has all the features you can ask for while providing an elastic closure to adjust to your liking.

The swim trunk made from polyester provides quick drying, which you won’t feel you are drenched with sweat. Besides that, the swim trucks are water repellent, which means that the swim trucks are not easily penetrated by water.


  • UPF 50+ protection
  • Water Repellent
  • Elastic closure
  • Well-Fit with Stretchy material


  • Mesh Lining can feel unnecessary and prefer without Mesh Lining

Should A Wetsuit Be Skin Tight?

Yes, but to a certain degree.

A wetsuit should cover your body and cling to your overall body but not to the point where you can’t move around freely.

The wetsuit should not be so tight that it starts to squeeze your body. 

Each person has their preference, and the right wetsuit is different from others.

There’s no right or wrong answer to it. It leads towards each personal preference.

But, to make sure that it’s the right wetsuit for you, your wetsuit should cling around your body, and there should not be air pockets around your wetsuit.

How Do You Break In A Wetsuit?

what to wear under a wetsuit for cold water

I understand that you might first feel uncomfortable wearing a wetsuit and want to find a way to make it more comfortable.

Maybe wearing something inside a wetsuit can help and think about what should I wear in a wetsuit? 

But the truth is that there are no tricks or tips to it, but it simply wears it constantly, and over time, it will become more comfortable to wear a wetsuit.


Because once you wear a wetsuit for a long time, it will naturally stretch out itself to fit your body and make sure that it is comfortable to wear.

Besides, mostly wetsuits don’t require break-in because the technology used to create wetsuits has made wearing a wetsuit much easier.

Why Do Surfers Wear Black Wetsuits?

You might hear what do you wear under a wetsuit surfing and why surfers wear a black wetsuit?

The main reason surfers wear a black wetsuit is that it offers the ultimate sunlight protection (close to perfect).

This is because surfers spend hours on the water while their skin is in contact with the sunlight.

Although you have applied sunscreen, your skin will still take a beating, and you might have skin irritation.

Wearing a black wetsuit can help you avoid exposing your entire body to the harmful UV that can damage your skin.

What Do You Do If Your Wetsuit Is Too Long?

what do surfers wear under their wetsuit

If you find that your wetsuit is not right with your body size, there are two options that you might consider.

The first option is that you can bring it to your local tailor shop or any wetsuit shop to help you get your wetsuit to your body size.

But, it might cost you to fix your wetsuit.

The second option is if you are a handy person and know how to sew clothes, you can fix the wetsuit yourself.

But be cautious with it.

Because depending on which section of the wetsuit you feel is too long, you might need someone to do it for you to avoid damaging the wetsuit itself.

Tip: Most wetsuits have a 30-day return policy when you purchase your wetsuit as long the wetsuit has no tears or damage, and if you found the wetsuit doesn’t fit you at all, you can ask for a bigger size wetsuit or have a refund. 

What Is The Easiest Way To Put On A Wetsuit?

It can be tough to wear a wetsuit, and it can wear us down trying to wear a wetsuit, and by the time we are done wearing a wetsuit, we might be out of breath and tired before the event has begun! 

If you are thinking of wearing something under your wetsuit, you might be wondering what do I wear under a wetsuit to make wearing a wetsuit much easier? 

The easiest way to put on your wetsuit is by wearing diving skin such as swimming trunks or diving shorts which helps you get into your wetsuit much easier and provides you some protection and warmth.

Also, you can wear a rash guard with the same benefits as wearing a dive skin and helps you to prevent any skin irritation. 

An alternative option to using a water-based lubricant that you can apply to the area that might be tight to fit, such as your legs or hands, with a small amount of it to help make it a bit more easy to wear. 

what do surfers wear under their wetsuit

How Tight Should Wetsuit Gloves Be?

With your wetsuit, you know that they should cling to your body without restricting your body movement and feeling squeezed.

It goes the same way as your wetsuit gloves.

A wetsuit glove should cover you nicely to help you navigate the coldness during your water activity while not squeezing your hand, so you can’t move your hand freely.

what to wear under a wetsuit for open water swimming

Most wetsuit gloves are made from neoprene which helps with stretchability that curates you to fit your hand size perfectly without any hassle.

Do You Put On A Wetsuit Wet Or Dry? 

You can put on a wet or dry wetsuit but not damp skin on a dry wetsuit.

Trust me. You will have a hard time putting it on and increasing the risk of tearing up the wetsuit.

If you are wet or sweaty, make sure to dry yourself first before putting on a wetsuit. With sweaty or damp skin while putting on a wetsuit, you will keep pulling, increasing the likelihood of damaging the wetsuit.

Find somewhere away from the sunlight and a warm or cool area to put on your wetsuit so you don’t sweat when you are putting on your wetsuit.

Do Wetsuits Make You Look Fat?

You might hear that wetsuits could look fat on you.

Maybe, you might be wondering. What do u wear under a wetsuit so that you don’t look fat?

But, the truth is that your wetsuit doesn’t make you look fat.

Your wetsuit will fit around your body to keep you warm and protect your skin while you are in the water.

Remember that no matter how you look, you are an amazing human being and each body size has its beauty, and your body can do amazing things in life. 

Can You Wear A Pad In A Wetsuit?

You can wear a pad in your wetsuit, but there are few things you need to consider when wearing pads.

The first thing in mind is that you should wear something underneath your wetsuit.

But, what do you wear under a wetsuit?

You can wear period-proof swimwear if you are worried about your menstrual flow. Because period-proof swimwear can avoid any menstrual blood being leaked out to the water, it can also help you absorb it because of its extra layer.

what to wear under a wetsuit for cold water

You can enjoy the activity without worrying anything about your menstrual blood leaking out from your wetsuit. 

Do Shorty Wetsuits Keep You Warm?

Yes, shorty wetsuits keep you warm because the wetsuit thickness plays a huge part in keeping our bodies warm when the water temperature is cold.

what to wear under a wetsuit for cold water

Depending on the area water temperature, you should alter your wetsuit thickness because how thick your wetsuit is can hold itself at colder temperatures and prevent our bodies from going numb because of being too cold.

Also, if you are doing activities such as paddling that don’t involve you being underwater, you can wear a short wetsuit and still be warm. 

If you are worried that a short wetsuit might not keep you warm, you can wear undergarments in a wetsuit, but what to wear under a wetsuit to keep warm?

You are going to be underwater. It might be better to wear a full wetsuit to give you optimal warmth for your body. 

If you are not going underwater, a short wetsuit would be more than enough to perform any activities that don’t involve going underwater.

What Is The Average Cost Of A Wetsuit?

A Wetsuit can cost from $25 to $150, which is different from a wetsuit, and depending on what you are looking for, the average cost of each particular wetsuit varies from one to another. 

From $15 to $35, you can find short wetsuits, wetsuits for kids, or even boardshorts, which is perfect for people who are either surfing or paddleboarding, and most of the wetsuit is mostly from neoprene and nylon.

If you are looking for a full-on wetsuit, the average cost is around $40 to $100 for a full-piece wetsuit. But the wetsuit’s thickness will determine its price because the thicker it is, the more expensive the wetsuit will cost.


There you have it, all the options you can consider on what to wear under a wetsuit. 

We understand that thinking about the options to wear under a wetsuit is not straightforward because each person has different preferences, body sizes, measures, and circumstances, making it confusing.

If you found this article to help you in any way, please feel free to share it around your network that is looking at the option to wear under a wetsuit! 

A Quick Guide On What To Wear Under A Wetsuit

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