9 Algarve Adventures To Spice Up Your Life!

Are you interested in all the Algarve adventures that Portugal has to offer?

Wondering where to go for your next holiday once borders are open? Have you been craving the surge of adrenaline and the thrill of a long-overdue adventure? 

Wonder no more and book your next flight to Portugal as WWB Writer Najihah, has you covered!

It’s a well-known fact that Portugal is often affiliated with cobblestoned streets, traditional colourful tiles, and the Pena Palace in Sintra

But what if I tell you that the best part of Portugal is actually down south? 

The Algarve, a 155-kilometre stretch of coastline is Portugal’s best-kept secret and is laden with a long list of adventures to go for, nature to explore, and fresh seafood to devour. So whether you are planning to visit the Algarve in September or in May, the excitement for an adventure awaits. 

Algarve adventures
Algarve adventures – Falesia Beach.

Why You Should Go Adventuring In The Algarve

Firstly, the Algarve is a highly underrated vacation spot. 

With golden sandy beaches lining impressive cliffs and divine grottos (beach caves), there are countless Algarve adventures that you can go for.

Think of it as a one-stop destination for all your dream seaside adventures.

Thanks to Mother Nature, years of erosions have led to the formations of magnificent rock structures and sea caves. You will get to enjoy and appreciate this natural wonder in many ways, most of which by participating in Algarve adventures.

Secondly, did you know that you can spend less than $1000 for a two-week stay in the Algarve?

With a variety of accommodation options, you can make room in your budget for more Algarve adventures. You’d be surprised at how much money you’d save whilst staying here. In this article, I’ll be sharing some of the best Algarve accommodations that are comfortable but is still within your budget

Thirdly, the Algarve is not only an adventure haven for thrill-seekers and adventure lovers, but it is also the perfect family holiday destination. WWB Writer Najihah is going to share all the activities you can partake in for a fun-filled vacation.

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List Of Algarve Adventures

There are plenty of activities to choose from when you’re in the Algarve — the list is essentially endless. It’s like dipping your toes in a pool of adventurous possibilities. Days spent adventuring in the Algarve will keep you on your toes and make you come back for more!

Here are some of the best Algarve adventures for you to get involved in:

  • Sea cave tours
  • Diving
  • Rock climbing
  • Paragliding
  • Kayaking
  • Jeep safari tour
  • Mountain biking
  • Quad biking
  • Skydiving

Algarve Sea Adventures

Adventuring in the Algarve means you will be mostly by the beach. As such, it only makes sense to stay active by spending as much time embarking on new and unique experiences. In this case, an in-depth exploration of the sea.

Algarve adventures
Photo by Mondo Generator from Unsplash

An Algarve cave tour has to be on top of your Algarve adventures list. Marvel at the naturally formed sea caves as you go on one of Portugal’s famous sea caves tours.

The most notable cave, the Benagil cave (or Algar de Benagil) is a sight to behold. Besides the sea caves, you might even catch some dolphins swimming in the sea during the cruise. 

The tour is available to book based on your preference for point of departure, from either Albufeira, Lagos, or Portimao.

Channel your inner mermaid (or merman) and dive into the unknown (or rather, into the depths of the big blue sea) for an up-close encounter with marvellous marine life. Portugal is home to a diverse species of fish, crustaceans, and cephalopods. 

Algarve Sea Adventures
Photo by Hallie Heeg from Unsplash

Diver’s Cove in Lagos offers options on diving packages with rental diving equipment (from €20) as well as PADI-certified diving courses (from €50) if you’re keen to learn. With 28 years of experience, expect only the best from the instructors at this diving centre. Get in touch with Diver’s Cove.

Whenever we think about rock climbing, a familiar image of someone ascending a hill in a forest comes to mind. However, climbing in the Algarve gives thrill-seekers an edge by scaling the cliffs overlooking the sea. 

Algarve adventures
Photo by Aditya Chinchure from Unsplash

Algarve Sea Adventures brings you to popular climbing spots along the coast, such as Lagos and Sagres, which is the most western point of Europe. If you’re a beginner, you’re in luck because they also offer lessons for rock climbing. Enquire about climbing packages and climbing lessons.

Among the numerous Algarve adventures, paragliding is somewhat similar to skydiving (but at a lower height and less intense atmosphere). It is suitable if you are looking to relax and take in the glorious view of the Algarve coast, in contrast to the intense freefall from skydiving.

Algarve Sea Adventures
Photo by Ieva Swanson from Unsplash

This one-day pass allows you to choose your preferred timing to paraglide, giving you different options of divine aerial views of the golden cliffs and vast, azure ocean.

If you are more experienced, Algarve Paragliding hosts paragliders in their bed and breakfast and provides transportation services to the site. Remember to bring your own gear if you are planning to book a stay with them.

Kayak Adventures Algarve

One of the most prominent features of the Algarve is the expansive coastline that the region is blessed with. On top of that, the vast emerald ocean is perfect for kayaking, which is one of the best Algarve adventures that you could experience. Here are some of the kayak adventures that you can go for.

Another way to get to the grottos is by kayaking. The Benagil Caves Kayak Tour begins at Praia de Benagil or Benagil Beach, after which you will be taken to see the breathtaking nature surrounding Benagil Cave, including the Marinha Beach and surrounding sea caves. 

The tour is priced from €35 per person. Book this kayak tour.

Kayak Adventures Algarve
Kayak adventures in the Algarve

There are many ways to appreciate the picturesque views of the Algarve coast.

One of them is from Ponta da Piedade, a viewpoint located a 10-minute drive from the centre of Lagos. Even though it’s easier and more convenient to drive there, why not make it a rewarding workout by kayaking by the beach?

Revel in the surrounding panorama by signing up for this 2-hour kayak tour during which you will be guided on a boat from Lagos to Ponta da Piedade, before kayaking through the beautiful sea caves and mesmerising beaches nearby.

The €35 experience is a bang for your buck, which also includes a cheeky swim in the sea and a complimentary drink on the way back.

Algarve Sea Adventures
Algarve Sea Adventures – View from the top of Ponta da Piedade

Don’t fancy a workout during your holiday? Not a problem, because this boat tour covers all the areas similar to the kayak tour, except without tiring your arms. 

Algarve Adventures On Wheels

The Algarve boasts more than just sea adventures. There are also a lot of land excursions that you can sign up for, so you get the best of both worlds.

Take a trip to the wild side and go on a jeep safari tour. This 4-hour tour includes a visit to see cork oak trees, a drive through lush forests, and a pit stop by the waterfall for a quick swim. If you are a wine enthusiast, this joint tour will take you on a coastal tour all over Algarve’s incredible coastline as well as a cheeky stop for wine tasting. 

If you enjoy biking, the unique terrain in the Algarve makes for a perfect biking trail.

Algarve Bike Holidays in Albufeira offers numerous biking packages across the Algarve, such as mountain biking, road biking, and also bike rental if you prefer paving your path. The mountain bike tours cover trail biking and coastline routes, whereas the road biking tours take you all along the roads of Algarve. More information on the biking tours.

Algarve adventures
Photo by Devon Divine from Unsplash

Quad biking or ATV (all-terrain vehicle) would be in your Algarve adventures list if you are looking to have fun without putting in too much work.

The Quad Bike Adventure is a guided tour which brings you through quaint villages and fruit orchards. You will enjoy driving through country roads while taking in the breathtaking scenery along the way. Do note that a driving licence is required to drive a quad bike. Book Quad Bike Adventure.

One of the Algarve adventures that would challenge yourself is by skydiving. Although it isn’t technically done on wheels, it does start with a short plane ride.

This heart-stopping, adrenaline-pumping is exclusively for the brave and the fearless. Skydiving in the Algarve means enjoying the coastal view from a whole different level (literally). 

Skydive Algarve provides several choices for tandem skydiving, depending on your preference for freefall.

Experienced daredevils are entitled to special pricing starting from €31 per jump, but if this is your first time, tandem skydiving prices start at €119.99. For more information on their rates and available dates, check out their website.

Family Activities Algarve

Aside from being a tourist haven for solo travellers and a fabulous honeymoon getaway for couples, the Algarve is also a family-friendly destination.

You can be guaranteed that everyone will have their fair share of Algarve adventures. Here are some of the best family activities that you can participate in.

Ever wondered what it’s like to swim with dolphins?

Visit Zoomarine to find out! Zoomarine is a theme park located 20 minutes away from Albufeira. An entry ticket to this marine park would also give you access to the waterpark, mini zoo and the amusement park. It is highly recommended that you spend a full day here to make the most of the activities in the park. More information on Zoomarine’s Dolphin Emotions.

However, if you run out of time, you can always purchase the annual pass which entitles you to free entrance for a whole year! This will definitely put a smile on your children’s faces.  Check out opening dates for Zoomarine.

Next up, get up close and personal with some furry friends in Krazyworld Zoo.

This interactive zoo is perfect for animal lovers and curious children alike. From reptiles to lemurs, it is a wholesome and fun learning experience. Entrance ticket starts from €9.95, which is a great deal for an all-day visit.

Head over to their website for details on activities and park map.

Family Activities Algarve
Family Activities in Algarve – Faro Beach

Unique Tips To Take Note Of When Adventuring In The Algarve

Going on an adventurous holiday would involve a lot of planning and potentially cause a lot of headaches, so here are some super useful tips to help you through your Algarve adventures.

Transportation Tips

Personally, I would recommend renting a car in the Algarve. It is easier and cheaper if you book a rental car in advance. Rental car providers such as AutoEurope, Sixt, and Kayak have a wide range of cars to suit your preference and budget. 

Rent a car from €4 on Kayak

Public transport isn’t the most practical choice because you’d want to take the time for as many Algarve adventures as possible, so I would highly suggest making the most of your time by renting a car to get around.

Trust me, the Algarve is best experienced through driving. Plus, you wouldn’t want to miss the epic coastline views for the world.

Speaking of living life to the fullest, it is equally important to be prepared. It is even more important when you’re planning an adventure to the Algarve. Remember to book travel insurance before going on your holiday.

World Nomads is a popular travel insurance provider. They provide 24/7 assistance, flexible insurance options and cover a wide range of exceptional circumstances so you can have a stress-free holiday. This includes medical emergencies, trip cancellations as well as baggage and personal belongings. Get an instant quote from World Nomads.

Algarve Day Trip 

Fancy a quick trip to the Algarve but short on time? Not a problem, because all you need is to choose at least two of the short tours on this list and you’ll have the whole day covered. Here are some suggestions:

Best Parts Of The Algarve

With a plethora of adventures to choose from and multiple cities to visit along the Algarve coast, it can be overwhelming. Which is why the best of Algarve has been handpicked just for you.  

Algarve Events

A popular tourist destination like the Algarve has its own yearly event calendar. These are a few that you should include in your itinerary:

Algarve Events
Algarve Events – “Alice in Wonderland” sand sculpture from Lagos’ Sand City.

Algarve In Winter

During the summer, an influx of tours would visit the Algarve. Hence, it is best to avoid visiting during peak season, particularly in August. On the other hand, visiting in winter would give you an advantage as it means less crowded beaches and shorter queues.

Planning to be in Algarve in December? You can still have some fun in the (winter) sun 

  • Go on a winter hike. Temperatures in the Algarve average between 9°C to 17°C, which is relatively cool but still warm enough for a hike. Tip: Always bring extra layers of clothes in case you need them.
  • Take your time and go for a tour (sans the crowd) in Algarve’s cities. Tip: Don’t forget to carry sunscreen! It may be less sunny but sunscreen is an all-year necessity.

Exploring cities in the Algarve:

Algarve In Winter
Algarve In Winter – The streets of Lagos.

Best Stays In The Algarve

Accommodations tend to take a huge hit on our holiday budget. Nonetheless, it is possible to book a spacious, fancy accommodation without going over your budget. These are some of the great deals to help you start:

Algarve in September
Image by Hans Braxmeier from Pixabay
  • This gorgeous apartment, which has an astonishing view of the Ria Formosa; from $48.26 (or €39.53) per night. A two-week stay amounts to only $675.64 (or €553.42)
  • This quaint loft with a rooftop for late-night conversations and morning cups of joe; from $58.85 (or €48.20) per night. A two-week stay would cost you $823.90 (or €674.80)
  • A clean, minimalistic apartment with the most natural light shining through; from $42.60 (or €34.90) per night. A two-week stay amounts to $596.40 (or €488.57)

Ready for your Algarve adventure?

All in all, there are plenty of Algarve adventures that you can sign up for. From exploring sea caves, quad biking across villages, and hiking cliffs, your holiday will certainly be one to remember.

Whether you have an intricate itinerary laid out or planning a spontaneous stopover, it is guaranteed that joining in on a few Algarve adventures would not disappoint.

If you’ve been to the Algarve, share your experience in the comments section on your favourite moments and which excursion would you go for again if you were to visit the Algarve in the future.

9 Algarve Adventures To Spice Up Your Life!

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