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7 Best Ankle Support For Hiking Options in 2023

You need to know the best ankle support for hiking if you have nagging ankle issues but still want to live your best, active life – which I fully support! 

Do you have injury-prone ankles and you are looking for a great solution to stay comfortable while hiking?

There is no reason ankle issues should stop you from enjoying a hike in the great outdoors.

This is exactly why I’ve decided to create a list of the 7 best ankle braces you can use as extra support as you get out and about on your favorite trails.

If you’re looking for ultimate comfort when you hike then my top picks for the 7 best ankle braces are:

These can be used inside of great hiking boots and you shouldn’t have to worry about ankle injuries ever again.

Now if you’re ready, let’s check out my detailed list. Let’s dive in!

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Some of the links on here are affiliate links and I may earn if you click on them, AT NO EXTRA cost to you. Hope you find the information here useful! Thanks.

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The 7 Best Ankle Braces For Ankle Support While Hiking

While a great pair of hiking boots for weak ankles is necessary to provide the best ankle support, if you want or are in need of some extra protection as you hike, this list is for you!

It will tell you all of the braces that are among the contenders for the best ankle brace for hiking.

Best ankle support for hiking

You really can’t go wrong with a great pair of hiking boots with ankle support plus these braces — you’re sure to be protected on a long, adventurous hike! 

Your feet and ankles will both be thanking you after a long day (or week, or month?!) out on the trails. I’m so excited to see where you go with your new hiking boot and ankle brace combo. The options are endless when your ankles are protected!

1. Ultra Zoom Ankle Brace for Injury Prevention

This is a great brace as it still allows for a large range of motion while providing your ankle with extra support and stability. 

It is good for preventing future injuries and will keep your ankles in great shape for any future hikes you have on your calendar. I hope that list of hikes grows and grows as you become more comfortable on more difficult trails with your newly found ankle support.

Best ankle support for hiking

What I like: They are specifically designed to form fit to your feet and to be worn inside of shoes comfortably. They should pair perfectly with your hiking shoes for weak ankles.

What I don’t like: This brace is sold for one foot at a time, so if you are using it as ankle support for hiking you’ll have to purchase two so both ankles are equally secure.

2. Ultra Ankle High-5 Ankle Brace for Ankle Instability and Reoccurring Joint Pain

Obviously, this company knows a thing or two about creating the best ankle support for hiking since they made the list twice! I love that they are able to provide different options to give you exactly what you are looking for in terms of the best ankle support for your needs.

This brace is a bit taller than the Zoom and is slightly more restrictive in terms of movement, so if you need a lot of ankle support, this one may just be the best ankle support for hiking for you!

It has hinge-cuffed technology which makes ankle twisting and turning a thing of the past. 

What I like: This brace gives you back your confidence, even after a severe ankle injury. It has great sideways resistance making it difficult to strain, sprain, or twist an ankle again – exactly what you want in your ankle braces for hiking!

What I don’t like: As with the Zoom, if you are going to purchase this brace for hiking, you’ll need to buy two. In addition, it is tough to get it to stay in place with only one strap but since you are using it for hiking inside your boot, this shouldn’t be an issue for you!

3. Med Spec ASO Ankle Stabilizer

If you are looking for some ankle stability that is on the softer side but still provides great support for your ankles, this nylon brace could be perfect for you. It is durable, strong, and secure, and as the name suggests, provides stability.

If you have weak ankles, stability is the key to not getting injured when you are out hiking! Pairing one or two of these braces with some of the best hiking boots for bad ankles will give you the best chance at an enjoyable hike.

Best ankle support for hiking

What I like: The laces make it so you can adjust the tightness on your foot very easily. This means you can tailor the brace to your exact needs and the amount of support your ankles need.

What I don’t like: It may be a little confusing to figure out right out of the box if you are newer to wearing ankle braces. It has laces and multiple straps that help keep it in place, which is a good thing, and if you have the patience to figure it all out – it’s worth it!

4. MalleoTrain Ankle Support Brace

This brace is all about comfort and would be an excellent addition to your hiking shoes with ankle support. It has pads inside that activate with movement massaging your ankle joints.

Can you imagine how fantastic that would feel inside some lightweight hiking shoes with ankle support?! I can, and I love the idea. 

I’m pretty sure your feet would be doing a happy dance if you provided them with all of that – and you certainly won’t be coming home with a twisted ankle, from hiking or dancing!

Best ankle support for hiking

What I like: I love that this brace provides so much stability without restricting mobility. This brace really provides the best of all worlds by being comfortable, fitting easily inside any of the best hiking boots for weak ankles – a match made in hiking trail heaven.

What I don’t like: It’s expensive, especially if you are buying two for hiking. It may be worth saving your pennies though, this is a great buy if you want to hike with great ankle support available to you.

5. Bauerfeind Sports Ankle Support – Breathable Compression

The unique strap design on this brace is what makes it among the best ankle support for hiking. The figure-8 design gives some additional compression on your foot, making it feel great and providing so much stability and support to weaker ankles.

It also helps improve circulation, so while we know your main concern is ankle stability, this is a great added bonus if you are hiking somewhere with high altitude or for really long periods of time!

What I like: It’s machine washable! So easy to clean after a long day (or more!) out on the trails.

What I don’t like: There is a seam on the bottom of the brace where it is stitched together, which some people may find uncomfortable.

As they have a great return policy, you can try it on with some of your best hiking shoes for weak ankles and see if it suits you!

6. Bauerfeind Sports Ankle Support Dynamic

Like Ultra, Bauerfeind has given you two great options to add ankle support to your hiking game! This brace, aptly name “dynamic,” would be such a great addition to your best hiking boots for ankle support. 

This brace not only supports mobility in your ankle, it actually improves it, which is truly unique and not something many other braces have going for them.

The knit fabric is perfect for wearing inside hiking boots or hiking sneakers with ankle support, providing you with the maximum support possible.

Best ankle support for hiking

What I like: It provides gentle compression which actually stimulates circulation and metabolism in your ankles, making them healthier than before all while protecting them. Talk about a win-win!

What I don’t like: It runs a bit large, and since it is not a brace made with tightening straps, this could make sizing tricky. Put the sizing chart to good use though and you should be in the clear!

7. DonJoy Stabilizing Pro Ankle Support Brace

This brace is an amazing, budget-friendly option! As one of the least expensive on the list, it is perfect if you are newer to hiking or just looking to save some money on your gear. 

It has a super low-profile design, making it perfect to fit inside your hiking boots. It has laces and a strap, ensuring a secure fit that will make you feel great about your ankles staying in the correct position as you head out to the trail.

What I like: This brace is so supportive even after you’ve had an injury! It reduces pain and swelling in addition to providing stability, letting you get back to your favorite trails much faster.

What I don’t like: If you are dealing with a previous injury and swelling, you may have to adjust it throughout the day as your ankle swells and shrinks with the amount of activity you are performing.

FAQs About The Best Ankle Support For Hiking

Still on the fence about which ankle brace might be the best complement to your best hiking shoes for bad ankles? I have answers to a few of the most commonly asked questions about supporting your ankles while hiking that might help you make a decision about which brace is best for you!

How Do I Support My Ankles For Hiking?

If you’re here, you’re most probably wondering “how do I support my ankles for hiking?” Well, hiking boots are going to be your top priority. If you find a great pair of those, you are well on your way to supporting your ankles in the best way possible. Adding ankle braces, however, can add an extra layer of stability for those of us that have ankles that are just a touch more wobbly than the average hiker!

What Is The Best Support For Weak Ankles?

So, what is the best support for weak ankles? Lucky for you, an ankle brace! And I’ve just provided you with a ton of great options of different types of ankle braces ranging from hard to soft, compression to massage, and plastic to knit.

Whatever your ankles need, there is sure to be something in the list I’ve provided that will provide the exact type of support you are looking for.

Best ankle support for hiking

Should You Wear Compression Socks To Hike?

If you have wondered if you should wear compression socks to hike then you will be happy to know that many hikers swear by wearing compression socks when they hike, and they can be a great addition to your ankle braces and hiking boots for weak ankles.

Especially if you’ve had a prior injury, they can prevent inflammation and swelling, which is helpful as you go on a long hike on your favorite trail. You’ll have all your bases covered!

Do I Need Ankle Support?

As you plan your hike, you have probably thought “do I need ankle support?” Using ankle braces to prevent ankle injuries is a great idea when hiking. Many times, rough terrain and weather can catch us off guard during a hike.

If you are prepared with proper footwear and ankle braces in order to prevent injury, you’re much less likely to walk away from your hiking trip hurt. This will make it a far more enjoyable experience.


There are plenty of potential hazards that can cause an ankle injury when you are hiking. Since ankle sprains are one of the most common injuries for hikers, protecting your ankles is a great idea.

Your best bet is to choose a brace that doesn’t restrict your natural movement but will give you just the right amount of extra support. 

That’s exactly what the braces on this list do. When you add them to your well-researched pair of hiking boots you are sure to avoid the ankle injuries that may keep you off the trail. 

We know as you look for the best ankle support for hiking, there is sure to be something here that will give you that extra peace of mind as you adventure again!

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