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11 Best Hiking Boots for Overpronation In 2022 (Super Comfy!)

Looking for the best hiking boots for overpronation?

You love hiking but you don’t really enjoy it as much since you have overpronation? I feel you. Overpronation and hiking do not go along very well and your feet hurt unless you find a good pair of best hiking boots for overpronation.

Painful feet should never stop me from doing my favourite activity, hiking! It shouldn’t stop you either.

So if you know how painful it is hiking with overpronation, then this list of best hiking boots for overpronation should save your life, literally! 

I have also shared some tips and tricks to get through hiking safely without having to hurt your feet badly. 


Some of the links below are affiliate links and I may earn if you click and buy from them, AT NO EXTRA cost to you. Hope you find the information here useful! Thank you so much.

11 Best Hiking Boots For Overpronation

Best Quality: Oboz Bridger Mid B-Dry

Most Budget-Friendly: Timberland Men’s White Ledge Mid Shoe

Mid Range Compromise: Merrell Men’s Moab 2 Vent Hiking Shoe

best hiking boots for overpronation rocks

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11 Best Hiking Boots For Overpronation

1.Oboz Bridger Mid B-Dry

best hiking boots for overpronation oboz brdiger mid b dry

To match the specific construction and shape of every pair of hiking boots made, the Oboz Bridger Mid Hiking Boots have insoles moulded. The nubuck full leather provides durability and utmost protection for your feet.

These best hiking shoes for pronation and flat feet have moulded rubber toe caps to keep your toes off trail debris. They also come with a heel counter to maintain a comfortable snug fit.

What’s Great

  • Suitable for a day hike
  • TPU Chassis enhances stability hiking shoes and avoids stone bruising
  • Single-density EVA provides comfort and extra cushioning
  • Outsoles are built for extra support and ultimate protection for hiking
  • Well-ventilated and waterproof 

What’s Not

  • Can hurt you feet after more than 10 wears, make sure to regularly apply with leather conditioner
  • Fit smaller than your regular shoe size, consider sizing up or consult for best fit

2.Timberland Men’s White Ledge Mid Shoe

best hiking boots for overpronation timberland mens white ledge mid shoe

These overpronation hiking boots from Timberland are made of 100% premium waterproof leather with seam-sealed construction. They are stylish, versatile, comfortable, and durable. They have fully gusseted tongues and comfortable EVA footbeds and midsoles. 

The Timberland Men’s White Ledge Mid Waterproof Ankle Boots have a 4.75” shaft measurement from arch and rubber soles. You can expect secure lacing and support with rustproof speed lace hardware and hooks at the top.

What’s Great

  • Great for various conditions
  • Waterproof seam-sealed construction, so your feet stay dry 
  • Gusseted tongues for security and comfort
  • Secure and speedy lace-up for adjustable fit
  • Arch support

What’s Not

  • Only suitable for casual hikes
  • Need waterproof agent for better waterproof performance

3.Merrell Men’s Moab 2 Vent Hiking Shoe

best hiking boots for overpronation merrell mens mo9ab 2 vent hiking

The Merrell Men’s Moab 2 Vent Hiking Shoes are made of suede leather and mesh for durability and ventilation. 

These best hiking shoes for flat feet and overpronation have man-made soles that provide anti-slip properties and can help you stand on slippery surfaces well. However, don’t stand in flowing water with this Merrell overpronation. 

What’s Great

  • Mesh upper and high performance suede leather 
  • Bellows and closed-cell foam tongue to avoid moisture and dirt
  • Protective rubber toe cap to protect your toes from hard debris
  • 5mm lug depth mesh lining for air circulation

What’s Not

  • Need regular maintenance – proper drying on low heat and application of waterproof agent

4.Salomon X-Ultra Mid GTX

best hiking boots for overpronation salomon x ultra mid gtx

These hiking boots for overpronation provide lightweight precision and foothold with a wide fit. These hiking boots hug your feet comfortably to tackle downhills. The rubber soles improve traction and grip for rough surfaces.

What’s Great

  • Mid top shaft measurement from arch for support
  • Waterproof and durable, offering maximum traction on all terrains
  • Tackle downhills easily with Gore-Tex technology
  • Suitable for a day or multi-day adventure

What’s Not

  • Could leak if not carefully maintained, consider applying waterproof agent
  • Tricky sizing, read the size chart and measure your feet carefully

5.Keen Durand II Mid WP

best hiking boots for overpronation keen durang 2

These hiking boots for overpronation are made with waterproof nubuck leather upper and breathable mesh lining for air circulation. The soles are made of dual-compound rubber and multi-directional lugs for higher traction grip.

What’s Great

  • Ankle shaft measurement from arch for added support
  • 4mm multi-directional lugs for better traction grip and slip-free movement
  • Contoured heels for secure footing and comfort
  • Dual-density EVA footbed helps support the arch
  • Stability shank for extra lightweight support
  • Resilient cushioning by the direct-attach PU midsoles for perfect fit
  • Anti-odor technology and water repellent treatment

What’s Not

  • Odd pinch points, might need slower and better breaking in

6.Columbia Women’s Newton Ridge Plus Hiking Boot

best hiking boots for overpronation columbia women newton ridge

These hiking boots are made from high-quality materials with sturdy stitching. They are constructed with a waterproof seam with full-grain leather and suede upper and designed for long-lasting hiking use. 

They also have a mesh tongue, a scratch rubber heel, and outdoor lace hardware. The Columbia Women’s Newton Ridge Plus Hiking Boot is the secure and stable boot you want on long treks over various challenging terrains. 

What’s Great

  • Rubber sole for slip-free movement
  • 5” shaft measurement from arch for added support
  • Lightweight and durable midsole for comfort and ultimate cushioning
  • Made of waterproof full-grain leather and suede bootie construction and durable and breathable mesh tongue
  • Lace-up closure for a secure and adjustable fit
  • Contrasting color combinations and soft suede exterior for that stylish look
  • Have a dual-zone winter tread pattern for solid footing on icy and snowy surfaces

What’s Not

  • Smaller in size, consult for best fit or consider sizing up
  • Do not last that long, unless regularly maintained

7.Salomon Men’s Authentic Leather & GORE-TEX Boot

best hiking boots for overpronation salomoin mens authentic leather

These best hiking boots for overpronation are suitable for backpacking. They are lightweight and have a deep, aggressive lug pattern for ultimate traction on various terrains. They are also equipped with waterproof Gore-Tex for weather protection.

What’s Great

  • Rugged and technical backpacking boots, suitable when hiking carrying a heavy backpack
  • Motion control, push through protection, and energy management are important for extra support and reduce pain on your feet
  • Suitable for a day hike or hitting the trails for multi-days

What’s Not

8.KEEN Men’s Targhee II Mid Waterproof Hiking Boot

best hiking boots for overpronation keen mens targhee 2 mid waterproof

These hiking boots are like a four-wheel drive for your feet. 

They keep your feet dry and comfortable. With 4mm lug depth, they provide great traction control. The external support shank gives stability to your torso for support through rough terrains.

Made of 100% waterproof nubuck leather, the KEEN Targhee II Mid WP Hiking Boot allows you to hike without wetting your feet. They also have rubber soles for grip on various surfaces.

What’s Great

  • The waterproof breathable material keeps your feet dry and comfortable all day long
  • The leather is treated with PFC-free water repellent to avoid water from flooding the boots
  • High-traction grip rubber outsoles suitable for all environments
  • Leave no traces indoor with non-marking rubber outsoles
  • Added ankle support and balance with External Support Shank (ESS), mid-cut, and contoured heels
  • Low-profile upper for secure fit with padded collar and tongue

What’s Not

  • Might wear off quickly if not properly maintained – dry appropriately in low heat and apply leather conditioner

9.REI Co-Op Flash Hiking Boots

The REI Co-Op Flash Hiking Boots uppers are made from 99% recycled polyester and are lightweight and durable. The rubber tread provides an anti-slip grip on various terrains with 4mm lugs.

The midsoles are created with algae-based foam to cushion your feet soft like your running shoes. These hiking boots for flat feet have insoles created with podiatrists for comfort and support.

What’s Great

  • Durable and supportive uppers for long hours of light hikes
  • Molded nylon midfoot shanks give lightweight support, protect your feet, and propel you forward
  • Midfoot cradle system made of polyester webbing and lacing for extra support and comfort
  • Adjustable and locked-down fit for comfort when moving
  • Extra toe space for natural changes (like swelling)

What’s Not

  • Too much pressure when worn straight out of the box- need proper breaking in

10.KEEN Voyageur Women’s Low Hiking Boots

best hiking boots for overpronation keen voyageur women

Made of waterproof leather and breathable mesh upper, the KEEN Voyageur Women’s Low Hiking Boots are suitable for beaches, mountains, and city streets. 

If you stain these women’s best hiking boots for overpronation, treat them by rubbing a gum eraser lightly. Gently brush debris and loose dirt with a soft bristle brush or hand towel.

The soles of these walking boots for overpronation are made of rubber for grip and traction. The uppers repel water and the mesh increases ventilation.

What’s Great

  • High-traction grip from the terrain rubber outsoles for muddy and rocky environments
  • Multi-directional 4mm lugs for ultimate traction and grip on slippery surfaces
  • Dual density EVA midsole to support comfort and reduce boot overall weight
  • Lightweight support from the external stability shank
  • Cushioned collars reduce discomfort and irritation around your ankles
  • Foot sealed in place with reinforced eyelets

What’s Not

  • Narrow toe box – consider sizing up a bit or consult for best fit

11.LOWA Renegade GTX Women’s Flat Feet Hiking Boots

best hiking boots for overpronation lowa renegade gtx women flat feet

If you’re into short day hikes, the LOWA Renegade GTX Women’s Flat Feet Hiking Boots are perfect for you. With a footbed that eliminates moisture, these hiking boots for flat feet come with a full-length nylon shank and shock-absorbent Vibram soles. 

These best hiking boots for flat feet and overpronation also support loads up to 25 pounds. They are also equipped with corded lace-up vamp and speed-lacing grommets uppers.

What’s Great

  • 4.75” shaft measurement from arch for extra support
  • 1.5” heel measurement for stability while hiking
  • 1” platform measurement for extra comfort
  • Padded tongues and collars for security and support
  • Full-length nylon stabilizing shank

What’s Not

  • Not wide toed, consider sizing up a bit for a more comfort fit
  • Could be bulky and heavy, suitable for light hikes with light loads

What Is Overpronation?

best hiking boots for overpronation what is overpronation

Okay, now let’s learn a little bit about overpronation. The medical term is pes planus, a condition where your feet are flat when standing up. 

Overpronation is a type of flat feet condition other than neutral pronation and under pronation or supination. It happens when your foot rolls inward too much toward the arch. You can refer to the image below for further clarification.

How do you know you have overpronation? 

You can simply ask for help to observe your feet midsoles when standing up. If they are not arched like how they should and your feet roll inward too much, then you most probably have overpronation.

This condition commonly occurs after 2 years of age in a person’s life. 

And it is permanent. However, it should not really bother your everyday routine although you might feel that your feet are sore easily when you walk or stand for too long. Wearing the best hiking boots for pronation, you will not suffer as much.

Things to Consider When Choosing the Best Hiking Boots for Overpronation

best hiking boots for overpronation things to consider when choosing hiking boots

From the list of the best hiking boots for overpronation above, now you know that you need a specific type of hiking boots to ensure comfort. Consider these things when you’re choose the best hiking boots for overpronation.

1.Durability and Cushioning 

Durability is needed to make sure your overpronation boots stay intact and serve their purposes for a long time. Look for hiking boots with cushions toward the inside. This is the part to protect your midsole to avoid soreness.


You also need hiking boots with a shank between the midsole and outsole. It is an insert that is semi-rigid and fits in the boot midsole. 

What does a shank do?

A shank provides stability when hiking on rough terrain, protects your foot from sharp objects, and gives ample stiffness to hiking boots so they flex at the balls of the feet when loaded. 


When you’re buying online, make sure to consult for virtual outfitting. Most brands do this to make sure buyers buy best hiking boots for overpronation correctly and for ultimate satisfaction.

You can set an appointment with a consultant and he/she will guide you throughout your whole purchasing experience. You can even consult for the best walking boots for overpronation UK or US, wherever you’re comfortable with.

Taking Care Of Your Hiking Boots

taking care of your hiking boots

You can try these tips to keep your hiking boots stay durable and longer-lasting:

  1. Break into your leather hiking boots slowly. Don’t put wax on them instantly. Go on shorter hikes first before going on longer ones. 
  2. Clean and dry them regularly. You need to do this at least every 2 or 3 trips. Clean off the mud by hosing them down with water and brushing them off. Instead of putting them near a heater, place them in a warm room or a dryer to avoid melting the soles and cracking the leather. 
  3. Make sure the insoles are removed after each use. Let them out overnight as wet insoles could cause smelly and dirty hiking boots.
  4. Keep hiking boots waterproof by applying a thin layer of waterproof agent. This should not be done regularly, only once in a while.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do Boots Help With Overpronation?

frequently asked questions do boots help with overpronation

Not all hiking boots are for overpronation. But if you’re looking, then find a pair of sturdy and stable hiking boots that do not have bent arches. These boots should tremendously help if you have flat feet and are looking for the best hiking boots for overpronation to go hiking comfortably.

Should Hiking Boots Have Arch Support?

Best walking boots for overpronation with proper arch support shows that they have the right fit. Good fit and arch support help prevent blisters, hot spots, and plantar fasciitis. Best hiking boots should also perfectly fit your feet and securely hold your feet without hot spots or too much pressure.

Are OBOZ Good For Flat Feet?

The Oboz Bridget has O-fit insoles that perfectly mould to the foot. It also cradles your foot and offers the best possible support. Besides, comfort is a top priority for flat feet. All these are delivered well with every step in the Oboz Bridger.

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From the descriptions shared above, hopefully, you will find the best hiking boots for overpronation. Consider the trails and period of usage before you really want to buy the desired hiking boots. What’s important is your foot health, so consider this very carefully. Happy searching!

11 Best Hiking Boots for Overpronation In 2022 (Super Comfy!)