7 Best Areas To Stay In Marrakech [2023 Guide]

If you’re planning a tour to Morocco and are wondering what are the best areas to stay in Marrakech, you’ve come across the right post.

Marrakech is a fantastic city with lots of attractions for you to visit and is a must-go if you travel to this country.

The third-largest city in Morocco is full of life, with markets or souks all over the place, a Medina worth exploring, and close to the Atlas Mountains, the Atlantic Coast, and the Sahara desert, so you will be able to plan trips to those places from the comfort of your Marrakech riad.

The city is divided into Medina and a European district, so ancient and modern combine to give you a pleasant experience in this place.

However, as with every city in the world, there are good and not so good areas to stay in, so it’s better to know in advance which area to stay in Marrakech according to your budget, plans, and travel style.

Keep on reading to find out the best areas to stay in Marrakech!

Best Areas To Stay In Marrakech Table


1. Medina

Type of AccommodationName of AccommodationNotable Features
Best AirBnB On A BudgetRiad Ineslisa Located in the heart of the Medina.

Perfect environment for relaxation.

Breakfast and Wi-Fi included and family-friendly.
Best Luxurious AirBnBINCHIRA Riad 
Beautiful full home with 3 rooms and 5 beds.

It has a pool, and it’s close to Jemaa El-Fna Square.

Daily cleaning service and Wi-Fi.
Best HostelRiad Jennah Rouge
Spacious and clean.

Perfect for backpackers.

The staff is hospitable.

The breakfast and Wi-Fi are included.
Best HotelPalais Sebban
Excellent amenities, with a spa and an outdoor pool.

Affordable and pet-friendly.

Breakfast is included.

2. Kasbah

Type of AccommodationName of AccommodationNotable Features
Best AirBnBThis fancy apartment located in Kasbah
Beautifully decorated.

Great location close to markets and drugstores.

It’s wide and spacious.
Best HostelFor You Hostel Marrakech
Near the Saadian Tombs and the Jamaa El-Fna Square.

It’s clean and comfortable.

The rooms have air conditioning.
Best HotelLa Sultana Marrakech
Luxurious 5-stars hotel that is one of the best in Morocco.

It’s pet-friendly and has free parking.

Indoor and outdoor pools, and lovely decor.

3. Mellah

Type of AccommodationName of AccommodationNotable Features
Best AirBnBDar Zouina
Full house.

Exceptional location.

Pool and Wi-Fi.
Best HostelB&B Riad Dar el Souk
Charming riad with excellent location.

Most of the rooms have a sitting area outside them.

The staff is friendly.
Best HotelRiad Azahar
Beautiful views.

Parking and smoking areas.

Free continental breakfast, Wi-Fi, and it’s pet-friendly,

4. Gueliz

Type of AccommodationName of AccommodationNotable Features
Best AirBnBThis luxurious apartment

Close to the airport.

Fully equipped.
Best Hostel2Ciels Boutique Hotel And Spa 
Close to several tourist places.

Spacious and comfortable rooms.

It’s very clean, the staff is extremely helpful. 
Best HotelSTARS Hotel
Stunning design and service.

Jacuzzi in the rooms.

Comfort and good location combined.

5. Hivernage

Type of AccommodationName of AccommodationNotable Features
Best AirBnBThis fully-equipped and fancy apartment 
Exceptional views of the Atlas Mountains.

The decor is modern.

Includes Wi-Fi.
Best HostelThe Red House
Charming villa with a pool.

Close to the Yves Saint Laurent Museum.

Calm and peaceful environment.
Best HotelRoyal Mansour Marrakech
Luxurious hotel, unique in style and quality.

Excellent staff.

Stunning design.

6. Palmeraie

Type of AccommodationName of AccommodationNotable Features
Best AirBnBPalmeraie Village 2
Perfectly equipped villa.

Located in a quiet and safe area.

Includes a pool and a tennis court.
Best HostelVilla Le PErroquet Bleu
Delicious food.

Close to several restaurants.

Very romantic setting.
Best HotelHotel Riu Tikida Palmeraie – All Inclusive
All-inclusive hotel.

Hotel rooms are well-equipped.

Children’s playground included.

7. Kennaria

Type of AccommodationName of AccommodationNotable Features
Best AirBnB Stylish Studio
Modern, quiet, and fully equipped.

Shops nearby.

Wi-Fi, air conditioning and heating
Best HostelHostel Riad Marrakech Rouge
Cozy and beautiful decor.

Friendly and genuine staff.

Includes free breakfast, free Wi-Fi, and 24-hour reception.
Best HotelRiad Noga
Gorgeous views.

It’s close to several tourist attractions.

Peaceful oasis after the noises of Marrakech

8. Chrifia

Type of AccommodationName of AccommodationNotable Features
Best AirBnB This Riad-style apartment 
Close to the main tourist attractions.

Quiet and beautiful.

Excellent for families or a group of friends.
Best HostelVilla Riad Les Deux Golfs & Spa
Close to the airport.

Amazing place to stay in a great neighborhood.

Continental breakfast and pool included.
Best HotelSelman Marrakech
Huge pool.

Clean and beautiful rooms.

Polite staff and stunning decor.

9. Agdal

Type of AccommodationName of AccommodationNotable Features
Best AirBnBPalm Appart Club Marrakech
Beautiful apartment is located in a great area.

Free Wi-Fi and a parking lot.

Huge pool and 24 hours reception.
Best HostelJnane Leila
Incredibly beautiful.

Great pool and solarium.

Peaceful and pet-friendly.
Best HotelPalm Plaza Hotel & Spa
Luxurious hotel.

Incredible pool and a staff prompt to meet every need.

Excellent food. 

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Summary Of The Best Areas To Stay In Marrakech

best areas to stay in Marrakech

If you want to go right to the point, here is a summary of the best areas to stay in Marrakech.

Best On A Budget

  • Kennaria

This district is rich in culture and folklore and is located inside the walls of Medina. It has several shops and terraces to enjoy sunsets, drink mint tea, and have delicious meals. 

Best For A First-Time Visitor

  • Medina

Medina is one of the best areas to stay in Marrakech for you to have a direct encounter with Moroccan culture, being declared by UNESCO as World Heritage

Medina is surrounded by red walls and has many labyrinths. It has lively, crowded streets with numerous markets, and the nightlife is amazing too. 

Additionally, you can visit tourist attractions and squares that will leave you in awe. If you want to have the best experience, I would recommend hiring a guide, so you won’t get lost.

Best For NightLife And Luxury

  • Hivernage

This neighborhood is well-known for its nightlife, has a casino, cocktail saloons, fancy restaurants, live music, and nightclubs in the hotels for having a good time dancing.

There are plenty of luxurious hotels there, so if you want to stay in an opulent place, this is the best place to stay in Marrakech and Moco.

Best For Quiet Environment

  • Kasbah

Kasbah is on the south of the historical part of Marrakech, but it’s way more quiet and peaceful. One of the best things about Kasbah is that it is connected with historical places, and it’s accessible and comfortable.

You will encounter markets in every street and traditional riads to stay for every budget, many of them with pools.

Best For Families

  • Chrifia

This is a smaller neighborhood, more quiet and still well-connected to other parts of the city and Medina. There you can find water parks and gardens, perfect for the little ones to play and have a good time in this country.

Best For Shopping And NightLife

  • Gueliz

This modern neighborhood, along with Hivernage, is one of the best areas to stay in Marrakech if you enjoy shopping and fancy hotels. Forget about riads here: Gueliz is all about western-style hotels and resorts, many of them rated 5-stars.

The area is beautiful and full of boutiques, nightclubs, and excellent restaurants.

Best Areas To Stay In Marrakech

best areas to stay in Marrakech

1. Medina

Medina is the heart of Marrakech and the most historical part of the city. It is surrounded by red walls, and it was declared a  World Heritage Site in 1985.

Medina is full of mosques, museums such as the Museum of Marrakech, and souks for you to buy souvenirs and try the local food.

For a first-time visitor, Medina provides a full immersion in Moroccan culture, with its alleys where you can easily get lost, lovely restaurants, and the Jemaa el-Fna Square, always full of people, with night shows and food stalls. 

It’s one of the best areas in Marrakech to stay at if you want to get in touch quickly with this beautiful country.

Where To Stay In Medina

Given the peculiarity of the area, and the importance of the conservation of historical buildings, the most common places to stay in Medina are the traditional riads, but you can also find hostels and hotels with everything you need to provide comfort. 

There are riads and other places to stay for every budget and preference in Medina, so I’ll present you a few. Make sure to check for reviews before deciding your stay.

  • Best Airbnb On A Budget In Medina

Riad Ineslisa 

This gorgeous accommodation is a riad in the heart of the Medina, so you are a walk away from all the attractions.

The patio invites you to relax, drink mint tea and enjoy traditional Moroccan food surrounded by plants and greenery. 

The decor is simple and colorful, and the hosts are always willing to introduce you to Moroccan culture and help you organize trips.

The rooftop is gorgeous, and you can relax up there while watching the sunset. It has:

  •  Wi-Fi
  • cable
  • an air conditioner
  •  a cradle for babies and toddlers
  • breakfast is included.
  • Best Luxurious AirBnB In Medina 


This beautiful riad offers the full home experience with 3 rooms and 5 beds. So, up to 8 people can stay there. The house is beautiful, it has a pool, and it’s close to Jemaa El-Fna Square and other touristic places in Medina. 

It was recently renovated and offers a daily cleaning service, kitchen and a cook to prepare your meals (if you request it), Wi-Fi, a workspace, among other amenities.

  • Best Hostel In Medina

Riad Jennah Rouge

This hostel is spacious and clean, with a beautiful terrace to enjoy the views and meals. Perfect for backpackers.

The staff is hospitable, the breakfast is included, and well as internet, Wi-Fi, and city maps. There’s air conditioning in the rooms, self-catering facilities, and a safe deposit box.

  • Best Hotel In Medina

Palais Sebban

This 4-star hotel has superb amenities, including a spa and an outdoor pool. It’s affordable and close to Jemaa El-Fna Square.

It’s pet-friendly, so you can bring your furry friends along! Breakfast is included, and they offer airport transfer and parking service.

2. Kasbah

how to get around in Marrakech

Kasbah is a more quiet area very close to Medina and it is way more peaceful than the heart of the city.  

It’s close to the Jamaa El-Fna Square and other tourist hot spots. As such, you can explore the city and come back to a quieter area full of beautiful and comfortable riads.  For this alone, Kasbah is the best area in Marrakech.

Where To Stay In Kasbah

  • Best Airbnb In Kasbah

This fancy apartment located in Kasbah is an excellent option for staying in Marrakech. It’s beautifully decorated, combines tradition with modern vibes, and is close to drugstores, stores, and markets.

Additionally, it is wide and spacious with plenty of natural light. It also has Wi-Fi, TV, a fully equipped kitchen, it is close to 4 minutes by taxi from Jamaa El-Fna Square.

  • Best Hostel In Kasbah

For You Hostel Marrakech

This hostel is superb! Is just a minute’s walk away from Saadian Tombs and the Jamaa El-Fna, and close to other interesting places. It has a shared lounge, markets, and restaurants.

It’s clean, comfortable, includes breakfast and Wi-Fi and the house staff is very warm. The rooms have air conditioning, there’s 24 hours reception, and you can ask for prepared meals for an extra cost.

  • Best Hotel In Kasbah

La Sultana Marrakech

This luxurious 5-star hotel is one of the best in Morocco, in case you were wondering where to stay in Marrakech.

It’s pet-friendly and has free parking, as well as airport transfer and indoor and outdoor pools. The rooftop terrace is lovely, and the environment, the staff, amenities, and the interior decoration and design are just incredible.

Many reviewers praise the beauty of the hotel, plus, it offers a hammam experience followed by a massage with argan oil. Woo-hoo!

3. Mellah

Mellah is an ancient Jewish neighborhood in Marrakech, and it’s also inside the walls of the old city. There are plenty of riads as well, and you will surely find what suits you best.

You can visit the Jewish cemetery, the souks, and many other places that make this one of the best areas to stay in Marrakech.

Where To Stay In Mellah

  • Best Airbnb In Mellah

Dar Zouina

This full house AirBnb has an exceptional location, 5 minutes away from Jamaa El-Fna Square, souks, and restaurants, but it’s calm and peaceful. The breakfast is not included, so you’d have to pay a little extra cash.

This riad has Wi-Fi, a kitchen, pool, TV, and 2 spacious rooms, so it’s perfect for traveling with friends and family.

  • Best Hostel

B&B Riad Dar el Souk

This bed and breakfast is a charming riad with excellent location, Wi-Fi, pool, and air conditioning in the rooms. It has a sitting area on the patio, perfect for relaxing and enjoying meals and beverages.

Most of the rooms have a sitting area outside them too, so you can have privacy and enjoy the outdoors. It’s located close to Medina, and 15 minutes away from the airport, and they offer airport transfer.

The staff is friendly, and the place is cozy and relaxing. 

  • Best Hotel

Riad Azahar

This little hotel offers beautiful views, parking and smoking areas, as well as a gorgeous restaurant.

It includes free continental breakfast, Wi-Fi, it’s pet-friendly, and it’s located close to tourist attractions. It has 7 guestrooms, daily housekeeping, and even hammam services.

4. Gueliz

best place to stay in Marrakech and Moco

Among the areas to stay in Marrakech, Gueliz is another one of the modern neighborhoods. The main attractions here are the nightlife, eating in fancy restaurants, and shopping in expensive boutiques.

The accommodation prices are higher here, being a trendy place, and of course, you can expect a lot of luxurious places to stay, including western-style 5-star hotels and resorts.

Where To Stay In Gueliz

  • Best Airbnb In Gueliz

This luxurious apartment is located in the heart of Gueliz, is spacious, and it’s close to the airport.

Includes an American-style kitchen with everything you need from dishwasher to coffee maker. It has Wi-Fi, cable TV, one room, and a washing machine, among other amenities, and amazing views.

  • Best Hotel In Gueliz

2Ciels Boutique Hotel And Spa 

This hotel is close to several tourist places and its rooms are spacious and comfortable. The rooftop pool and terrace are amazing to relax away from the noise of the Medina. 

It’s very clean, the staff is extremely helpful and hospitable, and the area is quite safe. There are two restaurants and a bar, and they even provide babysitting services upon request.


This hotel is located in a safe area, with stunning design and service. The rooms are equipped with massive Smart TVs and a jacuzzi. It’s clean, modern and the staff is helpful and hospitable.

It’s a 15-minute walk away from Jemaa El-Fna Square, so comfort and good location are combined here.

5. Hivernage

best areas to stay in Marrakech

If you were wondering which area to stay in Marrakech, Hivernage is a perfect choice. It’s located outside the ancient parts of the city, and it’s among the best places to stay in Marrakech.

It’s a 30-minute walk from Medina, and it’s where the most luxurious places are, being a modern and European-style neighborhood.

There are plenty of resorts and 5-stars hotels, fancy local and international restaurants, and theaters. It’s among the most vibrant areas in Marrakech. 

Where To Stay In Hivernage

  • Best Airbnb In Hivernage

This fully-equipped and fancy apartment has exceptional views of the Atlas Mountains.

The decor is modern, and the place is clean and beautiful, with a solarium, a terrace, and a pool on the rooftop of the condominium. It includes Wi-Fi, a fully equipped kitchen, one-bedroom, and the hosts are super helpful.

It is a 30-minute walk from Jemaa El-Fna Square.

  • Best Hostels In Hivernage

The Red House

This charming villa with a pool is close to the Yves Saint Laurent Museum, among other interesting places, and it’s located in one of the best areas to stay in Marrakech.

The place is clean and beautiful, with a calm and peaceful environment and a helpful and warm staff.

  • Best Hotels In Hivernage

Royal Mansour Marrakech

This luxurious hotel is unique in style and quality, and the staff is excellent. It’s pricey, but it lives up to the standards. 

The design is stunning, and the grounds are vast and beautiful. The pool and hammam are amazing, and the rooms are luxurious individual three-story riads-style with little alleys between them, so you feel like walking in a peaceful Medina.

6. Palmeraie

Best Areas To Stay In Marrakech

This neighborhood is a bit outside, north of the city, a true ancient oasis full of luxurious resorts and hotels. This is the best place to stay in Marrakech if you don’t mind spending money because the prices are higher, but you will certainly find 5-star accommodation on a budget here.

Where To Stay In Palmeraie

  • Best Airbnb In Palmeraie

Palmeraie Village 2

This perfectly equipped village is located in a quiet and safe area and includes a pool and a tennis court. It’s close to the airport and is a 10-minute taxi ride away from Medina.

It has a kitchen, Wi-Fi, free parking services, and it’s pet and children-friendly. The rooms have air conditioning, and you can book it for one month or more. 

  • Best Hostel In Palmeraie

Villa Le PErroquet Bleu

This hostel is perfectly located in Palmeraie, away from the center of Marrakesh. It offers delicious food and is extremely quiet and perfect for relaxing after a long day in Medina.

Breakfast is included, it’s close to several restaurants, and it’s a very romantic setting, making it perfect for a trip with your loved one. The food is also highly praised among reviewers. 

Additionally, the pool is perfect for relaxing, and the hospitable staff will make you feel at home.

  • Best Hotel In Palmeraie 

Hotel Riu Tikida Palmeraie – All Inclusive

This all-inclusive hotel is 5 km away from the Museum of Marrakech and includes free private parking, indoor and outdoor pools, a bar, beautiful gardens, and it also offers night shows.

The hotel rooms are well-equipped, have air conditioning and the hotel offers a buffet breakfast every day. There’s also a children’s playground in case you stay there with your kids.

It’s clean, the food is excellent, and the staff is courteous and helpful.


Kennaria neighborhood is also inside the historical walls of Medina, and it’s very budget-friendly. You can walk from there to the main attractions of Marrakech, as well as visit the shops and rooftop cafés in this area.

Where To Stay In Kennaria

  • Best Airbnb In Kennaria

Stylish Studio

This apartment is modern, quiet, and packed with everything you need. It’s about 10 minutes by taxi from Medina, and it’s clean and fresh.

There are shops nearby, it’s well-equipped and spacious. There is one room, Wi-Fi, air conditioning and heating, a TV, a kitchen with a microwave and refrigerator, an oven among other things.

It also includes free parking inside the building, a pool, and security cameras around the property. It also has a washing machine and dryer in case you want to wash your clothes.

  • Best Hostel In Kennaria

Hostel Riad Marrakech Rouge

This hostel is colorful and with a friendly and genuine staff. It’s cozy, with beautiful decoration, and positively reviewed by female travelers.

It’s well located, has an amazing roof terrace, and includes free breakfast, free Wi-Fi, 24-hour reception, laundry facilities, and tea and coffee making facilities.

  • Best Hotel In Kennaria

Riad Noga

This hotel has gorgeous views and an amazing pool. It’s close to several tourist attractions, the decoration is beautiful, and they take care of the little details. 

Many reviewers describe it as a peaceful oasis after the noises of Marrakech. Breakfast is included, as well as Wi-Fi, satellite TV, and it’s 20 minutes away from the airport.

8. Chrifia

This is the best area to stay in Marrakech if you’re visiting it with your family. It’s quiet, away from the Medina but well-connected to public transportation, so within a short drive you can get to the center of the city.

There are water parks and gardens with interactive games for your little ones.

Where To Stay In Chrifia

  • Best Airbnb In Chrifia

This Riad-style apartment is close to the main tourist attractions in the Menara area and Gueliz, and it’s quiet and beautiful. It has 3 bedrooms, Wi-Fi, and is excellent for families or a group of friends.

It has views of both the city and the mountains, and nearby there are grocery shops, drugstores, bus and taxi stops, restaurants, among others. It’s clean and there’s a great price/quality rate. 

  • Best Hostel In Chrifia

Villa Riad Les Deux Golfs & Spa

This hostel is close to the airport, and it offers an amazing place to stay in a great neighborhood. It has a restaurant with delicious food, Wi-Fi, and the rooms have air conditioning.

A continental breakfast is included, and it has an indoor pool.

  • Best Hotel In Chrifia

Selman Marrakech

This 5-star hotel is on the fancy side, with a seriously huge pool and clean and beautiful rooms. 

Breakfast is included as well as playgrounds for the children. You can even see horses running around in the gardens, O_O. 

The staff is polite and helpful and the decor is stunning. It has a spa, a golf court, a hammam, a jacuzzi, and it admits pets. 

9. Agdal

Agdal is a gorgeous little neighborhood with a stunning and ancient botanical garden, the Agdal Gardens. If you love your plants, you can’t miss this beautiful attraction!

This area is calmer than the craziness of the Medina, and it’s located toward Mohamed VI Ave., one of the main arteries of Marrakech.

Many of its hotels are luxurious as well, and you will find several shopping centers, boutiques, and nightclubs – perfect if you want to go dancing.

Where To Stay In Agdal

  • Best Airbnb In Agdal

Palm Appart Club Marrakech

This beautiful apartment is located in a great area in Agdal. The condominium has a huge pool, the reception is open 24 hours and the apartment has air conditioning, refrigerator, terrace, and balcony. 

There’s free Wi-Fi and a parking lot.

  • Best Hostel In Agdal

Jnane Leila

This gorgeous hostel is incredibly beautiful and includes a great pool and solarium. It’s perfect for couples, offers delicious meals and the staff is helpful and will make you feel at home.

It’s away from Medina, so the peace of the gardens will help you relax. Furthermore, it has free  Wi-Fi, a parking lot, and it’s pet-friendly.

  • Best Hotel In Agdal

Palm Plaza Hotel & Spa

This luxurious hotel has an incredible pool and a staff prompt to meet every need you may have. It’s located away from Medina, so it’s very peaceful and a perfect place to relax.

The food is also excellent, it has a spa, a tennis court, and a gym and massage services. Wi-Fi is free.

What To See And Visit In Marrakech

which area to stay in Marrakech-2

Marrakech is an eclectic city, as you might have realized. On one hand, we have traditional riads and exotic ancient neighborhoods full of hundreds of people, souks, restaurants, and markets.

On the other hand, we have luxurious western-style areas with 5-star resorts, with fancy restaurants, boutiques, and nightclubs.

You can never get bored in this city. So, how to get around in Marrakech?

1. Visit Jemaa El-Fna Square: shop for food, visit the souks, buy souvenirs and watch the traditional Moroccan culture in action.

2. Visit the Musee Dar Si Said: if you want to see art, both historic and contemporary, this is the place to go.

3. Visit Mosque Koutoubia: the largest mosque in the city is waiting for your visit (from the outside if you’re not Muslim)

4. Go to a Hammam: treat yourself with a skin cleansing followed by a relaxing massage with olive or argan oil.

5. Eat amazing local food: in restaurants, patios, and terraces, you can enjoy the deliciousness of Moroccan food.

6. Go dancing: in nightclubs, such as the 555 Famous Club, and rock that body on the dance floor.

7. Visit the Jardin Majorelle: once owned by Yves Saint-Laurent himself, this is a perfect place for taking pics.

8. Go to a Casino: if you feel in luck, visit a Casino in Hivernage, have a cocktail, and place your bets.

9. Visit the Observatoire Astronomie: watch the wonders of the Milky Way through the largest telescope in Morocco.

10. Visit the Botanical Garden or Laser Game Marrakech: a perfect place for relaxing among plants or an adrenaline chute while you chase enemies.

11. Ride camels: enjoy the view of the areas away from Medina from the back of a camel.

12. Visit the Saaidian tombs: visit the resting place of ancient inhabitants of the city. 

How long to stay in Marrakech? Definitely more than 3 days! If you want to, at least visit the main attractions while relaxing and getting to know the city and locals. You’ll definitely need at least a week!.

Best Areas To Stay In Marrakech FAQ

Regarding Marrakech, I usually receive these questions:

Final Thoughts

Now you know what are the best areas to stay in Marrakech! This vibrant city is perfect for getting insights on Moroccan culture, trying different food, buying souvenirs, and having a great time.

Have you ever been to Marrakech? Let me know your favorite places in the city in the comments box below.

Until next time!

The Best Area To Stay In Marrakech: Top 7 Picks to Enjoy Your Time There

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