What To Wear In Marrakech? (Stay Comfy And Safe!)

Have you been planning a trip to Marrakech recently and a thought crosses your mind, “What to wear in Marrakech?” – and you realize, you have no idea what to wear in Marrakech or Morocco!

Don’t worry, we got you covered ladies and fellas too! 

This article will help you with everything you need to keep you comfy and stylish while you explore this vibrant city without any worries about what to pack for Marrakech – from hats to shoes, and everything in between.

If you’re planning a trip to Marrakech, you might have questions about Marrakech dress code and what to wear in Marrakech as a woman.

Depending on which time of the year you choose to go to Morocco, your outfits should be suited mostly for the weather and most importantly for the respect of the cultures and religious views of the country. 

The weather can sometimes be hot, and sometimes cold, and sometimes both on the same day so be sure to pack accordingly as warmer weather will require more lightweight clothes and in cooler weather, warmer clothes would be preferred. 

Another important factor to consider when deciding what to take to Marrakech is concerning the country’s culture. The main religion in Morocco is Islam and the people there are normally dressed quite modestly. 

What to wear in Marrakech

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What To Wear In Marrakech? (Stay Comfy And Safe!)

In this guide to what to wear in Marrakech, you will find everything you want or need to wear in Marrakech as well as some tips, and some other things that might come in handy when you’re on your trip to Morocco!


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What To Wear In Marrakech For Women 

Although this dress code Marrakech is not specifically enforced for tourists, it is advisable for both male and female tourists to avoid wearing short, revealing clothes in public when in Morocco to avoid any hassles and out of respect for the local people and culture.

If you’re hoping to pack your cute shorts and strappy tops, we highly suggest you save those for when you’re in your room (and inside of most hotels and riads) and not so much for when you’re going out. 

Generally, you will need more lightweight clothes, and clothes that cover you as much as possible when you’re in Marrakech.

You can also carry a nice flowy dress paired with a scarf or comfy khakis or a kaftan when you’re heading out for a stroll in the city. 

To help you, we’ve listed the outfits for Marrakech that are definitely a NO-NO and those that (for the most part) abide by Morocco’s women’s dress code, and yet are still comfortable, stylish, and purposeful from head to toe! 

What NOT To Wear In Marrakech

Now that you’re here because you want to know what you can wear in Marrakech and what NOT to wear in Marrakech, it’s time to talk about the obvious dress code in Marrakech “should nots”. If you’re considering bringing the items below with you, it may be best to leave them at home instead because it’ll just add weight to your luggage. 

If you can’t wear them, why bring them right?

Tube Tops Or Spaghetti Straps/Tank Tops Or Crop Tops

  • Unless you plan to cover up with a scarf or some additional layers, there’s no point bringing them with you.

Booty Shorts 

  • So, can you wear shorts in Marrakech? It’s not to say that you can’t wear shorts at all but with respect to the culture, you best leave it behind. You’ll probably see other tourists wearing shorts too but if you want to avoid unwanted attention, it is best to avoid them altogether. 

Short Dresses

  • Like we said if you want to avoid unwanted attention, best to leave anything that rises above your knees at home. Also, there’s no guarantee what strong winds can do, ya know?

High Heels

  • We think this is something you probably already know, but it’s worth reminding you. Remember to wear comfortable shoes at all times – heels, they’re only gonna make limping easier and walking hard for you. Just so you know. 


  • Bikini is an absolute NO-NO in any public places in Morocco. Much as you’d like to lounge in the sun in your one-piece, we’d recommend not going out of your hotel wearing it, to avoid disrespecting the culture. You can relax by the swimming pool inside your hotel or riad in a bikini or one-piece.

Expensive Items Or Jewelry

  • The best way to not get robbed or pickpocketed is to ensure you have nothing for them to take to begin with. Flaunting your flashy items can potentially make you a walking target for getting pickpocketed. 


  • According to the aviation authority in Morocco, drones are prohibited in Morocco. If you don’t want them to be confiscated at customs, best to leave them at home. 

What To Wear In Marrakech For Women 

People in Morocco dress quite modestly and if you’re trying to avoid unwanted attention on yourself, it’s better to pack elegant outfits which cover you properly.

Clothes that cover your shoulders, and chest area, and are below the knees are at the top of my list of what to wear in marrakech female.

Confused about what to pack to battle the Moroccan heat? Worry not, below are all the clothes and accessories to make the most of your trip to Marrakech!

What To Wear In Marrakech: Hats 

If you’re in Morocco during summer, the weather can get pretty hot and dry – and your head might feel like it’s on fire because of the scorching heat so it’s always handy to have a hat or cap around when you need it. 

Add a nice wide-brimmed hat to your Marrakech outfits. With protection from UV rays like the EINSKEY Sun Hat that not only protects you from harmful UV rays but is also water repellant, this hat is perfect for rainy days. This packable and lightweight cap is also easy to fold and store inside your bags.  

What To Wear In Marrakech

Some other great options include: 

What To Wear In Marrakech: Sunglasses 

When walking around in so much sun, make sure to protect your eyes too! When exposed for a prolonged time, UV rays can damage your eyes and cause vision impairment and on a holiday, we’re pretty sure that’s the last thing you want!

A pair of polarized sunglasses like LUENX Aviator Sunglasses can help protect your eyes from sunny glares while still giving you a natural and clear vision all day. It is also highly durable and shatterproof, perfect for outdoor activities in Marrakech.

What to wear in Marrakech

These are some other good choices: 

What To Wear In Marrakech: Scarves

Scarves can come in very handy when you need them most, especially in a country like Morocco. You can use it to cover your head when it’s hot or to cover your shoulders to follow Marrakech women’s dress code when you’re visiting a local site or a mosque where you will be required to cover your head. 

Get a hold of a lightweight scarf like the Achillea Silky Pashmina that is made of a blend of fine viscose and is super soft, but also provides just enough warmth and comfort for cold and windy nights. Versatile and functional for the win! 

What to wear in Marrakech

Some versatile scarves include: 

What To Wear In Marrakech: Tops 

With tops, you will have a few more options and ways to style them to make them stylish and functional at the same time. You can wear different tops to match your activities for the day depending on the weather and activities you will be doing for the day. 

T-shirts are great and fit well with Marrakesh dress code as they can be modest and comfortable at the same time without compromising style or comfort. Be sure to get lightweight fabrics as they can dry faster and are easier to carry around especially if you plan to go hiking or backpacking. 

What to wear in Marrakech

Cotton blouses and long-sleeved blouses are also perfect for women to wear in Marrakech as it provides comfort and airiness while still looking dressed up according to Marrakech clothing rules. Perfect for quiet dinners on restaurant terraces or taking a walk at the Jemaa El Fna market in the evenings. 

What To Wear In Marrakech: Bottoms 

The Moroccan dress code for anything below the waist is essentially making sure that they’re not above the knees. Anything that is long beyond your knees is great! It will also be more convenient when you’re heading out in the sun – fewer burns for you! 

Leggings are comfortable to use as Marrakech clothing if you will be walking long distances in the heat or cold. It’s also usually made of light cotton or breathable fabric that keeps you cool and not too warm inside. Just be sure to wear a top that provides enough coverage for your peachy bottom! 

What to wear in Marrakech

You can also add capri pants to the list of what to wear to Marrakech. Capri pants are great to use when sightseeing in the old Medina or when you’re heading to the souks as the roads can be wet and dusty.

You won’t want your pretty linen pants dragging on the floor or sweeping up the road when you’re out and about right? 

What to wear in Marrakech

Another great addition to your clothes for Marrakech packing list is loose trousers. Trust us, you’ll need them. You can use them when you’re out and about as they will be both modest and comfortable.

Especially, if you’ll be dealing with hot and humid weather and don’t want the sun to get to you too much. 

What to wear in Marrakech

What To Wear In Marrakech: Skirts and Dresses

If you’re planning to take pretty pictures in the stunning courtyard at your riad or hotel and thinking about Marrakech what to wear, you should pack some flowy skirts and dresses that would be both comfortable and modest so that you can flaunt what your mama (or papa!) gave you without any worries!

What to wear in Marrakech
What to wear in Marrakech



What To Wear In Marrakech For Men 

If you’re a man, and you’re wondering “Well, what do men wear in Morocco?”, fret not, we’ve got that covered too. Men don’t usually have very strict restrictions when it comes to clothes in Marrakech but the concept of modesty still applies, as long as you’re dressed appropriately. 

What To Wear In Marrakech: Hats Or Caps

If you’re heading to Morocco during summer, the weather can get pretty intense. It’s highly suggested that you carry a hat or a cap of your preference to keep yourself safe and far enough from a heat stroke. Don’t want that, do we? 

A hat with protection from UV rays like the EINSKEY Sun Hat not only protects you from harmful UV rays but also repels water, great for rainy weather. This packable and lightweight cap is also easy to store as you can just fold it to keep it inside your bags.  

What to wear in Marrakech

What To Wear In Marrakech: Sunglasses

You don’t only have to wonder about what to wear in Marrakesh, as it is equally important to ensure that your eyes are protected. The sun in this part of the world can get quite intense and hot, which can cause damage and severe impairments to your beautiful eyes, especially after being exposed for a long time.

Be sure to carry a pair of polarized glasses that block harmful UV rays and protect you from glares from the sun like the SOJOS Vintage Sunglasses to keep you company on your adventures in Marrakech. 

What to wear in Marrakech

Other options include: 

What To Wear In Marrakech: Tops 

It’s usually a lot easier for men to find the perfect outfit to wear in Marrakech mostly because men’s clothes are generally more modest compared to women’s clothes. You can wear t-shirts that would be more comfortable and airy for any activity in Morocco. 

What to wear in Marrakech

Another good option for men to wear in Marrakech is linen shirts. These are versatile and can be worn with almost anything from jeans to shorts for a casual, laid-back look. They also dry quickly and are made of breathable and lightweight materials, perfect for hot weather.

What to wear in Marrakech

What To Wear In Marrakech: Bottoms 

If you’re wondering what to wear Marrakech, men aren’t under much scrutiny when it comes to outfits in Morocco. You can dress comfortably without having to worry as long as you’re dressed appropriately anywhere you go.

You can don a pair of shorts or trousers if you prefer, especially if you are going on tours or sightseeing. 

A pair of comfortable cargo shorts are perfect to dress up with a linen shirt or a T-shirt if you plan to spend the day out and about in Marrakech. You can also dress it up real-quick for a casual dinner or a night at the bar in your hotel. 

What to wear in Marrakech

If you’re looking for something a little more formal and long, a pair of loose trousers or linen pants should do the trick. It can be easily styled for a night out or a walk in the square, and still feel comfortable regardless of the weather. 

What to wear in Marrakech

What Kind Of Shoes To Pack For Marrakech? 

No outfit is perfect without a pair of comfortable, good-looking footwear. But what shoes to wear in Marrakech?

When packing your outfits and footwear for Marrakech, remember to take into consideration the kind of activities and the places you plan to go when you’re in Marrakech. 

As different places will have different surfaces, terrains, or conditions (Wet, muddy, etc.), it would be best to pack footwear that is versatile, comfortable, and suitable for these places and activities. 

A pair of sandals or flip-flops would be perfect by the pool if you’re staying in a riad or hotel, or to walk around the room. It is also great for a quick walk outside or if you will be spending most of your day in a car so that your feet have some room to breathe during your travels. 

What to wear in Marrakech

Some options for women include: 

For men, check these out:

In addition to flip-flops or sandals, you should also carry a pair of closed-toe shoes or trainers with you. This is because some places may be dirty or dusty and in case you decide to go for a hike in Morocco, you won’t have to crack your head about what shoes to wear! 

What To Wear In Marrakech

Check out these shoes for women: 

Some good options for men are: 

What To Wear In Marrakech

What To Wear In Marrakech: Choose Outfits By Month

A question I was curious about before my first trip to Morocco was what can I wear in Marrakech in different seasons. I’m sure you also want to know so that you can pack accordingly.

Morocco is undeniably hot in the summer months (June – August) so I’d suggest packing light, breathable clothes that can absorb sweat – cottony t-shirts coupled with harem pants, maxi dresses, hats, scarves, and sunglasses to protect yourself from the heat.

Fall weather (mid-September – October) is mildly warm so you can pack long, breathable dresses, tunic style tops, to pair with leggings or pants. You can even take a light jacket to cover up in the cool evenings.

Winters (November – February) – Winters in Marrakech are cold and some nearby spots experience snowfall too! Pack warm clothes like jackets, shawls, cardigans. Also, keep a raincoat or umbrella with you as there are chances of rain in the winters.

For my outings in Morocco, I wore closed toe shoes to protect my feet from the dirt. If you’re planning to go on a hike, don’t forget to pack your hiking boots!

Spring (March – May) – What to wear in Marrakech in March if your trip is planned for the spring?

Like autumn, spring season in Marrakech is fairly comfortable. If you’re trying to pack for your trip and wondering what should i wear in Marrakech, remember that lightweight dresses are your go-to. Longer tops with capri pants or leggings are comfortable for this weather.

No matter when you are traveling to Morocco, always remember to pack sunscreen because the sun’s rays can be extremely intense during the day.

What To Wear In Marrakech During Winter? 

Many assume that Marrakech is constantly warm – nope. We hate to disappoint you but it’s not always sunny in Marrakech, friends. 

Winter in Marrakech lasts from November to January which is also the wettest and coldest time of the year with an average temperature of 18°C (65°F) and colder in other higher areas. 

Wondering about what to wear in Marrakech in November?

Although the main packing list above still applies, you may want to carry a thin jacket or some light layers like a shawl or a cardigan and a pair of warm pajamas. This is because especially at night, the weather tends to get cooler and if you’re unlucky, your room may not be very warm. 

Another thing that might come in handy is thermal underwear. Yes, underwear, especially if you’re skeptical about what to wear in Marrakech in January.

They can help keep you comfortable and warm especially if you are out in the cold, at night or if you plan on going on an Atlas Mountain trek during winter. 

What To Wear For The Desert In Marrakech?

The desert can be challenging but oh, so fun! When packing for your desert trip in Morocco, be sure to pack with the comfort and the temperature difference between day and night in mind. 

If you intend to do activities like quad bike rides or camel rides, be sure to avoid skirts, dresses, and shorts. Not only is it respectful to dress appropriately during your rides, but it is also to avoid any unwanted attention that can be uncomfortable. 

While selecting clothes to wear in Marrakech, you can opt for trousers, capris, and a comfortable top like a t-shirt for maximum comfort and zero worries. If you’re heading to the desert in the autumn, spring, or winter, jeans may be suitable but they’ll be too hot for the summer. 

If you’re staying at the desert camp and wondering about what to wear in marrakesh, you will need some warm clothes because it can get pretty chilly at night. You can pack a coat, some warm socks, warm pajamas, a long-sleeved shirt and maybe a pair of jeans if you like. 

What To Wear In Marrakech

Do You Need To Cover Your Hair In Morocco? 

Not necessarily but you will earn major brownie points with the locals if you do. Covering your head is not only respectful to Marrakech fashion and Moroccan culture and traditions but it also makes you more respectable among the locals, especially men.

A shawl or scarf draped over your head can also serve as a “protection” both from the prying eyes on the street and from the heat as well as the sands in the wind that can get in your eyes and sometimes your ears too.

Other Must-Have Items For Marrakech 

We’ve also taken the liberty to list down a few extra items that might come in handy for your trip to Marrakech. 

Is Marrakech Safe?

Marrakech is considered as a safe location as the crime rate in Morocco is quite low, and tourists have a great experience in the city. I had a fantastic time and enjoyed a lot on my trip to Marrakech and the rest of Morocco.

As a traveler, it’s advised to be cautious of sketchy people and places. Pickpocketing is common so make sure not to carry jewelry or other valuables while you’re out and about. You can also carry your stuff in a secure backpack while you’re exploring the city.

Can I Wear Shorts In Marrakech?

You can wear shorts in Marrakech, as there’s no law prohibiting it, but it’s best to avoid wearing one in the public, to respect the country’s culture and the locals. You may get unwanted attention if you go out in shorts, as you’ll find most of the people there in modest attire.

If you really want to wear shorts, you can do so while relaxing in your hotel or riads, as tourists often do while in Morocco.

Tips For Staying Safe In Marrakech

  1. Be respectful of local customs and traditions. If there’s anything you’re not sure about, ask the locals, they’ll be happy to help.
  2. Be aware of where you’re going and when. Avoid walking alone at any time, especially at night.
  3. Dress as modestly as possible to avoid attracting any unwanted attention. Do your research about what a woman can wear in Marrakech and be sure to keep yourself covered as much as possible. For more female solo travel tips, check out this detailed guide. 
  4. Do your research before hiring your tour guides. Make sure to hire a reputable company and read reviews beforehand to avoid getting scammed.
  5. Agree on the prices of your vehicles before your trip. Be sure to ask them what’s included and what’s not in the package to avoid paying extra on the trip. 
  6. Be wary of the water you drink and the street food in Marrakech. Cooking practices are different there and therefore may not be very suitable so be sure to carry some meds too. 
  7. Be careful of where and how much alcohol you’re drinking. The prices of alcohol here are more pricey and scarce so be sure to ask your hotel about the closest place to get it. 
  8. Avoid wearing flashy jewelry to avoid getting pickpocketed or robbed in the streets. Keep the bling at home, and make sure to not carry too much cash on hand either. 

Very Important!!!

  1. Stay away from the alleys. While the small alleys of medina may seem charming, make sure you don’t stray too far from the crowds as lots of thieves tend to hang around in the quiet, hidden alleys. 
  2. Keep an eye out for scams, especially in little shops and among the locals who’ll ask you to write or read something in English. Most of the time it’s an attempt to lure you in and wear you out until you buy something in their shop. Say “no, thank you” and carry on. 
What to wear in Marrakech

FAQs for What to wear in Marrakech

What To Wear On A Night Out In Marrakech?

A night out in Marrakech calls for outfits like a jumpsuit, a dressy top with jeans, or a long casual dress. Without being insensitive to the customs of the place, these are excellent styles for dinners or late-night excursions.

What Shoes To Wear In Marrakech?

In Marrakech, it’s preferable to wear sneakers, flats, and cozy footwear. Since the roads may be uneven, flat shoes provide the feet with support so that walking is easier.
You can keep your feet clean by wearing closed shoes because the streets may contain dust and debris.

How Safe Is Marrakech?

Traveling to Marrakech is relatively safe, even after dark. Visitors don’t need to worry about safety because the people are pleasant and the crime rate is low. Still, it’s usually a good idea to exercise caution when visiting a new city and stay away from unfamiliar or remote areas.

Can I Wear Jeans In Marrakech?

In Marrakech, jeans are definitely acceptable. A pair of jeans will go nicely with your clothing because it’s customary to cover your knees. To avoid feeling uncomfortable, it’s recommended to wear longer tunic-style blouses with jeans.

How Long Do You Need In Marrakech?

Two to three days are ideal for making the most of all of Marrakech’s attractions and having fun. You can explore the thrilling spots and take in the breathtaking views of this popular tourist destination in Morocco.

What To Wear In Marrakech

Can You Drink Alcohol In Marrakech?

Yes, hotels, bars, and restaurants in Marrakech allow alcohol consumption. Although certain stores are authorized to sell alcohol, it is best to follow cultural norms by drinking indoors as it is not permitted to consume alcohol outside.

Is Marrakech An Expensive Holiday?

No, a trip to Marrakech is a budget-friendly vacation. Morocco is not an expensive country, and you can visit and explore Marrakech on a budget. Tourists will also find that accommodation and transportation are reasonably priced.

Is Tipping Okay In Morocco?

Although not required, leaving a tip is customary in Morocco as a way to express gratitude for the services received. Tipping the staff at hotels, restaurants, and taxis is seen as a considerate gesture for a job well done.

Is It Better To Use Cash Or Card In Morocco?

The majority of hotels, restaurants, supermarkets, and other establishments in Morocco take cash, so it’s best to bring cash with you. Cash is the most widely used form of payment for transactions, while some upscale businesses also take debit or credit cards.

Can You Wear Jewelry In Marrakech?

Wearing expensive jewelry when out and about in Marrakech is not suggested because pickpocketing is a frequent occurrence there. When you’re heading out in the city, it’s best to leave your valuables in your hotel room and bring only the necessities.

Carry only little amounts of cash, and keep them inside securely.

What Colors To Wear In Morocco?

Wearing light-colored clothing, such as ivory, beige, taupe, or pastel shades, will help you stay cool under the scorching sun while still looking elegant.

To avoid feeling uncomfortable in the intense heat, wear airy, light-colored skirts, dresses, or pants with cotton t-shirts or blouses while you take in the sights.


There you go! Everything you need to know about what not to wear and what to wear in Marrakech and the Moroccan dress code – from head to toe and everything in between for your trip. 

My trip to Marrakech was memorable because I tried my best to dress and behave according to the norms.

As long as you remember to respect the culture and traditions there – and dress modestly, you won’t have any trouble enjoying your exciting trip to Morocco! Be sure to keep the tips we’ve provided in mind too to keep yourself safe and avoid being scammed!  

Good luck! 

What To Wear In Marrakech

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