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Morocco Solo Female Travel Journey: The Guide I Wished I Had

Although Morocco is a fascinating country with remarkable culture and traditions, many still wonder if it’s safe to go for a Morocco solo female travel journey and experience.

There’s a lot of information and stories, some of them horrific O_O.

But rest assured, here you will find all the trips for a safe Morocco solo female travel journey . 

As female travelers, we always have to keep our eyes open no matter where we decide to go. However, it is worth noting that overall, it is safe to solo travel to Morocco.

Still, I’m not going to sugarcoat it: harassment and unwanted attention from men happen, so it’s better to be prepared and know how to face these kinds of situations.

It’s important to remember that if you decide to go, you’re going there to have a good time exploring a new country and its culture, and that will mean dealing with some people with bad intentions, too.

That being said, let’s see how to make the most of your solo travel to Morocco.

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Is Morocco Safe For Women Traveling Solo?

solo females travel to Morocco

It is! Although as a female traveler you always need to keep your guard up since you’ll probably be approached by local men trying to sell you something or just talking to you. 

Many local Moroccan women suffer from sexual harassment, sadly. 

There can be name-calling (especially if you’re in Morocco as a single woman) and it will be uncomfortable, but not necessarily dangerous for you. Walking in groups or with a male tourist can help since the locals are likely to stop shouting things at you.

The best thing you could do is ignore them, and if someone gets too close, shout “Police” (learn how to say this in Arabic or French in advance) and they are likely to leave you alone.

Law enforcement ensures the country remains safe to tourists because tourism plays a major role in the country’s economy. 

So, is Morocco safe for female tourists?

The term “safety” is very broad, and its meaning depends on different cultures and people’s ways of thinking. What feels safe to me might give you chills!

So no matter where you go, stay alert and be aware of your surroundings to avoid ending up in a bad situation.

What To Expect As A Woman Traveling Alone?

Morocco solo female travel

So having solo females travel to Morocco is relatively safe, but what exactly can you expect?

Well, for starters, the cat-calling and unwanted men approaching you. This can be avoided by covering your head with a scarf or joining a group of men, so the whole experience doesn’t overwhelm you. 

However, if you prefer to do it by yourself, hold yourself together and don’t let the cat-calling affect you too much, or your experience there. 

Keep your head high, walk with confidence and show them you’re not some damsel in distress and that you can take care of yourself.

Just use common sense, as you would travel anywhere, because the truth is bad things can happen anywhere, including your own country!

What To Wear In Morocco As A Female Traveler

Morocco solo female travel

Morocco is a Muslim country, hence the women dress conservatively. Even if it’s hot in Morocco, you should dress to at least cover your shoulders and below your knees.

Locally, you have plenty of options!

  • You can go for long kaftans, typically used by the locals, and tan sandals to keep yourself comfortable while walking around.

Other choices include:

  • maxi dresses
  • maxi skirts
  • tunics
  • flowy pants
  • jumpsuits
  • light scarves to cover your head and shoulders
  • leggings

Research The Culture Before Traveling

No matter where you go, you should always do some research about the local culture of the country you’re heading to. 

This is especially important in conservative countries like Morocco. Get to know a bit about the local customs, the dressing code, what conduct is acceptable, what you can do in public, etc.

In cities like Marrakech, you will see more diversity when it comes to fashion, but overall, cover yourself a bit more than you would at home.

Many women don’t drink and smoke in public, and it’s not well seen by society.

So research, so you can blend the best as possible.

Watch Out For Scams

solo travel to Morocco

Scams are present everywhere, but as a tourist, you can be an easy target, especially if it’s your first time visiting a country, and you don’t know too much about the local customs.

A common scam in Morocco is when vendors try to get you into their shops by inviting you to tea, or something similar, and then they’ll get you to buy something.

Tell them a firm “No” and walk away before they have the chance to get you into the stores.

How To Stay Safe In Morocco

is Marrakech safe for female travelers

Let’s take a look at some tips about safety during your Morocco solo female travel!

1. Don’t Walk Alone At Night

Many places around the world are not safe enough for you to walk around safely at night. 

Morocco is one of those places. If you want to explore whatever city you are in, join a group, and if the evening catches you outside, get a cab to go back to the hotel.

2. Don’t Wander In Alleys By Yourself

Staying close to the crowds is the best way to remain safe since thieves are usually present in lonely alleys.

Especially in big cities, keep your eyes open. Many people ask me: “is Marrakech safe for female travelers?”, and again it depends. 

Are you planning to go to random alleys as part of your Marrakech solo female travel? Because then chances are that, no, it won’t be safe.

The more touristy the city, the more thieves there will be, so stay alert, keep your belongings close to you and stay away from streets you don’t know as well as locals.

3. Leave Your Valuable Belongings At The Hotel

Avoid going out flashing gold necklaces and bracelets, and design clothes and basically anything that screams how wealthy you are.

Thieves will spot you, and you’ll get their attention, which of course you don’t want. Go out in as inconspicuous a manner as possible, with your phone tucked in your purse, and leave your passport safe at the riad or hotel, just carry a copy with you.

4. Don’t Look Lost

Try to download the maps of those places to your phone and in case you get lost, look at your phone without being too obvious. Better yet, try to memorize it. 

Scammers spot lost people and try to make money from them in a variety of ways, so try to walk around with confidence and act like you know where you’re going at all times.

morocco solo female travel

I’d say that Morocco shouldn’t be among your first-time solo female travel destinations. The cat-calling and harassment can feel overwhelming and might discourage you from traveling solo around the world.

So it’s better to visit other countries more culturally similar to your own first. Alternatively, research the culture enough that you know what to expect and have the best time possible over there.

Tips For Traveling Solo In Morocco As A Woman

Morocco solo female travel

So if you are planning on having a Morocco solo travel journey, here are some tips to help you stay aware and safe.

Trust Your Gut And Use Common Sense

Our gut is rarely ever wrong. No matter the situation, you need to trust that feeling when you think something is off. 

This applies, even more, to traveling abroad and to Morocco. Try to stay away from alleys during the day and don’t go out at night. Don’t drink alcohol or follow random people if they invite you to their homes.

Before going from city to city, research what neighborhood is dangerous and stay away from it, the same way you’d do at home. 

Only Stay In Places Reviewed By Female Travelers

Try to stay in places reviewed and recommended by other women, since it might give you some peace of mind and confidence that the place might be safe.

Check Booking for reviews and opinions about the places you’re considering staying in before starting your Morocco solo travel itinerary.

Know How To Deal With Local Men

Since this will invariably happen at some point, it’s better to know how to deal with that in advance.

Whenever a man approaches you, avoid eye contact, keep your head high, and walk away. If they get too handsy, stop them in their tracks or shout for the police (they are terrified of the police) and give the impression that you can defend yourself.

When the cat-calling starts, ignore it, a confrontation isn’t worthy.

Dress To Cover Your Body

This is not the place to show your amazing tanned body in a tiny bikini, sister!

The more skin you show, the more attention you’ll get, sadly. So try to wear clothes like the one I mentioned above, covering your shoulders, cleavage, and legs. 

You can even wear a scarf around your head. Choose loose and light clothes, so you can be comfortable even with the high temperatures.

Get Travel Insurance

It’s always advisable to get protection against incidents, no matter where you go, and Morocco for solo travelers means you need travel insurance!

Traveling without insurance isn’t a good idea, since you don’t know what emergencies you might encounter during your trip, so it’s better to have your back covered.

You can use World Nomads since they provide a great service, and are reliable.  You can also check my article “Best Backpacker Insurance – The Ultimate Guide” to learn more about travel insurance.

Be Careful In Public Transportation

Is Morocco safe for female tourists

Shared cabs are common in Morocco since they’re usually cheap. If you’re not used to sharing cabs with strangers (many times local men), go for the bus or find a cab to share with women.

The public transportation network itself is quite good, with many buses and trains that are usually stuffed with tourists, so try them if it’ll make you feel safer.

Get A SIM Card

As soon as I get to the airport, I always go and get a SIM card right there and then. 

Not only because it’s important for my business to have Internet without depending on being in a place with Wi-Fi, but also because I share my local number with my family and sometimes the hotel staff, so they can know how to reach me if something happens. 

These are the three mobile network operators in Morocco.

Join A Group If You Feel Uncomfortable

Lastly, if the stress of being alone in Morocco becomes too much, try to join a group of tourists that are traveling together.

This might help you stop the cat-calling, and you will have someone to share your adventures and misfortunes with, which is always appreciated. 

Final Thoughts

Now you have some tips about how to stay safe if you want to go and have a Morocco solo female travel.

Share this post if any of your girlfriends are planning to go to Morocco soon! 

Although there can be uncomfortable situations, you will also meet friendly and hospitable people that will make you feel welcomed in this beautiful country.

Simply stay alert and trust your instincts when traveling to Morocco. I hope you have a great time there, and that you share with me how it went in the comment section below.

Have you ever been on solo travel to Morocco? Let me know all about it, I’m all eyes!

How Safe Is A Morocco Solo Female Travel Journey: All You Need To Know About Traveling In The Arab West