Alcohol in Morocco + Other Prohibitions in Morocco! [2023]

Hello there, did you search for “alcohol in Morocco”?

If you’re wondering if alcohol is allowed in the “Red City” and are curious to find out more, you’re in the right place! 

There’s not much information online from the Moroccan authorities on the laws surrounding alcohol purchase and consumption. And even then, you’d have to know Arabic or French.

Before traveling to Morocco, it’s a good idea to find out what the social and cultural norm is around alcohol or whether it’s even legal!

Then, there are other legal and cultural prohibitions that you should take note of before stepping foot in this predominantly Muslim country.

When compared to other countries in Europe, buying alcohol in Morocco can be slightly more complicated but not impossible.

As most Muslims don’t drink and Morocco is a Muslim country, it’s not a widely consumed drink by the locals. 

It is known that the Qur’an forbids Muslims from drinking alcohol, and as time passed and with respect to the religion, alcohol is technically banned for Muslims and, therefore, not a common commodity you’ll find in Morocco.

To keep you safe while traveling, here are 17 things you need to know about buying and drinking alcohol in Morocco + 10 other prohibitions you should be aware of.

Fun fact – did you know Morocco is ranked 35th for being one the biggest wine producers globally? As odd and surprising as this may be, Morocco produces their wines and beers, and we hear some really good ones too. 

Read on, and I’ll tell you more! 

alcohol in morocco

Alcohol In Morocco – Everything You Need To Know

Here’s a quick summary of all the information you will find in this article about alcohol in Morocco to help you find the right places and keep you informed about the rules in regard to Morocco alcohol. 

  1. Alcohol is legal in Morocco, BUT…
  2. You CAN drink alcohol in Morocco
  3. It is illegal to drink alcohol in public
  4. The legal drinking age in Morocco is 16 years old
  5. It is rude to offer alcohol to a Muslim
  6. Only certain places sell alcohol in Morocco
  7. Alcohol in Morocco can be expensive
  8. These places serve alcohol in Morocco
  9. These hotels in Morocco allow drinking
  10. There is local wine in Morocco
  11. And other locally produced alcoholic drinks
  12. Berber Whisky – the national drink of Morocco 
  13. Drinking alcohol during Ramadan in Morocco
  14. You can bring alcohol into Morocco
  15. Here’s how you say ‘cheers’ in Morocco
  16. Drink in moderation
  17. Learn about customs in Morocco from the locals


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alcohol in morocco

1. Alcohol Is Legal In Morocco, But…

Is alcohol legal in Morocco? Yes, but it is tightly regulated in Morocco.

More than 99% of the population in Morocco are Muslims.

When in Morocco, there are a few rules in regard to alcohol that you should keep in mind to avoid getting into any unnecessary trouble with the locals or, worse, with the authorities.

Respect and understanding are crucial to have fun but also staying safe at the same time. 

2. You Can Drink Alcohol In Morocco

Can you drink alcohol in Morocco? Yes.

Do they sell alcohol in Morocco? Yes.

In line with Moroccan drinking laws, alcohol must be purchased and consumed privately or only in licensed bars, hotels, and tourist areas.

A few restaurants and bars may allow drinking outside, but they are only limited to tourists. 

Women drinking alcohol is also quite frowned upon, so it’s best and highly recommended that they avoid any of the cheap local bars when in Marrakech. Some local bars generally don’t accept women entering their premises unless accompanied by men. 

This does not mean the local women don’t drink. They do, usually in places where the audience is young and where the environment protects their reputation.

Generally, it is known that more expensive bars are much safer places for female travelers. 

3. It Is Illegal To Drink Alcohol In Public

Is alcohol illegal in Morocco? No, but public drinking is.

Public drinking is heavily prohibited and against the laws in Morocco.

If you’re caught drinking alcohol in public, you could be arrested and fined.

You are also not allowed to drink openly facing the public street or walk down the street with a bottle of alcohol in your hand. 

4. The Legal Drinking Age In Morocco Is 16 Years Old

The Morocco drinking age is 16 and above, so if you’re under 16, you won’t be able to buy alcohol in Morocco.

This drinking age Morocco only applies to non-Muslims since alcohol is forbidden to Muslims.

5. It Is Rude To Offer Alcohol To A Muslim

Do Moroccans drink alcohol? No, because alcohol is considered haram, or forbidden, in Islam.

If you’re not sure whether or not someone is Muslim, it is better not to offer them alcohol.

buying alcohol in Morocco

6. Only Certain Places Sell Alcohol In Morocco

In large cities and tourist destinations, alcohol is easier to find compared to smaller cities and the outskirts – but it can be quite expensive, depending on where you plan to get it. 

You are probably asking, “Is alcohol available in Morocco?” and “Can you buy alcohol in Morocco?”

Yes, but it can be a little tricky if you’re not familiar with the area or the language, especially because you won’t be able to find a direct sign that says “Alcohol Store” anywhere in the city.

Where there’s a will, there’s always a way, right? 

Wines or beers in Morocco can be found in small and hidden liquor stores in the city and are usually located outside of the walls of Medina – often with their windows covered.

They are also usually open up to 8 pm daily. In Essaouira, alcohol shops are closed on Fridays.

So where can you get alcohol in Morocco?

You can find them in local supermarket chains that have a separate alcohol section, in specialized alcohol store chains, or in small nameless liquor stores with shady-looking covered windows which usually have limited choices and are more expensive. 

Supermarket Chains: 

Specialized Alcohol Chains: 

7. Alcohol In Morocco Can Be Expensive

Is alcohol expensive in Morocco? When compared to other countries in Europe, alcohol prices in Morocco are usually on the higher end due to Morocco’s alcohol laws and taxes.

The drinking culture in Morocco also comes with a higher price tag as it is regulated in most areas. Here are some Morocco alcohol prices as a guide:

A small bottle of beer (250ml) can cost around MAD 20 – MAD 25 (USD 2 – USD 3) whereas a 330 ml bottle of local Casablanca beer can cost MAD 45 – MAD 60 (USD 4 – USD 7). 

A bottle of imported beer, on the other hand (usually Heineken), can cost about MAD 35 (USD 4) for a small bottle in a bar.

If you’re looking specifically at Marrakech alcohol prices, they are similarly expensive.

Alternatively, you can also get them from supermarkets, but they’re not much cheaper than anywhere else in Europe. 

alcohol in morocco

8. These Places Serve Alcohol In Morocco

Is there alcohol in Morocco? Yes!

In Marrakech, it can be quite hard to find decent places where you can drink alcohol.

There’s a range of different scenes for every drinker, from smoky jazz bars to belly-dancing cabarets as well as serene candlelit terraces. 

Some of the more well-known places in Marrakech for drinking are: 

1. Le Grand Cafe De La Poste

This elegant restaurant is located in the heart of Gueliz and is a great place to experience the authentic local ambiance and a taste of Moroccan culture.

It is also known for its delicious French cuisine enhanced with Mediterranean touches.

Location: Google Maps

Opening Hours: 9 am – 9 pm

2. Comptoir Darna 

If you’re looking to watch a show while sipping a glass of martini, this is the place for you.

This eclectic venue has an array of different performances ranging from Gnawa performers to exotic belly dancing, followed by a little partying with deep tribal house music on the first floor. 

Location: Google Maps

Opening Hours: 7 pm – 11 pm (Closed on Mondays and Tuesdays)

3. Le Palace 

If you’re looking for a nice place for a nice formal dinner, look no further than Le Palace.

Here, a formal dress code is required, so be sure to dress to the nines and make your way to this multi-function space – a restaurant, a club, a cocktail bar, and a cigar lounge all in one place. 

Location: Google Maps

Opening Hours: 12 pm – 11 pm

4. Entrepotes 

Ideal for late nights after work, a romantic dinner, or just for sharing experiences with family and friends, Entrepotes is a laid-back restaurant in the gardens that fits any occasion. 

Open-air sitting and covered terraces in winter, this restaurant also offers excellent tapas and delicious desserts for you to enjoy with friends and family. 

Location: Google Maps

Opening Hours: 5 pm – 11 pm

5. Kosy Bar

A beautiful wine bar located in the heart of the Medina on Place des Ferblantiers is Kosybar, owned by the son of the “Cellar Meknes” one of the best and largest wine producers in Morocco. 

You would be thrilled to find this stunning bar nestled in an intimate riad, away from the noise and surrounded by the beautifully illuminated walls of the ramparts and the minaret of Koutoubia. 

Location: Google Maps

Opening Hours: 5 pm – 11 pm

Drinking In Fez, Essaouira And Casablanca

If you happen to be traveling from one city to the next in Morocco, we’ve got you covered there as well.

Locations outside of Marrakech like Fez, Essaouira, and Casablanca, can be more conservative, but it is not impossible to find alcohol – and pretty good ones too. 

Drinking Alcohol In Casablanca, Morocco

1. Bar Du Titan

If you’re craving beer on tap and a fun, friendly vibe after a hard day’s work, look no further. This wooden bar is the perfect place

It is also known for its tasty French and American food, so if you’re looking for flavors that feel closer to home, this is a good place to try when you’re in Casablanca. 

Location: Google Maps 

Opening hours: 12 pm – 12 am 

2. Rick’s Cafe 

If you love the movie Casablanca, you will love this restaurant too.

Inspired by the 1942 film, Casablanca, this restaurant is set in an old courtyard-style mansion with the walls of the old Medina of Casablanca built against it. 

This resto-piano bar is filled with architectural and decorative details from the movie as well as an authentic 1930s Pleyel piano – all details from the famous movie brought to life.

Location: Google Maps 

Opening hours: 6.30 am – 1 am 

3. Chez Gaby (Previously Le Chester’s) 

Commonly frequented by the “after-work” crowd, this well-known bar offers an array of Western food and hamburgers! They also have a DJ on hand that plays pretty good music and takes requests. 

Location: Google Maps 

Opening hours: 12 pm – 8 pm

Drinking Alcohol In Fez, Morocco

1. Mezzanine 

This breezy, modern, and minimalistic bar and cafe is the perfect place to take a break from the hustle and bustle of the medina.

After a long day, drop by and have a drink on the terrace while enjoying the view of the city. 

Location: Google Maps

Opening hours: 11 am – 1 am

2. MB Lounge

This sleek-looking restaurant adorned in stone and glass is the perfect place to have a quiet night and a drink in Fez.

The food here is also highly recommended, as they have vegan and vegetarian options as well. 

Location: Google Maps

Opening hours: 12 pm – 11 pm (Break : 3 pm to 6 pm)

3. Andalous 

If you enjoy a good light show or a really good ladies’ night, this is your spot.

The gorgeous lounge is filled with changing-colored lights and a terrace overlooking the city while you enjoy drinks and tapas all evening (and all night!).

Location: Google Maps

Opening hours: 6.30 pm – 11 pm

Drinking Alcohol In Essaouira

1. Ocean Vagabond 

Facing the island of Mogador, this bohemian restaurant will be an experience on its own like no other. Sit at the tree-lines terrace or choose a beach corner to enjoy your cocktails.

They also have a 2-for-1 happy hour promo on selected days and extended hours on the weekends. 

Location: Google Maps

Opening hours: 9.30 am – 8 pm

2. Taros 

This restaurant offers a 360-view of the port, ocean, and medina with good music for a chilled night out with a cocktail or two.

Their food is scrumptious – best enjoyed on the terrace facing the sea, with the sun setting in the background. 

Location: Google Maps

Opening hours: 10 am – 12 am

3. Beach And Friends

Located at the south entrance into the city, Beach and Friends is a favorite row of beach cafes.

Enjoy a good evening with a mojito on the lounge while enjoying a crisp pizza, and watch the camels watch you with envy while you have a good time. 

Location: Google Maps

Opening hours: 12 pm – 12 am

liquor in Morocco

9. These Hotels In Morocco Allow Drinking

The easiest and most hassle-free way to drink alcohol in Morocco is by having it at the hotel you’re staying at or one that’s close to you.

Most nicer Riads or hotels will most likely have a simple or short wine list at the very least.  

Some have little bars hidden in the terraces on the roof or a courtyard that is catered specifically for these purposes. If you’re a woman wondering, “Are there bars in Morocco?” the answer is yes.

Some of the nicer places you should check out that follow the Morocco drinking laws include: 

1. The CasArt Bar at Sofitel Tour Blanche (Casablanca)

Location: Google Maps

Located 2 minutes by foot from the Medina, this hotel is contemporary and luxurious, all wrapped in one.

Hosting two restaurants, and a new attraction- a sensorial and gastronomic experience in the dark, this hotel is set to impress. 

2. The Sky Bar at Le Salama (Marrakech)

Location: Google Maps

A 3-minute walk from Jemaa El Fnaa square, this bar at Le Salama has views to die for.

Be sure to get a nice candle-lit table as you sip on your martinis and wines and watch the skies turn red when the sun sets. 

3. The Golden Bar at Palais Faraj (Fez)

Location: Google Maps

Experience luxury with a martini and overlooking the medina as you sit back and enjoy your drink. They also have an extensive menu of delicious tapas for you to choose from as you take in the view. 

liquor in Morocco

10. There Is Local Wine In Morocco 

Alcohol like beers and wines are domestically produced in Morocco and tend to be among the more popular drinks, especially among non-Muslims and tourists.

Ranked 35th in the world, Morocco is one of the biggest producers of wine globally. 

Grapes like Alicante, Carignan, Cinsaut. Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, Grenache, and Syrah are grown locally for wine production.

Some regions, like the Meknes region, are also known for their excellent red wines, such as the Château Roslane. 

One of the more famous wines in the region is the Moroccan grey wine which is locally produced in Morocco – a type of wine that lies somewhere in between white wine and rose.

Grey wine traditionally refers to wine made of red grapes but with practices similar to white winemaking.

Some of the more well-known brands of wine in Morocco include a popular cheap local wine, Cuvée du Cabernet President, that cost around MAD 50 (USD 5.50), and Domaine Sahari (all colors) which can cost around MAD 80 (USD 9) – value for money if you’re looking for good wine.  

Local Vineyards In Morocco: 

1. Chateau Roslane, Meknes 

Location: Google Maps

Address: Les Celliers de Meknès, 11, Rue Ibn Khaldoune – 50 000 Meknès، 50000, Morocco

Contact: +212535300303

2. Domaine Du Val D’Argan, Essaouira

Location: Google Maps

Address: GFP4+R56, Ounagha, Morocco

Contact: +212524783467

3. Domaine de la Zouina, Meknes

Location: Google Maps

Address: Commune d’Aït Bourzouine BP63 Boufekrane, 51000, Morocco

Contact: +212535433034

11. And Other Locally Produced Alcoholic Drinks

Another popular alcoholic beverage in Morocco is Mahia, a local spirit made from figs or dates that are traditionally made by the Jewish settlers in Morocco.

Mahia translates to “water of life” and is an 80-proof clear liquor often compared to grappa. You can find a bottle for MAD 52 (USD 5).

This alcohol Morocco drink is not very easy to find, as it is now often made at home, similar to moonshine.

However, if you ask your riad, hotel, or your guide, there is a good possibility someone may be able to guide you in the right direction!

Can you drink beer in Morocco? Yes, you can find beers as well, but you won’t have many choices to begin with.

Casablanca is known to be one of the best beers you can find in Morocco, among other options like Flag and Stork beers. 

Flag Special costs MAD 12 (USD 1.30) for a 240 ml bottle and is available in 250 ml, 330 ml, and 500 ml cans.

Stork beer is the least favorite among locals and the cheapest of the rest. It can be found in cheap local bars around Morocco. 

A bottle of Casablanca, however, can cost more, but it is worth it as it has a sweetish taste and an elegant bottle design perfect for gifts! It cost around MAD 18 (USD 2).

alcohol in morocco

12. Berber Whisky – The National Drink Of Morocco

As we know by now that in Morocco, alcohol is frowned upon, and Muslims are not allowed to drink it because it is forbidden by the Quran.

Therefore, caffeine and the cafe culture are more prevalent in the country compared to drinking alcohol. 

Considered the national drink of Morocco, Berber whiskey is a special Moroccan mint tea that is an all-day drink in the country. It is a symbol of hospitality, and it would be rude to refuse it when it is offered to you in homes, hotels, or anywhere for that matter. 

In Morocco, the Berber whisky is traditionally prepared by men and is practically a long-lived ritual similar to the Japanese tea ritual.

However, it’s not all tea or mint in the drink. Proper Moroccan mint tea must be made using Gunpowder Pearl green tea imported from China.

Some of the customs specific to Berber whiskey include making sure the tea is sweet because the sweeter the tea, the more important you are regarded as a guest. 

Pouring the tea from a certain height also has its significance.

It not only provides aeration for the tea and infuses the mint flavor, but also, the higher the tea is poured from, the more important the guest. Pouring up high is an act of respect for the guest. 

When in Morocco, ordering Berber whiskey may seem a little complicated but don’t worry; we’ve got some tips for you.

Try ordering the “a la Menthe” in French as it is commonly understood but saying “atay b’naana” in Moroccan will impress the locals and get you friends for life. 

13. Drinking Alcohol During Ramadan In Morocco

Ramadan is the holy month of fasting for Muslims all around the world and, therefore, very important to the people of Morocco.

Muslim drinkers usually do not consume any alcohol throughout this month, and finding alcohol during this time can be tough. 

Remember always to be respectful and ask your hotel or guide if there’s anywhere you can find a drink or some to take back to your room.

Although most shops will probably not be open, bigger supermarkets like Carrefour will have them in their alcohol section. 

You can bring your alcohol into the country, but according to the alcohol allowance in Morocco, no more than 1 liter is allowed. 

When buying alcohol during this time, be sure to carry your identification as well because your name will be recorded in a book along with the items you are purchasing. 

If you plan to go on a tour in Morocco, be sure to get in touch with your guide about what you’d like to know about the alcohol situation before confirming your booking. 

14. You Can Bring Alcohol Into Morocco

Is alcohol allowed in Morocco? You are allowed to bring up to 1 liter of spirits and 1 liter of wine into Morocco without having to pay for customs duty.

So, considering that alcohol can be expensive in Morocco, you might want to bring along your own, but it won’t be much.

alcohol in morocco

15. Here’s How You Say ‘Cheers’ In Morocco

When drinking in Morocco, they say: “Bessaha!” (pronounced as beh-sah-ha)

Moroccans use it to say cheers when making a toast. It means “good health” in general.

16. Drink In Moderation

Even if you are drinking in a licensed establishment that follows alcohol laws Morocco, remember to respect the local culture and customs.

Always drink responsibly and know your limits. It is frowned upon to appear drunk and unruly.

Morocco’s alcohol laws also strictly forbid drinking and driving, and you can get into serious trouble if you are caught with a drink in your hands in public or your system when driving.

After a night out, you should take a taxi to get you home safely.

17. Learn About Customs In Morocco From The Locals

It’s always a good idea to learn more about the local customs while traveling.

Talk to the locals or your tour guide and find out what the cultural practice is around alcohol. They will also be able to tell you more about Morocco alcohol laws.

alcohol in morocco

10 Prohibitions In Morocco To Keep In Mind

1. Drugs

It is illegal to possess, sell, or use any drugs in Morroco, including cannabis.

2. Pornographic material

It is illegal to own, distribute, or make any form of explicit material in Morocco.

3. Photography

Always ask before taking any photos. Some Moroccans don’t like being photographed, so it is helpful and respectful to ask for permission before you start snapping any photos.

Do take note that it is illegal to take photos of border checkpoints, police, and military figures in Morocco, so keep your cameras away!

4. Homosexuality

Same-sex sexual activity is prohibited in Morocco and is punishable by law with a fine and a prison sentence.

5. Premarital sex

The laws of Morocco also forbid having sex outside of marriage, but this only applies to the locals.

Foreign tourist couples are not subjected to this law, so you will be allowed to stay in the same room even if you’re not married.

6. Religious material

Morocco is a relatively liberal country where its people are allowed to practice their own religion.

However, it is illegal to try to convert Muslims, so the distribution of religious literature, like the Bible, is strictly not allowed.

7. The monarchy

When in Morocco, be mindful of what you say or write about the king and the monarchy, as it is punishable by law to show any form of disrespect.

8. Dress code

You should attempt to dress modestly while traveling in Morocco, especially if you are a woman. Consider wearing longer skirts or pants and try to cover up most of your body.

Harassment on the streets is a real issue for women in the country, so stay safe and dress appropriately.

9. Public displays of affection

Continuing the theme of modesty, try to avoid public displays of affection like kissing, which will get you more than your fair share of disapproving looks.

10. Currency restrictions

The Moroccan Dirham is not traded internationally, so it is illegal to take out anything more than 2,000 MAD (about USD 200).

FAQ On Alcohol In Morocco

Can Tourists Drink Alcohol In Morocco?

Yes, tourists can drink alcohol in Morocco. But it is tightly regulated.

  • Alcohol can only be bought and consumed in licensed bars, hotels, and restaurants. 
  • It is illegal to drink alcohol in public.
  • Most locals do not drink alcohol.
  • You have to be age 16 and above to buy and drink alcohol.

What Is The Main Alcohol In Morocco?

The main alcohol in Morocco is wine, followed by beer. Ranked 35th in the world, Morocco is one of the biggest producers of wine globally.  The majority of wine produced is red, but there are also rosés and white. Casablanca is considered to be the best premium beer in Morocco. Other popular beers are the Flag and Stork. 

Can You Drink In Morocco?

Yes, you can drink alcohol in Morocco, but it is tightly regulated. You can buy all kinds of alcohol in Morocco but only buy and drink alcohol from licensed bars, hotels, and restaurants. It is illegal to drink in public, and if you are caught, you can be arrested and fined. 

Do They Serve Beer In Morocco?

Yes, they do serve beer in Morocco. Beer and wine are both popular alcohols in Morocco, and you can find both local and international brands. Beer is served in most hotels, bars, and restaurants that are licensed. However,  it is illegal to drink alcohol in public in Morocco, so only do it in licensed establishments. 

How Much Is Alcohol In Morocco?

A small bottle of Heineken beer (250ml) can cost around MAD 20 – MAD 25 (USD 2 – USD 2.50), whereas a 330 ml bottle of local Casablanca beer can cost MAD 45 – MAD 60 (USD 4 – USD 7). A bottle of good quality local wine can cost about MAD 100 – MAD 150 (USD 10 – USD 15).

What To Drink In Morocco?

Here are some of the popular drinks in Morocco to try:

  • Moroccan mint tea, or Berber whisky, is made with gunpowder green tea, brown sugar, and many fresh mint leaves.
  • Wine – Morocco produces mostly red wine but also rosés and white
  • Beer – Casablanca is one of the best in Morocco
  • Pomegranate juice – popular during the summer months

How Much Is A Beer In Morocco?

A beer can cost anywhere between MAD 20 – MAD 30 (USD 2 – USD 3) for a small 250ml bottle. A 330ml bottle of premium Casablanca beer can go for MAD 45 – MAD 60 (USD 4 – USD 7) in a bar. It depends on which city you are in and which licensed establishment you buy it from. 

Do They Drink Alcohol In Morocco?

Yes, they allow drinking alcohol in Morocco, but there are strict rules around alcohol consumption. Most Moroccans are Muslims, so they don’t drink alcohol. You can only buy and drink alcohol in licensed bars, hotels, and restaurants. It is illegal to drink in public, and if caught, you can be arrested and fined. 

How Much Is Alcohol In Marrakech?

Expect to pay around MAD 22- MAD 30 (USD 2 – USD 3) for a beer in licensed establishments. Canned beer sells cheaper in major supermarkets at MAD 10 – MAD 13 (USD 1 – USD 1.30). Restaurants may sell a bottle of wine for MAD 45 – MAD 80 (USD 4.60 – USD 8).


So there you go! If you’re still wondering if alcohol is something you should avoid while being in Morocco, don’t!

This guide to alcohol in Morocco will help you find the best places to go, the best ways to get them, and what to check out when you’re there so that you have a great trip! 

Remember to stay safe and be respectful of the local culture so that you don’t get into mucky situations with the local authorities and will get to enjoy your trip as much as possible! 

Good luck! 

Alcohol In Morocco – Everything You Need To Know

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