8 Best Ghost Tours In New Orleans In 2023

Looking for the best ghost tours in New Orleans?

New Orleans is a city with a rich cultural heritage, and foot-tapping jazz music isn’t the only thing it is renowned for.

Often referred to as the most haunted city in America, the stories and mystery shrouding this city reveals a past so decadent, so detailed, that it stems way beyond your imagination.

From legendary tales of ghosts, pirates, and vampires to senseless murder and crime, there is an unbelievable amount of history packed into one city.

And there’s no better way to learn about the city’s most famous hauntings and spine-chilling ghost stories than on a guided tour, where local experts can share their insider knowledge of the city’s dark past with you.

So if you’re truly serious about understanding the chronicles of life and death in The Big Easy, a ghost tour is your best bet. Thankfully, New Orleans is the perfect location for a haunted city tour.

However, there’s a lot of competition within the city to take the crown. This means that it can be quite a task trying to pick just one tour to embark upon.

Luckily, I’ve compiled this guide to help you out! It highlights the ghost tours that you just have to try while in New Orleans.

8 Best Ghost Tours In New Orleans

1.3 in 1 Cemetery Tour

Operated by: Witch Brew Tours

New Orleans is renowned for its rich paranormal past, especially concerning tales of vampires, witchcraft, ghosts, and voodoo.

On this enlightening tour, your guide will take you on a journey that physically navigates your group through the French Quarter streets, while also helping you mentally sift through the complex history and folklore shrouding the bustling city.

Along with the two-hour excursion, your guide will discuss other information about New Orleans with you, including traditions, customs, superstitions, and architecture.

With this tour, you’ll be given the opportunity to visit the most famous tombs in St. Louis Cemetery No. 1, where you’ll learn about the city’s unique internment process.

The cemetery has restricted public access, so it really is a unique experience that you won’t want to miss out on!

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2.Ghost And Vampire Walking Tour

Operated by: French Quarter Phantoms

Ghost And Vampire Walking Tour

If you’re looking for a historically accurate yet thrilling supernatural experience, this is the ideal ghost tour for you! Enjoy a series of spooky tales regarding lore and local hauntings on this two-hour tour from French Quarter Phantoms.

Tours are led by licensed and enthusiastic guides who revel in delivering an intoxicating mix of dark truths about sinister spirits, crime, and murder in the city to instill fear into even the most skeptical individual.

That being said, this isn’t a tour for your typical melodramatic haunting so beware when purchasing your ticket.

Tours are offered daily at 6 and 8 p.m. regardless of the weather and cover approximately about a mile which can be walked at a leisurely pace to take in the sights and the information you will be provided with.

I’m definitely sold. What about you?

3.French Quarter Ghosts & Legends Tour

Operated by: Haunted History Tours

Discover the dark side of New Orleans history on this two-hour-long walking tour. Haunted History Tours draw on the dramatics of history rather than on period costumes and camp.

Visit the hidden eerie sites of New Orleans’ oldest neighborhood, and learn all about historically-accurate documented hauntings that have been found in police records, city archives, and the company’s paranormal investigations over the past few decades.

Along the way, you’ll hear many tales of the city’s most famous hauntings from your knowledgeable and qualified guide.

Learn the events that caused souls to remain among us, including gruesome deeds of the slave owners and the city’s most infamous and bloodthirsty.

4.Mortuary Haunted House

Operated by: The Haunted Mortuary

A man-made haunting inside a real, authentic haunted house? Sounds like the perfect recipe for a ghost tour to me!

Located on Canal Street, The Haunted Mortuary stands as the city’s most renowned self-guided, dark attraction. The former funeral home is therefore claimed to house a large number of spirits within its walls.

Not only has the environment been designed to scare you, but it offers an over-the-top, innovative paranormal experience like no other.

With animatronics, theatrical sets, high-quality makeup, special effects, and other small details combined with the fact you can walk through the house at your own pace – it’s clear to see why the Mortuary Haunted House has been heralded as one of the most authentic (and one of the best) haunted attractions in the world!

5.Ghost Tour

Operated by: New Orleans Legendary Walking Tours

Discover why New Orleans is the most haunted city in the U.S. as you are inundated with tales of its rich history rooted in murder and scandal.

When you wander through the French Quarter with New Orleans Legendary Walking Tours, the qualified guide promises to thrill and chill you with legendary tales of haunted buildings and crimes dating back to the Civil War.

You’ll also be informed of hauntings at various sites including the Andrew Jackson Hotel, and will be taught about the yellow fever epidemic and voodoo practitioner Marie Laveau.

You’ll even hear about the city’s present-day paranormal activity! For a break from the ghost stories, consider the company’s Garden District tour.

6.Ghosts & Spirits Walking Tour

Operated By: Gray Line

Ghosts & Spirits Walking Tour

All walking tours begin at the Gray Line “Lighthouse” Ticket Office located in the French Quarter. Expect a riveting two-hour-long walking tour over the uneven streets and sidewalks in the French Quarter.

Visit the most haunted sites in the area and embrace the dark past of the city. A licensed tour guide will talk you through the eerie lore, ghostly legends, and the colorful history of New Orleans, aka “the most haunted city in America”.

These tours do offer something unique. The venues and stories shared are subject to your guide’s own choice, so no two tours will be the same!

7.New Orleans History & Haunts Tour

Operated by: Royal Carriages

Royal Carriages’ outing combines two great New Orleans activities: a carriage ride and a ghost tour. If you’ve had a hard day walking, this tour is the perfect way to rest your legs while keeping your mind active!

Hop aboard a mule-drawn carriage for the New Orleans History & Haunts Tour through the streets of the French Quarter. These tours run in the evening and last for an hour.

With informative and congenial tour guides who mix detailed storytelling and humor to recount the history of the big city.

You will be privy to lots of new information concerning New Orleans’ most famous murderess, Madame LaLaurie, and her torture chamber, pirates who landed in the city, the history of voodoo in the city, and all about haunted buildings. However, I’d recommend taking a blanket with you to beat the cold!

8.Haunted Pub Crawl

Operated by: New Orleans Ghost Adventure Tours

Led by New Orleans historians, the two-hour evening Haunted Pub Crawl gives you the chance to explore multiple bars while learning about the darker history of the city.

This tour gives you the chance to explore LaLaurie Mansion and Lafitte’s Blacksmith Shop, while your guide regales tales of the French Quarter’s past.

Here, your tour guide will teach you about the origin of some of the city’s most iconic ghost stories without any hassle. So be prepared to delve right into the thick of it! And, no two tours are the same!

Your tour guide will modify the experience so it is entirely optimized (that is, they’ll change things around to give you every opportunity to experience unworldly events!)

Essentially, you’ll be able to experience the incredible past of New Orleans, all with a drink in your hand. What more could you possibly ask for?

Final Thoughts

As you can see, there are so many different companies offering incredibly detailed tours through the complex paranormal history of New Orleans.

It may be difficult to choose between them, but if you have the time it might be worth attending more than one! (At least that’s what I would do 🙂 ).

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