Best Beaches Near New Orleans In 2023

Looking for the best beaches near New Orleans?

If there’s one thing you absolutely must add to your to-do list if you visit New Orleans, take the time to check out the best beaches that are located near New Orleans and around the Gulf of Mexico.

Do you think Miami is the only place to be for sand and Sun? You’d be very surprised to discover there are many beaches that are the perfect day-out not far from The Big Easy.

Check out my top picks for beach destinations you can visit, and don’t forget to pack the sunscreen!

10 Best Beaches Near New Orleans

1. Biloxi Beach, Mississippi

If you’re in the neighborhood for that classic beach vibe, golden sands, and wide-open space, then this is the beach for you. With casinos, golf courses, and plenty of beach activities to keep you busy.

If you enjoy a nice relaxing swim, the barrier islands located in the Gulf keep waters as still as the calmest of days and are perfect for getting your lengths in.

You’ve got 26 miles of beach to choose from, so don’t worry for a second you’re never going to get a place to set up camp.

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2.Pensacola Beach, Florida

Beautiful but peaceful. Relaxing and summery. These are on most of our shopping lists when we look for the best places away from home.

Pensacola Beach is a great option and there’s plenty to do for the whole family. Check out the many different sources of entertainment from fishing, snorkeling, sailing, and parasailing just to name a few things.

No wonder it’s been awarded Trip Advisor’s 2021 Top 15 Beaches in the U.S. If you have the time, it’s definitely worth the travel to get out there, and you won’t be disappointed.

3.Ship Island, Mississippi

Ship Island, Mississippi

Take the relaxing sixty-minute ferry ride from the mainland down to Ship Island, and congratulations: you’ve found yourself the perfect island getaway.

Besides the beautiful beach escape, there are so many different things to do here you will never be bored.

Take an Island excursion and spot Dolphins from the deck of a boat, or check out the history of the island and the famous landmarks such as the Fort Massachusetts, a wonderfully preserved brick fort used during the Civil War.

After that, you can chill out on the seashore and soak in the Sun. The perfect package.

4.Coconut Beach, Greater New Orleans

Other than being the winner of the most tropical-sounding beach on this list, you won’t have to travel far from New Orleans to check out this beach resort, specifically designed for outdoor sports that host a number of different sportsing tournaments.

It’s only a twenty-minute drive from the French Quarter and the active traveler will absolutely adore this experience.

Over 100,00 square feet of outdoor man-made beach with options to play Volleyball, Beach Soccer, and Dodgeball. A definite for sports lovers, summon your inner Top Gun vibe.

5.Orange Beach, Alabama

The last stop before heading to Florida hosts this gorgeous location along the coast.

The breathtaking natural scenery is something you can only experience in person, and the beaches here are something out of an Instagram post with the spectacular sandy white beaches.

There’s also plenty to do here so you won’t get bored: from Golf courses to Tennis courts. You can even venture further inland and take a tour of the parks and trails nearby.

There are plenty of bars and grills if you want to sneak away and grab a quick bite to eat.
An all-around ideal choice for couples or families.

6.Navarre Beach, Florida

If you fancy a scenic drive along the coast, you’ll eventually end up at Navarre Beach. An endless expanse of sandy beaches that run the length of the Gulf of Mexico. It’s almost the fantasy paradise you never thought existed.

Make sure to check out the Navarre Beach Fishing Pier. At 1545 feet, it’s super relaxing to walk along even if fishing is not your thing.

Plus if you’ve got the time, sit back and watch the sun go down at one of the many beach huts along the shoreline.

7.Dauphin Island, Alabama

Dauphin Island, Alabama

Looking for time away from the crowd? I recommend this dreamy isolated destination as your escape plan.

If nature is your thing you won’t want to miss the Dauphin Island Audubon Bird Sanctuary, with over 26 miles of trails and woodlands to walk around. Ideal for couples or solo travelers looking to get lost in nature.

This is also my top pick for the best sunset destination. Dauphin Island has inherited the title of “Sunset Capital of Alabama.” Well worth the trip in my opinion.

8.Pass Christian, New Orleans

There’s plenty to do and much to see in “The Pass”, which is only a short drive from New Orleans city center. The houses that line the beach are adorable and really set the scenery here.

If you fancy a trip into the town, there are plenty of steakhouses and coffee shops to try. Another great location for those looking for a chilled-out and laid-back atmosphere.

9.Holly Beach, Louisiana

Heading west from The Big Easy and just before you end up in Texas, this superb beach getaway is a popular beach destination known for its crabbing and beach-front cabins.

Holly Beach is steeped in culture and was once a hub for vacationing Cajuns. It was even the subject of the famous swamp-pop song “(Holly Beach) Under The Boardwalk” by Kenny Tibs & The Jokers.

The vibe is very pleasant, the climate is hot and humid. Ideal for the warm weather fan.

10.Grand Isle, Louisiana

The Grand Isle is only a 2-hour drive from the French Quarter, and this is a local beach to New Orleans that is not worth missing.

Other than the many activities that you can find at the beautiful beachfront, such as fishing and hiking tours, don’t forget to enjoy the Grand Isle Migratory Bird Festival.

The perfect destination for bird lovers and is a must-see in this popular birding habitat. A remote oasis with some of the best southern hospitality you will find.

Well, there you have it, a guide on the best beaches near New Orleans. Hopefully that helped, but if you want more info, we found you a video below.

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