5 Best Jazz Brunches In New Orleans For 2024

Looking for the best jazz brunch in New Orleans?

When it comes to music, nobody does it like Crescent City. Few things are more quintessentially New Orleans than rich, smooth Jazz.

Add food into the mix and you’ve got an authentic Lousiana experience that can’t be replicated anywhere else.

Sunday brunch is part of a time-honored New Orleans tradition.

And although the city didn’t invent the concept of brunch, it did invent two things that elevated the mid-morning extravaganza to the event we know and love today: cocktails and toe-tapping jazz.

It may be difficult to choose where to have Sunday brunch in New Orleans as so many good restaurants have jazz brunches. But I’ve taken the hardship out of it by compiling a list of the five best (and most popular) venues that host jazz brunch in the city.

A combination of high-quality authentic food, good company, and live jazz music make for the perfect mid-morning activity on a Sunday. Count me in!

1.Court Of Two Sisters

Located in the French Quarter, Court of Two Sisters is far more secluded than other places in this list. It also has a significant cultural presence in the city that cannot be matched.

While you’re in the building, you should prepare to participate in a beloved New Orleans tradition.

By feasting on brunch staples from the local culinary scene and embracing the melodies produced by a live jazz band as they fill the historic courtyard with music, you become part of the legendary history of the city.

One of the best aspects of this restaurant is that the jazz brunch isn’t only reserved for a Sunday.

Instead, you can visit this incredible venue to get your brunch filled on any day you want!

And while the edible options for this brunch buffet do change seasonally, you can count on eggs of any style to always be available – including fresh omelets – so it won’t be difficult finding food you enjoy.

Also, due to popular demand, Court of Two Sisters has integrated the traditional version of the iconic Banana Foster into its dinner and jazz brunch menus.

Luckily, the dessert fits right in with the restaurant’s luscious Creole and Cajun cuisine. What are you waiting for?

Dress Code: Court of Two Sisters requires “nice casual” dress wear. This means that formal clothing is not officially required for brunch or dinner.

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2.Arnaud’s Restaurant

Arnaud’s Restaurant

Situated at the heart of the French Quarter lies Arnaud’s Restaurant, a Creole restaurant specializing in producing tasty, authentic cuisine.

The atmosphere in Arnaud’s is as excellent as its turn of the century decor, which is delightful to look at but also helps to keep the venue steeped in its tradition.

Attending Sunday brunch is always a delightful beginning to the day and an overall exceptional experience.

At Artaud’s, you can participate in Sunday brunch each week between 10:00 am and 2:30 pm; enjoying classic food accompanied by the smooth sounds of Dixieland jazz playing in the background.

This creates a bright and uplifting ambiance, ensuring that Arnaud’s jazz brunch stands out for all the right reasons.

But that’s not all! The menu itself is far superior to other jazz brunches you may experience.

At Arnaud’s, you can expect a delicious four-course prix-fixe menu (including an appetizer, salad, entree, and dessert) with food options to suit everyone. The best part? You get all of this for only slightly more than the cost of an entree during dinner!

Dress Code: Artaud’s requires you to dress in business casual for this Sunday-only brunch. This means collared shirts for the gentlemen. Casual wear such as t-shirts and flip-flops are not permitted.

3.Commander’s Palace

Commander’s Palace is nestled in the heart of the historic New Orleans Garden District and has been an iconic landmark of the city since 1893.

Renowned for the award-winning quality of its food and its convivial atmosphere, the history of this hidden gem eatery offers a glimpse into the history of the city that it calls home.

Commander’s Palace has evolved into a culinary icon and is also home to the hottest jazz brunch experience in town.

Expect a surprisingly relaxed atmosphere in this fine dining venue with a three-course prix fixe meal – featuring a choice of appetizers, entrees, and desserts.

Its menu is dedicated to the authentic taste of New Orleans. With a side of whimsical Louisiana charm to boot, it has become the place for Haute Creole cuisine. Jazz Brunch operates on weekends only.

Sample its extensive brunch menu while enjoying live traditional New Orleans Jazz performed by the Joe Simon’s Jazz Trio.

You can even enjoy the incredible music from the comfort of a quaint patio that also boasts beautiful Garden District greenery.

Dress Code: Commander’s Palace requires guests to dress up in business attire. For gentlemen, this means jackets, collared shirts, and closed-toe shoes. No jeans or flip-flops are allowed.

4.Preservation Hall

Preservation Hall

Preservation Hall is located between Bourbon and Royal Street, directly at the heart of the French Quarter.

It was established in 1961 to honor the art form of Traditional New Orleans Jazz, and bring awareness to a piece of the city’s detailed past.

As a result, Preservation Hall creates an authentic and appropriate dedication to the history of jazz, to perpetuate New Orleans music and culture for generations to come.

A unique feature of this jazz brunch venue is that capturing photographs and video is not permitted within the grounds.

Not only does this exemplify the “Preservation” name, but it means that you can leave any struggles of the real world behind you as you enjoy brunch and embrace the sounds of authentic New Orleans jazz.

In addition, this element creates a feeling of intimacy and a sense of connection with others that cannot be achieved anywhere else.

Plus, the soothing sounds of jazz permeating the air are performed by trained professionals.

These incredible musicians are simply known as the Preservation Hall House Band – all of which come from generations of performers before them.

Dress Code: This venue allows for a more relaxed “Do Whatchya Wanna” informal dress. Just make sure to dress comfortably!

5.Muriel’s Jackson Square

Also located at the heart of the French Quarter resides Muriel’s Jackson Square. This venue is the epitome of the decadence, opulence, and mystery that shrouds New Orleans’ French Quarter.

Thanks to immaculate interior decor and an inviting ambiance, guests are immediately submerged into a refined world that accurately reflects the rich cultural, historical, and culinary character of the Big City.

Muriel’s Jackson Square features a lush indoor courtyard and an archaic decor style that immediately captures your attention. It also pays homage to New Orleans’ decorative past.

Coupled with Chef Erik Veney’s nationally recognized contemporary Creole cuisine, it’s one of the best (and tastiest) places to visit in the city for Jazz brunch!

Muriel’s runs a normal brunch on Saturday but offers an incredible jazz brunch on Sunday between the hours of 10:30 am and 2 pm.

Here, you can expect fabulous food, a great swinging jazz trio, and excellent service. While you’re at it, why not wash down the Shrimp and Grits with Muriel’s special Bloody Mary or Mimosa?

What makes this particular venue stand out is that during the Sunday jazz brunch, the musicians move between each room, ensuring all guests have a front-row seat.

Dress Code: Smart casual. Gentlemen are asked to wear sleeves and remove their hats while in the dining room.

Final Say

New Orleans is one of the most fascinating places on earth. Especially if you find yourself interested in facets of music and history alike.

And while these may be two of the factors that draw you into visiting the city for yourself, you most definitely need to venture out and try something new.

In this case, you must sample the iconic Sunday jazz brunch that is offered in restaurants across the city. Food, drinks, and live music – what more could you need?

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