9 Best Hikes in Sydney,Australia

9 Best Hikes in Sydney, Australia  

Looking for an escape in nature this weekend in Sydney? WWB writer, Charmaine, has got you covered with 9 best hikes in Sydney for your casual weekend in nature.

Best Hikes in Sydney
Blue Mountains hikes, Sydney

Photo by Vladimir Haltakov on Unsplash

Sydney is known for being vibrant and beautiful, but not many cities in the world are surrounded by lush green national parks and breathtaking coastal views.

We are all very familiar with Sydney being the iconic harbourfront city of the world, with amazing coffee, the picturesque Sydney Opera House, and the various festivals that happen all year round. 

But you’d be surprised to know that we have a plethora of hiking trails in Sydney that is only a stone’s throw away from the city centre. From day hikes, overnight hikes to dog-friendly walks in Sydney, there is something for everyone! 

Here are 9 of the Best Hikes in Sydney for a casual weekend getaway out in nature.

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Best Hikes in Sydney  

Jerusalem Bay Track, Kuring-Gai Chase National Park  

Best Hikes in Sydney
Jerusalem Bay, hiking trails, Sydney

Photo by hikingtheworld.com

Set in the lush Ku-Ring-Gai Chase National Park just an hour away from the Sydney city center, this short 2.5km hike from Cowan to Jerusalem Bay offers a treat for the senses! 

Be ready to meander through dense eucalyptus and gum trees, little waterfalls for mini hike breaks, lining the shores of the bay before arriving at an elevated cliff – perfect for a refreshing leap into the crystal clear waters! 

For the more adventurous souls, you can extend your hike to the quaint seaside hamlet of Brooklyn which brings your total distance to 13km.

Tip: Go early! Located within easy reach of the city, it’s no surprise that this trail is popular amongst sunny Sydneysiders on weekends. 

And although there is a designated parking spot, they fill up pretty quickly. So, be sure arrive early or consider taking the train.

Grand Canyon Loop Walking Track, Blue Mountains

Mountain hikes Sydney
Blue Mountains, mountain hikes, Sydney

Photo by National Parks, NSW

One does not hike in Australia without trekking one of the most iconic mountain hikes in Sydney, the iconic Blue Mountains.

Trodden since 1907, the historic Grand Canyon Loop Walking Trail is one of the best hikes in Sydney that leaves you in awe (and a good sweat!) as you traverse through luscious ferns and native bush, trickling creek crossings along Greaves Creek, and massive rock overhangs; it definitely has something for everyone.

While not officially part of the Grand Canyon walking track, it’s worth doing a little detour to visit Beauchamp Falls, a very pretty 10m high waterfall on Greaves Creek.

Tip: Stop by local cafe – Kickaboom, near the Glenbrooks train station at the foot of the mountain range for your daily caffeine fuel, before your ascend. They also make a mean crispy eggplant burger!

Loop Trail, William Howe Regional Park  

Dog friendly walks Sydney
William Howe Regional Park, Sydney

Photo by Weekend Notes

A little lesser-known trail located closer to the Sydney southwest suburbs, the Loop Trail at the William Howe Regional Park is a nice place for an early morning walk with your family and dogs (yes it’s a dog-friendly hike!) or a relaxing evening stroll for locals. 

An easy hike with fantastic views of vast farmlands, spanning across the Razorback Mountains and the Blue Mountains in a distance. The best reward up on the hill is the Turkey’s Nest lookout where you can stop for a picnic lunch and some weekend games with your loved ones.  

Tip: Pack a picnic lunch and plan some games to have a fun family day out the breezy Turkey’s Nest lookout!

Karloo Pools, Royal National Park

Best Hikes in Sydney
Karloo Pools, best hikes in Sydney

Photo by Leigh Griffiths for Broadsheet

Located south of the Sydney city center, hike 10km through the charming Australian bush in the Royal National Park and arrive at the Karloo Pools for a refreshing dip. Just a 40-min journey from the city by car or train, it’s a great getaway for the weekend especially in the summer.    

Tip: If you’re thinking of extending your hike on park grounds, hike on to the Royal National Park Forest Lookout and camp overnight at the Uloola Falls campground before heading towards the majestic Uloola falls the next day.

Bundeena Drive to Little Marley Beach, Royal National Park

Day hikes Sydney
Royal National Park, day hikes, Sydney

Photo by National Parks, NSW

A 40-minute journey south of Sydney city center, this eight-kilometre hike passes by an assortment of the many natural beauties the great Australian outback offers. From Bundeena Drive, follow the tracks and you’ll wind up at Deer Pool, one the many ocean pools Sydney has to offer. 

As you come through the clearing onto Little Marley Beach, don’t forget to whip out your camera for that iconic golden arc shot of the picturesque shoreline and sand dunes. As you rest and relax, you can get a coffee and a snack at Driftwood cafe.

Tip: Bring an extra battery pack for your camera, it’s easy to juice out in the beginning of the hike but the best bits are always at the end! 

Taronga Zoo to Spit Bridge

Hiking places in Sydney
Taronga Zoo to Spit Bridge, Sydney

Photo by hikingtheworld.blog

This hiking place in Sydney is a section from the 80-kilometre Bondi to Manly Coast Walk that’s newly connected in 2019. 

This stretch from Taronga Zoo Wharf (yes, it’s a harbourfront zoo!) to Spit Bridge is one of the best hikes in Sydney with breath-taking coastal views of the city. 

Follow the coastal tracks from Taronga to the historic military tunnels at Georges Head and Middle Head, the pristine Balmoral Beach awaits at the end of this 6km stretch with sandy beaches and seaside cocktails aplenty. 

Tip: Drop by the rustic The Boathouse Balmoral Beach for a cheeky little coffee and hearty comfort food before hitting the beach after a good hike.

Berowra Regional National Park

Dog-friendly bush walks, Sydney
Berowra Valley, dog-friendly walks, Sydney

Photo by Hornsby Shire Council

The Berowra Valley Regional Park is a hidden gem for you and your best four-legged friend. Not only does these dog-friendly bush walks in Sydney offer a variety of coachwood, fern trees and eucalyptus, it’s also a joyous orchestra of kookaburras. 

Well-directed with signposts, take your dog for a walk on the Bellamy Fire Trail, Clarinda trail or Daphne trail and enjoy the pace and beauty of the bush.  

Tip: Look out for sign boards that offer information about the old quarry and railway tracks that once passed through the area. It’s a great way to learn about history while on a fun hike! 

Crater Cove Track, Doboyd Head

Hiking spots Sydney
Doboyd Head, hiking spots ,Sydney

Photo by Leigh Griffiths for Broadsheet

Another hidden gem of a hike in Sydney, Crater Cove tucked in the bush cliffs of Doboyd Head.

Tourists and locals often hike and jog around Doboyd Head but very few would go the extra mile down the more untrodden tracks down Crater Cove, where a cluster of abandoned shacks lie. 

Previously home to fishermen in the 1920s who built the huts as an escape from the Great Depression, the shacks have since been abandoned and now, a lesser-known attraction for Sydney-siders and seasoned hikers.  

Tip: Only about a 25-minute drive from the city, don’t forget to bring your swimsuit as well for a quick dip to cool off during summer! 

80-kilometre Bondi to Manly Walk

Hiking places in Sydney
Bondi to Manly Walk, Sydney

Photo by Paula-Jorunn Naes on Unsplash

Imagine walking from Bondi Beach to Manly Walk – arguably two of Sydney’s greatest beaches, passing through the city’s iconic structures and natural gems, via a connected 80-kilometer walkway. If this is not the best hike in Sydney yet, I don’t know what is! 

It’s a real, bushwalking experience in Sydney, walking past Sydney’s best-known highlights, including the Harbour Bridge, Taronga Zoo, the Opera House, Doboyd Head and even the Aboriginal rock engravings at Clontarf! 

Tip: Cut the trail up into several mini hiking trips to take over a few weekends.That way, you can really take in every section of the hike, at your own pace. To help you plan your walk, have a look at the official Bondi to Manly website to help you out!

Some dog-friendly hiking spots in Sydney

Dog friendly walks Sydney
Dog friendly walks Sydney

Photo by Eugene Zaycev on Unsplash

As a city of dog-lovers, there are a plethora of dog-friendly hikes near Sydney. Although dogs are prohibited in a lot of the national parks in the area, there are a handful of regional parks and coastal trails that fully welcome our little canine companions! 

  • Bondi to Coogee Coastal Walk
  • Taronga Zoo to Spit Bridge
  • Spit to Manly through Clontarf Beach and Tania Park
  • Berowra Regional National Park
  • Wolli Creek Regional Park
  • Banksia Track, Lake Parramatta
  • Federation Cliff Walk, Dover Heights to Watsons Bay
  • Western Sydney Parklands
  • The Bay Run, Parramatta River’s Iron Cove
  • Banksia Track, Lake Parramatta

Here are a few important things to take note before you embark on a sunny hikes in Sydney:

Here are a few important things to take note before you embark on a sunny hikes in Sydney:

  • Double check weather forecasts as the weather may change rapidly and don’t forget to look out for park alerts as well.
  • Wear the appropriate shoes for your hike (e.g. running/hiking shoes), and long pants if you are prone to bug bites.
  • If you’re hiking with your dogs, be mindful of others and constantly check the local signage for details on leash times as they may be different in various areas. 
  • Don’t forget to clean up after your dog. Some parks offer dog litter bags, so be sure to keep a lookout for that! 
  • If you’re planning to do an overnight hike in Sydney and camp at the park campgrounds, make your reservations beforehand to avoid any disappointment later.
  • Bring a paper map and learn how to use a compass, as to assist you with directions, especially when Internet coverage is not the best in national parks. Go analog! 
  • Make sure your backpack is waterproofed well to keep your belongings dry especially when your trail includes creek crossings.
  • Bring your swimming costume for that refreshing dip in an ocean pool or that impromptu cliff jump at the end of a hike.
  • Avoid sweet scented lotions or perfume that might attract mosquitos, ticks and bush insects. Spray on mosquito repellent and close your tent flip at night if you’re camping.
  • Join a local bush walking club in Sydney and trek the local terrains while making some friends! 
  • The Australian summer can be very overwhelming, so bring an extra bottle of water to keep yourself hydrated at all times. 
  • As a preventive measure, bring oral rehydration salts as a light-weight remedy to retain and replenish fluids fast! 
  • Lastly and most importantly, don’t do anything risky because your life matters. When in doubt, turn back.

All set to conquer these best hikes in Sydney? 

You’re all set to start hiking in Sydney and explore the many natural wonders this coastal city can offer! One final word of wisdom before you hike away, be mindful of the difficulty levels and please always listen to your body. And most importantly, have fun!

Let us know in the comments section below if you’ve visited any of the mentioned hikes, or if you have a recommendation that we might have missed out on, we’d love to hear from you!

9 Best Hikes in Sydney  

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