9 Best Onsen Niseko Spots in 2024! +Pics

Traveling to Japan and planning to visit the best onsen Niseko has to offer? 

I’ve been doing some research about what to do when you’re in Japan. 

Japan has been on my travel wishlist for some time now, and I know that when I get there, I really want to immerse myself in the culture completely. 

I’ve also been reading a lot about the onsen concept, which is extremely popular in Japan. 

Ahhhh, what I wouldn’t give for a hot, relaxing soak right now!! 

But nope – I have to work for Supervisor Sandy (my grumpy cat) at the moment because she’s been complaining that she’s running out of her favorite treats!

I can still plan my Japan trip, though! O__O

If you are new here, Hi, I am Aisha Preece ! I am an avid solo female traveller and I love helping other females travel safer and better 🙂

Back to onsens! 

Whether you’re going to ski or for health or relaxation reasons, visiting an onsen (a natural hot spring) must be on your to-do list for Niseko!

An onsen is a geothermally-heated natural spring used for bathing and also refers to the resorts built around these hot springs.

With over 3,000 to choose from, the Niseko region is renowned for its range and variety of onsen. So make sure you research in advance of your trip to help you decide. 

Let’s dive into our Niseko onsen guide and identify some of the best onsens in Niseko! 

At A Glance: Best Onsen in Niseko, Japan

  1. Koikawa
  2. Niseko Prince Hotel Hirafutei
  3. Goshiki Onsen
  4. Hirafutei Onsen
  5. Hotel Niseko Alpen
  6. Ikoino Yuydao Iroha
  7. Kanronomori
  8. Kira No Yu
  9. Rankoshi Kagane Onsen
  10. What Are The Benefits Of Bathing In An Onsen?

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The Best Onsen Niseko Japan Offers

Volcanic activity provides the geothermal conditions necessary to create onsen. These naturally formed springs are fed and heated from deep in the earth. 

The temperature in Niseko onsen can vary but must be 25°C at minimum to be officially classed as an onsen.

I’ll include the health and therapeutic benefits of the best onsen Niseko has to offer, including relief from joint pain, relaxation of muscles, and increased blood flow around the body.

Onsens are located both outdoors and indoors. However, be aware that indoor onsens are typically heated by hot water rather than naturally. 

A general rule with onsen is you cannot take your phone with you, which makes this activity perfect for friends and families to disconnect from social media and reconnect with each other.

And to answer the question, is Niseko expensive? I’ve included a range of prices in my recommendations.

So let’s get to it – here are the best onsen in Niseko!

Best onsen niseko

1. Niseko Prince Hotel Hirafutei

Niseko’s finest Prince Hotel Hirafutei would suit most travelers. 

With a range of types and sizes of rooms available, you have the bonus of guaranteed access to their onsen when staying at the hotel.

It is also one of the Niseko hotels with private onsen

A private onsen is a pool that can be booked for exclusive access. This is particularly handy for families who would rather not share an onsen with other guests. 

This is a great option for your first onsen – relax and enjoy the geothermal benefits and head straight upstairs to your private accommodation and rest! 


Facilities: Indoor onsen, outdoor onsen, free parking, airport shuttle, 24-hour front desk, laundry

Opening Hours: 7:00 am to 10:30 am and 1:30 pm to 11:00 pm

Location: Japan, 〒044-0080 Hokkaido, Abuta District, Kutchan, ニセコひらふ1条4丁目5番43号

Phone: +81 136-23-2239

Onsen Website

2. Zaborin

This is one of Niseko Ryokan’s more sheltered onsen. A bit of a drive from the Ski resorts, Zaborin is a great stay for those traveling with families, as those staying at the hotel get access to explore the fabulous gardens.

Zaborin offers a range of indoor onsen for you to enjoy, as well as being able to book a massage therapist to visit you on-site.

You can enjoy the relaxation of a massage and onsen before heading up to your room, equipped with a private balcony to enjoy the rest of your day. 

You also receive access to the award-winning restaurant so you can enjoy a wonderful meal or visit the traditional tea room for a Japanese tea ceremony.


Facilities: Indoor onsen, outdoor onsen, free parking, airport shuttle, 24-hour front desk, garden, free wifi

Opening Hours: 2:00 pm to 07:00 pm and 09:00 am to 11:00 am

Location: 044-0084 Hokkaido, Niseko, Kutchan Hanazono 76-4, Japan –

Phone: +81 136-23-0003

Onsen Website

3. Goshiki Onsen

Goshiki offers you a  choice of both indoor and outdoor onsen, allowing you to choose what experience you want to have. 

The water in this onsen is rich in calcium, which is good for your bones.

It also contains sodium, which helps keep muscles and nerves running smoothly, and chloride, which helps to keep body fluids balanced.

Goshiki has Western-style rooms available that allow you to take in the views and give you easy forest bathing access.

There is also a Japanese-style room for you to relax in after bathing. 

Goshiki is located in the mountains, so depending on the weather, sometimes the roads can be difficult to pass.

Make sure you call in advance of your trip to check on weather and travel conditions. 


Facilities: Indoor onsen, outdoor onsen, free parking, 24-hour front desk, free wifi

Open Hours: 09:00am – 08:00pm

Address: 510 Niseko, Niseko Town, Abuta District, Hokkaido 048-1511

Phone Number: 0136 58 2707

Goshiki Onsen Website

Best onsen niseko

4. Hirafutei Onsen

Hirafutei is one of the more popular hotels with an onsen for a good reason.

They not only offer skiing but are a short walk away from Hirafu Welcome Center, where you can find directions to many activities and sights to visit.

Hirafutei offers outdoor onsen as well as saunas, massages, indoor onsen, and private onsen for you to enjoy. However, note that the onsen is separated by gender, so remember to plan for that.

Hirafutei plays host to some of the most beautiful sights in Niseko.

The Woman’s onsen gives you a stunning view of Mt. Yotei, while the Men’s onsen gives you a view of the incredible peak of Mt. Annupuri and the surrounding ski fields.


Facilities: Indoor onsen, outdoor onsen, free parking, 24-hour front desk, restaurant, free wifi

Open Hours: 03:00pm – 00:00am

Address: 044-0081 Hokkaido, Niseko, Yamada 204, Japan 

Phone Number:  0136-23-2239

Hirafutei Website

5. Hotel Niseko Alpen

Staying as a guest at the Hotel Niseko Alpen includes access to both the onsen in the hotel as well as the nearby ski slopes.

Framed by the hotel’s beautiful interior wooden panels, you can enjoy the hotel’s surroundings while relaxing in the outdoor onsen.

And if you’d rather stay inside, you could spend some time relaxing in the sauna before heading into the large indoor onsen. 


Facilities: Indoor onsen, outdoor onsen, free parking, 24-hour front desk, restaurant, free wifi, ski field access

Open Hours: 01:00pm – 10:00pm

Address: 204 Yamada, Kutchan, Abuta District, Hokkaido 044-0081

Phone Number: 0136 22 1105

Hotel Niseko Alpen Website

Best onsen niseko

6. Ikoino Yuydao Iroha

Ikoino Yuydao Iroha is another excellent choice for families with a range of onsen, as well as free wifi, a games room, and a children’s playground.

The facilities alone will keep your kids entertained for hours!

The indoor onsen offers beautiful views of the surrounding landscape through large glass windows, whilst the outdoor onsen has stunning views of the trees basking in sunlight.

The hotel also offers chairs to use in the onsen for those who may need some extra support and to keep everyone of all abilities safe.

While staying here, you will have access to the hotel’s renowned restaurant, serving meals throughout the day keeping meal planning simple after a fun-filled day with your family.


Facilities: Indoor onsen, outdoor onsen, free parking, 24-hour front desk, restaurant, free wifi

Open Hours: 03:00pm – 07:00pm and 09:00am – 11:00am

Address: 048-1511 Hokkaido, Niseko, Niseko 477, Japan 

Phone Number: 0136-58-3111 (please call before arrival)

Ikoino Yuydao Iroha Website

Best onsen niseko

7. Kanronomori

Picture from Leslie Cross on Unsplash

Kanronomori Hotel has a range of both indoor and outdoor public onsen, as well as a fitness center for guests to enjoy.

There is also a private onsen that you can rent for up to 50 minutes.

As a guest, you are entitled to access to the Moiwa ski area so you can head out for a ski and then go back to enjoy a warm drink in your room before heading down to the dining room for a wonderful meal.


Facilities: Indoor onsen, outdoor onsen, free parking, fitness center, restaurant, free wifi

Open Hours: 03:00pm – 07:00pm

Address: 048-1511 Hokkaido, Niseko, Niseko 415, Japan 

Phone Number: 0136 58 3800

Kanronomori Website 

8. Kira No Yu

When you stay at Kira No Yu you can pick from the range of both indoor and outdoor onsen. Or maybe even take some time to enjoy the hotel’s jacuzzi. 

Located next to Niseko JR railway station, Kira No Yo is a great place to stay if you want to be a bit further from the ski slopes but still be able to travel easily around the local area.

Kira No Yu also has a traditional Hinoki bath that you can try out.

Hinoki is a fragrant plant that is placed into a bag and releases a scent of wood with herbal and lemon undertones. It is most commonly used to help with stress relief and relaxation.

At the Kira No Yu, you can book a private indoor bath that is suitable for families and small groups. It also comes with a sliding window that you can open up to the outside.

Depending on the time of year, you may also be able to see the snow outside the baths – how amazing would it be to experience fresh snowfall from your onsen!


Facilities: Indoor onsen, outdoor onsen, free parking, 24-hour front desk, free wifi

Open Hours: 10:00am – 09:30pm 

Address: 33 Chuodori, Niseko, Abuta District, Hokkaido 048-1512

Phone Number: 0136 44 1100

Kira No Yo Website

Best onsen niseko

9. Rankoshi Kogane Onsen

Kogane onsen is a very traditional onsen located in the small town of Rankoshi.

The historic building is a little way from the main resort area of Niseko and is smaller than many of the other onsen.

Another important fact to note about Kogane Onsen is that you aren’t able to stay overnight. 

Kogane onsen is much simpler than other onsen, housing just one traditional indoor onsen.

However, the outdoor onsen is not to be missed, as it offers stunning views of the Annupuri Mountains surrounding the location. 


Facilities: Indoor onsen, outdoor onsen, free parking,

Open Hours: 10:00 am – 08:00 pm (May – October)

Address: 258-1 Kogane, Rankoshi Town, Isoya District, Hokkaido 048-1323

Phone Number: 0136 58 2654

Rankoshi Kogane onsen Website

Best onsen niseko

What Are The Benefits Of Bathing In An Onsen?

Open year-round and beneficial for everyone (fitness fanatics, those with health conditions, nature lovers, people seeking rest, and more).

Onsen can provide once-in-a-lifetime experiences and health improvements wrapped up in one visit.

The thermal spring water in an onsen is extremely mineral-rich and has incredible health and well-being benefits.

Varying slightly from one location to another, onsen water contains minerals including calcium, sulfur, iron, and sodium bicarbonate.

Minute amounts of these minerals pass through your skin (transdermal) during bathing and can have many benefits.

Soaking in the spring water creates a natural detox for your body, and the water is soothing for many skin ailments such as eczema, psoriasis, and acne.

As well as containing a variety of minerals across different onsen locations, there are other considerations to factor in when deciding which onsen you want to visit: indoor versus outdoor, single gender or mixed, with on-site accommodation. 

 So you need to decide which will best suit your needs. 

1. Sodium Bicarbonate And Chloride Springs

Sodium bicarbonate and chloride are excellent for promoting healthy skin. If you are planning on booking a massage as well as an onsen, then look for one containing these minerals.

These minerals create a protective layer on your skin, which promotes the retention of moisture and heat, keeping your skin feeling fresh long after you leave the pools.

2. Cold Springs

A cold spring onsen is almost identical to any other, apart from the obvious difference that the water is not heated. 

Some people use these cold springs to do a plunge after a hard day of skiing or simply use a regular thermally heated onsen.

A cold plunge can be beneficial if you suffer from sore joints or muscles, as the cold water will help to slow your blood circulation and soothe any pain.

3. Simple Hot Springs

Many onsen contain water that is saturated in minerals, which some people may find to be abrasive. 

A simple spring has fewer minerals in the water (too few to meet a specific onsen category).

The water temperature must still reach a minimum of 25 degrees, but it is more gentle on the skin for those with certain health conditions. 

If you have sensitive skin or other health issues such as fatigue but still want to try an onsen, this might be the best option for you. 

Those are three of the different types of onsen – there are many more that you can choose from. But you might be wondering what the benefits of using onsen are.

As I’ve shown you above, there are many physical and mental health benefits, but the main few benefits are listed below:

1. Promotes Sleep And Relaxation

2. Burns Calories

3. Improves Blood Circulation

4. Helps With Skin Conditions

5. Helps Ease Muscle and Joint Pains

6. Boosts Alertness and Activity

7. Activates Your Body’s Relaxation Response

8. Enables a Detox From The Modern World

Remember that depending on the onsen you choose, the mineral content of the water will vary, and some benefits are specific to certain minerals. Keep that in mind when booking your trip.

FAQs For The Best Onsen Niseko

Are There onsen In Niseko?

Yes, there are onsen in Niseko! This wondrous place is a mountainous region renowned for its powdery snow, excellent quality ski fields, and geothermally-heated onsen. 

The whole area experiences volcanic activity, which means that the onsen are often within easy reach of one another. I’ve gone into detail in this article about some of the best onsen in Niseko. 

Is There A Mixed Gender Onsen In Niseko?

Yes, there are mixed gender onsen in Niseko. 

Historically, onsen would be single-gender, and many onsen are still divided in this way.  There will be pools for men only and others for women only.

However, there are now onsen locations that allow mixed bathing. The Niseko Grand is one of the many onsen that now allows mixed bathing.

What Is The Best Village In Niseko?

The best village in Niseko is the Grand Hirafu.

While there are many onsen near Niseko, the Grand Hirafu is the most well-known of the four village resorts in Niseko. Its reputation partly comes from being close to restaurants and shops, making it easy for families and tired skiers to get to.

If you plan on visiting that ski resort, stopping by the charming town is a must.

Who Should Avoid Using An Onsen?

People with the following conditions should avoid using an onsen

  • Hypertension
  • Cardiac disease
  • Chronic bronchitis
  • Had a cerebral hemorrhage
  • Been consuming alcohol
  • Are menstruating (for hygiene reasons)
  • Large tattoos (which are still taboo in Japanese culture due to associations with crime)

I hope I’ve given you a better understanding of what the Niseko onsen are, why they are unique, what they offer, and the benefits of visiting an onsen.

When booking your onsen experience, please remember that guests may be separated by gender and that not all onsen are private.

Do your homework and ensure you are booking the facility that best suits you.

If you are looking to book a private onsen, you must go to a location such as Prince Hotel Hirafutei or Kira No Yo. 

The same goes for indoor and outdoor onsen. Don’t book an onsen experience without checking if you will be disappointed at finding an indoor, artificially heated onsen.

Remember to try out the best onsen in Niseko on your next trip to Japan. Even if you only go once, bathing in an onsen is a powerful experience that shouldn’t be missed.

If you are trying to decide is Niseko good for beginners when it comes to visiting an onsen, I hope that this article has helped you!

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