11 Best Paddle Boards For Dogs (And You!)

Are you wondering, where can you get the best paddle board for dogs? 

You read that right!When I first saw a dog on an inflatable paddle board with its owner, I had to look twice. I didn’t think sharing the love of water sport with your dog was possible.

We dog owners are known to bring our furry friends almost everywhere. 

We bring our dogs along for our morning run, drive around town and even hike up the mountains. So yes, instead of playing fetch during your next beach trip or lake visit, you can introduce paddle boarding to your dog! 

If you have started doing so and are looking for the best paddle board for your dog (and you) then look no further.

You might find the best inflatable sup for your but is it the best sup board for dogs? (SUP=stand up paddle).

Will the paddle board be safe enough for your dog and how do their little paws grip the surface? What if they slip?

Trust me, these question are in the minds of dog owners when they want to bring their dog along for paddle boarding. 

Fret not, WWB writer and dog lover, Dee, will share with you the 11 best paddle boards for you and your furry friend to help narrow down your choices.


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My favourite Paddle Board For Dogs:

The best inflatable stand up paddle board for dogs that I recommend is the ROC Inflatable Stand up Paddle Board.

It is durable, lightweight and spacious enough for you, your furry friend and a couple of small items. 

It’s capable of handling up to 300 lbs in weight which is great when you have more than one dog tagging along or a big size dog. 

Curious dogs will love the space it has because they have more space to walk about. 

The build is of great quality and you won’t have to worry that your dog’s claws will scratch the surface.

What’s also great is that the accessories include a waterproof bag to store and protect all your items. Personally I think its the best inflatable paddle board on the market!

11 Best Paddle Boards For Dogs (And You!)

  1. ROC Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board
  2. iROCKER Cruiser Inflatable Stand Up 
  3. Isle Pioneer Inflatable SUP 
  4. Bluefin Cruise SUP Stand Up Inflatable Paddle Board
  5. South Bay Board Co. Premium 
  6. Thurso Surf Max Multi-Purpose
  7. Thurso Surf Waterwalker
  8. Isle Explorer
  9. Sea Eagle Long Board
  10. Gili Inflatable Standup Paddleboard
  11. Serene Life Inflatable Standup 

1. ROC Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board

best paddle board for dogs

This spacious and wide paddle board has a large non-slip deck that goes all the way to the tail. Such a feature allows more space for yourself, your dog (or dogs!) and small items. 

A dog on an inflatable paddle board for the first time will find this board less intimidating because they have space to turn around or move about.


  • Built with military-grade material so its resilient and lasts for ages!
  • Durable & lightweight, easy to set up for you and your dog
  • Collapsible aluminium paddle, easy to pack
  • Upgrade to premium to get the waterproof bag to store your paddle boarding essentials
  • 1-year warranty so you can return if you don’t like it, with no issues


  • Expensive compared to the rest but worth the cost

2. iROCKER Cruiser Inflatable Stand Up 

If you’re on a budget and a beginner in paddle boarding sports, this would be the best inflatable SUP for dogs . There are cheaper SUPs but IROCKER  delivers in terms of quality. 

It is relatively lightweight with enough stability and width for you and your dog. 

The board’s material has a double layer construction that can withstand claws or scratches from your dog.


  • Great performing board with an affordable price so won’t blow your budget
  • Lighter fibreglass paddle so you can paddle with ease
  • Lots of D-Rings and carry handles – making it easier for you to carry and mount
  • Quality customer service to solve any of your queries and issues


  • The biggest issue that most users have is inflating the board – can be finicky but after doing it a few times it becomes easy
  • May need to add a traction pad to give your dog a better grip

3. Isle Pioneer Inflatable SUP 

Best Paddle Board for Dogs

This is Pioneer’s widest and most stable inflatable SUP. It can easily accommodate a fair-sized human and a large dog. 

The width allows it to be stable enough for you and your dog. It’s a great beginner-friendly SUP to start off with for your paddling adventure with your furry best friend


  • The stiff and wide structure makes you feel extra stable while paddling
  • A dual bungee strap allows plenty of security for your gear while you paddle
  • Paddle holders built into the board so you wont have to lug an extra one around


  • The deck pad is a little short going forward – you need to install a traction pad forward on the board for more grip for your dog.
  • It comes with a single chamber pump, as opposed to double/dual action pumps

4. Bluefin Cruise SUP Stand Up Inflatable Paddle Board

best sup board for dogs

The Bluefin is one of the stiffest inflatable boards available providing stability to the user. It is pretty easy to manoeuvre and to have your dog as your passenger on it.

It is one of the better ones for SUP of this price range. On the water, it is stable and has better tracking compared to most.


  • It includes a kayak seat that can be attached – great when you want to sit with your dog
  • Stiff and durable board – great for your dog’s paws
  • 5-year warranty which is above the industry standard


  • It’s a bit heavy to carry around (33 lbs or 15 kgs)
  • Pricey but worth it !

5. South Bay Board Co. Premium 

best inflatable stand up paddle board for dogs

A hard board SUP, perfect for anyone and a small dog. If you have a big dog, it is best to reconsider if you want to get this model.

The board is made of fibreglass weave with a foam core. The deck is fully padded which is great for your dog’s grip. The shape of the board is best for flat water, ie lakes preferably


  • Great customer service 
  • Made of high-quality fibreglass and foam core construction, extremely durable and reliable
  • Easy to set up so you can paddle board more!


  • Heavier and harder to transport compared to an inflatable SUP
  • Restricted for smaller size dogs , the capacity is up to 300 lbs (your dog and your weight combined)
  • For flatwater use, so safe to be used on lakes but not the beach or choppy waters

6. Thurso Surf Max Multi-Purpose

dog on an inflatable paddle board

The Thurso Surf Max Multi-Purpose can be used for lakes, ocean bays or rivers and even for fishing or overnight expeditions. 

It’s an ideal board for multi-purpose usage just as it is called.

The traction pad covers the entire paddle board which is great for stability and comfort. It is built with military-grade PVC which means it is strong and durable.


  • The traction pad is great for dogs and kids (hence the name multi-purpose!)
  • It has a side paddle holder so you can relax when not paddle boarding
  • A fun, all-around multi-purpose board living up to its name


  • A little heavy to carry around (about 33 lbs)
  • The width makes it a bit heavier to paddle – you need to load up with a lot of weight to feel steady

7. Thurso Surf Waterwalker

best inflatable SUP for dogs

It comes in two size options (10’ 6” or 11” long) and is built with a rounded nose. 

The Waterwalker is a nimble SUP and moving with it takes little effort, especially the 10’ 6”. If you usually paddle with more gear then you should choose the 11” long.

It’s easy and stable to manoeuvre and great for any level of paddlers of any age. The wood grain colour of the PVC deck gives it a natural look although it is made of high-grade PVC material


  • Great for dogs, families and friends usage
  • Includes a 3-piece paddle with a carbon shaft which makes paddling a little less tiring
  • It can also be used as a 2-piece paddle, great for beginners who would like to kneel or sit on the board 


  • A little bit slower compared to most due to the rounded nose design
  • Better for flatwater, ie lakes

8. Isle Explorer

paddle board dog pad

Isle Explorer is known to be a better board for longer excursions.

It’s a longer board than most but not as wide as the others. This feature makes it a little bit less stable compared to the rest of the boards listed.

It is recommended for more experienced paddlers who would be comfortable and confident on the water.  The higher maximum capacity also allows you to bring more gear or a bigger dog (or dogs!


  • Great for longer excursions 
  • Better space for gears and large dogs


  • Less steady due to the design
  • The paddle is made with carbon fibre shaft and nylon blade but the clamp needs to be tightened with a Phillips head screwdriver. 
  • Not great for beginners

9. Sea Eagle Long Board

best SUP for dogs

This is another Longboard that comes in two sizes, which is 11’ or 12’ 6”. It is advisable to get the longer one if you are considering this brand. 

The design allows it to be used in any type of water and it can hold up to 250 lbs in weight. If you have a big dog, this would not be an issue.


  • Versatile longboard perfect to navigate all types of water
  • Moves and glides well and smoothly
  • A great option for paddling with dogs of any size


  • Not as stable as the boards mentioned earlier so it will take a while to get used to it
  • Bungee cords upfront may get in the way of your dog/dogs so you’d need to keep your dogs on the traction pad

10. Gili Inflatable Standup Paddleboard

best SUP for dogs

The Gili Inflatable Standup Paddleboard is a great one to choose from for a few reasons. 

The space it has is sufficient for you and your dog. It can cope well on rough waters which means it is also stable enough.

This particular model is popular among intermediate paddlers because it is comfortable, stable and durable. The capacity is up to 275 lbs which is also another reason why it’s well known.


  • The traction pad is great for dogs and yoga! 
  • Design is stable and has enough space for you, your dog plus some gears
  • Paddle board is environmentally friendly 


  • Hard to manoeuvre during windy days
  • Takes a while to pump the board

11. Serene Life Inflatable Standup 

paddle board dog

This is a relatively affordable board for you and your dog with a maximum capacity of 275 lbs. The Serene Life Inflatable SUP is designed well but when on the water it takes a bit more effort to paddle.

Generally, customer’s love the board because it delivers in terms of capacity and usage. It is lightweight and easy to transport around.


  • You get what you pay for, there are no extra promises to the feature
  • Cheaper compared to the rest
  • Great for beginners who do not want to splurge, yet


  • Reviews mostly on quality control – inconsistent design of each board
  • You need extra arm strength to paddle due to the design
  • Feels a little bit unsteady on the water even on calm waters

What To Look For In A Paddle Board 


The perfect size board would be one that is wider and longer to ensure that it is more stable. 

Look at boards that are at least 10 feet long and 32 inches wide.


Take into account stability not just for your weight but your dog’s weight. 

In general, the larger your dog the more unstable a board can be. Ask for the capacity of the board to ensure it can accommodate your dog and your weight

Shape & Design

The shape of the board can also determine how fast or how much harder you need to paddle. Most boards have bungee cords on them that dogs may or may not trip on. 

You can remove it to avoid this.


Most boards these days are made with high-grade military material. It would usually withstand scratches from your dog’s claws. 

Basically, look for a board that will not show much wear and tear easily.

 A soft top board will also minimise scenes of your dog tipping or slipping on the board. The good quality boards should be made with high grade PVC material and at least a double or triple layer to minimise the scratches caused by your dog’s claws.

Traction Pad

A traction pad allows better grip for the dog’s claws when they are on the paddle board. 

Even if your dog can balance itself on the board, this is still necessary. If the paddle board dog pad that you have does not seem to have enough traction, you can buy self-adhesive  ones to add on.

paddle board dog

Other Accessories

Most SUPs come with a package of waterproof bags , extra fins or extra paddles.

It depends on the kind of trip you’d take with your dog. A standard one should include a leash, a paddle, a speed pump and a repair kit. 

Anything extra is a bonus.

Most importantly, you need to have paddle board dog accessories for your canine friend. 

This is NOT included when you purchase the SUP, but the basic ones you should get for your dog is ; 

best SUP for dogs
best SUP for dogs
best SUP for dogs

Best Paddle Board For Dogs FAQs

best paddle board for dogs

Can You Actually Paddle Board With Your Dog?

Yes, you definitely can! 

It takes a while to get used to but with a little bit of practice, you’ll have fun together. 

More and more dog owners paddle board with their dog making the option of  getting the best SUP for dogs very accessible these days. 

If you already have a paddle board, then it’s mainly to train your dog to get used to it. 

For starters, get your dog to get used to the board at home. Put a treat on the board and let your dog sniff around it and be comfortable with the board.

Once they are comfortable with the board, you can start with paddle boarding in a lake or safe, calm and shallow water. One point to note is that you need to be comfortable on your board then it makes the transition for your dog easier.

How Do You Paddle Board With Your Dog ?

  1. Allow the dog to walk on the board itself. Start at shallow water
  2. Ensure you stand with your dog between or near your feet.
  3. Make sure you paddle slowly without accidentally hitting your dog
  4. Take a short trip for the first time – progress further once your dog is used to it
  5. Large dogs should sit at the back third of the board – basically proper weight distribution
  6. Should your dog jump or fall of the board, help him back
  7. Tire them out on the beach with some fetch games first. Tired dogs will move less on the paddle board. Less movement, easier paddling, great fun ahead !

Tip :

If they are not ready the first time, keep trying. However, some dogs are just not keen to be on a paddle board so don’t force it.

Put on a PFD (pooch flotation device) on your dog, even if they can swim, safety comes first !

What To Prepare For Your Paddle Boarding Adventure With Your Dog

best paddle board for dogs

1. First Aid Kit

With or without your dog, this should be on board with you. 

2. Life Vest And PFD 

Ensure that both of you are using life jackets. The dog’s PFD normally comes with handles for you to grab onto should your dog fall off.

3. Trim Them Nails!

Not yours but your dog’s (yours too if you think it bothers you). This is to avoid scratches on the board.

4. Apply Sunscreen – For You And Your Dog

Dogs are also at risk of sunburn, especially on their stomach. 

Any thin layer of fur or exposed area can easily be sunburned. Spend no more than 3 hours under the sun to avoid sunburn

Try Epi-Pet Sunscreen for your dog which is non greasy and provides skin and coat conditioner. 

5. Water To Drink

For you and your dog. This is to avoid dehydration when you’re out there paddling

6. Dog Treats

Great way to reward your dog, especially when he behaves well on board.

7. Get The Dog to Swim

Do ensure your dog is comfortable swimming. If he is afraid of water then, this may not be an enjoyable experience for your dog. 

Are Inflatable Paddle Boards Strong Enough For Dogs? 

Yes !

These boards are tough and can withstand the dog’s claws/nails. It has better grip and stability compared to hard boards, making it strong enough and durable for dogs.

Is It Easier To Kayak Or Paddle Board With A Dog ? 

Paddle boarding with a dog is easier than kayaking or canoeing with dogs.

Dogs move around easily on a SUP board compared to a kayak or canoe. They would feel less restricted and they can go in and out of the SUP board easier.

Tip : If you want to build confidence on getting a SUP board with your dog, you can start by bringing your furry friend on a canoe first. The dog can be in the middle of the canoe while you are at the end. 

What type of paddle board is most stable?

An inflatable paddle board, is normally be more stable than a hard board of the same dimensions because the thickness of an inflatable board is consistent across the length and width of its board compared to hardboards. Inflatable paddle boards have more buoyancy overall.


Well, there yu have it. All the best stand up paddle boards for you and your pooch.

Dogs are always eager to have fun outdoors and paddle boarding with your dog is a great way to get them to enjoy the water together. 

Getting the best paddle board for dogs will keep your dog happy and healthy!

A paddle board dog is beginning to be a norm these days as more dog owners are introducing this activity to their canine friend.

No matter what, have fun together and don’t force it if they are not ready. 

Once they are ready to join you paddle boarding, don’t forget to always be safe. Get your sunscreen on for you and your dog and after a long day of paddle boarding, don’t forget to rinse yourself and your dog. 

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