Best Paddle Boards For Yoga That Are Fantastic To Start Right Now

With an enormous amount of paddle board brands and stores out there, you might feel overwhelmed if you´re looking for the best paddle boards for Yoga. 

There are so many features to take into consideration before buying the proper SUP for you! The shape, weight, width…

Still, there are also the reviews of avid paddle boarders and Yoga lovers that might make you want to run to the nearest Yoga paddle board Costco section, and buy one right away.

But before you do so, let us give you some suggestions so your purchase is worth every penny. 

The last thing you want is to buy an advertised SUP yoga board that’s not at all suitable for Yoga and regret getting into this beneficial and relaxing exercise.

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Top 11 Best Paddle Boards for Yoga:

  1. Bluefin Aura Fit
  2. Blackfin X
  3. Gili Meno Yoga Board
  4. Bluefin Voyage
  5. Glide Lotus Yoga SUP
  6. FunWater Tiki
  7. Thurso Surf Tranquility
  8. iRocker Cruiser
  9. Nixy Venice G4
  10. Gili Komodo
  11. Peak 10´ Yoga Fitness Inflatable


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Our Pick As The Best Paddle Board For Yoga

After researching all the features of the paddle boards suitable for Yoga, we’ve reached the conclusion that the best paddle board for practicing Yoga is the Bluefin Aura Fit.

This board is not only extra wide, which makes it very stable, but also can carry a lot of weight, is beginners-friendly, and can be used for other SUP activities. 

Plus, it lacks a grip handle in the middle of the board, which is perfect for laying down Yoga poses. It’s the only board we’ve seen with this helpful characteristic.

Plus, reviewers are crazy in love about this paddle board! 

You can read more about this iSUP down below.

Top 11 Best Paddle Boards For Yoga

1. Bluefin Aura Fit

Best Paddle Boards For Yoga
AURA FIT from Bluefin Website

Measures: 10´7” x 36” x 6”

Maximum user weight: 160 Kgs

This beautifully looking paddle board is purposefully designed for SUP yoga.

It’s very wide, which makes it highly stable, perfect for doing all those Yoga poses, and arguably the best paddle board for Yoga. 

It’s high-quality (made of the best material: PVC), stable, and UV resistant. The nose has a bungee area for gear storage.

It has a big grip deck and it doesn’t include a grip handle in the middle. Very convenient if you want to lay down. 

This SUP can also be used for all kinds of paddling and it’s very beginner-friendly. It can carry a lot of weight, so depending on yours, you can bring a second person or your pet.

The board has an action camera mount for you to record your performance on the board and post them online if you want! The deck pad is textured to enhance traction and avoid slips, which is very convenient for Yoga lovers.

The package includes a lightweight fiberglass paddle, 3 fins set, a coiled leash, a high-pressure pump, a comfortable and high-quality backpack, and a waterproof phone cover – selfies, anyone?


  • High-quality
  • Purposefully designed for Yoga
  • Comfortable and no grip handle in the middle
  • High maximum user weight
  • Textured deck pad
  • Very complete package


  • None we could find

2. Blackfin X

best SUP for yoga
Blackfin X yoga SUP board from irockersup

Measures: 10´6” x 35” x 6”

Maximum user weight: 204 Kgs

This is one of the most stable paddle boards from iRocker, and it was also designed for practicing Yoga. 

It’s lightweight and easy to transport, although it’s not fast. It also has a full and comfortable traction pad.

It’s made of PVC, which means it’s high-quality, and it’s sturdy, and durable. 

The rails are made of carbon fiber, to provide extra grip. It’s easy to maintain balance on it, track and maneuver it.

The board comes in many colors, has two bungee systems, 20 D-rings, and 8 action mounts, and the package includes a carbon paddle, a wheeled backpack, 3 fins set, a hand pump, a coiled ankle leash, and a repair kit.

The brand offers a 2-year warranty and a 60-day guarantee.


  • Stable and lightweight
  • High-quality
  • Durable and sturdy


  • None we could find

3. Gili Meno Yoga Board

Best Paddle Boards For Yoga
Gili meno from Gili website

Measures: 10´6” x 35” x 6”

Maximum user weight: 200 – 220 Kgs

This paddle board is among the best SUP for yoga. 

It’s sturdy, can hold a great amount of weight, and it’s not heavy at all. It’s also wide, so you won’t have any problems doing complicated yoga poses. 

This SUP yoga board stability makes it great for beginners, and although it’s not one of the fastest SUPs, it’s easy to maneuver and tracks pretty well. 

The board is rigid because of its carbon fiber rails, has a textured traction pad to avoid slippings, 5 action mounts, a paddle holder, front and rear bungee systems, and 18 D-rings!

It also has 3 grab handles, and it comes in 2 colors.

The package includes a rolling backpack with pockets for your fins, a carbon fiber paddle, 5 piece fin kit, a high flow pump, and a coiled ankle leash. The company gives a 2-year warranty. 

Some users have complained about the inflation process, claiming it can be tough to do it manually. 


  • High-quality
  • Stable and comfortable
  • Rigid easy to maneuver
  • Very complete package


  • Manual inflation can be difficult

4. Bluefin Voyage

best SUP for yoga

Measures: 10´10” x 38” x 6”

Maximum user weight: 130 Kgs

This used to be the brand´s best Yoga SUP before they brought to the market the Aura Fit, and it’s great for beginners. 

It’s very stable and comfortable and the deck pad is extended through all the board, so you´ll have a lot of grips, a very appreciated feature as Yogis. 

It’s easy to transport and built of PVC, which means it’s very sturdy.

The bungee system on the nose is great for accessories storing and the rails are a bit elevated, providing great grip in case you fall into the water. Additionally, it’s easy to inflate and deflate.

The package includes a fiberglass paddle, a coiled leash, a pump, a cooling box for storing beverages and food, a 3-fins set,  a repair kit, a waterproof smartphone case, 2 fishing rod mounts, a kayak seat, an action camera thread hole, and a backpack. 

And the manufacturer offers a 5-years warranty!


  • Extremely complete package
  • Stable and comfortable
  • High-quality material


  • None we could find

5. Glide Lotus Yoga SUP

Best Paddle Boards For Yoga
Glide lotus from Glide website

Measures: 10´ x 35” x 6”

Maximum user weight: 127 Kgs

A specifically designed SUP for Yoga, this paddle board is extremely stable and rigid due to its width and reinforced rails. 

It´s high-quality and durable and can hold up to 127 Kgs. 

This eco-friendly board is not very long, and its wide design makes it perfect for Yoga but no for activities that involve velocity, such as racing. 

So, keep it in mind if you want a board suitable for something other than Yoga.

It also has a full deck pad and has just a center fin, which just proves the point that it was designed with Yoga in mind. There is a bungee system at the nose and extra D-rings, but there’s only one color available, though.

The package includes a rolling backpack, a paddle, a coiled leash, one fin, a repair kit, and a brand new kayak seat with straps.

The manufacturer offers a 30-days guarantee.


  • Stable and high-quality
  • Full deck pad
  • Eco-friendly
  • Complete package


  • Only one color

6. FunWater Tiki

Best Paddle Boards For Yoga

Measures: 10´6” x 33” x 6”

Maximum user weight: 130 Kgs

This board is incredibly high-quality for its price!

It´s wide which provides extra stability and has a full beautiful traction deck pad that’s perfect for practicing Yoga.

This iSUP is not only great for Yoga but many other SUP activities as well. 

It’s easy to maneuver and transport, and it’s built from high-quality materials.

The package includes a waterproof bag for smartphones, an adjustable paddle, a pump, a coiled leash, 3 fins set, a repair kit, and a huge backpack. It’s also easy to inflate and deflate.

On the downside, being so lightweight (17 Kgs) it doesn’t track particularly well in windy weather or waves, but this is common for inflatable paddle boards.


  • High-quality and low price
  • Stable 
  • Full deck pad
  • Easy to maneuver, transport
  • Very complete package
  • Easy to inflate and deflate


  • Doesn’t track well in windy weathers

7. Thurso Surf Tranquility

Best Paddle Boards For Yoga

Measures: 10´8” x 34” x 6”

Maximum user weight: 217 Kgs

This is a board designed for Yoga SUP and its soft and comfortable deck pad proves it. 

It’s big and wide, so there’s enough space for doing all those Yoga poses you´re dying to practice. Thurso is a great paddle board brand, so it’s expected to manufacture high-quality paddle boards like this one.

The board has a bungee system on the nose, three grab handles, a paddle holder, and several D-rings for attaching accessories. It’s not one of the fastest SUPs because it’s wide and it can be a bit heavy. 

The package includes a backpack, a deck bag, a coiled leash, a carbon hybrid paddle (which floats), a very effective dual action pump, SUP carrier shoulder sling, and a 3 removable fin set.

There´s a 2-years warranty.


  • Very high-quality
  • Complete package
  • Stable and wide
  • Full and comfortable deck pad
  • Can support a lot of weight
  • The paddle floats


  • A bit heavy 

8. iRocker Cruiser

SUP yoga board
irocker-cruiser from iRocker website

Measures: 10´6” x 33” x 6”

Maximum user weight: 180 Kgs

iRocker is known for its superb quality paddle boards. This one is not the exception, being one of the best SUP boards for Yoga. It’s perfect for all types of activities and suits even experienced paddlers.

It’s sturdy and very stable, two perfect features for practicing Yoga on the water, but it’s not as wide as others on the list, so it performs better in activities that require speed.

This paddle board maneuverability and tracking are also good. 

It has a large and comfortable deck pad, 20 D-rings, and 4 action mounts for attaching kayak seats and other accessories. It also has two bungee systems and safety handles.

The package includes a carbon hybrid paddle, a rolling backpack, 3 removable fins set, a manual pump, an ankle leash, and a repair kit. 

iRocker offers a 60-days and 2-years warranty.


  • High-quality
  • Stable and sturdy
  • Large and comfortable deck pad
  • Many features on the board


  • None we could find

9. Nixy Venice G4

SUP yoga board

Measures: 10´6” x 34” x 6”

Maximum user weight: 180 Kgs

This board is suitable for all kinds of SUP activities, and it’s very beginner-friendly.

It comes in many colors, it´s wide and stable. At the same time, it’s lightweight, so it’s easy to carry and transport. The board has 16 D-rings, several action mounts, carbon-reinforced rails, a paddle holder, two bungee systems, and the traction pad is large and comfortable.

The package includes a carbon-fiber hybrid paddler, a dual-chamber high-pressure hand pump, a hybrid coiled leash, and a cool-looking backpack. Some users have mentioned it can be difficult to inflate.

The brand offers a 30 days and 2-years warranty.


  • Beginner-friendly
  • Stable
  • High-quality
  • Color variety


  • Can be difficult to inflate

10. Gili Komodo

SUP yoga board

Measures: 10´6” x 33” x 6”

Maximum user weight: 154 Kgs

High-quality construction, stability, and lightweights are the most outstanding features of this paddle board, which makes it one of the best inflatable SUPs for Yoga. Plus, Gili makes donations to charities that make efforts to save the ocean.

It’s easy to maneuver and track and it can hold itself even in challenging water conditions. It has a full deck pad which is a SUP Yoga lover dream.

This board has two bungee systems, 18 D-rings, and a built-in paddle holder.

 The package includes a carbon fiber or a fiberglass paddle, a coiled leash, a pump, a 3 removable fins set, and a backpack.

Gili offers a 60-days money-back guarantee and a 2-years warranty.


  • Stable and high-quality
  • Lightweight
  • Easy to maneuver
  • Full deck pad
  • Complete package


  • It can be difficult to inflate manually

11. Peak 10´ Yoga Fitness Inflatable

best inflatable SUPs for Yoga

Measures: 10´ x 32” x 6”

Maximum user weight: 124 Kgs

This is one of the best paddle boards for its price, and the quality is good as well.

 It’s lightweight, and its thickness ensures the SUP doesn´t sink a little bit as other paddle boards might do. This is especially important for Yogis.

It was designed specifically for Yoga, Pilates, and Fitness, so it´s wide and has a soft but non-slip deck pad. Additionally, you can use it as a recreational paddle board for other activities like cruising. 

It´s high-quality as well, built from PVC, stiff, and stable.

The package includes an aluminum paddle, a coiled ankle leash, a carry backpack, a dual-action pump, a removable snap-in fin, a patch kit, and a waterproof smartphone case. 

All the accessories match the color of the board you choose, which is not very common.  

The manufacturer has a 30-days return guarantee and a 1-year warranty on materials. On the downside, a few users have pointed out that the customer service is not great and the board can decolor after a few uses.


  • Light-weight and high-quality materials
  • Large, non-slip deck pad
  • Stable
  • Good package


  • Decolors after a few uses
  • Poorly reviewed customer service

What To Consider When Buying A Paddle Board For Yoga

best SUP for yoga

Your paddle board will determine whether you can succeed at Yoga paddleboarding. But, what characteristics have the best inflatable paddle board for Yoga? 

Well, it depends on several factors, so keep on reading to find out.

1. Is It An Inflatable Vs Hard Paddle Board?

This choice will depend entirely on your consideration, but it might help know a few factors about both types of boards.

Hard paddle boards are superior to iSUPs in terms of stability, which is an important factor when it comes to Yoga. 

However, this can be compensated if your inflatable paddle board is wide, which as we have mentioned before provides the stability factor. 

Inflatable paddle boards are also a great option for practicing Yoga because of their softer and more comfortable deck pads. They´re also easier to carry and store than hardboards, and they are more scratch-resistant.

For all the reasons above, we truly recommend buying an iSUP.

2. What Is The SUP Weight Limit?

Look for paddle boards that have a high maximum rider weight, and of course, higher than your weight. 

There are many paddle boards in the above list that can even take more than one rider or the paddleboarder and their dog. 

So, even if you´re a bit heavy you´ll find the perfect paddle board for you.

3. What Are Its Size And Proportions?

The size and overall proportions of your paddle board are important too, especially if you’ll be using it for doing more than Yoga. 

Longer boards are better for activities involving speed, like racing, but it’s not crucial for Yoga. 

Wider boards provide the very much-needed stability for practicing, so there’s less chance to fall over and over. Look for boards that are over 32” but don´t go for too wide ones if you want to use your SUP for things other than Yoga.  

The thickness is important as well.

 A 6” thick paddle board will be great for Yoga SUPing because it will be rigid and stay on top of the water.

4. Do You Need A Special Deck Pad?

The deck pad characteristics are crucial for every rider, but this is especially true for Yogis, because of all the positions and stretching they do. 

Always make sure the deck pad of the SUP that catches your eyes is comfortable, has texture, and provides non-slip traction. These features will ensure you won’t fall more than usual. 

If you find a board with a large/full deck pad, the better, more surface to make those poses.

5. Does It Have A Fin System?

The fins play a major role in paddleboarding activities that require paddling a lot, like surfing, cruising, touring, etc. 

This is because fins ensure the SUP moves through the water smoothly in the direction you want it to go, so they help with the board’s stability and maneuverability. 

They are not very important for static activities, like Yoga. Still, if you want to practice Yoga anywhere, like your backyard, check if all the fins can be removed before buying the SUP.

6. What Is The Construction Quality?

I know you might feel tempted to buy the cheaper Yoga paddle board out there, but be careful not to compromise the quality.

An iSUP made of PVC, which is a material used in the military, is a high-quality one. Also, check for which technology was used to build the SUP, the ultra reinforced dropstitch and fusion technology are among the bests. 

7. What Features Does It Have?

Check the features and accessories of the paddle board. As much as many brands like to advertise their boards as yoga boards, this is often a technique to just sell more.

Look for the details: is the SUP wide enough? How is the deck pad? Is it thick enough to stay floating while supporting your weight?

Benefits Of Doing Yoga On A Paddle Board

SUP yoga board

If nothing you have read so far has convinced you to start practicing SUP Yoga, then let’s check the benefits of doing Yoga on a paddle board:

  • It strengthens a new set of muscles involved in balance (especially core muscles).
  • Helps you increase your flexibility.
  • Provides fresh air and a relaxing environment.
  • Will improve your balance and breathing techniques.
  • Allows you to challenge yourself.

Additionally, it will give you a different setting for doing Yoga other than a smelly gym. 

..You can read about many other paddle boarding benefits in our article “Top 15 Paddle Board Benefits that will Make you Fall in Love with this Sport”

You’ll be wanting to try this sport in no time. 

Best Paddle Boards For Yoga Tips

SUP yoga board

1. Check The SUP Package

Check the package contains the basics: a paddle, an ankle leash, a pump, and a backpack for easier transportation.  

2. Pick The Right Clothes

Make sure to wear clothes that can get wet and that dry quickly (like merino wool). Remember doing all those cool poses might mean that you’ll end up in the water, especially if you´re new to paddle board Yoga.

Of course, you can also wear a bikini or nylon shorts.

3. Use The Right Protection

Remember to use sunscreen, since you´ll be exposed to the sun, and bring water and snacks with you. You can stock them in your board´s bungee system or a cooler.

Also, since wearing the ankle leash can be restrictive for many Yoga poses, we recommend using a lifesaver such as the Onyx MoveVent Dynamic, which attaches to your clothes and inflates easily if you fall into the water and struggle to get onto your paddle board.

paddle board Yoga

4. Don’t Be Afraid Of The Water

If you´re thinking about practicing Yoga on a paddle board, it’s because you know how to swim. So, even if this way of doing Yoga is on a whole new level, the worst that can happen is that you fall into the water.

Just climb on the board again, and carry on!

5. Look Straight

The horizon can provide an excellent anchor point for you to maintain balance and stability on the board. It can also be a tree, the shore, a buoy, whatever you like, but fix your eyes on that one spot to find your balance.

6. Avoid Standing Positions At First

To get yourself accustomed to the water, start with Yoga poses that can be done sitting, squatting, or kneeling (such as the boat or the needle) until you can stand relatively easily and can maintain your balance on the board. 

This will help you to not spend more time in the water than on it!

7. Stay Centered

This is your time to relax and give this sport a try. If you encounter other SUP Yogis, don’t compare yourself to them. If you´re a beginner, then many of them probably have been doing this for a longer time than you. 

As with everything in life, we all have our pace to learn, so be gentle with yourself!

Best Paddle Boards For Yoga FAQs

Why Do People Do Yoga On Paddle Boards 

Because it’s way better than doing it in a crowded gym full of sweaty people!

The landscapes, fresh air, and especially the calming sounds of the water and birds singing, make a perfect scenario for relaxing. 

Plus, it will take you out of the house to work on your body and mind and let the stress of a daily routine go away.

What Is The Most Stable Paddle Board?

It depends. There are many paddle boards in the market that provide great stability.

There are several paddle boards on this list that are extremely stable, but the best paddle boards for yoga and stability for us are:

Which factors make a paddle board stable?

  1. Width: as we’ve mentioned, a wide paddle board is more stable.
  1. Shape: the more pointed the nose and rear are, the less stable the paddle board is in those areas.
  1. Length: it plays a slightly minor role, but the length is important too. A shorter board tends to be less stable.
  1. Material: the material of which the paddle board is made, will play a big role in its stability. A high-quality inflatable paddle board is rigid and stable.
  1. The shape of the bottom: a flat bottom or a concave one provides great stability in a paddleboard.  
  1. Thickness: a thick paddle board usually is more stable.
  1. Fins: the shape of the fins also has a role in its stability. A fin with a wide base provides a more stable effect.

Final Thoughts

Now that you have checked these best paddle boards for Yoga, hopefully, you´re ready to give SUP Yoga a try!

 The benefits of Yoga and paddleboarding combined will bring positive changes to your lifestyle and an overall improvement of your health.

Have you tried any other paddle board for practicing Yoga that it’s not on this list? Let us know in the comment section below, and please share this article with another fellow Yoga lover.


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