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The Ultimate Guide To Climbing In Morocco

Hello there, are you looking for the perfect guide to climbing in Morocco? Well, you’ve come to the right place. 

Rock climbing is a sport that requires you to climb up, down, or across rocks (natural or artificial) with its primary goal of reaching the top without falling. Sounds fun don’t you think? 

Why don’t you head to Morocco and give it a shot?

Morocco boasts a stunning landscape and perfect natural rock formations perfect for rock climbing. Here, you will get a chance to explore beautiful peaks, visit lush, gorgeous valleys and meet the local Berber villagers on your rock climbing trip. 

If you’re looking for a challenge, try rock climbing near Toubkal mountain. This mountain is the highest in North Africa and stands at an incredible height of 4,167 meters and its range stretches for as long as 2500 kilometers with lush greenery that surrounds it. 

The weather is generally great and the solid rock formations are usually very good for rock climbing in Morocco. The three main areas for rock climbing are Taghia Gorge, Tafraoute, and Todra Gorge. 

Are you excited yet? We know we are, so read on and we’ll tell you more! 

Ultimate Guide To Climbing In Morocco Highlights 

To help you plan your trip, we’ve compiled all the information you may need in this article. Some of the main highlights of this article include: 

  • All the best places to climb in Morocco
  • Best time for rock climbing in Morocco
  • Where to book a guided rock climbing trip in Morocco?
  • What do you need for a rock climbing holiday in Morocco?
  • Tips for rock climbing in Morocco
  • Insurance for rock climbing in Morocco
  • Difference between mountain climbing and rock climbing


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All The Best Places To Climb In Morocco

rock climb in Morocco

1. Todra Gorges

Todra Gorges is the perfect place to go rock climbing if you are planning to pay the Sahara a visit when you’re in Marrakech. As one of the top climbing destinations for Morocco, Todra Gorge has been visited by climbers from all over the world since the 1960s. 

There is a good variety of trails for climbing in Todra Gorge perfect for all levels of rock climbers, from beginners to advanced climbers. The mountain or rocks have options that range from a single-pitch roadside route to multi-pitch adventures that can be long and hard. 

As one of Morocco’s biggest and well-developed climbing areas, Todra Gorges have great quality limestone rocks and over 460 routes for you to explore depending on the level of challenge and difficulty you’re looking to do.

You can climb throughout the year here although, summers can get really hot but don’t worry, either side of the gorge will have sun and shade so you won’t be climbing in the sun all day. 

The best time to go rock climbing in Todra Gorge is actually in spring (February to late May) and autumn (September to November) where the weather is nice and cool. 

2. Tafraoute

Located to the southeast of Agadir, Tafraoute is situated in the Anti Atlas range of Morocco. It has great, adventurous rock climbing with amazing quartzite and granite rock you can pick from. 

You can also choose to try bouldering, single pitch roadside routes, or long multi-pitch routes with high ridges, big walls, and stunning summits. This mountain terrain is also easy to get to and is only twenty minutes from the road. 

This vast area still has plenty of routes left to explore and so much potential for more new routes to be developed. Here, you are required to place nuts and cams for protection in accordance with traditional climbing ethics. 

The summer here can get very hot and November to December is usually the “wet” season – not suitable for rock climbing. However, late September to mid-April is actually the best time to hike with the two best months being October and March. 

If you’re looking for a rock climbing holiday with winter sun, Tafraoute is a good alternative in addition to the unique and magical culture of the Moroccans. 

3. Taghia Gorge 

If you’re looking for an adventurous rock climbing experience in Morocco, you should check out Taghia Gorge. It has the best wall (and big too!) for rock climbing in Morocco with routes up to 800 meters long!

The Taghia village is surrounded by red limestone walls overhanging with peaks as high as 3000 meters. In order to get there, however, you will need a 4WD to get to the valley as they do not have a proper road for access. 

Here, they have over 100 routes that have been discovered at Taghia Gorge and more to come. There is fixed protection in place already for this mountain but for additional safety, it’s advisable to bring your own as well such as cams and nuts. 

If you’re looking to head to Taghia Gorge for rock climbing, the best time to go is from early April to October with summer being the hottest time. 

4. Oukaimeden 

This spot has yet to be discovered much yet and mostly because instead of rock climbing, Oukaimeden is actually known for bouldering! 

What is bouldering, you ask?

It is basically rock climbing but without the gear. Rock climbing is usually done using protective gear and a rope but bouldering on the other hand only needs the use of a crash pad, climbing shoes, and chalk. It sounds scary but trust us, it’s a lot of fun!

The nature that surrounds Oukaimeden offers a beautiful and special setting for bouldering in Morocco. Located between 2,500 and 3,000 meters above sea level, there is a stunning mountainous view from the top along with grass and some hill bushes. 

The landscape consists of more solid rocks than sandstone, but you’ll have to be careful as sometimes, holding onto a rock can end up breaking something out. It is best to climb on all holds as the rocks offer detailed texture and are rough, making them easier to grip. 

What’s also special about Oukaimeden is that when it rains, snows, or sleet, the rock dries up really fast due to the combination of sun and strong winds. This helps you finish your bouldering trip all in a day’s work!

There are a few lines you can try in Oukaimeden like Coupe Franche in Centre Ville and The Meeting at Backyard. There are few others in the area as well so be sure to ask the locals or get in touch with a local bouldering community for more information! 

Now that we know where to go, let’s find out when to go! 

When Is The Best Time For Rock Climbing In Morocco? 

rock climbing in Morocco

Mostly, you can rock climb in Morocco all year round, and depending on the type of climbing you hope to do and where you can choose to go during certain months to maximize your rock climbing experience in Morocco. 

If you’re heading to Todra Gorge, the best time to go is in spring (February to late May) and autumn (September to November) as the weather will be perfect- not too hot nor cold. 

However, if you plan to head to Tafraoute, October and March are two of the best months to go rock climbing, or anytime between September to mid-April will be good too whereas Taghia Gorge’s best time to go is sometime early April to October. 

Generally, it is not advised that you go during summer because it can get really hot and exposure to the sun for a long time can cause danger. Be sure to check the weather report before you go and keep yourself hydrated if you decide to go rock climbing during the summer. 

Where Can I Book A Guided Rock Climbing In Morocco? 

climbing in morocco

If you want to spare yourself the hassle of planning and preparing for your rock climbing trip, we suggest you hire a guided trip that is all-inclusive in Morocco that can guide you and save you some trouble. 

1. 5 Day Rock Climbing In Todra Gorge 

Price: From MAD 5595 (USD 617)

Operated by: Aventures Verticales Maroc 

What’s Included With Your Booking: 

  • A professional local guide 
  • All rock climbing equipment will be provided

Additional information: 

  • Each customer must have personal repatriation insurance 
  • All children must be accompanied by an adult 
  • Please wear comfortable clothing 
  • Activity is suitable for participants with moderate fitness levels
  • Not accessible for wheelchairs

2. 5 Day Rock Climbing In Taghia 

Price: From MAD 4706 (USD 519)

Operated by: Ahansal Adventures

What’s Included With Your Booking: 

  • Dinner for 4 days 
  • Breakfast for 4 days 
  • All rock climbing equipment will be provided

Additional information: 

  • Each customer must have personal repatriation insurance 
  • Please wear comfortable clothing 
  • Activity is suitable for participants with moderate fitness levels
  • Not recommended for pregnant women or participants with back pain
  • Not accessible for wheelchairs

3. 1 Day Mountaineering/ Rock Climbing In Todra Gorge 

Price: From MAD 852 (USD 94)

Operated by: Aventures Verticales Maroc 

What’s Included With Your Booking: 

  • Local professional guide 
  • All mountaineering equipment will be provided

Additional information: 

  • Each customer must have personal repatriation insurance 
  • Please wear comfortable clothing and mountain shoes 
  • Children have to be accompanied by an adult at all times 
  • Activity is suitable for participants with moderate fitness levels
  • If accommodation or transportation to facilitate your arrival and departure are required, inform them. They’d be happy to help. 
  • Not accessible for wheelchairs

4. 3 Days Multi-Pitch Rock Climbing In Tafraout 

Price: From MAD 8370 (USD 923)

Operated by: Explore Share 

What’s Included With Your Booking: 

  • Local professional guide 
  • All mountaineering equipment can be provided if needed
  • Accommodation 

Additional information: 

  • Each customer must have personal repatriation insurance 
  • Please wear comfortable clothing  and proper shoes 
  • Children have to be accompanied by an adult at all times (minimum age is 5 years old)
  • Activity is suitable for participants with moderate fitness levels

5. Guided Rock Climbing Outside Marrakech: Oukaimeden 

Price: From MAD 1088 (USD 120)

Operated by: Explore Share 

What’s Included With Your Booking: 

  • Local professional guide 
  • All mountaineering equipment can be provided if needed
  • Private group activity

Additional information: 

  • Each customer must have personal repatriation insurance 
  • Please wear comfortable clothing  and proper shoes 
  • Children have to be accompanied by an adult at all times (minimum age is 5 years old)
  • Activity is suitable for participants with moderate fitness levels

What Do You Need For A Rock Climbing Holiday In Morocco?

If you’re new to rock climbing and have no idea what it is that you need for a rock climbing holiday in Morocco, we’re here to help! 

It’s always better to start rock climbing outdoors with someone experienced; you can maybe join a club or hire an instructor or take a course. This is to ensure that you’re safe at all times and should you require any assistance, there is someone credible to assist you. 

The basic equipment you will need is a climbing harness, suitable climbing shoes, and a belay device. A belay device acts as a “brake” by applying friction to the rope to stop it from dropping. It also helps maintain the tension of the rope and keeps the climber safe. 

rock climbing holiday in Morocco
climbing harness
rock climbing holiday in Morocco
climbing shoes
rock climbing holiday in Morocco
belay device

Some other equipment you’ll need include: 

  • A well-fitted climbing helmet –  to protect your head, especially if you’re a beginner.
  • A nut tool – to remove protective gear placed by the climber before you
  • A Morocco climbing guidebook – to plan your routes and to keep you on track with the one you’re on.
  • Snacks, water, and a thermos of coffee or tea – time passes very quickly on the rocks so be sure to eat and keep yourself hydrated at all times!

As you advance in rock climbing, you will want more equipment like more slings, quickdraws, and screwgate carabiners. For traditional climbing, you’ll need some camming devices and nuts and hexes as well. 

Tips For Rock Climbing In Morocco

climbing in morocco

If you’re a beginner, rock climbing may seem a little intimidating, but it’s all good fun as long as you’re safe and well prepared before you go. We’ve curated a list of some tips that we hope would help you rock climbing in Morocco, beginner or not!

1. Always Warm Up And Stretch Before You Start 

  • Stretching helps warm your muscles up and improve flexibility which can result in better climbing techniques and prevent injury. 
  • Climbers who use good climbing techniques will use different muscle groups, some of which may not have been used for a long time. Warming up helps loosen them up and improve the flexibility of your muscle fibers. 

2. Preview And Learn The Route Beforehand

  • Before you climb, look at the route and visualize the sequences that you’ll use the entire route. Imagine and anticipate each move, your weight, and balance through the route.
  • It’s an important mental skill to have as a climber and the more you practice it, the better you’ll become. 

3. Improve Your Body Balance

  • A good sense of balance and how you control it on the wall is key to developing good rock climbing techniques.
  • A good balance helps you move more smoothly and makes hard climbing moves easier. Your center of gravity should feel centered in a left-right direction and the forward-backward direction. 

4. Keep Your Body Close To The Wall

  • The general rule is to stay as close to the wall as possible and keep your center of gravity centered in a forward-backward direction.
  • A good indicator is the direction in which your knee points; with good climbing technique, the knees rarely point at the wall and your body posture is not usually erect. 

5. Learn The Static Climbing Technique 

  • This is a technique where your body position is controlled by muscle movement instead of momentum. A good technique for climbing is just two parts: move your limbs and shift your body weight, and repeat.
  • Avoid moving a limb and shifting your weight at the same time and use your feet and arms to hold your weight and maintain balance. 

6. Rest Stops Are Important. Find Them. 

  • Climbers who take a break every now and then will fare better than the ones who speed their way up without a break. This is an important skill in rock climbing as you learn to use these rest stops to your advantage.
  • A good tip is to find and pick them from the ground; preview the rocks before you start and scan for possible rest stops you can take as you ascend your route. 

7. Learn To Embrace A Fall 

  • And learn to do it well too. As you tread new routes and push yourself out of your comfort zone, you will fall but you will also get back up and continue!
  • Learn to take a fall safely and correctly to avoid any potential injuries but also to push yourself a bit more over the edge. 

8. Always Watch And Learn From The Experts

  • Make it a point to watch and learn from other professional climbers and take notes of the techniques they’re using so that you can practice them yourself.
  • A new technique may be hard, but be sure to keep your rock climbing basic techniques in mind at all times and take your time to practice the ones you like. As they say, slow and steady wins the race! 

Do You Need Insurance For Rock Climbing In Morocco? 

Yes! Yes, you do. 

With activities like rock climbing or bouldering, especially in a foreign country, it’s important to know you have coverage in case of an accident or any mishaps while you’re on your travels or on the rocks.

In case of a mishap or an injury, insurance will be able to cover your medical costs abroad. This also applies to if you were required to be repatriated home because of an injury, all costs will be borne by the insurance policy. 

Insurance is important to ensure that you have yourself protected and also for your peace of mind when trying out these activities, especially for the first time.

If you’re worried about whether you’ll get one because you have a health condition, don’t worry, you’ll definitely have to declare them but most travel insurance won’t let that affect the premium that you’ll be taking on. 

Here are some articles you can check out to find more in-depth details about travel insurance:

What Is The Difference Between Mountain Climbing And Rock Climbing?

They’re not really similar, but they’re not really different either. Let us explain. 

Rock climbing is actually a sport derived from mountain climbing.  Mountain climbers will have to do rock climbing when they’re going climbing in summer or springtime but cover more subcategories such as ice climbing, trekking, and many others. 

Rock climbing only requires you to scale the rock formations until you reach the peak whereas mountain climbing is where you hike or climb up a mountain. 

Mountain climbing initially started as a way to climb the highest mountain and go somewhere nobody has gone before which later branched into becoming a sport. Mountain climbing consists of three areas, ice, snow, and rock; all of which require different equipment and skills.

Rock climbing, on the other hand, can be done indoors and outdoors. To measure the difficulty of the routes, rock climbing is divided into different grades. There are also different types and styles, including bouldering, sport climbing, aid climbing, deep water climbing, and many more. 


This concludes our guide to everything you need to know about climbing in Morocco. We hope this guide helps you find the perfect destination to try rock climbing in Morocco and tips to help you make the best of your trip. 

Rock climbing can be exciting and thrilling especially with Morocco’s stunning landscape as a canvas for this adventurous sport. Be sure to keep yourself safe at all times and have fun! 

The Ultimate Guide to Climbing in Morocco

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