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Fruit Picking Jobs Denmark:  Farms Hiring + What You Earn! [2024]

Looking for fruit picking jobs in Denmark? Perhaps you are looking to travel to this beautiful Scandinavian country without worrying about money?

Denmark is one of the most expensive countries in the world with high-income salaries, including fruit-picking jobs. 

Here is a little bit about myself. My name is Maziah Hassan, founder and owner of Eat Travel Locals. Traveling while connecting with the locals always makes my heart content.

I’ve stayed with the local families during my solo travel and saved a lot of money! Not only save money, but I will also help you earn more money while traveling! 

fruit picking jobs denmark

Anyway, I considered working as a female fruit picker in Denmark while traveling there.

However, I was worried that I would run out of money after a few months, since I heard fruit picking is a seasonal job in Denmark. 

However I then discovered fruit picking is required all year round in Denmark because fruits or vegetables are available for every season. 

And yes, pickers for vegetables and nuts are also highly in demand! 

This meant that many farms were hiring and that I would have enough money for my travels 🙂

So, I did a bunch of research for you and here is what you need to know:

  • Where To Find Fruit Picking Jobs In Denmark?
  • How Much Can You Earn Picking Fruits In Denmark?
  • What Are The Requirements To Get A Fruit Picking Job In Denmark?
  • Why Pick Fruits in Denmark?
  • What Fruits Are In Seasons in Denmark?
  • Are There Accommodations Provided During Fruit Picking?
  • Tips On How To Make More Money Picking Fruits
  • Pros And Cons Of Working As A Fruit Picker

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fruit picking jobs denmark

Where To Find Fruit Picking Jobs In Denmark?

1.Volunteering Programs

You can start gaining fruit picking experience by volunteering and connecting with the local farmers (hosts). (but they cover your costs!)

Many local farmers are looking for volunteers to work at their Danish farms, including fruit pickers. It is one of the best options for you since they provide food, comfortable accommodation, and fruit picking experience in exchange for your labor.

Additionally, you will be involved in cultural exchanges, gain fruit picking skills, experience rural living with Danes, and make new friends worldwide.

You also even have opportunities to fruit picking across continents, including Africa, America, Asia-Pacific, and Europe.

Below are the platforms that offer you fruit picking Denmark experiences as a volunteer:

fruit picking jobs denmark

2.Online Job Search Platforms

You also can find fruit picking jobs in Denmark online. This is the most common way for you to find jobs, as many employers post their vacancies online.

Just like other jobs, you have to visit the below platforms and search for fruit picking jobs with Denmark as the location.

 Then, you must apply for the jobs and employers will contact you to proceed.

You can apply through these platforms tailored to Danish jobs:

fruit picking jobs denmark

3.Denmark Recruitment Agencies

Do you know that you can avoid most of the hassle of applying for fruit picking jobs in Denmark by contacting the local recruitment agencies?

The recruitment agencies are responsible for ensuring you have legal jobs in Denmark, providing job consultation during employment, and make sure you are registered in Denmark, assisting with visa application (if applicable), and providing assistance during arrival.

You can find more information here:

fruit picking jobs denmark

4.Danish Farms

The other option for you to find fruit picking jobs Denmark is by contacting the local farmers directly. 

Some are currently hiring for the upcoming fruit picking season and others need you to contact them for the jobs. So, you can go through their requirements and filter which are the best options for you.

Below is the list of Danish farms that you can contact for fruit picking jobs Denmark:

fruit picking jobs denmark

5.Facebook Groups

Do you know that you can utilize social media to make money? 

You can find fruit picking jobs Denmark by joining Facebook Groups. There are many of them and you can easily join for free!

Many employers are in the groups. So, you can expect to see job postings from them and connect with them directly.

There are also experienced fruit pickers who share their experiences and tips. This is good for your connections and who knows they may recommend you to their employers!

You can consider joining the below groups for fruit picking jobs:

How Much Can You Earn Picking Fruits In Denmark?

The official currency of Denmark is the Danish Krone (DKK or Kr).

On average, you will be paid around DKK 67 – DKK 135 (USD 10 – USD 20) per hour or DKK 19,619 (USD 2,907) per month. 

However, you may be offered different rates, depending on the employers, type of fruits or vegetables,  experiences, and regions. 

Sometimes you will be paid based on per box or weight.

What Are The Requirements To Get A Fruit Picking Job In Denmark?

You need to understand several terms before proceeding with the requirements and visas needed for fruit picking jobs in Denmark.

fruit picking jobs denmark

EU: The European Union is a political and economic union with 27 countries as members. If you are from an EU country, then you can freely enter, stay, and work in other EU countries.

EEA: The European Economic Area has 30 countries. The EU countries are included with an additional 3 more countries, Iceland, Liechtenstein, and Norway. 

Nordic: The Nordic Region consists of 8 countries, Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway, Sweden, Faroe Islands, Greenland, and Åland.

This part is a bit confusing. But it is very important to understand because the process to get fruit picking jobs in Denmark is different, depending on which country you are in. 

fruit picking jobs denmark

If You Are A Citizen Of An EU/EEA Country

You can freely enter Denmark and work as a fruit picker without a special visa.

You do not need an EU residence document to stay in Denmark:

1.For up to 3 months

2.For up to 6 months while waiting for employment

However, you need an EU residence document if you are going to stay in Denmark for more than 6 months

Once you have the EU residence document, then you can stay in Denmark without any time limit.

If You Are A Citizen Of A Nordic Country

You can freely enter Denmark without a passport and even work as a fruit picker without a visa or any permit. 

So, you can just enter the country using a bank card or driver’s license to prove your identity. Your family members also can easily join you. 

However, if you plan to stay and work in Denmark for more than 3 months, then you should register with SIRI (Danish Immigration Service and The Danish Agency for International Recruitment and Integration).

If You Are Not A Citizen of An EU/EEA or Nordic Country

You must have a visa to work as a fruit picker in Denmark. Before applying, make sure you have a job contract as the application requires information about you and your employer.

For fruit-picking jobs, you need to apply for Seasonal Work Visa. It is a special visa for seasonal workers like you. 

You also need a residence permit to stay in Denmark:

1.Temporary Residence Permit: valid for 1 to 2 years 

2.Permanent Residence Permit: you can stay in Denmark for at least 8 years and the validity is unlimited.

fruit picking jobs denmark

Working Holiday Visa

Are you 18 to 30 years old and a citizen of one of these countries who plans to spend your working holiday in Denmark?

 Then you can apply for a Working Holiday Visa to work as a fruit picker in Denmark:





5.New Zealand

6.South Korea

This visa is to encourage young citizens to earn money while learning about different cultures. 

You can work for 6 months, but not more than 3 months for an employer. For more details on the Denmark visa, you can refer to this Visa Guide

fruit picking jobs denmark

Why Pick Fruits In Denmark?

Plenty of Job Opportunities

Do you know that Denmark is known as an agricultural country? It has a high percentage of land and advanced agricultural technology. This makes it one of the largest exporters of agricultural products, including fruits.

Believe it or not, fruit picking ranks among the top 10 in-demand seasonal work in Denmark.

Danish farm owners welcome all levels of fruit pickers to do numerous works like picking, sorting, and packing at their farms. 

So, you can apply even without any experience. (I know this, because I didn’t have experience!)

More Happiness

Based on the World Happiness Report 2023, Denmark ranked as the second happiest country since 2022.

Even though Danish people pay among the highest taxes in the world, they are still happy.

 Why? Because they receive back whatever they pay.

 Free healthcare, education, childcare subsidy, and care visits for elders. 

So, Danish people do not have to worry about their welfare and this contributes to the country’s safety.

fruit picking jobs denmark

Healthy Work-life Balance

In 2023, Denmark ranked second for its work-life balance. This is also one of the factors that contributed to its happiness.

Based on the OECD, Danes work for an average of only 33.5 hours per week compared to other EU countries like Germany (34.7 hours), Finland (35.1 hours), and Austria (35.2 hours).

*Data extracted on 19 Jan 2024

As a fruit picker in Denmark, you can expect to work 37 hours per week. Overtime is allowed, but you must not exceed the average weekly working hour, 48 hours per week (calculated over 4, 6, or 12 months of reference period).

 Then, you can spend the rest of the time exploring Denmark!

Once hired, you are also eligible for paid holiday leave and the total days depend on your contract.

Learn New Languages

If you work in Denmark, you will have the opportunity to learn new languages. One of them is Denmark’s official language, Danish. 

You will also be able to learn the regional and minority languages of Denmark, Faroese Greenlandic, and German.

Since you are working with other fruit pickers worldwide, then you may learn other languages as well!

This will put you in good stead in the future for jobs and other global opportunities 🙂

fruit picking jobs denmark

Unique Cultural Experiences

While you are in Denmark, then it is advantageous to learn about Danish culture. One of the most famous parts of Danish culture is ‘hygge’.

‘Hygge’ means coziness, comfort, and enjoying the moment.

 You can see the ‘hygge’ culture in Denmark through fantastic festivals like Distortion, Stella Polaris, and Smukfest. No wonder Danes are fun, which makes you feel at home when you are away.

Explore Denmark

As you only work about 37 hours per week in Denmark, then you will have a lot of time to explore the country!

You can consider visiting the places below while fruit picking in Denmark:

1.Kopenhagen (Copenhagen)

Copenhagen is the capital of Denmark, and you can join many fantastic festivals held in this city. 

While you are in the city, you can see many charming old buildings surrounded by fountains, green parks, and gardens.

Other must-visit attractions in Copenhagen are the Statue of the Little Mermaid, Tivoli Gardens, and Nyhavn. 

I recommend you join this popular Copenhagen Trip as it has great reviews and guarantees a good time 🙂

fruit picking jobs denmark

2.Die Insel Møn (The Island of Møn)

The Island of Møn is located at south of Copenhagen, and you need about 1.5 hours to reach the small island by car. If you wish to go there by public transportation, it takes about 1 – 2 hours longer, depending on the train and bus departure times.

Here is one of the options if you are going there by public transportation:

  • Take the train from Copenhagen Central Station (Köpenhamn H) to Vordingborg St.
  • Take the 660R bus from Vordingborg St. (Banegårdspladsen) to Stege Rtb. (Ved Stranden).
  • Take the 667 bus fromm Stege Rtb. (Ved Stranden) to Landsled, Klintevej (Klintevej).
  • Walk about 10 minutes (750 m) to the Møn. 

While on the island, you can take the opportunity to visit Møn Klint, Møn Lighthouse, and Møn Museum. 

Other than that, you can enjoy horse riding and water activities like diving, snorkeling, canoeing, sailing, and fishing. 


Are you a Lego lover? Then you should take the opportunity to visit the most famous amusement park in Denmark, Legoland in Billund! 

Anyone can visit the Legoland, regardless of age. While enjoying more than 50 exciting rides, you can also see famous buildings built with thousands of Lego. 

If you do not wish to rush home after a tiring day, you can choose to stay in the cool-themed rooms with Lego Heroes in Hotel Legoland

What Fruits Are In Seasons In Denmark?

You should apply for fruit picking jobs Denmark before the fruit picking season. 

So, there should be enough time for the processing time, and you can secure the best fruit picking job.

fruit picking jobs denmark

Below is the list of fruits and vegetables in seasons in Denmark:

  • Spinach: April to November
  • Strawberries: May to August
  • Peas: May to August
  • Onions: May to October
  • Pumpkins: May to October
  • Raspberries: May to August
  • Blackcurrant: June to August
  • Redcurrant: June to August
  • Cherry: June to August
  • Blueberries: July to August
  • Plum: August to September
  • Pear: August to October
  • Apples: September to October
  • Potatoes: all year round
  • Carrots: all year round

Is Accommodation Provided During Fruit Picking?

Since most farms are in rural areas, most employers offer fruit picking jobs with accommodation. 

If you decide to join the volunteering programs, the accommodation is provided for free. Other than that, you may have to pay for it. 

The rent varies, from around DKK 2,015 (USD 296) to DKK 2,635 (USD 387)

There are basic sharing facilities like a kitchen, bedrooms, bathroom, toilets, and dining area. Basic furniture, free wifi, and bikes to get groceries will also be provided by the employers.

Some employers also provide campsites for you to build your tents. 

You still have to pay for the campsite, but it is much cheaper! So, you just need to bring tents, warm clothes, and cooking utensils for your use.

The other option is you can stay with locals for free through Couchsurfing

There are many Danish hosts you can contact to stay at their places. You may consider this option if you are an outgoing person and like to hang out with locals.

fruit picking jobs denmark

Tips On How To Make More Money Picking Fruits

Research The Fruit Seasons

You can plan your fruit picking schedule by researching the fruit seasons. So, you have the information about the harvesting seasons, how long it will be, and the regions. 

This way, you would not have a long gap for your next fruit-picking job.

Usually, you will be paid more and work longer during peak seasons, which are from June to August. 

For example, berries are in season around May to August. So, you can apply for berry picking jobs. 

Around the same time, cherry season also started from June to August and many fruit pickers are needed for cherry fruit picking. 

What you can do is find a Danish farm offering fruit picking jobs for both fruits.

Then you are killing 2 birds with 1 stone! You can save time looking for new fruit picking jobs and the travel time to another farm!

Hourly Rate

You may be offered fruit picking jobs with a bin or hourly rate. The best option is for you to go with the hourly rate.

Let me show you why: 

If you are picking smaller strawberries,  that can fill a bin within 2 hours:

  • by bin – around DKK 40 (USD 6) per bin 
  • by hour – around DKK 67 – DKK 135 (USD 10 – USD 20) per hour

If by hour, you will earn around DKK 134 – DKK 270 (USD 20 – USD 40) for a bin of strawberries within 2 hours compared to only DKK 40 (USD 6) if paid by bin.

 So, choose wisely!

fruit picking jobs denmark

Cheaper Accommodation

Renting accommodation can be pricey, and you don’t want to spend most of your salary on a rental, right? 

Why don’t you go for other options like staying in a tent? You still have to pay for the campsite, but it is cheaper.

You also can find Danish hosts on Couchsurfing and stay with them for free. However, you have to pay extra attention to the distance as you need to arrange your transportation.

Good Relationship With Employers

Employers are the ones who give you jobs and pay your salaries. Building a good relationship with them increases your chance to work extra hours that come with extra money.

Who knows if they will connect you with their fellow farmers? That way you get to secure more fruit-picking jobs and earn extra money!

You can find certain satisfied employers left reviews for their employees. Just like what has been done by the family of Sofie & Casper on Workaway:

fruit picking jobs denmark
fruit picking jobs denmark

Reviews like this can help to convince your future employers to hire you in the future.

When you are on good terms with your employers, they also may teach you other farming skills like driving forklifts. It is useful for you, especially when fruit seasons end.

Work Smart

Fruit picking jobs require your physical strength rather than your brain. However, you should work smart while fruit picking especially, when you are paid by a bin.

For example, if you are picking strawberries. Of course, you will pick all good strawberries. The smarter way is for you to pick medium-sized strawberries next week so they can be bigger and fill your bin faster.

fruit picking jobs denmark

Pros And Cons Of Working As A Fruit Picker

Pros Of Fruit Picking:

Working In Nature

I worked in an office for many years and became bored with the closed stuffy environment. One of the reasons why I considered working as a fruit picker was to be able to work in nature.

Working in nature means you will be working in an open field with colorful colors of fruits and vegetables as your office. The air conditioners will be replaced with a natural breeze and the smell of fruits is good!

You will also get as much vitamin D as much as you need #bonus #glorioustan

Great Salary

Money motivates you to work harder and is one of the factors in deciding your job, right? You will be doing well to become a fruit picker in Denmark! Fruit picking offers one of the best average salaries in Denmark.

The job does not offer a fixed monthly salary. You have more chance to get a higher salary if you work longer hours or fill more bins. Especially during peak seasons, the hourly rate is increased, and you will get extra money!

Seasonal Employment

As you know, fruit picking is a seasonal job. This means you will only be working for specific months and can decide to have a gap before the next fruit season.

Interestingly, you can explore Denmark or any country of your interest during the gap! You also can learn other skills, build connections with locals, and try different fields of jobs.

fruit picking jobs denmark

Cons Of Fruit Picking:

Long Working Hours

You start fruit picking early in the morning, around 4 am. Then, you will finish around noon and continue with other tasks like sorting and packing after a short break.

The tasks can take a few more hours and you will finish all tasks when the sun goes down. 

However, you will have different working hours during peak seasons, which is longer! If required, you may need to work during the weekend.

Physically Demanding

Fruit picking is hard and a physical labor that requires your muscles to work hard. 

You will do activities like bending, stretching, and squatting during fruit picking. They can be good for your body. 

However, if done for too long, your physical will get tired and your body gets exhausted easily.

fruit picking jobs denmark

Work In Remote Areas

Fruit farms are located in rural areas, far from the cities’ hustle and bustle.

If you are a city person, then you should think again about becoming a fruit picker. 

You will have a hard time adapting to the environment. You are only able to enjoy the silence of the night, staring at the stars, and no yummy fast food!

fruit picking jobs denmark

Fruit Picking Jobs In Denmark FAQs:

What Are The Personal Requirements For A Fruit Picker?

To become a fruit picker, you must fulfill the following requirements:

  • At least 18 years old
  • Danish or English speaker
  • Have good physical fitness
  • Able to work at heights
  • Enjoy repetitive and practical work
  • A morning person
  • Can work for long hours in any conditions or weather
  • Flexible to take any farming jobs
  • Free from any allergies to agricultural chemicals
  • A hardworking and highly motivated person

What Are The Fruit Picking Working Conditions?

As a fruit pickier, you must be able to adapt to the working conditions:

  • Start working early in the morning
  • Long working hours
  • Work in nature
  • Work in rural areas
  • Exposed to all kinds of weather
  • Work in a diverse culture
fruit picking jobs denmark

Which Job Is In Demand In Denmark?

Denmark is experiencing a labor shortage and welcomes foreigners to work in the country. The shortage involves both skilled and unskilled sectors.

Skilled or professional sectors require you to be trained, skilled, and knowledgeable to work in the sectors. 

The “Positive List” is a list for your reference of the labor shortages in the below sectors. It will be issued by Danish authorities in January and July every year. 

The latest jobs in demand are:

  • Architects
  • Electronic engineers
  • Civil engineers
  • Biochemists
  • Dentists
  • Pharmacists
  • Psychologists
  • Doctors
  • Nurses
  • Marketing managers
  • IT project managers
  • Web developers
  • Chief accountants
  • Lawyers
  • Librarians
fruit picking jobs denmark

Unskilled or seasonal sectors do not require degrees for you to secure jobs and mostly use physical labor in doing work.

 Unskilled jobs in Denmark which are in demand: 

  • Fruit picker
  • Farm worker
  • Cleaner and housekeeper
  • Retail Sales Assistant
  • Delivery Driver
  • Construction Laborer
  • Warehouse Worker
  • Dishwasher
  • Caregiver Assistant
  • Hotel Room Attendant

What Is The Skill Of Fruit Picker?

You are required to have these skills to perform fruit picker duties and responsibilities efficiently:


Picking ripe fruits by following proper techniques and using ergonomic-friendly harvesting tools like a fruit picking harness and fruit picking bag.

Quality Control

Inspect the quality, condition, and ripeness of the fruits and ensure to collection of the best produce.

fruit picking jobs denmark


Packing the harvested fruits for transportation by containers or crates.

Field Maintenance

Maintain the fruit farms and ensure they are clean and everything is in place.

Safety Compliance

Follow the safety guidelines for your and others’ safety, including the environment.

How Can A Foreigner Get A Job In Denmark?

If you are an EU/EEA or Nordic citizen, you can freely work and live in Denmark. In some cases, you may need an EU residence document.

If you are not from the EU/EEA or Nordic countries, then you need a visa and resident permit to work in Denmark. Make sure you have a job offer from an employer to apply to them.

fruit picking jobs denmark

Where To Find A Job In Denmark As A Foreigner?

As a foreigner you can find Denmark job opportunities for foreigners on the below websites: 

Is It Easy To Get A Job Offer From Denmark?

Yes, if you follow these tips:

Learn Danish Language

Most Danish Companies prioritize Danish speakers and it is advantageous for you to speak Danish, even the basics. It shows your effort to learn the language and is useful for social and everyday interactions. You can start learning Danish at the best language centers.

Learn Danish Culture

Learn and understand Danes’ culture, including work culture helps you to interact with Danes correctly and build a good relationship with them. 

fruit picking jobs denmark

Danish Diploma

You are at an advantage if you have a Danish Diploma since you will understand their work environment better. You can take part-time classes while working in Denmark. In some cases, they offer free higher education.

Find Jobs On Various Platforms 

You can find jobs in Denmark on various platforms, including job portals in Denmark, the company’s official websites, recruitment agencies, or job fairs. To make it easier and save time, you can refer previous paragraph for the website list.

Apply For Denmark Authorisation

If your profession is like lawyer or doctor, then you have to apply for local authorization first.

Join Expat Groups

There are many expatriates with the same interests as you in online expat groups. Be active and ask them about job opportunities, their experiences, or anything related to expats in Denmark. 

Updated LinkedIn Profile

LinkedIn is your digital resume. Many large and small Danish companies use this platform for the recruitment process and they even check your LinkedIn profile! You have to make sure these sections are updated accordingly.

Contribution To Company

Employers hire you to solve their problems. So, mention in your CV what you can contribute to their companies based on the job posts.

fruit picking jobs denmark

Can I Get Sponsored To Work In Denmark?

Yes, you have the chance to get a visa sponsored to work in Denmark. Foreigners with higher education are currently in high demand, especially for sectors on the “Positive List”

However, there are also employers willing to sponsor visas for employees with seasonal jobs in Denmark, like Denmark farm jobs.

Can I Get A Job In Denmark Only Speaking English?

Yes, you can get a job in Denmark by speaking English only. English is the second language in Denmark with almost 90% of Danes speaking English. 

Currently, there are a lot of job opportunities for English speakers in Denmark in all sectors.  However, it is advantageous to speak Danish to increase your employability.

fruit picking jobs denmark

Is Denmark Safe For A Solo Female?

Yes, Denmark is safe for a solo female. The country has a very low crime rate and the locals are very helpful. The authority even revised the criminal code related to rape legislation to increase the safety of women in the country.

So, what are you waiting for? Start applying now!

Fruit picking jobs Denmark are really popular among foreigners and a good start for your fruit picking Europe journey.

The most important part is you will have the experience of working with Danes at Danish farms that cannot be gained anywhere else!

I hope you find the best fruit picking job in Denmark suitable for you. All the best!

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