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Are Timberlands Good For Walking? + Good Alternatives!  

Have you wondered are Timberlands good for walking? Ever felt lost walking into a shoe store? Yes, me too. We’ve all been. Why do we even buy shoes?

Our main reason is to walk around in them comfortably. Thus, it is important to know whether these shoes you buy are suitable for walking or not.

No doubt it is extremely difficult to find yourself the right pair of shoes, especially if you’re buying them for the first time.

You know that I absolutely love being outdoors and I’ve had my fair share of confusion when looking for good walking boots. 

Undeniably, Timberlands have made their way all around the world and are well known for their brilliant quality and easily recognizable yellow leather boots.

But are Timberlands good for walking? Are they just stylish or are they practical as well?

From my experience, Timberland shoes are more for fashion than serious walking shoes. The reviews for different Timberland boots suggest they are suitable for casual walking but not for a solemn walk.

Let’s find out.

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Are Timberland Boots Good For Walking?

No, Timberlands are not good walking boots. Timberland boots are preferred more for their style rather than for walking. 

They have been losing customers mainly because of the shoes’ heavy weight, making it hard to walk for customers who especially seek long-distance walking shoes. Sometimes it even causes swelling.

A serious walker looks at more features of the shoes than a regular user. (I know I do! )

So, are Timberland good walking boots? If I’m going to be brutally honest – no I don’t think Timberlands are good walking boots. 

History Of Timberland Boots

Timberland took a long time to solidify its label within the fashion industry. It all started back in 1952 when Nathan Swartz purchased half the shares of Abington Shoe Company. 

Abington changed its name to Timberland in 1973. Over the decades, they released new product lines and styles and started picking up and growing fast worldwide.

Timberland started gaining popularity in Europe too and eventually, they sold over a million pairs of shoes. Timberland continued growing and in the 90s, they produced not only shoes but also clothing and fashion accessories like watches and bags.

The popularity grew further when famous RnB artists started wearing Timberland boots too. In 2011, VF Corporation bought Timberland for just under $2 billion

Types Of Timberland Boots

1. Original Yellow Boot Style 1006

The Timberland 1978’s Style 1006 Yellow Boots are famous for their beautiful and premium outlook. 

They are comfortable and suitable for city use, with their easy break-in for a solid out-of-the-box experience. These boots are pretty much ideal for any activity.

2. White Ledge Ankle Boot

Timberland’s Men’s White Ledge Ankle Boot is known for its comfortability. Even in bad weather, these boots can keep your feet dry without much problem. 

However, you can expect the shoes to start deteriorating once the boots start creasing. Hence, the main issue with them is durability.

3. Chocorua Trail

Timberland Chocorua Trail is the only Timberland boots that can be worn for various activities, such as casual hiking. They come with some features such as being waterproof, high traction, stability, and comfortability. 

However take note that they are on the heavier side, but still, provide enough mobility. 

What Makes A Good Walking Shoe?

Buying the right shoe is as important as walking, as both of them are a significant investment in your health

I’m very particular about the kind of shoes I wear because it is important to take care of your feet and back and shoes play a crucial role in this. 

Looking at walking shoes in general, the following attributes are essential for walking shoes:

1. Comfort Level

The level of comfort is important when you plan to buy a walking shoe. When you walk in your shoes, you should see it to be an easy and relaxing experience instead of constant discomfort.

2. Stability

When you walk in your shoes, make sure you can maintain the right balance of your feet. It is advisable to try your shoe during the day as your feet naturally expand in the afternoon.

3. Flexibility

A right walking shoe is highly flexible and provides enough space and will not restrict motion.

4. Heel Counter

The heel counter should place your heel comfortably in the right position. A good heel counter helps your foot pronation.

5. Midsole

As the name suggests, the midsole is situated in the middle of the shoe and helps in keeping your feet balanced.  The midsole should provide enough flexibility and cushion to the feet. Thus, it is an essential part of the footwear.

6. Insole

Located inside the shoe, this part plays the role of shock absorbent. Thus, it is also an essential component of footwear in providing comfort while walking.

7. Toe Box

The area around the toe is considered the toe box. For a right shoe, there will always be adequate space for your feet to breath and for your toe to move freely.

Key Features Of Timberland Shoes (The Pros & Cons)

Are Timberland boots good for walking all day? By categorizing the features of timberland shoes into pros and cons, we can decide whether better Timberland shoes are suitable for walking or not.

Pros And Cons Of Timberlands

 Great For Feet 
Stains And Dirt Issues
Steel Toe 

Pros Of Timberlands

1. Insulation

Especially in their premium boots, Timberland boots provide and are well-known for their excellent insulation. The shoes are made of Primaloft ECO insulation, which enables them to form a cohesive padding structure because of the synthetic fibers.

2. Waterproof

Another quality is that they are waterproof, which makes them more looked-for.  Some of their premium shoes are 1005 waterproof due to the unique leather used. 

The company also claims that the shoes are seam-sealed, which makes them more waterproof.

3. Durability

Timberland shoes are long-lasting and durable, which makes the money spent on these shoes worth it. Once you buy these shoes, they will stick out with you from one terrain to another.

4. Stylish

If you can get both style and comfort in one shoe, what else can you ask for! Timberland is well-known for its stylish and unique boots – providing both a mix of fashion and comfort.

5. Versatile

Timberland offers an extensive variety of shoes, covering all types of environments. You can wear these boots with either your casual or formal look.

6. Great For Feet 

Are Timberlands good for walking? Your feet will feel comfortable wearing these boots as they offer excellent food support – a natural support structure.

Cons Of Timberlands

1. Weight

One huge disadvantage and a huge concern for these boots is the heavy weight. Everyone seeks light weighted shoes to carry. No one would want to take extra with them while doing their walk. This will be uncomfortable and tiring.

2. Stains And Dirt Issues

A common complaint of Timberland shoes is the cleaning issue as the boots get dirty easily. Even by a short walk, these shoes get strained easily. This is troublesome for users as they will need to do frequent cleaning. 

3. Steel Toe

Another feature that is a huge disadvantage is the non-steel-toed. Timberland shoes do not have a steel toe cap – which means they are possibly hardy boot toe. 

Are Timberland Boots Comfortable?

Yes, Timberlands boots are comfortable! As comfort is an essential feature of shoes in making your day a success while you are out, there is a need to put extra strain on the comfort level of timberland shoes.

Reviews of customers show and based on my experience: These boots are indeed highly comfortable and deliver top-quality products. However, the heel feels hard and rigid. 

Thus, these shoes become hard to use while walking.

Furthermore, the heavyweight of these shoes reduces the comfort level. Hence, Timberlands are not the preferred one when it comes to walking as no one wants to carry the extra weight. 

Timberland Alternatives For Walking Shoes

Is Timberland a good brand? Although Timberland may not be the perfect choice for you, there are still plenty of other brands that are more suitable and meet the needs of a good walking shoe.

1. Ryka Women’s Sky Walk Walking

These shoes have been gaining popularity in the market due to their high qualities as walking shoes. Famous for their features such as breathability and comfortability which are the essentials for a good walking shoe. 

Adding on to the good features, this brand is also well-known for its reasonable and competitive pricing. 

To keep up with fashion trends, these boots provide a wide range of colors to choose from.

2. ASICS Men’s Gel-Venture 7 Trail Running Shoes

These shoes are popular for the 2 main features – the high level of comfort and flexibility. Similar to comfortability, breathability is another feature that you can find in these, along with good support.

Sizing And Breaking In 

Breaking in – Similar to any other new shoe, you can expect your first worn Timberland boots to be slightly uncomfortable. Like any leather boot, you need to break them in, which is not as complicated as it sounds.

Firstly, to break in your boots, wear them at home and move around in them while doing your chores. Just wear them while you do your same routine at home every day.

The way you break in your boots will dictate how they are shaped for a long time.

Sizing – As for sizing, Timberland sizing is pretty accurate, within the inch. Some of their styles ask for width, which is better than most brands. When buying your Timberland boots, just give the exact size according to your feet.

Are Timberlands good for wide feet? Yes, they are! You can pick between medium or wide for the width. If you know you have wide feet, it’s best to go wide. Going wide is easy to resolve with thicker socks, but narrow shoes are hard to solve.

FAQs: Timberlands For Walking 

Are Timberlands Good For Your Feet?

So, are Timberlands good for your feet? Yes! Timberlands are good for your feet! And they’re stylish too! 

They offer some of the best cushioning and support on the market. Some of the features included are such as firm arch support and heel support, which are vital for individuals suffering from heel spurs or plantar fasciitis.

What Are Timberlands Good For?

Are timberlands good for walking? If you’ve wondered what Timberlands are good for you will be pleased to learn that Timberlands are popular and good for their extremely durable and long-lasting features. Many users claimed that their Timberlands usually last for at least 4 to 5 years, which is worth the price. Timberlands can even last longer if you take good care of them.

How Do You Walk / How To Break In Timberland Boots

If you’re curious as to how to walk or break into Timberland boots, this guide will help:

1. Start by wearing your Timberlands around the house. You will feel more comfortable once you start wearing them for a few hours.

2. Wear them with some thick socks.

3. Wear your boots sparingly at first.

Is Timberland Real Leather?

Is Timberland real leather? Yes, Timberland has its real leather and for Timberland, they mentioned, “We’ve been perfecting our use of leather, ever since we made our Original Yellow Boot in 1973.”

They get their premium and durable leather from tanneries that have achieved a Silver or Gold rating by the Leather Working Group for environmental sustainability.

Are Timberland Boots Good For Standing?

Are Timberland boots good for hiking? Yes, Timberland boots help in standing as they absorbed the impact of me having to stand all day on tough surfaces during the testing period. 

These boots feature shock-absorbing technology with cozy padding as they’re equipped with Timberland’s Dual-Density Dynamic Anti-Fatigue Technology.

Are Timberlands Smart Casual?

Wondering if Timberlands are smart casual? Timberlands can now be found in streetwear and smart casual fashion. Although these boots were originally designed to be tough and functional, these stylish boots have now outdone and are famous for their rugged and stylish look.

Do Timberlands Last?

Do Timberlands last? Many people say that their Timberland boots last 4-5 years or more. No doubt, Timberlands have been known for being very long-lasting and durable. 

With the price paid, you should expect your boots to last a long especially if you take good care of them. 


So, the question is, are Timberlands good for walking? I personally don’t think so but if you are okay to deal with the weight of the shoe, then it may be something to consider

No doubt Timberland has come a long way and has gained popularity.  Essential factors such as stability, flexibility, and comfort level are important when finding quality walking shoes.

Sadly, Timberlands are not a suitable choice for long walks anymore. 

The shoe industry is surprisingly growing fast. There are plenty of options in the market and those too with better pricing. Thus, when there are better and more affordable options, people will lose interest in Timberlands.

Having said that, for those casual day walks, any Timberlands will help you get to where you are going.

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