10 Best Walks In Seattle In 2023

Today I want to share with you the best walks in Seattle, Washington. If you’re visiting this exciting city for the first time there are plenty of amazing places to visit, no matter the time of the year.

You’ll be able to explore the mountains just outside the city limits or walk the length of the great Lake Washington.

There are many parks to idly stroll along and woodland trails to get lost in!

Here are my ten favorite walks that Seattle has to offer.

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10 Best Walks In Seattle

1.Ravenna Park

The most famous spot in Ravenna Park is the ravine. If you enjoy the challenge of hiking across different types of terrain this is one of my favorite routes in all of Seattle.

At over 49.9 acres there is plenty to witness and a lot of areas to explore. The Ravenna Park loop is a trail you can traverse and is approximately 1.7 miles.

Perfect for all skill levels. Make sure to check out the bridge that runs across the ravine, too.

The perfect place to take a photo for social media with the ravine running underneath.

2.Alki Trail

This is a traditional urban paved trail located on the West side of Seattle and you’ll be immersed in the wonderful surroundings of the Olympic mountains which neighbor the city.

This is the best trail to snap the city’s best views, as it has the Seattle skyline in the background.

You’ll also be treated to local history, as you’ll find the city founder’s first camp which is situated along the west shore of Alki point, on September 25th, 1851.

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3.Cheshiahud Lake Union Loop

Cheshiahud Lake Union Loop

This epic trail is named after the chief of the Duwamish village located on Lake Union, who was a travel guide for early white settlers around the impressive lake area.

The Loop connects Gasworks and Lake Union Parks, and you’ll be able to travel full circle on a mostly paved path.

Take in many of the sites including the two draw bridges, Fremont’s statues, and of course, Lake Union.

There are some really beautiful sites here and it is a great route for all levels; you won’t be disappointed.

4.Magnuson Park

Magnuson Park which is located in the Sand Point neighborhood has over four miles of trails to check out. Many of them along the shores of Lake Washington.

The trails are also home to many different types of wildlife if your interests are in the local nature.

If you’re traveling with a doggy, there is a dedicated dog park to help keep your puppy entertained.

As the second-largest park in Seattle, it hosts open-air concerts, has the biggest playground in Seattle and you’ll find over twelve acres of sports fields.

5.Chief Sealth Trail

If witnessing beautiful, green landscapes is one of your favorite things to do, make sure to walk the Chief Sealth Trail.

At four and a half miles, this trail connects the Beacon Hill neighborhood with Rainier Beach.

The path is very open and you’ll feel the relaxation wash over you as you walk the paved trail. There are also many challenging hills so be prepared to have a bit of a workout.

Don’t let that put you off though, as the open air and greenery are sure to lighten the load.

6.Burke-Gilman Trail

A trail converted from an old railway track is now a local favorite for all types of recreational movers: from walking to running, cycling, and skating.

This is also a popular route for commuters who take advantage of the long and winding trails on weekdays, as it has an open access point for most of Seattle.

The trail runs from Shilshole Bay to the City of Bothell where it intersects with the Sammamish River Trail.

This is a great choice for a leisurely stroll as most of the path is flat and very kind of the knees.

7.Myrtle Edwards & Centennial Parks

Myrtle Edwards & Centennial Parks

If park scenery is more your thing, check out Myrtle Edwards and the interjoining Centennial Parks.

The transition from park to park is so subtle that you might even miss the sign.

Myrtle Edwards (named to honor Myrtle Edwards, a member of the city council who campaigned to preserve the area for public use) and Centennial Park (renamed in 2011 as it celebrated its one-hundredth anniversary) offer both waterfront and beautifully landscaped gardens for your viewing pleasure.

If there was ever a place to shut off your brain and relax, this is the place.

8.Lake Washington Boulevard

This trail runs from Mount Baker Park to Seward Park that is attached to Lake Washington for much of the journey.

The scenery is idyllic and the lake looks amazing on a calm day.

A popular route for cyclists, but also very family-friendly so don’t be afraid to bring the kids, or pack a picnic lunch and sit by the lake.

If you’re feeling really brave then take a dip in the cold but refreshing lake, with access points from the north end or in the south.

9.Alki Beach

If you desire a stroll along the beach with the Seattle skyline providing a beautiful backdrop, then Alki Beach is a great option for you to try.

This long beach strip runs from 64th Place SW to Duwamish Head on Elliot Bay and is ideal for any time of the year.

I would recommend you visit in the summer when the temperature of the water is warmer, just in case you might be tempted to have a dip!

10.Cougar Mountain

This is my pick for the best mountain trail in King County, Washington, and is a path that is unmissable in my opinion.

There’s plenty to explore up here, with over thirty-five miles of trails across the three-thousand acres, make sure to bring a map in case you get lost!

There’s plenty to do and see here, with Cougar Mountain Zoo, amongst caves, cliff edges, and even residential areas.

If you manage to reach the top, be sure to snap a photo of Seattle and Lake Washington. That will be one for the photo album.

Well, there you have it, all the best walks in Seattle! Hopefully that helped, but if you want more info, we found you a video below 🙂

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