11 Best Breweries In Seattle In 2023

Seattle is full of incredible breweries, but where do you start? Find out about some of the best breweries in Seattle and which to pick!

Seattle has more to offer than coffee, parks and beaches.

In fact, Seattle has the most breweries than any other city in the US. Beer is a big part of culture in Seattle, and it has been for a long time.

Many people will travel across oceans just to visit some of these locations and be a part of one or all of the numerous beer festivals held over the year.

If beer hold a special place in your heart, and you are over the drinking age, make sure to check out these top breweries in the Emerald City.

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1.Cloudburst Brewing

Cloudburst Brewing opened only in 2016, but already it’s proven itself a fantastic place to stop by for a beverage.

Prior to opening its doors, it was one of the most hyped up brewery openings, and it was certainly not disappointed.

Here, you can try out a load of new recipes from Steve Luke, the founder of the brewery.

If you aren’t sold on this place, just know that it was dubbed ‘Brewery of the Year’ by the Great American Beer Festival, with Luke aptly receiving the title of ‘Brewer of the Year’. 

2.Fremont Brewing Company 

This brewery opened in 2009 and is a family-owned company.

Fremont Brewing Company sits in the area of Fremont and boasts of great IPA’s, as well as being both dog and child-friendly.

This company is proud to use local ingredients and be as sustainable as possible.

Here, there are special releases that happen every year, so there’s always something to look forward to and try out. 

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3.Pike Brewing

Since 1989, or the birth of craft beer, Pike Brewing has been creating its beverages. This brewery works hard to ensure that ingredients are locally sourced and sustainable.

They are famous for their seasonal releases and have extremely high standards when it comes to their drinks.

You can find this brewery near Pike Place Market, as the name might suggest, and take pleasure in expanding your horizons by trying out both contemporary American and traditional English beer selections.

4.Holy Mountain Brewing Company 

Pike Brewing

Holy Mountain Brewing Company is a great gem not to be missed. Despite its minimal signage, this taproom packs a punch.

It was initially started up by three beer veterans and over the years has been known to produce some of the most interesting and unique beers in the city.

It should be noted that this place is not pet friendly and not a great spot if you’re planning on having a big family gathering, as no children are permitted inside.

5.Georgetown Brewing Company 

Georgetown Brewing Company is the biggest independent brewery in the state of Washington. As such, it has quite the reputation to uphold.

Here, they produce ‘darn tasty’ beer and everyone’s favorite IPA is Bodhizafa. Other than Bodhizafa, Manny’s is another ever-present favorite among the visitors.

If you decide to visit this brewery, be sure to try some other house favorites such as Lucille and 9LB Porter.

6.Machine House Brewing 

Machine House Brewing is known for its ‘very British’ approach to beverages.

Here, the company is specialized in creating cask-conditioned ales – so the beers are unfiltered and kept at room temperature.

You can enjoy seasonal ales as well as three signature recipes at this brewery.

7.Stoup Brewery 

You can sit back and relax with your canine companion at Stoup Brewery.

Beautifully balanced beverages can be enjoyed while you take in the mural-covered walls or unique beer garden.

Here, you can expect the taproom to full of people making the most of the award-winning sour Berliner Weisse with flavored syrup and robust porter.

Of all the breweries in Seattle, there are no others quite like this one when it comes to appearances. 

8.Redhook Brew Lab 

Redhook Brew Lab 

Redhook Brew Lab was founded in 1981 and sits in an unlikely area – Capitol Hill.

It can be agreed that Redhook’s beverages have become better and better over the years and drawn in more customers for its delicious craft beer.

Despite being quite old in terms of breweries, this place has a modern outlook on flavors and experimentation.

If you want to visit this place, which you should, be sure to try the Storm Surge Hazy IPA – you will not be disappointed.

9.The Pine Box

Sitting in a colonial-style building from the 1920s, The Pine Box only opened in 2012. Here, you can enjoy 33 rotating taps from around the globe as well as locally.

You will sit under vaulted ceilings and gaze at the leaded glass windows while enjoying an array of fresh beverages and seasonal rotating fare, which is prepared in their wood stone oven using ingredients that are local to them.

10.Old Stove Brewing 

The wonderful Pike Place Market makes another appearance with housing this great brewery – Old Stove Brewing.

Here, there are local wines, ciders a full bar and 24 craft beers on tap to choose from.

Together with a stunning view of the Olympic Mountains and Elliot Bay, you can sip at your beverage and enjoy seasonal food that pairs with everything.

11.Optimism Brewing Company

With some wonderfully creative names like Afraid of the Dark, Don’t Boo and Unicorn, it’s not difficult to see why this brewery is popular.

Optimism Brewing Company is family owned and likes to add a modern twist to the traditional styles of beverages.

This brewery boasts of its great selection of light to dark beers and are a jack of all trades rather than specializing.

While you enjoy one of these playfully names drinks, you can be sure to enjoy the incredible food served by the company or even bring your own – it’s completely your choice.

Conclusion On The Best Breweries In Seattle

Hopefully this list makes your decision-making process a little easier. With Seattle having the most breweries of any US city, there is a lot to choose from.

The breweries that made it onto this list, however, are noted to be some of the best in the city by many.

It doesn’t matter what you prefer, Seattle will have it, and you will love it.

If beers aren’t always your thing, be sure to go to one of these breweries that also cater to the wine lovers and foodies of the world, just don’t miss out.

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