9 Best Snowboard Boots For Skinny Ankles [Personal Experience]

The best snowboard boots for skinny ankles can be a little hard to find if you don’t know what to look out for. I have skinny ankles and its a pain in the butt -_-

Us skinny ankle folks are at a great risk of sustaining a sprain or fracture, especially during physical activities. which isn’t great news if you are a fellow snowboarding enthusiast too!

Anyway, don’t get your ankles in a twist (ha!) because I discovered the best snowboard boots for skinny ankles, have a low profile and slim design.

I’ve drawn up the list so you can look at the options you have here.

best snowboard boots for skinny ankles

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best snowboard boots for skinny ankles

My Top 3 Top Snowboard Boots For Skinny Ankles

best snowboard boots for skinny ankles
  • Most Expensive Best Snowboard Boots For Skinny Ankles: Burton Ion BOA

Our first top pick is the Burton Ion BOA, a perfect combo of performance and comfort. The separate laces for the top of the foot and ankles make this perfect for skinny ankles, and it also has a firm flex and support. 

best snowboard boots for skinny ankles

Salomon Kiana Dual BOA is designed specifically for women and made for people with narrower feet and ankles.

The highly customizable features like the laces and the dial help give you a better hold and make this a no-brainer, value-for-money choice. 

best snowboard boots for skinny ankles

These boots are at a great price point and give you great movement while keeping your ankles secure.

The Ride Lasso BOA has a coiler for the outer boots and then a separate one around your ankle to keep your heels in place. They’re great for action yet still forgiving enough.

best snowboard boots for skinny ankles

9 Best Snowboard Boots For Skinny Ankles

1. ThirtyTwo Lashed Double BOA

The ThirtyTwo Lashed Double BOA comes with much comfort and adaptability.

You’ll be confident doing tricks as the heel hold keeps riders secure and prevents mid-carve slippage. The Evolution foam offers comfortable, lightweight support, and the heat-moldable liner allows for a custom fit.

The quick-and-easy twin BOA lacing system allows for a great customizable grip tuned via two different zones. So you can tighten the laces around your ankles for a better fit!

Like: Durable enough that you can use it for a good couple of years before it wears in!

Dislike: Some people don’t find this warm enough 

best snowboard boots for skinny ankles

2. K2 Kinsley

The K2 Kinsley is a solid performing boot for people with skinny ankles. 

You will love the dual Boa® H4/M3 Zonal Fit System and K2’s 3-Point Harness, which significantly improves ankle and heel fit. The 3-Point Harness technique seeks to maximize heel grip while offering unmatched stability and ankle support to lessen strain.

The heat moldable Intuition® Control Foam liner keeps your feet warm as you tear through the powder or even on everyday use. 

Like: Extremely comfortable, to the point that some people describe the Intuition Control foam liners hug your feet like fluffy slippers

Dislike: Some friction on the inside of the liner when going in with socks 

best snowboard boots for skinny ankles

3. K2 Maysis

K2 Maysis snowboard boots are one of the best-selling boots in the world. Why? They have a combination of comfort and performance that are simply unmatched. 

They have a super smooth flex that’s just the right touch of stiff, and a double reel Boa system backs them up. Your skinny ankles will thank you as the double boa gives extra tightness without strangling the ankles. 

The Intuition Control liner is exceptionally comfortable and has a precise fit, and the entire boot is made with K2’s top-tier Endo 2.0 construction. The brand calls it an All-Star squad of boot parts, and I agree!

Like: Fits like a glove so you don’t have to worry about it slipping around, but yet super comfortable to wear

Dislike: Runs large

best snowboard boots for skinny ankles

4. BURTON Mint BOA Womens Snowboard Boots

The BURTON Mint BOA Womens Snowboard Boots have a reasonable price point and are made with beginner snowboarders in mind.  

Burton reduced features more suited to backcountry and powder riders but kept aspects beginners desire, such as flexibility.

The boots provide a little more room to maneuver if you lean too much in one direction or the other while doing low-speed maneuvers. 

The moldable liner and cushioned footbed were specially designed for women. The Boa lacing for rapid adjustments while you discover your optimum tightness levels makes it one of the best shoes for skinny ankles. 

Like: Minimal breaking-in period, it gets comfortable almost right off the bat

Dislike: Too soft for high speeds

best snowboard boots for skinny ankles

5. Salomon Kiana Dual BOA 

Salomon Kiana Dual BOA is a powerful and versatile boot designed specifically for women. 

Salomon is particularly skilled at creating boots for persons with narrower feet and ankles, making this boot the best snowboard boots for women and the best boots for skinny legs. 

They’re also great because the BOA system — a dual BOA system, at that — adds to the sensitivity of the boot. 

One BOA tightens the boot through the shin, while the other tightens it over the ankle. By turning a dial, the boot can be adjusted to fit different parts of the foot more comfortably. 

It also helps lock your heel in place to improve board responsiveness.

Like: Highly customizable – you can customize the shin and the ankle, and turn the dial to make it fit better, so you definitely have a boot that’ll fit your great

Dislike:  Too soft for more powerful rides

best snowboard boots for skinny ankles

6. Burton Limelight Womens Snowboard Boots

Here’s another Burton star. The women’s Burton Limelight Womens Snowboard Boots provide user-friendly technology and foot-hugging comfort with a medium flex for an all-around playful ride. 

This boot, made specifically for women, has top-tier warmth and comfort. They are provided by insulated, heat-moldable liners paired with Total Comfort shells with a broken-in feel and heat-reflective technology to keep comfortable no matter the temperature. 

A Dual-Zone BOA Fit System allows you to dial in the perfect fit with the turn of a dial and two independent lace zones at the forefoot and ankle. You get maximum hold without feeling tight!

Like: Keeps your ankle stable, and you needn’t worry about hurting your ankles if you decide to get into a little more action

Dislike: Some people may find the instep a little low

best snowboard boots for skinny ankles

7. Ride Lasso BOA

The Ride Lasso BOA is a freestyle boot that handles the impact of jumps and drops. The outsole of the Ride Lasso provides the ideal platform for landings, whether smooth or rough, straight or off-angle.

This boot is unisex, which sometimes makes you worry that it will be too big, but the lassos have a dual BOA system. 

The BOA H3 coiler tightens the outer, allowing you to adjust responsiveness on the fly. 

The Tongue Tied BOA then tightens around your ankle, keeping your heel in place, which makes it a top contender in the best snowboard boots for ankle support. This also enables you to tailor your ideal balance of circulation and responsiveness. 

This boot has a mid-stiff flex which will react to subtle touches to get you onto a rail or to spin that extra crank. Nonetheless, the flex is forgiving enough.

Like: Double BOAs give a better fit, so you don’t have to worry about your boots moving about as you work on your jumps and drops

Dislike:  A little restricting for all-mountain riding

best snowboard boots for skinny ankles

8. Burton Ion BOA

Burton Ion BOA has a combination of all-around performance and comfort. Burton’s boots are so popular they’re worn by everyone from pro snowboarders to holiday people. 

“Are Burton boots narrow and suitable for skinny ankles?” you might wonder. 

Burton Ion BOA is unique because it has two separate BOA laces—one for the top of the foot and one that tightens around it. So you can tighten it around skinny ankles with no issue. 

The boot has a firm flex and plenty of support, making it an excellent choice for all-mountain riding, capable of holding up in backcountry powder and the park.

Like: Lining wicks sweat so your feet won’t feel clammy, and it also traps body heat so that you will stay warm

Dislike:  Expensive

best snowboard boots for skinny ankles

9. Burton Moto

The Burton Moto maintains brand standards at a lower price point, making it an excellent boot for beginners or an excellent option for experienced riders looking to save money.

The Burton Moto can maintain a low price while adding a liner distinct from the outer layer to provide extra stability and comfort.

Although the boot is officially advertised for guys, you will hardly notice due to the gentle flex. The boots’ gentle flex makes them incredibly comfortable for beginners and will enable you to make your first turns without suffering from foot pain. 

Additionally, Burton’s Speed Zone Lacing is quicker and more straightforward than standard laces in tightening down your boots. For the price, it’s one of the best snowboard boots for beginners.

Like: Great quality at a value price

Dislike:  Soft flex is not suitable for extreme rides

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best snowboard boots for skinny ankles

How To Test Snowboard Boots

Snowboard boots should be snug but not so tight that they cause pain. Keep in mind that you very likely have to break in your boots.

Most boots require several days of riding to pack out and form to their true size, so they should be fairly tight when new. 

In a well-fitted boot, your toes should gently graze the toecap, and you should be able to wiggle your toes inside the boots. 

Another critical factor is heel hold.

Keep your heel in place when you drive your knee forward; this is important for board control in toeside turns. 

Remember that socks also play a role in boot fit; a single thin to medium-weight wool or synthetic sock is all that is required.

Features To Look For In Best Boots For Skinny Calves

I know the dreaded feeling when you’re buying boots for skinny heels, and no matter how hard you try, you can never seem to get it tight enough around the ankles. Or worse, when you’ve already bought them and realize this!

Here are some features to look out for to deal with this issue:

1. A full-lace or quick-lace inner liner or a good inner lacing system like Boa CBR.

2. An inner boot harness to act as ankle support inside the boot.

3. Get a FULL heat moldable lining.

4. Get boots with complete customization.

5. In the heel pocket, look for liners that you can heat.

6. J-bars, which are inserts that compress around the heel of the boot or liner to secure your foot.

7. Look for other liner remedies.

best snowboard boots for skinny ankles

Other Things To Consider

  • Fit – Toes should barely touch the finish, and there should be no heel lift.
  • Flex – Although this comes down to preference, generally, a boot’s stiffness correlates with how experienced you are. If you’re just starting out, a softer flex will be helpful to you. As you progress, you can get stiffer boots; they last longer too. 
  • Sole – If you primarily use your snowboard at the park, you should look to cushion your impacts and look out for  EVA padding or gel/ air bags. If you’re going to be hiking a lot, check out boots with more aggressive soles.
  • Lacing – Most brands have their own lacing system, with some making it more convenient or tight fitting than others.  

FAQs On Best Snowboard Boots For Skinny Ankles

Why Do My Snowboard Boots Hurt My Ankles?

Your snowboard boots hurt your ankles likely due to the great amount of stress that is placed on the lower extremities while snowboarding. There is still a chance for ankle pain to appear even if you successfully run down the mountain without falling. The strain and stress that results from descending the mountain.

best snowboard boots for skinny ankles

Are Salomon Snowboard Boots Narrow?

Are Salomon snowboard boots narrow? Boots from Salomon, K2 Women’s, Ride Women’s, and Vans generally fit narrower feet better.

Should Snowboard Boots Be Snug?

Snowboard boots should be snug enough to keep your foot firmly in place, particularly at the ankle and heel. They shouldn’t be so tight that they cut off the blood flow to your feet and result in cramps. A loss of control over your board can result from having too-loose boots.

I hope the information I’ve given will help you in choosing the best snowboard boots for your skinny ankles. 

It’s important that you choose the right boots, because the last thing you want is a sprained ankle on the slopes!

Your boot is the main interface between your body’s movement and the board’s response. It affects how much force you need to use to sculpt, jump and pedal.

If you have any questions, comments, or any other advice for choosing the best snowboard boots, please feel free to leave a comment in the comments section below.

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best snowboard boots for skinny ankles

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