How To Tighten Snowboard Pants [Personal Experience!]

Are you trying to find out how to tighten snowboard pants?

Snowboarding is a fun activity but having a pair of snowboard pants that do not fit is no fun at all.

Snowboarding can be a strenuous activity and the last thing you want is a pair of ill-fitted snowboard pants. 

If you find yourself with a pair of snowboard pants that is a tad too loose or maybe because you got them in a bigger size and would like to know how to tighten snowboard pants, you have come to the right article. 

I will share various ways how to tighten snowboard pants that are too big as well as a guide to finding your perfect pair of snowboard pants.

I will also take you through the type of materials you should look out for when finding a pair of snowboard pants as well as a list of recommendations on snowboard pants. Let’s jump right in!

How to tighten snowboard pants

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4 Ways To Tighten Your Snowboard Pants

I like to have a bit more legroom for my snowboard pants so I typically size up when I choose my snow pants. However, this also means a loose waist area, and having to adjust my snowboard pants all the time is annoying. 

There is not much information available on how to tighten snowboard pants which is why I have compiled a list of how you can tighten your snowboard pants.

How to tighten snowboard pants

1. Wear A Belt

This is a perfect method for those who own a pair of snowboard pants that come with belt loops. While belts are generally the most accessible and convenient, they may not be the most effective way to hold your snowboard pants in place.

Pro tip: If you find yourself without access to a belt, consider using an old boot lace as it is a little stretchy and it does not hurt if you fall.

How to tighten snowboard pants

2. Suspender Or Ski Braces

The other option will be attaching suspenders or ski braces to your snowboard pants. Braces are great for holding snowboard pants up using their thick straps and are normally detachable if you prefer not to use them.

How to tighten snowboard pants

Another reason why braces are popular is due to the flexible fit that will not slip whenever your body flexes in different positions while snowboarding. 

Pro tip: If you are looking for a pair of snowboard pants, consider a pair of salopettes. Salopettes are typically high waisted snowboard pants that come with a bib to which you can attach your braces which means it is convenient to use.

How to tighten snowboard pants

3. DIY The Size Of The Waist

If you are a seamstress or good at sewing, this should be easy. Get someone to help pinch the back part of the waist of the pants. Stitch or sew the extra bit up. Make sure to stitch only near the top of the waist to prevent any unwanted damage. 

4. Bring It To A Tailor

If you are like me where I cannot even put a thread into the needle, then bringing the snowboard pants to a tailor will be a better option. You can also look for companies that are experts in working with outerwear such as Stitchlines.

Guide To Finding A Perfect Fitting Snowboard Pants

Here are a few important things to take note of when it comes to finding snow pants that fit. Let’s talk about the first 3 fittings in terms of waist size, length of pants, and affinity for cold.

1. Waist

This is one of the most important measurements when it comes to snowboard pants that fit. To have snowboard pants constantly slipping down is the last thing you want while you’re out there having fun.

Know your waist measurement before making a purchase by measuring around your waist or slightly higher than your belly button region. 

If the waist size is wrong, necessary adjustment is needed. Never ever use someone else’s measurement even if you feel it is similar to yours. The suggested fitting of waist size is neither too tight nor too loose. 

How to tighten snowboard pants

2. Length

You may feel tempted to adjust the length of your snowboard pants but be sure to check if it is the ideal length. Snowboard pants should generally be longer than your usual day-to-day pants.

This is important to cover your ski boots and to prevent snow from getting into your boots. Some sources suggested at least 4 to 5 inches longer than your usual length.

3. Affinity For Cold

Your affinity for cold will then determine the thickness of the snowboard pants you are planning to purchase. Your affinity for cold correlates to how much chilly temperature can your body withstand. 

If you get cold easily, especially in the leg area, make sure to get snow pants that are thicker. The thick insulating layers will keep you warm. The disadvantage to thick snow pants means they tend to weigh heavier. 

If your body has a high affinity for cold, then I will strongly suggest opting for thinner snowboard pants or one with lighter materials. Gore-Tex is made up of material that allows sweat to be eliminated so look out for snowboarding pants with Gore-Tex material.


Now that you know the fittings to your snowboard pants, it is important to also choose a comfortable piece of snow pants for a positive experience. One of the criteria for a comfortable piece of snow pants is the underlying materials that create the snow pants.

Understanding the materials your snowboarding pants are made of is one of the keys to finding the perfect pair of snow pants. Here are a few materials you should know of and understand the key functions:

  • Polyester
  • Nylon
  • Microfibers
  • Gore-Tex

1. Polyester

Polyester is known to be the base fabric for all apparel. The following features are what make it a fantastic winter outerwear material: 

  • strong and durable
  • shrink and stretch proof
  • dry fast, and mildew-resistant

With some DWR (durable water repellant) coating, it will strengthen its water-resistant characteristics.  

2. Nylon

Nylon is one of the great choices of materials for snowboarding pants. It is known for its elastic characteristics which means flexibility. It is easy to wash and it is firm and durable.

3. Microfibers

Snowboard pants made of microfibers consist of extremely strong fine fibers. They are known to be lightweight, very durable, highly water and wind-resistant, and breathable. These features also make microfibers an expensive material used in making snow pants. 

4. Gore-Tex

Gore-Tex is known to be one of the best materials your snowboard pants should have. This material is made with super advanced technological features.

Snowboard pants with Gore-Tex materials are known to be waterproof and have great breathability and protection against all the other elements. 

With all the different fabric materials, it is important to know how to wash snow pants. As you can see, snow pants are not cheap and you would not want to damage your pants with an incorrect washing method.

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How to tighten snowboard pants

Snowboard Pants Style

The style options you decide on very much depends on the type of layering you prefer, your affinity for cold, and what you generally prefer. If you’re wondering how to wear snowboard pants, here are three common styles of snowboard pants:

  • Pants
  • Bibs
  • One-piece

1. Pants

Snow pants are the most common options due to their simplicity. In general, everyone knows how to wear pants. The elastic waist, zip fly, and flexibility to vent are what make snow pants comfortable. 

However, when it comes to a huge spill of snow, you will understand why pants are not necessarily a great option. Having snow down my pants doesn’t sound fun at all.

2. Bibs

Bibs are great as it provides flexibility for movement while effectively keeping snow out. Bibs typically come up to the chest level and come with suspenders. One downside to bibs will be removing them when nature calls.

However, fret not. I managed to find a pair that comes with two side zippers which allows me to drop the seat without removing the bib completely.

3. One-piece

You would think that this early ‘90s trend has died out but it is making a comeback. There are a few companies creating great quality one-piece suits which are comfortable and great at keeping body heat. 

The disadvantage of a one-piece suit is having to remove layers of clothes when nature calls.

How to tighten snowboard pants

Key Features

Some key features in snowboard pants are necessary to know to help you narrow down your decisions. These features are important in ensuring your comfort and practicality while you are out there snowboarding. 

Here are some of the features you should be considering before making your decision.

1. Gaiters

Gaiters are a very important fitting in snowboard pants that cannot be ignored. Most of the snowboard pants may have come with sew-in gaiters however, some may still come in the form of an attachment.

So what are gaiters? They are a fabric guard extension attached at the bottom of the snowboard pants which is important to keep snow from entering your boots. There are several types of gaiters such as buckles, zippers, laces, and hooks.

It doesn’t matter whichever you choose as long as they are practical for you.

2. Pockets

One of the key features to look out for is pockets. You may opt-out of pockets if you snowboard with a backpack but still, having a pocket to stash your phone or snacks might come in handy. It is quite inconvenient to constantly rummage through your backpacks for your essentials.

If you know you’re going to spend a whole day at the park and do not want to bring around your pack, do consider checking out snowboard pants that come with cargo pockets. They have more room to hold your snacks and other essentials.

3. Vents

Another common feature that snowboard pants have is zippered vents. Vents can be found located on the inner thigh and have an opening via a zip that allows you to let hot air out. This encourages air circulation in your body and is especially great if you sweat a lot.

Even if you don’t, having this feature comes in handy whenever you need to let some heat out especially when you are all zipped up from top to toe in the cold weather.

4. RECCO transponder

This feature is completely optional but it is one that is worth considering. RECCO transponder is a small piece of equipment used by rescue teams to locate people in the event that someone is missing or there is an avalanche. 

A RECCO belt can easily be worn together with your snowboard pants. It is always better to be prepared because of how unpredictable snow mountains can be.

Difference Between Snowboard and Ski Pants

You might be wondering if you can wear your snowboard pants interchangeably between snowboarding and skiing. While there is no one to say you can’t, it is important to know that there are some differences between snowboarding and ski pants.

Snowboard pants are generally a bit more loose compared to ski pants. They are known to be baggier to allow room for crouching and a variety of leg movements due to the nature of snowboarding.

Some snowboard pants may also come with extra padding on the rear and knees area because these are where you are likely to land if you fall. This is extremely important to prevent tailbone injuries.

How to tighten snowboard pants

Recommendation On Womens Snowboard Pants

Now that you have learned all about finding the right snowboard pants, let’s jump into some of the top snowboard pants I have managed to discover. 

How to tighten snowboard pants

1. Dakine Womens Barrier Gore-Tex

Waterproofing: 28,000mm

Breathability: 20,000g

The Dakine Women Barrier pants are a perfect all-around womens snowboard pant for mountain cruising, groomer crushing, and powder floating at the resort. It is made up of recycled polyester plain weave with two-layer Gore-tex waterproof and breathable laminate with water repellant (DWR) finish.

The pants come with fully taped seams for added waterproofing. The inner leg vents allow cooling down if it gets too warm. This shell is not insulated and this gives options for layering as well as wearing pants as it is on warmer days.

How to tighten snowboard pants

2. Volcom Women’s Battle Stretch

Waterproofing: 15,000mm

Breathability: 10,000g

This is a high waisted snowboard pants with button closure. The fitting of these pants is a stretch skinny fit which means this is a tight snowboard pants. While the stretch factor may cause the pants to be tighter, it still provides sufficient room for movement.

It is made of a v-science 3-layer shell which provides good insulation for those who have a low affinity for cold.

How to tighten snowboard pants

3. The North Face Women’s Sally Insulated Snow Pants

Waterproofing: 28,000mm

Breathability: 12,000g

The North Face snowboard pants use the DryVent 2L fabric which is great at keeping you dry. The material is also breathable and seam-sealed. It comes with belt loops in case you need to tighten your snowboard pants and it has boot gaiters with gripper elastic that will keep snow out of your boots.

These pants are equipped with Heatseeker Eco insulation that will keep you warm on groomer days at the ski resort. The Heatseeker Eco recycled insulation offers warmth even in wet weather. 

How to tighten snowboard pants

4. Burton Gloria Gore-Tex

Waterproofing: 28,000mm

Breathability: 20,000g

The Burton Gloria Gore-Tex pants deliver the best overall feature. Its Gore-Tex fabric keeps you dry and has great breathability. These pants also come in tall, short, and regular lengths which cater to every height. 

The Living Lining material helps regulate body temperature together with the mesh-lined thigh vents. The pockets are lined with microfleece and act as a hand warmer.

Given the reasonable pricing and amazing materials, these snowboard pants are great if you’re looking for decent-priced snow pants.

How to tighten snowboard pants

FAQs On How To Tighten Snowboard Pants

Can Snowboard Pants Be Tailored?

If you wonder can snowboard pants be tailored, it is possible to tailor your ski pants when necessary. The length of ski pants can easily be adjusted by hemming them and the same goes to make the waist smaller.

Should Snowboard Pants Be Tight?

If you’re wondering whether should snowboard pants be tight, they should be neither too tight or too loose. Choosing the middle option is the best but please allow extra room for leg movements for snowboarders.

Why Do Snow Pants Have Belt Loops?

If you wonder why do snow pants have belt loops, it’s to make sure the belt stays in the correct position and will not cause any direct pressure points onto your body. The belt loops’ positions are as important as the quality and material of the belt itself.

Why Are Snowboard Pants Baggy?

If you’re wondering why are snowboard pants baggy, it gives the skier freedom to move in any direction and it is especially noticeable with snowboarders’ pants. 

Should Snowboard Pants Be Stretchy?

If you’re thinking should snowboard pants be stretchy, snow pants don’t stretch. It is recommended to wear loose pants but not wise to choose stretchy snow pants.

What Are The Other Options If I Don’t Have Snowboard Pants?

If you’re like me wondering about other options if I don’t have snowboard pants, do consider wind pants, fleece pants, rain pants, fishing waders, or sweatpants. If these alternatives are not waterproof, do carry an additional pair of pairs.

Snowboarding is an activity with a lot of leg movement. This means it requires room for flexibility and should not be too rigid or tight. The general rule of thumb is to choose snowboard pants that are one size bigger.

How to tighten snowboard pants

The type of materials, breathability as well as waterproofing rating will determine the best snowboard pants. These protection measures will help shield you against harsh conditions in the snowy mountain.

These features are also what make snowboard pants expensive. It is not recommended to get a pair of cheap snowboard pants at the expense of your comfort and safety.

I hope this article helps you find your perfect pair of snowboard pants. If you own a pair that is too loose, now you’d know how to tighten pants. 

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