11 Best Snowmobile Boots For Women [Stylish & Affordable!]

Looking for the best snowmobile boots for women ?

If you’ve been snowmobiling before, you’ll remember the feeling. Pure thrill as your ride the snowmobile and then peace and fascination when you stop and take in the views around you.

Now you definitely don’t want to worry whether your snowmobile boots will keep your feet warm and dry. Cue: warmest womens snowmobile boots, please! 

So, here we are – I’ve curated a list for you ladies of the 11 best snowmobile boots. 

Snowmobile boots for women

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Snowmobile boots for women

My Top 3 Best Snowmobile Boots For Women

These boots are designed with a woman’s body in mind. If you’re a bargain hunter who only buys snowmobile boots on sale or at a really good price (like me), the price will be a factor too.

These boots range from luxurious ladies snowmobile boots to snowmobile boots cheap enough not to put a dent in your wallet! 

Before we see them all, let’s check out the top picks:

Snowmobile boots for women

These luxurious boots have a thick 800g insulation to keep your feet warm, they withstand temperatures to -76°F! To accommodate the weather, they are completely waterproof as well. 

Snowmobile boots for women

At less than $100USD, these boots are the best budget pick. They keep you warm and are water-proof enough for you to use for your snowmobile activities. 

Snowmobile boots for women

If you want something that can do it all, these will be perfect for you. The boots have great temperature control where they withstand very cold temperatures, and don’t overheat indoors.

They’re also completely waterproof, which ticks one less worry off.

Snowmobile boots for women

11 Best Snowmobile Boots For Women

1. Kamik Women’s Momentum Snow Boot

The Kamik Women’s Momentum Snow Boot is a fantastic budget winter boot due to its excellent performance and low price. 

This boot protects from tall snow drifts, measuring 12.5 inches from the thick sole to the top of the snug, fur-lined shaft. 

A one-pull elastic lacing mechanism makes putting on and taking off this boot a breeze. The outsole also has huge and robust lugs that more efficiently catch soft snow and well-traveled paths.

My one gripe is that the nylon exterior is only water-resistant in wet snow conditions. 


  • Great value buy
  • Water resistant which helps wick water away and keep your shoe fairly dry (don’t dip them in the water!)


  • Only water-resistant, not waterproof 
Snowmobile boots for women

2. Baffin Women’s Snogoose Winter Boots

With its waterproof design and highly tractioned rubber sole, the Baffin Women’s Snogoose Winter Boots can easily survive all winter’s harsh conditions. 

Its complete insulation, drawstring lacing system, and drawstring collar will keep the warmth in.

Baffin mixes cutting-edge molding technology with a foam-based inner boot system to develop a hybrid kind of high-performance footwear.

This results in more heat, a better fit, and greater comfort.

The outsoles are made of rubber for protection and durability. They’re made to last and keep the cold out, so it’s very sturdy. You can bend the boots somewhat by pulling the toes away from the heel, but not much. 

Considering their reliable support and protection, the lightweight bomb-proof nylon uppers and rugged soles are practically weightless.


  • Great temperature control, withstand very cold temperatures, and doesn’t overheat indoors, so you’ll feel comfortable at all times
  • Completely waterproof, and you needn’t worry about cold, wet feet
  • Comes with -40°F insulation to keep you warm


  •  Fit narrow feet better
Snowmobile boots for women

3. KLIM Adrenaline GTX Snowmobile Boots

The KLIM Adrenaline GTX Snowmobile Boots have outstanding durability and flexibility. 

The midsole has been strengthened in the most recent version to support the foot pegs on snow bikes. When tearing through the backcountry, redesigned lacing keeps the boot in place.

These boots are 100% waterproof as they use the latest GORE-TEX technology. You are guaranteed to keep you warm with Thinsulate Insulation technology, including 600 grams of Thinsulate.

I think this is a great all-round boot that you can wear not only snowmobiling but all day. If I had to pick a fault, I’d say the removable inner sole sometimes bunches up when I insert my foot, and that’s a tad annoying. 


  • Made with GORE-TEX technology which means they are 100% waterpoof
  • Innovative technology keeps your feet warm at all times

Cons: Removable inner sole tends to bunch up

Snowmobile boots for women

4. FXR Helium Boa Boots

A great addition to FXR womens boots, the FXR Helium Boa Boots are waterproof sledding boots with the BOA Fit System rapid lacing closure and thick 800 grams insulation. 

FXR combines the fit and feel of the Helium BOA Boots for better dexterity and a decreased bulk while giving you maximum warmth. You can go into sub-zero temperatures comfortably with these boots. 

The micro fur lining works nicely with the HydrX Pro membrane to provide breathability and moisture protection for the rider. 

Inner impact inserts strengthen the boot while preventing the rider’s foot and ankle from moving in an unintended direction. An added layer of safety when you’re trying out your latest snowmobiling tricks! 


  • Withstands temperatures to -76°F so if you’re venturing to every cold places, your feet will still stay warm
  • Waterproof features so your feet don’t get wet from the snow


  •  Not cheap
Snowmobile boots for women

5. FXR X-Cross Pro Boa Boots

In the category of FXR women’s snowmobile boots, The FXR X-Cross Pro Boa Boots are one of the best snowmobile boots for women. They are warm, protective, and comfortable. 

No worries about your booths moving about with their BOA single M3 reel closure, which ensures a snug fit throughout your ride. 

You can wear these in temperatures as low as -40°F since they are packed with 600 grams of insulation and have a fixed liner with fur lining.

The thick midsoles, Achilles, calf cushioning, and 2-piece form-fitting tongue construction make these booths super comfy. For its price, it’s genuinely a value purchase!  


  • Withstands temperatures to -40°F and is waterproof so you can venture into cold places while staying warm (your feet at least)


  •  The adjustment knob can fall off with wear and tear (but FXR has a lifetime warranty on boot parts)
Snowmobile boots for women

6. Castle X Women’s Barrier 2 Boots 

The Castle X Women’s Barrier 2 Boots are among the best snowmobile boots womens category, especially since they’re made with ladies’ specific cut and sizing. 

They come with 3-layer Merino wool insulation to keep you warm and dry. The boots insulate around your foot and hug your ankle for complete support. 

You don’t have to worry about accidentally getting your foot wet in these boots, as they have been weatherproofed. In fact, if you end up submerging even half the boots underwater, you will still be warm and dry. Story from a friend! 

I also like the snap buckles as they are easy to snap on when you’re gearing up. 


  • Has reflective elements, which is helpful to keep you visible 
  • Super waterproof and weatherproof, getting wet will be the least of your worries

Cons: Not suitable for wide feet

Snowmobile boots for women


The Ski-Doo TEC+ REC BOOTS do a great job at keeping you warm without inhibiting movement. 

A durable, abrasion-resistant exterior leather is paired with a breathable waterproof membrane and removable inner to create a boot that can function in temperatures as low as -58°F

The sole is highly durable as well, making these boots really long-lasting. 

This womens ski doo boots are super comfortable for something so rugged! Some people describe slipping into these boots gives the same feeling as wearing slippers! 

These boots are great for extended days in the snow. You stay warm warmth while preserving outstanding mobility.


  • Very, very comfortable – think fuzzy slippers
  • Can take up to -58°F temperature and stay waterproof in harsh weather 


  • Some complaints about inaccurate sizing – best get them sized, or if ordering online, you can take advantage of the free returns
Snowmobile boots for women

8. FXR X-Cross Pro Speed Boots

The FXR X-Cross Pro Speed Boots are similar to the FXR X-Cross Pro Boa Boots. The main difference between the two is that the speed has sewn-in molded speed lace hooks for quick tie-up and release. 

Another thing, these boots are lighter, but they are still rated for -40°F. 

In terms of pricing, these boots are slightly cheaper. 



  • Pretty stiff until you break them in
Snowmobile boots for women

9. Acton Snowmobile And ATV Winter Boots

The Acton Snowmobile And ATV Winter Boots is a warm and comfortable boot with sealed seams at the vamp area to keep water out. 

You can be sure to stay toasty with its high insulation and comfortable, removable tripe-density insulation liner. 

These ultra-light boots also provide excellent traction with their natural rubber 4Grip outsole making the boots slip-resistant on frosted surfaces. No need to fear slipping on ice!

Material: Synthetic Leather, Rubber

Closure Type:  Lace Adjustment With Barrel Lock

Water Resistance: Waterproof

Insulation: -75°F 


  • Waterproof and slip-resistant gives you great traction on frosted surfaces
  • Can withstand very cold ( -75°F) weather, provided you can too

Cons: Runs slightly big

Snowmobile boots for women

10. Polar Thermal Boots

Polar Thermal Boots is an excellent pick for beginners with good basic features and a  great price point. If you’re a beginner at snowmobiling, or even if you’re experienced but don’t often go on rides, and where you’re snowmobiling not is under harsh temperatures, this is a great budget buy for you. 

In terms of temperature ratings, these boots are rated up to 40°F. The uppers include a cool-looking wool top that also helps with heat retention. Faux fur lining increases insulation even further.

The waterproof soles have thick tread that contributes to the shoe’s anti-skid properties. In these boots, you should be alright walking on slick surfaces. However,  it may not provide adequate ankle and calf support.

Material: Quilted Synthetic,  Leather

Closure Type:  Side Zipper, Lace Up

Water Resistance: Waterproof

Insulation: None 


  • Great quality for the price point!
  • Wool top keeps heat in so you can stay comfortable and warm 


  •  Not highly durable – not for extreme use 
Snowmobile boots for women

11. Sorel Women’s Caribou Waterproof Boots 

These stylish boots are perfect for you fashionistas that don’t want to compromise style for comfort and durability. 

The  Sorel Women’s Caribou Waterproof Boots have Sherpa pile snow cuff that will keep your feet toasty warm for all your snowmobile action. The leather upper offers excellent water and snow protection. 

The thick waterproof nubuck leather is triple seam-sealed over the three-layer Aero-Trac rubber outsole and has a tried and reliable design.

The Caribou can withstand rigorous play in the snow without displaying noticeable wear and tear in the more delicate features.

These boots also have great traction thanks to the handcrafted waterproof vulcanized rubber shell and SOREL aero-track non-loading outsole.


  • Great weather protection – the leather upper gives you protection against water and snow, so they can be the least of your worries
  • The snow cuff is designed to keep you warmer and retain heat


  • Heavy (1.7kg)

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Snowmobile boots for women

What to Look For In Snowmobile Boots For Women

The 2 most important things to look out for when buying snowmobile boots for women are waterproofing and insulation. 


Your snowmobile boots must keep your feet warm. Warmth should be your number one priority when buying boots as you will be very uncomfortable if you try to snowmobile with frozen, okay, cold feet! 

In your boots, look for Thinsulate or other trustworthy and approved insulation. The more insulating grams provided, the warmer they will be.

You can opt for a boot with a specified quantity of insulation based on your riding environment and personal preferences. As a general rule, if you don’t know which temperatures you will be in, just go for the highest insulation your budget allows. 

Snowmobile boots for women


Waterproofing is yet another essential feature of any high-quality snowmobile boot. 

If you get a boot that isn’t wholly waterproof or at least water-resistant, you will be dealing with wet and cold feet as soon as it begins snowing or you step off your machine.

Look for heavy-duty rubber and waterproof nylon and leather construction for long-lasting waterproofing.

GORE-TEX material, as well as DWR for any nylon or synthetic materials utilized, is highly recommended.

Snowmobile boots for women

FAQs On Best Snowmobile Boots For Women

Are Snowmobile Boots Worth It?

Yes, snowmobile boots are worth it because snowmobile boots will keep your feet safe and warm while you’re out having a fun time on your snowmobile. They protect your feet. The sturdy form of snowmobile boots supports your legs, preventing tiredness. This is especially vital if you intend to ride for an extended period of time.

Do You Need Special Boots To Snowmobile?

Yes, you do need special boots to snowmobile. A rubber, waterproof bottom with a good lug sole for grip; a synthetic top that fastens and is high enough to resist snow; and a breathable liner made of wool, fleece, or synthetic material that wicks sweat away from the foot are all features of the best snowmobiling boots.

Snowmobile boots for women

What Are Snowmobile Boots?

Snowmobile boots are a type of boot, generally waterproof or water-resistant. The boots feature a high side to keep snow out and a rubber sole to keep water out. Snowboots are worn when it is wet, slushy, muddy, or snowy. 

What Is The Warmest Womens Muck Boot?

The warmest womens muck boot is the Muck Boot Arctic Sport II Mid. This is the warmest variant of Muck Boots for women, built with neoprene and fleece. It’s rated to -40°F and takes deep cold surprisingly well, at least in the short term.

Snowmobile boots for women

There you have it, a roundup of the best snowmobile boots for women! Was there anything that stood out to you?

To keep your feet warm while snowmobiling, you need a specific pair of snowmobile boots with the right features.

Remember, the best snowmobile boots for women should be well-made while providing adequate protection and ankle support.

A good boot will protect your feet, ankles, and toes as you ride through deep snowy trails.

Let me know which snowmobile boots for women are your top pick and if you think there are any more worthy of being mentioned!

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