13 Best Womens Snowboard Bindings Based On personal Experience!

Hello fellow snowboarder, looking for the best womens snowboard bindings?

Snowboard bindings provide you with a feeling of security and stability while on the slopes.

So while you’re taking in the bird’s-eye view of the stunning scenery around you as your snowboard, you need not worry and can enjoy the adrenaline rush you came for!

There are many different types of bindings to choose from, and it is important to find one that fits your needs.

I’ve done the tough job and scoured for the best womens snowboard bindings so that you don’t have to. Read on and take your pick!

best womens snowboard bindings

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best womens snowboard bindings

My Top 3 Best Womens Snowboard Bindings

Before I dive into the list of best womens snowboard bindings, let’s take a look at the top 3 in case you want to make a quick decision:

best womens snowboard bindings

Great comfort, easy adjustments, and high shock absorption, the Salomon Nova Womens Snowboard Bindings also has features to keep pain off your pressure points.

best womens snowboard bindings

Designed for beginners, the Union Rosa Snowboard Bindings is the lightest weight and best value female-specific binding the snowboard world has ever seen.

It has medium-soft flex which gives you greater control as you are learning. 

best womens snowboard bindings

With a great mid-price point, the K2 Meridian Womens Snowboard Bindings is the best all-rounder option currently.

It adapts well and has a canted footbed to keep comfort levels high while being highly flexible at the same time.

best womens snowboard bindings

13 Best Womens Snowboard Bindings

1. Arbor Spruce Snowboard Bindings

The Arbor Spruce Snowboard Bindings are an all-terrain binding with the perfect balance of performance advancement and value.  

A lightweight, single-mold baseplate and heel cup provide a good consistent flex to the binding, with everything inclined at 2.5 degrees to keep the stress off your knees and feet all day. 

With a canted EVA footbed, there is a good amount of EVA foam in the heel and a little throughout the footbed. The toe and ankle Bow Straps keep your foot tray clear when you put on your boots. 

However,  do note that The Arbor Spruce has very little flex underfoot.

There is a lot of strong board contact. It stiffens the board underfoot, but it does not flex easily underfoot.

Beyond that, the highbacks are angled asymmetrically, providing another level of ergonomic fit and greater freedom of movement. 

Still, this is a no-fuss, feel-good, ride-great binding that will fit any rider and save you money along the road, thanks to its low pricing.


  • Super durable and comfortable 
  • Single-mold baseplate and heel cup give you a unified flex


  • Considerably less board feel
best womens snowboard bindings

2. BURTON Lexa X Womens Snowboard Bindings

BURTON Lexa X Womens Snowboad Bindings are the most responsive women’s bindings in Burton womens bindings lineup. It comes with stronger flex than the regular version and all-new highbacks for enhanced precision, reaction, and power.

They are designed for the more aggressive, hard-charging rider. 

They feature firm nylon composite Re: FlexTM baseplates, soft FullBED footbeds to reduce vibration, and a grippy Heel Hammock design to keep your heels tight even when your supersonic straight line turns to chunder and chop. 

You can use these freestyle, but only if you’re an expert. 


  • Supports you on aggressive rides
  • Ergonomic highback follows the natural contours of your left and right legs for a more comfortable feel


  • Only for advanced riders if you’re riding freestyle 
best womens snowboard bindings

3. BURTON Escapade Womens Snowboard Bindings

The BURTON Escapade Womens Snowboard Bindings give you great flexibility and control. If you look at snowboard bindings review, this pair comes up quite a bit as a crowd favorite. 

The BURTON Escapade Womens Snowboard Bindings have a canted highback design for a more natural feel, flex mounting hardware to promote flexibility while lowering weight, and double-take buckles for faster strap engagement.

Undoing them and doing them up is easy and smooth.

They also include ankle straps that open entirely and stay there without jumping back up. 

A very well-thought-out design, I would say, it means you can pull the ankle strap out of the way before you step in, reducing the possibility of stepping on the strap or slowing you down.


  • Lightweight, so you don’t feel an additional bulk
  • The straps can be moved before you step in, so you don’t accidentally step on them


  • More expensive compared to similar options
best womens snowboard bindings

4. Rome Flare Black

The Rome Flare Black is excellent for all types of terrain and riding all-terrain on the mountains. The lightweight construction and medium flex will keep you confident on any terrain while flawlessly holding your foot to the board. 

They will give you a very comfortable feel to the straps and easy-to-adjust highbacks for maximum power transfer. PureFlex Ankle Strap and PureGrip Toe Strap technology keep your foot locked in and secure. 

The AsymWrap Platform makes for extra tweak–ability with grabs and jibs and an overall surfy ride.

Overall, they’re one of the best women’s beginner snowboard bindings; great for beginners looking for an easy-to-ride first binding or park riders looking for a buttery, smooth binding.


  • Very comfortable ankle and toe strap


  • More expensive compared to similar options
best womens snowboard bindings

5. Flux GS Bindings 

The Flux GS Bindings is a solid binding. They’re built from a tried-and-true nylon combination that is essentially indestructible in all temperatures, making them incredibly durable.

It’s a highly adaptable binding that works with a wide range of boards. With each click, you can adjust the highback forward lean in 2.5° increments for finer highback settings.

Its only major flaw is that it has minimal shock absorption in the heel, but aside from that, it’s an excellent binding with a lot of reaction for the high back flex.


  • Base and highback are specifically designed for women meaning that they will fit you better and don’t end up being too big or bulky 


  • Not the lightest 
best womens snowboard bindings

6. K2 Clicker X HB Snowboard Binding Womens

The K2 Clicker X HB Snowboard Binding Womens hits the mark on all fronts, combining rock-solid toe and heel mount points with the added support of a classic Nylon highback for exceptional support and extremely sharp edge control. 

You can adjust forward lean on the fly as it’s a tool-free adjustment. The canted footbeds offer a natural and comfortable riding position to keep you feeling good all day.

Sound pretty cool, right? The catch with these bindings is that they only pair with K2 Clicker X HB Boots. If you don’t use those, let’s us give this a miss. 


  • One tool adjustment for a convenient fix whenever you need it
  • Canted footbed offer a natural and comfortable riding position 


  • Boot compatibility – only suitable for Clicker X HB Boots
best womens snowboard bindings

7. K2 Meridian Womens Snowboard Bindings

The K2 Meridian Womens Snowboard Bindings are an excellent mid-priced alternative for a flexy all-mountain or freestyle binding with a more relaxed feel. Or for someone who prefers a more adaptable ride.

They have a pad-free ankle strap that is highly flexible and stays in place. So you can go for rides with a secure mind. 

A canted footbed reduces foot strain, and K2’s TriPodTM technology allows you to have your bindings incredibly flexible or slightly more in contact with the snowboard.

I love that you can center the ankle straps with a lever. However, you still need to use your hands to adjust it fully.

It would have been cool if the whole thing was automatic, but it doesn’t stop this pair from being one of the best women’s snowboard bindings.


  • 100% Tool-less adjustments
  • Canted footbed so you don’t strain your foot


  • Ankle straps and highbacks have to be adjusted manually by hand, however, ankle straps can be centered with the pop of a lever
best womens snowboard bindings

8. Ride CL-6 Womens Snowboard Bindings

Ride’s CL-6 Womens Snowboard Bindings are buttery-smooth and lively, with plenty of all-mountain play. 

The Ride CL-6 Womens Snowboard Bindings combines an alloy heel with a glass-filled nylon base to provide alloy support where it is needed while also providing a comfortable, smooth ride.

The aluminum heel cup adds the feel and toughness of aluminum where it is needed. Not so heavy that it feels bulky and not too light that you worry it’s not doing its job either. 

The canted footbed provides extra leverage over the tip and tail of your board by aligning your joints at a 2.5° angle. 

The Reversible Ankle Strap delivers premium performance, durability, and all-day comfort without adding bulk.


  • Solid boot-to-binding connection gives you a secure grip


  • Less durable than some other options
best womens snowboard bindings

9. Rossignol Gala Womens Snowboard Bindings

The Rossignol Gala Womens Snowboard Bindings are a great value for less experienced snowboarders looking for maximum comfort while learning the ropes.

The 3D-molded ladders allow you to fine-tune the tension. And their two-part puffy pad footbeds and nylon/glass baseplates are comfy and absorb vibrations well. 

The mainframe highbacks offer good heel-side power and side-to-side motion. These straps increase stability as you can tighten your boots laterally and vertically and give strong boot-to-binding contact. 

These features will ease your worry and allow you to practice better as a beginner. 

Most importantly, the pricing is hard to beat. However, they’re really not meant for you if you’re more of an advanced rider. 


  • Great padding for greater comfort
  • More forgiving so it’s great for newer riders


  • Limited customization options
best womens snowboard bindings

10. Salomon Nova Womens Snowboard Bindings

The Salomon Nova Womens Snowboard Bindings is a perfect balance of comfort and functionality. 

The joint uses a softer density joint for more shock absorption, absorbing the hardest impacts and vibrations you’ll encounter on the slope. It is made for freestyle rides. 

The adjustment of its high back is simple and accurate, while the footbed offers stronger shock-absorbing characteristics.

The 3D Asym Supreme Ankle Strap provides extra support on the outside and tweakability on the inside, with a comfortable feel that prevents pain on pressure points. This binding will keep your feet comfortable from the first lift to the last!


  • Super comfortable and does not press against any pressure points
  • The footbed has strong shock absorption, which helps with hard impacts 


  •  Not suitable for steep backcountry rides
best womens snowboard bindings

11. Union Juliet Snowboard Bindings

Union Juliet Snowboard Bindings are good all-mountain binding at a reasonable price. Union’s usage of Grade 8.8 hardware reflects a dedication to offering the strongest and most reliable bindings on the market today.

They have excellent wetness and comfortable medium responsiveness for all-terrain riding.

They are highly adaptable binding that can accommodate many snowboarding techniques, so it’s great whether you’re a beginner or a more advanced rider trying out new tricks.

The Juliet line of all-mountain bindings features a full bed cushioning system for a more comfortable ride. With larger highbacks and firmer ankle straps, these are the easiest snowboard bindings choice for riders of all skill levels looking for optimal performance.


  • 2% of profits from the sale of this binding is donated to Boarding for Breast Cancer
  • Full bed cushioning makes for a more comfortable ride
  • Highly adaptable and can accommodate from beginners to more advanced riders


  • Only baseplates are covered under the lifetime warranty
best womens snowboard bindings

12. Union Legacy Womens Snowboard Bindings

These quick, flawless snowboard bindings provide a smooth, wave-like ride while floating through powder.

They match with almost every best women’s snowboard , except for super stiff or really soft boards, which makes them one of the best snowboard bindings for women

The Union Legacy Womens Snowboard Bindings bindings balance outstanding board feels while keeping good shock absorption. They also maintain reactivity while remaining comfortable at the same time. 

Stage 6 Duraflex ST baseplates and Legacy Duraflex ST highbacks blend rigidity and flex for a freestyle riding experience unlike anything else. 

Another cool thing about these bindings is the material. It uses Magnesium ratchets which offer 4 times the strength of aluminum at half the weight. This allows fast entry and exit, so you don’t waste time when gearing up!


  • Tool-less adjustment 
  • Can accommodate almost every snowboard type, so you don’t have to worry too much about compatibility
  • Great reactivity and comfort for all-day action


  • Angle of the ankle strap can’t be adjusted like with other bindings
best womens snowboard bindings

13. Union Rosa Snowboard Bindings

Union Rosa Snowboard Bindings is designed for beginner snowboarders who want a good mix of performance and ease of use. If this is you, this is one of the best beginner snowboards for women in its category!

Union Rosa Snowboard Bindings are currently one of the market’s lightest women’s snowboard bindings. The combination of an all-new Stage 8 Duraflex baseplate and the Falcor-inspired highback results in the lightest weight and best value female-specific binding the snowboard world has ever seen.

A medium soft flex, which aids in learning fundamentals such as turning and stopping, is one of the aspects you will appreciate if you’re a beginner. You will also love the simple design which keeps the weight low while providing a good reaction.

The Union Rosa Snowboard Bindings are one of best beginner snowboard bindings if you’re looking for bindings that will last all season and give you lots of control without breaking the bank.


  • Universal binding mount
  • Lightweight and doesn’t bulk you down
  • Great flexibility for beginners meaning that it aids you in your twists and turns


  • Too flexible for the more advanced rider

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best womens snowboard bindings

Benefits Of Women’s Snowboard Bindings

1. Keeps Your Feet Secure 

Snowboard bindings fundamentally keep your feet on the board. The best womens bindings will allow you to control the board while absorbing vibrations.

2. Maximize Precision And Control 

Bindings are physically attached to your snowboard. Thus, the right bindings will help you control your riding with precision. If you end up with the wrong bindings, however, your riding can be adversely affected and harder for you to control. 

3. Gives You Added Power 

The bindings you use on your snowboard can influence the amount of power it produces. Bindings are linked to how much force your body, legs, and feet put on the board. You will not be as powerful or effective when you ride with the wrong bindings.

best womens snowboard bindings

Types Of Women’s Snowboard Bindings

1. All  Mountain

For a general, all-mountain pair, look for bindings with a medium flex pattern that allows you to ride all over the mountain and in the park.  

Medium flex bindings provide enough support to combat crud and hardpack while being soft enough to utilize in the park.  The medium flex is a great option if you want to save some moolah or if you are not a frequent snowboarder. 

2. Freeride

Freeride bindings are stiffer than other bindings for quicker response times. They let you power through the snow, so if you are an aggressive rider, it will be great for you to tackle steep lines and ride through all types of terrain.

3. Park And Freestyle

For freestyling or park rides, soft binding is your best bet. The majority of park bindings feature a soft or mid-soft flex pattern. 

For control, you must also apply pressure to specific snowboard areas. Furthermore, they are more forgiving if you over-rotate during a jump.

best womens snowboard bindings

Snowboard Binding Parts And Features

1. Baseplates

The baseplate is attached to the top of the board. Many contemporary bindings feature small baseplates to give your feet a stronger connection with the board. It also avoids dead spots between the snowboard and the bottom of the baseplate. 

Some baseplates are made with EVA pads or gel cushioning to dampen vibration and provide a more comfortable ride. 

Certain baseplates have canting in the footbed area of other baseplates to reduce knee fatigue.

2. Highbacks

This part of the binding supports turning and encourages a lower center of gravity in the event of a bad landing. The highback runs vertically from your heel cup to the bottom of your leg.

Stiff highbacks have less flex and are not suitable for beginners. If you’re a beginner, you might opt for park and freestyle bindings, as they offer softer, shorter highbacks for more range of motion and flexibility. 

3. Material 

Bindings are created from several materials: urethane, polycarbonate, aluminum, carbon, and glass-reinforced nylon. Depending on your use, the different materials will suit for better. 

For example, polycarbonate is soft and forgiving, great for parks and freestyle riding. Urethane is another soft material that is commonly used in highback bindings. 

Carbon fiber-reinforced fiberglass on the front and rear leaf-style shock absorbers, on the other hand, reportedly absorbs ongoing vibrations and big hits – they’re great for more adventurous rides. 

4. Straps

The purpose of straps is to keep your feet in place. There are several types of straps:

  • Traditional toe straps – Commonly found on cheaper bindings and are positioned on top of the boots. The disadvantage is that they do not keep your feet in the heel cups or other straps. 
  • Toe cap straps – Wraps over the toes of the boots. They are sensitive and comfy, pushing the boot into the highbacks and heel cups. 
  • Ankle straps – Intended to keep the boot firmly in the heel cup, allowing the rider to make the most of their toeside spins. These 3D straps vary in cushioning and width. Their position on the foot may be centered across for optimal hold and comfort.
  • One-piece straps – A large strap that usually covers your snowboard boot from just above your ankle to your toes.

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FAQs On Best Womens Snowboard Bindings

What Are The Best Type Of Snowboard Bindings?

Among The Top 10 Snowboard Bindings in 2022:

best womens snowboard bindings

Are Union Bindings Good For Beginners?

Yes, Union bindings are good for beginners. You can get quality binding from Union; even the entry-level ones are decent. They have a nice easy flex, easy to maneuver at lower speeds, and offer a continuous smooth reaction.

What Bindings Do Pro Snowboarders Use?

Pro snowboarders use bindings from Burton, Salomon, or Union Binding Co bindings, among others. 3 of the best all-around snowboard bindings include the Burton Cartel X EST, Union Flite Pro, and Union Force.

The best womens snowboard bindings will not only keep you safe, but they will also give you the freedom to explore your limits.

There’s nothing quite like the adrenaline rush you get from going fast and flying through the air. Or even the feeling you get when you do a perfect carve at high speed hit a jump, or nail a trick just right.

A good snowboard binding will help you safely explore all these. Hence, you should take the time to find a pair that is right for you and your style of riding.

I hope that my roundup has been a great help in your search for best womens snowboard bindings!

best womens snowboard bindings

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