19 Hiking With Infants Tips That Will Transform Your Hike! 

Thinking of hiking with infants? 

Are you looking for tips on how to hike with a baby? 

Adjusting to life as a parent with a newborn baby can mean that you spend most of the first few weeks indoors. If you are starting to get cabin fever, hiking is a great way to get outdoors and enjoy nature together with your baby

Hiking with infants might sound intimidating at first but we’ve got you covered with the best tips on how to hike with a baby. 

With proper planning, practice, and the right gear, you will enjoy going on hikes and creating memories with your baby in no time! 

Hiking enthusiast and mommy Ilani from Bloom With Bubs is here to help you get started on hiking with your baby with the best tips below.

19 Hiking With Infants Tips ! 

1.Be Prepared Mentally To Go Hiking With Babies

2.How Soon Can You Go Hiking With Your Baby?

3.Choose The Best Time Of The Day To Go Hiking With Baby

4.Plan Your Hikes With Baby-Friendly Routes

5.Get The Right Baby Carrier For Hiking

6.Can I Hike With A Baby Stroller? 

7.Prepare To Change Diapers During Hikes

8.How To Feed Baby On The Hiking Trail

9.Best Way To Dress Baby For Hiking

10.Hiking With Infants In The Rain

11.Make It A Family Hike 

12.How To Stay Safe When Hiking With Baby

13.Check The Weather Forecast When Hiking With Infants 

14.Essential Baby Checklist For Hiking

15.Hiking Gear For Mom And Dad

16.Try A Dry Run Without Your Baby

17.Start Small And Go Hiking With Baby Frequently 

18.Listen To Your Body And Know Your Stamina

19.Enjoy Every Moment And Celebrate Small Wins

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1.Be Prepared Mentally To Go Hiking With Babies

Hiking with infants

If this is your first time hiking with babies, it would be good to be prepared mentally. 

Lower your expectations and know that your first hike with your baby might not go perfectly or as well as how you would imagine it to be and that’s okay! 

What is important is that you take the first step towards a healthy postpartum recovery, going on travel adventures with your baby and creating precious memories with the little one. 

2.How Soon Can You Go Hiking With Your Baby?

Remember that your body has gone through the tremendous feat of growing a baby and giving birth. It’s crucial that you honor your body and rest as much as you need to before you start hiking with a newborn. 

Once you get clearance from your doctor, you can go hiking with your baby as soon as you feel ready and comfortable to move around with a baby for an extended period of time. 

If you had a c-section, this would typically be around 6 – 8 weeks but again, always listen to your body. 

3.Choose The Best Time Of The Day To Go Hiking With Baby

When backpacking with an infant, choosing the best time of the day is key.

 If your baby sleeps well in a carrier, you can hike during nap time so that they can rest. This often works well for newborns who spend a lot of time sleeping. 

If your baby is like my son who sleeps better in his crib at home instead, you can plan the hike right after they have had their nap. 

This will make sure that they are well-rested and not overtired. 

4.Plan Your Hikes With Baby-Friendly Routes

If you have any favorite hiking trails that you are familiar with, choose a baby-friendly one to start with. 

This means short distances, minimal elevation gain, and easy terrain. 

A great resource to find new hiking trails is AllTrails

You can filter the difficulty level, distance, and even attractions along the route. I personally love the kid-friendly and stroller-friendly filter! It helps narrow down your options instantly.  

5.Get The Right Baby Carrier For Hiking

Hiking with infants

Baby carriers are one of the essentials for infant hiking gear. 

When choosing the best baby carrier for hiking, you need to consider the age of your baby. 

For newborns, opt for a comfortable carrier that will let babies sit facing you to support their necks. Remember to position their legs in an M-shape with their knees higher than their hips for appropriate spinal support. 

Here is a quick tutorial on how to use a baby carrier with a newborn.

How to Use Baby Carrier with a Newborn

If your baby can sit up independently (usually when they are 6 months), try to use an infant carrying backpack instead. The type of best hiking backpack for infants is designed for you to comfortably carry your baby and hiking gear for a long time. 

I find that this Osprey infant backpack is the best infant hiking backpack on the market because it’s super comfortable for both you and your baby, has plenty of storage space, and even has a built-in sunshade! 

For other great options , here are best backpacks for traveling with kids.

6.Can I Hike With A Baby Stroller? 

Parents with heavy babies, rejoice! Yes, it still counts as a hike even if you use a stroller 🙂 

Maybe you’re like me and have a 7-month-old baby who weighs just over 24 lbs and would prefer to give your back a rest by placing your baby in a stroller instead of in an infant carrying backpack. 

Using a stroller works best if the trail is relatively flat and wide. 

Make sure that your stroller is suitable for the terrain you choose. Here are some great options for hiking strollers

If you’re looking for a high quality and affordable hiking stroller that has convenient features, the Baby Trend Expedition Jogger Stroller is a great choice.

7.Prepare To Change Diapers During Hikes

Hiking with infants

I would recommend changing a baby’s diaper right before going on the hike to make sure they are happy in their clean diaper.

 But you never know when your baby might have a poop blowout so it’s always best to be prepared when backpacking with an infant. 

Include the essentials below in your infant hiking pack to prepare for a diaper change during hikes: 

  • Changing mat 
  • Wet wipes 
  • Diapers 
  • Extra clothes in case baby’s clothes get soiled, store in this waterproof bag to avoid leaks
  • A separate bag to pack all your garbage including the dirty diapers. It’s important that we keep the trail clean out of respect for other hikers and nature  

8.How To Feed Your Baby On The Hiking Trail

Depending on how you usually feed your baby, there are a few ways to do it while hiking. 

If you are breastfeeding, you can find a comfortable spot to rest and nurse along the trail. 

All you need is a nursing bra and if you prefer, a nursing cover. There is also a way to nurse on-the-go while your baby is comfortable in the carrier. 

How do I breastfeed in the baby carrier? | Omni Breeze | Ergobaby

It takes a bit of practice but it is doable. 

If you are bottle-feeding with formula, bring a small container of pre-measured formula powder, the bottle, and a thermos of hot water or you can even use a portable milk warmer. 

If your baby has started solids, consider bringing easy snacks like bananas, cooked and cut-up carrots or sweet potatoes, and teething wafers. 

9.Best Way To Dress Your Baby For Hiking

Depending on the season and the weather, dress your baby appropriately. 

During the warmer seasons, dress them in lightweight and breathable clothing

I personally prefer natural fabric clothing like cotton, it keeps my son cool and comfortable during hot days. 

On colder days, layering is the best way to go. 

For newborn babies, you need to make sure that your baby’s temperature is regulated because they’re unable to do it themselves. Keep them warm and happy with base layers and fleece onesies

10.Hiking With Infants In The Rain

Hiking with infants

In the case of hiking with a baby, it’s best to be over prepared especially on days when there is unpredictable weather. 

The last thing you’d want is to get stuck in the pouring rain and have you and your baby all wet. 

Get a rain cover for your baby carrier to shield them from rain to have it handy in your infant backpack. 

11.Make It A Family Hike 

Take the opportunity to make it a family hike by inviting your partner, siblings, or parents along!

 If this is your first time, it’s a great way to get comfortable with hiking with your baby since you will have help navigating. 

Once you build up your confidence, you can even go solo just with your baby. Not only that, your family will appreciate bonding together in the great outdoors.

12.How To Stay Safe When Hiking With Baby

Hiking with infants

When you’re on the trail with your baby, be safe by watching your steps and considering the terrain. 

When choosing your route, avoid steep inclines and declines so that you have less risk of slipping while carrying your baby.

Include a light first-aid kit in your infant hiking backpack and ensure your phone is fully charged in case of an emergency. 

If it’s a long hike, consider bringing a good power bank so that you can recharge your phone if you need to.

On hikes when it’s just you and your baby, it’s best to let your partner or a friend know that you’re headed out for a hike and when you’re planning to return.

13.Check The Weather Forecast When Hiking With Infants 

Before you head out of the house to start hiking with your infant, check the weather forecast. 

This helps with deciding on how to dress them and being prepared with what you should pack depending on the weather.

 If there’s extreme weather on the horizon, it’s best to wait it out and reschedule your hike. 

14.Essential Baby Checklist For Hiking

Don’t worry about missing out on the baby essentials to include in your infant hiking pack, here is a checklist for you to ensure all the important items are included:

15.Hiking Gear For Mom And Dad

Hiking with infants

You might be planning and preparing a lot for your baby but don’t forget about preparing hiking gear for yourself and your partner! 

You’ll want to prepare these for your family hike: 

16.Try A Dry Run Without Your Baby

Consider trying a dry run without your baby, especially if you want to check out a new trail. 

You can get familiar with the trail, experience the terrain and level of difficulty, and take note of where the rest stops are.  

17.Start Small And Go Hiking With Baby Frequently 

In the beginning, it’s a good idea to start small, even just a short walk outside the house is a good start. 

You can take it step by step by walking around the block, then at a neighborhood park, and eventually hiking on an easy trail. 

When I was at the start of my recovery, I could only walk 5 – 10 mins at the park before I ran out of breath and got tired. 

Eventually, I was able to build up my stamina. 

Doing it frequently will help get the ball rolling, giving both you and your baby a chance at practicing together and getting used to going on hiking adventures together. 

18.Listen To Your Body And Know Your Stamina

You just gave birth and if you had a c-section, it was major abdominal surgery, so don’t compare your recovery journey to someone else’s.

 It’s important that you listen to your body and know your stamina. 

If you find that it’s too much, it’s okay for you to pause and rest along the trail. If you want to turn back and not finish the hike that’s okay too. 

With time your endurance will definitely improve. A woman’s body was built strong, flexible, and beautiful! 

19.Enjoy Every Moment And Celebrate Small Wins 

Hiking with infants

When hiking with infants, there’s a chance that you won’t finish every hike.

 At first, it might not even feel enjoyable since there’s a lot of preparation and planning that goes into it.

While that can feel demotivating, just remember to also celebrate your small wins!

 Choosing to go outdoors and create new memories with your family is a positive effort.   Know that your baby simply enjoys being close to you and this is a great opportunity to bond together. 

Soak in all the special moments and enjoy the journey 🙂 

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Bring My 2 Month Old For Hiking? 

Absolutely, yes, you can bring your 2 month old for hiking.  Babies love to be carried and be close to you so hiking can be super enjoyable as they tend to drift in and out of sleep during the hike. In the beginning, try easier and shorter hikes to gauge how your baby likes it. 

How Do I Go Hiking With My Baby In Summer? 

If you want to go hiking with your baby in the summer, consider hiking with a partner and bring a few important baby supplies especially on a hot day.

In the case of an emergency, you can stay with your baby while your partner runs to get some help from other people. Plus, during the hike, your partner can take turns carrying the baby or the infant backpack with supplies.

How Do I Go Hiking With My Baby In Winter? 

Hiking with infants

If you want to know how to go hiking with your baby in the winter, prepare to dress them appropriately. Long sleeve onesies paired with tights or leggings are great for the bottom layer as a base when layering a baby.

For the middle layer, fleece full-body pajamas work well. For extra layers needed, put on a pair of booties or even an adult-sized pair of socks that will cover your baby’s whole hands and arms or legs.  

Benefits Of Hiking With A Baby 

Some benefits of hiking with a baby are they can fall asleep deeply easier, develop an awareness of their own body and reflexes, develop good balance, and increase their body strength! On top of that, spending time outdoors and being out in the fresh air helps them experience and appreciate nature. 

Toddler Hiking Backpack 

If you’re looking for toddler hiking backpacks, here are some great options: 

Toddler Hiking Gear

For toddler hiking gear, consider these: 

All Set And Excited To Bring Your Baby Hiking? 

Now that you know how to hike with your baby, will you be clearing your calendar this weekend for an adventure? 🙂 

Just remember that it’s okay if your first few hikes don’t go exactly as you imagined they would. 

Hiking with infants can certainly test your patience and flexibility but as soon as you get the hang of it, you’ll want to bring them again.

Let us know in the comments below where you’re planning to take your baby for a hike or if you have experienced hiking with babies previously. We would love to hear from you! 

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