Can You Sit On A Paddle Board?

Does the question ‘can you sit on a paddle board’ come to mind?

If you are thinking about practicing paddleboarding, and have watched people paddling effortlessly through the water, you may have thought, “how can they stay on their feet for so long? Can’t they sit on a paddle board?

Let’s be honest, no one can stand hours and hours on their feet paddling without getting a break.

It’s no secret that paddleboarding is a spectacular workout. 

From neck to toes, this sport will ensure all of your muscles have great fitness. But after a while, your muscles and joints will need a well-deserved rest, especially the ones from your legs.

You may have wondered if you can sit on a paddle board. If so, keep on reading to find out the answer.

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Can You Sit On A Paddle Board?

Yes, you can sit on a paddle board

Sitting on your SUP is another way to enjoy this whole floating on the water experience. Especially for those that struggle with balance in the beginning but don’t want to give up the sport.

The truth is, although in a stand-up paddle board you´re supposed to, well, stand up, there’s not a rule saying that’s the only way to enjoy your SUP board. 

Here are some ways to have fun on top of your paddle board!

paddle board with built-in seats

5 Ways To Use A Paddle Board

1. Sitting Down

As I mentioned, for some people it takes time to master balancing on a paddle board. And that´s ok. We all have our own pace to learn.

So it’s alright to sit down on a paddle board and still have a good time because you can paddle your paddleboard from a sitting position. A tip to help you make it easier is to find a kayak paddle.

sit on a paddle board

And yes, you will still burn out a lot of calories, because your core and abdominal muscles will be doing most of the work, with the right paddling technique of course.

2. Kneeling

For beginner paddle boarders, we recommend starting paddling on their knees. 

This position requires only a bit more balance than sitting, but since knee-paddling lowers the center of balance, it will be easier for you to paddle this way than standing up.

Kneeling on a paddle board is also a great way to start learning the paddle strokes and getting a good paddling technique, which is essential to avoid muscular fatigue and injuries on your back and shoulders.

Try to find a board with a comfortable deck pad, to protect your knees if you plan to kneel on your SUP board for long periods.

3. SUP Yoga

sit on paddle board

Yes, you can do yoga on a stand-up paddle board! And it adds a whole new level of greatness to both yoga and SUP individually. 

As you can imagine, you will need even more balance to practice yoga on the water. 

You’ll have to maintain the balance of both the paddle board and yourself when doing yoga postures.

Needless to say, it´s an incredible exercise and a very soothing experience. The beautiful landscapes and calming rhythms of the water will ensure you a perfect setting for relaxing.

4. Laying Down

Laying down on a paddle board is the epitome of relaxing! 

The peace of the water softly making you float, the sunshine on your body, and the soundtrack of nature, will make you want to take a nap in no time, or just give your body a break. 

Remember to apply enough sunscreen and check there are no boaters or paddle boarders you can run into. Also, if you are concerned about drifting away, try tying up the board to something or use a small anchor.

5. Add A Kayak Seat

If you prefer to have something supporting your back while sitting, a great option for you is a DIY paddle board seat, aka adding a kayak seat to your paddle board.

There are:

sit on a paddle board
Leader Kayak Seat
paddle board kayak hybrid experience
Inflatable Kayak Seat

The first ones have the advantage of being waterproof, so if they get wet, you wipe the water off and that’s it. 

The second ones are a bit more comfortable but if they get wet, it will take a while before they dry.

Still, with either type of these seats, you will get a paddle board kayak hybrid experience, that will allow you to enjoy your paddleboarding adventure, by providing good back support.

The seats should be placed in the right position from the start, usually using two sets of straps.

 Two of them should be attached on the front and two on the back. 

Although it’s not common to find a paddle board with built-in seats, many paddle boards include D-rings that you can use to attach the seats, but if not, they can be installed easily.

DIY paddle board seat

You can have shipped an inflatable SUP with a kayak seat to the UK, USA, and many other countries.

Best Seats for Paddle Boards


1. Saturn Aluminium Lightweight Folding Beach Chair, Fishing Seat, SUP Paddle Board Seat

sit on a paddle board

This chair is lightweight so it can be easily carried and attached to your SUP board. It has side pockets which are very convenient for storing small things.

Since it’s a bit elevated, the seat will be kept dry, and it’s more comfortable for your knees. Additionally, it has great back support. 

It can be tied down to the D-rings to secure it to the paddle board.

2. Irocker Inflatable Paddle Board Kayak Seat

sit on a paddle board

If what you want is to have a kayak-like experience, then this chair will help you to achieve it. 

It has 4 straps and clips that are used to hold the seat in place to your SUP while paddling. It´s made of very high-quality material and has great back support, so it’s both durable and comfortable.

3. Bluefin Cruise Kayak Seat

paddle board with built-in seats

This is a soft and comfortable seat that’s easy to attach to your SUP board. It’s included for free when purchasing different Bluefin boards, such as Bluefin Cruise and Bluefin Bruise Carbon, which are among the best inflatable paddle boards with kayak seats. 

It can also be purchased separately at Bluefin and be attached to your paddle board with D-rings.

4. Ocean Kayak Comfort Plus Seat Back

inflatable SUP with a kayak seat to the UK

This seat is easy to attach to any paddle board with D-rings and it’s very comfortable because of its soft padding.

It has a high back that provides terrific back support even for tall people. It´s made of nylon, which makes it a tough seat and at the same time, allows ventilation so it doesn’t stay wet for a long time.

5. Harmony Gear Standard Sit-On-Top Seat

Seats for Paddle Boards

Although this seat offers less support, it’s also a good option if you’re buying on a budget. It has three straps, two on the front and one on the back. 

It’s not as comfortable as the others in this list, but this goes accordingly to the lower price, as it happens with the cheapest stand-up paddle boards out there, and truthfully any product. 

Either way is not a terrible option if you want a paddle board with a seat.

12 Ways To Enjoy Yourself On A Paddle Board

sit on paddle board

Either sitting or standing on a paddle board, you can enhance your experience by doing any of the activities below.

1. Sunbathe

Paddleboarding involves spending time under the sun, so it´s the perfect activity for getting that tan you´ve been craving. 

If that’s what you want, dress accordingly, and don’t forget to apply sunscreen to avoid sunburns, and go for it!

2. Go Fishing 

The rivers and lakes where you go paddleboarding are potentially full of fish, so it’s worth it to try and drop a line and see if you´re lucky.

Fishing on a paddle board is becoming incredibly popular, because you can stand and bring with you several accessories to add to the fun, such as bait trays, fish finders, and downriggers.

SUP boards are wider than kayaks and it’s easier to stand on them because they tend to be more stable. You can also add a seat if you want to fish more comfortably.

3. Surfing

paddle board kayak hybrid experience

SUP surfing is one of the best activities to do if you want to take your paddle board experience one step further.

Surfing on a paddle board is a very thrilling activity and one you can practice once you master the technique, balance, and maneuverability of your SUP. You can read more about SUP surfing in this article. 

4. Take Photos

paddle board with built-in seats

The scenery that will surround you when paddle boarding is phenomenal for some eye-catching photography. 

Although from a standing up position it’s more difficult to get a good photo due to the movements of the table on the water, sitting or even kneeling will give you a better chance to take breathtaking pics that you can even sell online later!

5. Go For A Swim

Swimming off your paddle board is another awesome way to enjoy yourself out there, especially for cooling down. 

Paddle boards are relatively easy to climb on from the water, because of their stability. You can use an anchor if you´re afraid the board will drift away while you´re swimming.

6. Just Relax 

As we mentioned earlier, just laying down and relaxing on your board is a fabulous thing to do. After a long day or a stressful week, you can grab your SUP board, enjoy the rocking motions of the water and let your worries go away for a little while.

You can sit down on your paddle board, and have a drink and some delicious food. Or even invite some friend over to just hang out, leaving the rest of the world on the coast.

7. Paddleboard Dating

sit on paddle board

Talk about a different date idea for you and your beloved ones (as long as they can swim of course). 

Since most of the paddle boards have room for more than one person, you can take your partner, kids, or pets with you.

If you´re taking your partner with you, just imagine watching the sunset or fireworks together, having a picnic, or going SUP camping. They are all romantic in their way and will be a memorable moment for the two of you.

Yes, you can even propose to your special person on a paddle board! Just be careful not to let the ring fall into the water because it will definitely ruin the whole thing. 

8. Racing

Paddle board races are becoming trendy all over the world. This is perfect for you if you have a competitive streak and like to go fast on your SUP. 

If that’s what you plan to do, keep in mind that SUP race boards are longer and skinnier than all-around paddle boards.

9. Touring

cheapest stand-up paddle boards

Touring is another wonderful thing to do on a SUP, especially for adventure lovers. This modality involves paddling for long distances at a moderate pace, so it´s an intense workout. 

Especially because it’s without taking a break. Touring is the perfect activity for exploring rivers and coastlines and getting yourself to places few people have been.

10. Snorkeling

Similar to swimming, snorkeling is a superb activity to enjoy the subaquatic world under you, and this is especially true if you´re paddleboarding in the ocean. 

Using your paddle board as a platform, put your snorkels on and go see the incredible life under the crystal clear waters. Remember to use an anchor for preventing your SUP from drifting away.

11. Add A Hammock

If you and your friends plan to go paddleboarding together, you could try attaching a hammock to your SUPs!

With Hammocraft, you can attach up to 5 hammocks across two paddle boards and have fun with your buddies while you all get tanned.

12. Work Out

Simply paddling on a SUP is an extremely efficient exercise where you will burn tons of calories. Which is amazing, if you hate spending hours in a gym with more sweaty people. 

With paddleboarding, you’ll be able to work out all of your muscles, enhance your balance skills and improve your health as a whole.

With a sit-on-top paddle board, your core and abdominal muscles, as well as your upper body muscles, will strengthen and get fit.

Sit On A Paddle Board FAQs

paddle board with built-in seats

Is A Paddle Board Faster Than A Kayak?

Many people wonder who wins in the sit-on-top kayak Vs paddle board competition.

While of course, it depends on your preferences, there are some categories where one surpasses the other. 

Speed is one of them.

 In many cases, a kayak is faster than a SUP board if we talk about straight-line speed. But that’s not always the case: a race SUP is faster than a recreational whitewater kayak, for example.

And there are different types of kayaks as there are SUPs, depending on the activity you have in mind.

Whether you prefer a sit-on-top kayak or a paddle board, is your prerogative, but there are many reasons why SUP is better than kayaking.

Do You Have To Stand Up On A Paddle Board?

No, as you have read so far. Kneeling, sitting, or lying down, are all part of paddleboarding.

There are no rules that say you’re not practicing SUP because you want to sit on a paddle board. And honestly, who has not sat on their SUP at some point?

Final Thoughts

So now you know you can definitely sit on a paddle board, and have an amazing experience while doing it.  

It’s never too late to go out there, sit down and start paddling through rivers, lakes, and coasts, and have a wonderful time.

Pick the perfect seat for you, or simply sit on your board´s deck pad, and enjoy the versatility and benefits of paddle boarding! 

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Can You Sit On A Paddle Board?

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