11 Best Trishaw Tours In Penang [Highest Rated in 2023]

Looking for a fun travel tour in Penang? Why not join a guided trishaw tour in Penang! 

Not only is it a fun way to enjoy a city tour in Penang, but you get to experience the city’s heritage beauty up close at a leisure pace. 

I have visited Penang many times, and joined a trishaw tour in Penang too. I had the best time on the tour, it is a must-try! You can just sit back and let the trishaw guide take you to the best sights in Penang! 

What is a trishaw? 

Trishaw is also commonly known as rickshaw, is a tricycle used by locals up to the late 80s as a means of transport. The trishaw you find in Penang is with the cyclist at the back of the passenger’s carriage, giving the passenger an unobstructed view. 

Nowadays, trishaw tours in Penang still exist for nostalgia and for tourists to experience Penang. Most of the trishaws are now upgraded with motors, but the design remains exactly the same! 

Trishaws are a living heritage of Georgetown Penang. The trishaw peddlers are also some of the best local tour guides you can find in the city. 

They know their way around Penang and the best places to visit! 

Taking a ride on a trishaw tour in Penang will take you down a historical memory lane. It is surely an experience you do not want to miss out on!

Ready to find out more about the 11 best trishaw tours in Penang? Let’s start with the best trishaw tour, the Penang All In One Heritage Tour by Bicycle & Trishaw!

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11 Best Trishaw Tour In Penang 2023:

1. Penang All In One Heritage Tour by Bicycle & Trishaw

trishaw tour penang
Photo credit: Viator 

⭐️RATING: 5 out of 5 stars, with 146 positive reviews! | TOUR LENGTH: 3 hours 

Why choose this tour? 

In this Penang heritage trishaw tour, you can choose to tour around Georgetown with a trishaw or with a bicycle. Both ways are fun to tour around with, getting you from one place to another faster than on a walking tour. 

This is a great tour package if you are in a big group or traveling with young children. You can enjoy a hassle-free tour with a professional Penang local tour guide, who will assure your safety and show you the best of Georgetown! 

Besides learning about the history and culture, you will also get to indulge in some famous delicious local food during the tour! 

This is a great day tour in Penang package to take for a fun and authentic Georgetown experience! 

The Penang All In One Heritage Tour by Bicycle & Trishaw includes:

  • Trishaw or Bicycle rental
  • Breakfast, lunch and bottled water
  • Safety jacket and helmet
  • Hotel pickup and drop-off
  • Professional Tour guide

What past guests loved about the tour: 

“My family of four (7 and 3 year olds) had a wonderful tour with Ken as our guide. Right from the day we booked, Ken reached out and connected with us on WhatsApp, and helped answer questions and kept us up to date on plans. He arranged to pick us up from our hotel in our trishaws since it was just us that morning. That made for an exciting start to our day – the kids were delighted to choose which one they would ride on. We then got to learn about the history and heritage of Penang, taste local favorites, snap some lovely photos and ride around on the cute trishaws. Ken was very kind and considerate of our kids’ needs – making sure we took frequent breaks, stayed in the shade and got to eat and drink in between. Our trishaw drivers were also very kind and everyone took extra caution when crossing busy streets and thoroughfare. Once when our trishaws got separated, Ken even managed to expertly maneuver back and forth and got us back together haha. I was quite impressed. All in all a fantastic first tour with our kids. I would highly recommend it for young families like ours.”

-Tripadvisor review (Read more reviews)

2. 3 Hour Heritage Tour Trishaw Ride

trishaw tour penang
Photo credit: GetYourGuide

⭐️RATING: 4.5 out of 5 stars | TOUR LENGTH: 3 hours 

Why choose this tour? 

Enjoy a tailored travel tour in Penang with a private local tour guide and a trishaw tour in Georgetown experience! 

In this tour, you will get to customize your itinerary with your tour guide based on your preference. This flexibility will allow you to spend more time on particular heritage sites instead of rushing through it all in 3 hours! 

Before completing the tour, you get to enjoy a 1-hour tour on a trishaw. There is no better way to experience an authentic tour around Georgetown than riding a trishaw. Taking you back in time, experience how local Penang would commute back in the day. 

The  3 Hour Heritage Tour Trishaw Ride includes:

  • Tour guide
  • 1-hour trishaw ride
  • Tour around UNESCO World Heritage Sites
  • Hotel transfer (Within GeorgeTown or Batu Ferringhi area) 

What past guests loved about the tour: 

“Excellent experience! Our guide, Sarah, and driver, Aldrin, were exceptional tour guides, friendly and very knowledgeable. The tour was great as they showed us around the city and took us to all of the historical and photo-worthy spots. The trishaw ride was also an amazing experience and took us through the old heritage town! The tour was also tailored to where we wanted to go afterward and the guides were very accommodating to drop us off and show us where to eat. Very sweet tour with a good balance of history, culture, and activity! Definitely recommend it if you’re visiting Penang.”

-GetYourGuide Traveller (Read more reviews)

3. Night Tour Food Tasting Trishaw Ride

trishaw tour penang
Photo credit: Viator

⭐️RATING: 4.5 out of 5 stars | TOUR LENGTH: 3 hours 

Why choose this tour? 

Looking for something fun to do in the evening at Penang? Why not join a local food tour and enjoy an evening stroll on a trishaw in Penang!

Witness Penang’s night food scene, with lively street-side food and night markets. Your tour guide will take you on a food-tasting journey to taste the diverse multi-cultural cuisine around Penang!

If this is your first time visiting Penang, this food tour is a great introductory tour for you! Experience the sheer variety of Penang’s food scene and sightsee the city in the evening!

The Night Tour Food Tasting Trishaw Ride includes:

  • Tour Guide
  • Hotelpickup and drop off
  • Food tasting and Dinner 
  • Trishaw ride

What past guests loved about the tour: 

“Lawrence was an amazing and knowledgeable guide. He took us through the city and gave a great introduction to the city and the food. Being a private tour, we were able to get undivided attention.”

-Tripadvisor review (Read more reviews)

4. Heritage Tour on Trishaw Ride

trishaw tour penang
Photo credit: Klook

⭐️RATING: 3.9 out of 5 stars, with 39 reviews | TOUR LENGTH: 2.5 hours 

Why choose this tour? 

Explore the UNESCO heritage sites of Georgetown with a Penang trishaw tour. Immerse in the cultural experience while enjoying sightseeing on a traditional 3-wheels trishaw. 

As most of the attractions are spread out, the tour will first begin by car. You will stop and visit Fort Cornwallis, Penang Town Hall, Khoo Kongsi, Achech Street, Kapitan Keling Mosque, and more! 

Next, you get to enjoy an adventurous street art tour in Penang on a trishaw and make a mandatory stop to take photos! 

The best part about touring Georgetown on trishaw is the convenience to make a stop at any attractions. You can enjoy an unobstructed view of the city while immersing yourself in the local pace of life!

The Heritage Tour on Trishaw Ride includes:

  • Trishaw ride (twin sharing)
  • Hotel transfer (Within GeorgeTown or Batu Ferringhi area) 
  • Tour Guide

What past guests loved about the tour: 

“My first visit to Penang on a last minute short trip was amazing & quite fun. Especially before the trishaw tour was served by a tour guide Mr Eng with his friendly service. Made me feel this trip was worth it.”

-HY (Read more reviews)

5. Penang Heritage Guided Tour with Trishaw Ride

trishaw tour penang
Photo credit: Viator

TOUR LENGTH: 5 hours 

Why choose this tour? 

This Penang heritage tour highlights the 3 iconic landmarks in Georgetown, The Blue Mansion, Khoo Kongsi clan house, and The Pinang Peranakan Mansion. These are the must-visit places when in Penang!

Your local tour guide will walk you through each heritage site and share anecdotes of interesting stories and background history. Besides learning about history, you will also get to appreciate the stunning picturesque architectural details up close. 

End the tour with a leisure ride on a classic trishaw in Penang to complete your Georgetown experience!

Admissions tickets and private transportation are included in this tour, enjoy a hassle-free and authentic tour of Georgetown Penang! 

This Penang Heritage Guided Tour with Trishaw Ride includes:

  • Tour Guide
  • Transportation 
  • Trishaw Ride
  • Entrance fees to Cheong Fatt Tze Mansion, Khoo Kongsi & Peranakan Mansion 

6. Georgetown Sightseeing Tour with Trishaw Ride

trishaw tour penang
Photo credit: Viator

⭐️RATING: 4 out of 5 stars | TOUR LENGTH: 4 hours 

Why choose this tour? 

Experience the colonial and historical heritage of Georgetown with a private tour guide. In this 4-hour tour, you will get to enjoy a mix of Georgetown Penang trishaw tour and sightseeing tour.  

Your tour guide will take you to first explore Fort Cornwallis, an important landmark in Penang, as this was where Penang was founded by Captain Francis Light. You will also get the chance to visit other famous attractions including the world’s largest reclining Buddha, Khoo Kongsi and Chew Jetty.

During the tour, you can enjoy a stroll on a trishaw from Clan Jetty to the Little India and Chinatown district to visit the Khoo Kongsi. Enjoy the bustling scenic route of Georgetown first hand! 

This is an easy-going tour that is not overwhelmed with too many itinerary, perfect for a relaxing tour with a group of friends or family!

The Georgetown Sightseeing Tour includes: 

  • Tour Guide
  • Transportation 

What past guests loved about the tour: 

“A pretty good Tour overall , with Mr Wong being a friendly , knowledgeable and informative guide . Particularly enjoyed the lengthy trishaw ride , and also being able to wander in a leisurely manner through the fascinating ‘Stilt Houses.”

-Michael J (Read more reviews)

7. Play & Learn Traditional Trade & Culture Trishaw Tour

trishaw tour penang
Photo Credit: Metro Bike Facebook

TOUR LENGTH: 3.5 hours 

Why choose this tour? 

This is a fun, hands on and educational tour suitable for both adults and children to join!

Beyond just sightseeing, this 3-hour tour includes cultural trade activities and hands-on experience. Learning the basic skills of making some local kopitiam food such as Roti Canai, Teh Tarik and local sweets. 

You can choose to either join the bike tour in Penang or take a trishaw ride. The tour guide will take you to a few locations in Penang to experience different traditional trades and cultural activities, from making Roti Canai at Little India to visiting joss stick making craftsmen at Street of Harmony! 

If you are interested in joining this hands-on cultural tour, you can book through the Metro Bike website. 

The Play & Learn Traditional Trade & Culture Trishaw Tour includes:

  • Tour Guide
  • Transportation (Trishaw or bicycle)
  • Hawker Food Making & Tasting (Breakfast & Lunch)
  • Play & Learn trade experience/ activities  

8. Georgetown 1 hour Trishaw Ride

trishaw tour penang
Photo credit: GoKayu

⭐️RATING: 5 out of 5 stars | TOUR LENGTH: 1.5 hours 

Why choose this tour? 

This is a great trishaw tour if you don’t have much time to spare. This Penang trishaw tour is only for 1.5 hours, and you get to experience a traditional trishaw ride around Georgetown Penang. 

This is a great tour for sightseeing all the iconic landmarks in Georgetown in 1.5 hours, instead of walking under the hot sun.

With this flexible trishaw tour, you can enjoy a friendly conversation with the local trishaw rider to take you to any other sights around the area if you wish. 

You can choose to take the tour anytime between 10am – 10pm daily. Trishaw pick ups can also be arranged from your hotel. This trishaw Penang price is around RM30 – RM40 per pax ($6.77 – $9).

For more information about the trishaw tour and booking, check out GoKayu

The Georgetown 1 hour Trishaw Ride includes:

  • Trishaw Ride
  • Tour around Georgetown

9. Colors of Georgetown 4 hour Trishaw Tour

trishaw tour penang
Photo credit: Pelago

Tour Length: 4 hours

Why choose this tour? 

This tour consists of a walking tour and a trishaw ride in Penang to complete the ultimate Georgetown heritage experience! 

In this 4-hour tour, your tour guide will take you on a walking tour to the State Assembly building and into the Street of Harmony, the vibrant area of Penang with multicultural and diverse religious buildings. 

You will also get to enjoy the famous Penang street art and trishaw tour while exploring Georgetown. The Penang street art is filled with nostalgic murals inspired by local stories, worth making a photo stop here and be part of the mural! 

For more information about this tour, check out the Pelago website. 

The Colors of Georgetown 4 hour Trishaw Tour  includes:

  • Trishaw Ride
  • Tour around Georgetown

10. Tour By Locals Penang Trishaw Adventure Tour Excursion

trishaw tour penang
Photo credit: ToursByLocals

⌛Tour Length: 4 hours

Why choose this tour? 

If you are looking for a flexible tour at Penang with a local born and bred tour guide, this is the tour for you! The local tour guide shares a passion for the city he calls home and knows the city inside out. 

You will get to experience an excursion on a trishaw in Penang, exploring the iconic landmarks and visiting famous local goods shops, including coffee, tea and chocolate tasting.

In this 4-hour day tour in Penang, your knowledgeable guide is flexible to adjust the tour itinerary for you. Feel free to communicate with the tour guide in advance if you have any preference! 

This is a delightful tour packed with fun activities that will leave you with a wonderful memory of Penang! 

Check out Tour By Locals website for details of the tour itinerary and tour booking. 

The Tour by Locals Penang Trishaw Adventure Tour Excursion includes:

  • Private tour guide
  • Transportation
  • Trishaw ride

What past guests loved about the tour:

 “This was a fantastic tour. Billy could not have been a better guide. His knowledge was amazing and he was able to make decisions on the spot to meet our needs as they changed. We were met with a smile and a wonderful clean air conditioned car and very friendly and courteous driver also. Billy ensured we had an amazing day. He is clearly passionate about his job and loves his city.”

-Anthony Pyrke (Read more reviews)

11. Half-Day Penang Countryside Cycling Tour

trishaw tour penang
Photo credit: Viator

⭐️RATING: 5 out of 5 Stars with 116 positive reviews! | TOUR LENGTH: 4.5hours 

Why choose this tour? 

If you are looking for a bicycle tour in Penang instead of riding a tricycle (trishaw), this is a great half-day bicycle tour around the countryside!

Away from the crowd in Penang city and explore the authentic Malaysian village in the countryside of Balik Pulau. This is an easy-going bicycle tour, you can enjoy the breeze and beautiful scenic views along the tour. 

In Balik Pulau, your professional tour guide will take you to visit the traditional fishing village, a family-run dairy goat farm, and ride around the Rusa river and the plantation area.

All bicycle equipment along with safety helmets and vests are included in this tour, your safety is the tour guide’s utmost priority. 

This Half-Day Penang Countryside Cycling Tour includes: 

  • Tour Guide
  • Hotel pickup & drop-off
  • Bicycle equipments
  • Water bottle

What past guests loved about the tour: 

“This is one of the few excursions running at the moment in Penang. . Eddie was a great guide, with perfect English and a great sense of humour. The tour takes place almost an hour outside Georgetown, so in an area you’ll be unlikely to otherwise see. All in all very interesting.”

-Claire Stroud (Read more reviews)

FAQs on Trishaw Tours in Penang

Is Trishaw Riding Safe in Penang?

Trishaw riding is generally safe in Penang. The trishaw riders are well-experienced and are mostly born and bred in Penang. They know the best way to get around the bustling city of Penang. 

Something to be mindful while taking a trishaw tour with children is to make sure they remain seated at all times during the tour. Besides that, sit back, relax, and enjoy an authentic Penang trishaw experience!

Penang Trishaw History 

The trishaw was introduced to Penang in the 1930s, it was called “Kereta Angin”, which means air vehicle, but now is commonly known as ‘Beca’. 

Trishaw was considered a novelty in Malaya before the war, and later became a form of transport during the Japanese occupation.

Trishaw in Penang was a popular mode of public transport, commonly used by women, children and elderly people.

 However it got a conflicted reputation as it was also used for women working in the entertainment sector taking a trishaw to work, while being stared at by men on the street.  

To avoid having the reputation of a bad woman, some rich Baba Nyonya families would not allow women in their family to be riding a trishaw at that time. 

In 1920, trolley buses were introduced in Georgetown, but the competition didn’t affect the demand for a trishaw ride. Trishaw was still convenient to use for short distance travel.

Fast forward to the late 70s, when Penang was more developed and industrialized. Penang locals are better educated and earn a better living. This began the downfall of trishaw riders, and the only remains were elderly riders, even till today.  

Now, trishaw is no longer considered as public transport but a mode of transport for tourists to experience Penang. 

The Penang Trishaw Rider Association was then formed to better regulate and protect the trishaw riders in Penang, as they play an important role in keeping the history alive.

The trishaw riders are now depending on the support of Penang’s government and tourists before it goes obsolete one day. Without the trishaw riders, the experience in Georgetown will never be the same again.

Things to Bring for a Trishaw Tour

  • Sunscreen: Protect your skin from the strong UV rays with high SPF during the day.
  • Compact Umbrella: This is useful to not only keep you dry in rain but also keep you in shade under the sun! 
  • Water bottle: It is important to stay hydrated in the tropical heat, bring enough water throughout the day!
  • Outdoor bucket hat: Protect yourself from the sun throughout the day!
  • Handheld Mini Fan: The weather in Penang can be really hot & humid and a portable mini fan will be your best friend while you are out and about.

When is the Best Time to Go For a Trishaw Tour?

The best time to go for a trishaw tour is in the late afternoon & evening, starting from 4:00 PM onwards. The weather is cooler, making it more pleasurable to enjoy sightseeing in Penang.

Evening trishaw ride in Penang is also a fun way to experience the city when the crowd dies down. You can enjoy the cool evening breeze while sightseeing the scenic heritage buildings lights up around Georgetown.  

Excited For a Trishaw Tour In Penang?

There you have it, the best trishaw tour in Penang awaits you! 

The Trishaw tour in Penang is the best way to see Georgetown at a comfortable pace. It is both fun to experience during the day and night! Who says you can only experience riding a trishaw once, right?  

Time to ditch the traffic stress behind and enjoy a private guided tour to experience the best of the city on a trishaw!

Make sure to add a trishaw tour to your Penang MUST-do list. I promise it will be one of your best highlights in Penang! 

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