What to Wear Hiking in Hot Weather-Cute And Comfy Ideas!

If you have been wondering what to wear hiking in hot weather (because we don’t stop hiking even if it means hiking in the heat!), you’ve come to the right place!

Hiking with each season has its challenges but overcoming them is part of our plan. 

We’re made for sunny days, and nothing can stop us from crossing trails under the sun!

The only difficulty when hiking in hot weather is how much heat we can handle. 

As our body gets warmer, we want nothing less than to cool off. 

Don’t worry. I’ve got you covered with everything you will need, from clothing for hiking in hot weather to hot weather hiking tips. Let’s go:

At a glance, here are some of the things we will be looking at when figuring out what to wear hiking in hot weather:

 1. Lightweight Hiking Pants or Shorts

 2. Best Shirts For Hiking In A Hot Weather

 3. Sport Bras Are Important 

 4. Hiking Socks

 5. Breathable Hiking Shoes Or Sandals

 6. Wear A Hat

 7. Sunglasses

 8. Sunscreen When Going Hiking

 9. Antiperspirant

10. Neck Gaiters To The Rescue

 11 .Pack A First Aid Kit 

Hot Weather Hiking Tips:

 1. Have A Plan B

 2. Bring Plenty Of Water

 3. Take breaks

 4. Pack snacks 

 5. Get out as early as possible


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What To Wear Hiking In Hot Weather

1. Lightweight Hiking Pants or Shorts

You might think hiking pants or shorts are not the best hiking clothes for hot weather because they will make you sweaty and uncomfortable. 

If you have sensitive skin, it’s best to opt for pants. 

The materials of the pants vary, and this is the part you need to be careful with when choosing. Double-check the breathability and UV protection they offer, and you’ll be fine. Above all the reasons, it is risky to get a sunburn. 

Therefore, I suggest:

Columbia Pants 

What to Wear Hiking in Hot Weather
  • They provide maximum protection against the sun with its Omni-Shade UPF 50 fabric and advanced water resistance. 
  • They will keep your skin cool all day long thanks to an excellent tight weave construction that blocks UVA/UVB rays!

Swiss Alps Shorts

What to Wear Hiking in Hot Weather
  • The lightweight, breathable fabric keeps you cool and dry and protects you from the sun’s harmful rays with a UPF rating of 30+. 
  • The two front pockets will be your storage for the phone or money you may need.  
  • The Nylon fabric of these shorts is durable and stretchy, making it perfect for any activity. 
  • A 5 1/2 inch inseam with an elastic waistband will stay put no matter what you do or how much (unexpected) weight you add.

 2. Best Shirts For Hiking In A Hot Weather

The best materials for a shirt will wick away sweat and keep you cool. Synthetic fabrics like polyester and nylon are good choices. Cotton is not a good option because it doesn’t breathe well and will make you hotter.

When the materials offer UPF protection, that’s a plus.

Baleaf’s T-Shirt UPF 50+ 

What to Wear Hiking in Hot Weather

I LOVE this T-shirt! 

  • It’s comfy, lightweight, and not at all see-through. You can wear a bra with it no problem- no vanity show here thanks to this unique fabric that dries quickly too -score!! 
  • The T-shirt is great for any sort of outdoor activity.
  • This fabric offers higher than average protection from the sun’s ultraviolet rays.
  • The UPF 50+ rating means that you’ll be able to spend more time in direct sunlight without worrying about burning or turning lobster-red!

Willit UPF 50+ Sun Protection Long Sleeve Shirt

What to Wear Hiking in Hot Weather
  • The fabric of this shirt wicks away moisture and keeps you cool under the hottest Sun. 
  • The UPF 50+ rating protects your skin from harmful UVA/UVB rays so that you can enjoy being outdoors all day without getting extra hot or sweaty!
  • This shirt has a thumb hole design that keeps the sleeves in place; It is made of raglan construction for maximum range of motion.

3. Sports Bras Are Important 

The Gym People Bra

What to Wear Hiking in Hot Weather
  • This crop tank sports bra is a lightweight, breathable and stretchy fabric that keeps you dry. 
  • The high-impact design provides extra support with an easily removable pad for low/medium activity levels or those who like the freedom of going without one at all times! 
  • This full-figure style doesn’t JUST protect against shock – it also prevents shifting by keeping your chest from moving around too much during hiking sessions. 

4. Hiking Socks

You will have your feet full of blisters if you go hiking without wearing any socks. During hiking, you will want your feet to have complete protection. 

Merrell Socks For Hikers 

What to Wear Hiking in Hot Weather
  • You will love their high-quality tested support. 
  • These low-cut ankle socks provide cushioning for tired feet all day due to having reinforced heels and toes that will help prevent injury when hiking through rough terrain where there is little traction available!

5. Breathable Hiking Shoes Or Sandals

No one wants to wear shoes that smell like old garbage. We’ll be looking for lightweight hiking boots or sandals with odor-resistant material and breathable fabrics, so your feet don’t get too hot during those long hikes in the heat!

Merrell Hiking Shoes 

What to Wear Hiking in Hot Weather
  • They are odor resistant.
  • The boots are lightweight enough not to fatigue your legs, but they’re sturdy and easily handle rough terrain. It may be super humid up where you live, but it won’t matter with these new shoes!

If your hike is not very adventurous, consider wearing hiking sandals.

Camelspots Hiking Sandals 

What to Wear Hiking in Hot Weather
  • They come with breathable jacquard weaved upper and durable leather outsole that will quickly dry after being moistened by sweat or water from wet trails.
  • They make excellent backup footwear in case something else leaks! 
  • These lightweight straps also allow you agile movements, so there isn’t too much weight pulling at once while hiking, allowing for faster navigation through rugged terrain.

6. Wear A Hat

Don’t make the mistake of wearing everything you need and forgetting what will protect your head: a hat!

Gaiam Hat

What to Wear Hiking in Hot Weather
  • This hat will keep the sun out of your face no matter what sports activity you’re doing!
  • The breathable fabric, Geo pattern laser-cut ventilation design with adjustable comfort fit strap will keep you cool during a summer hike.

7. Sunglasses

If you wonder what to wear hiking on a hot day, never leave sunglasses out of your list. 

KastKing Polarized Sunglasses 

What to Wear Hiking in Hot Weather
  • They’re ideal for bright sunlight with realistic color reproduction that works well even when facing medium light or partial shade. 
  • Polarized lenses reduce glare, ensuring you have a better view of the road ahead. 
  • Lightweight Grilamid frames make these shades durable yet comfortable! 
  • Anti-slip nose pads and temple pieces ensure that they stay put while blocking 100% harmful UVA/UVB rays. 

8. Sunscreen When Going Hiking

If you are reading this, you are here because you want to take care of yourself. And our most important mission is: To look after number one: yourself!

Ladies, the skin is our suit of armor. It protects us from the outside world. It’s also our biggest organ, so we have to take care of it.

You probably must have a favorite skincare line you trust that makes your skin glowy. 

And putting the sunscreen on is usually the first thing you do in the morning routine, even before getting dressed.

We like to keep things practical and choose the best:

The Ordinary Suncare

What to Wear Hiking in Hot Weather
  • These UV filters will give you a boost of protection from the sun’s harsh rays. 
  • They are made with natural ingredients to help protect skin against environmental stressors (including excessive heat exposure) and keep it clean all day long.
  • You might want to check the SPF protection rate on your skin, depending on how long you will be in direct sunlight.

9. Antiperspirant

There’s nothing worse than an underarm odor that lingers all day. 

Have you ever had this terrible sweat mark on your pits after working out or just spending time in hot environments where you’re wearing clothing without air conditioning?

 (I know what you’re thinking)

Dove Antiperspirant Deodorant Spray

What to Wear Hiking in Hot Weather
  • Their nourishing ¼ moisturizing cream will help restore softness after shaving and promote healthy skin recovery after every use.
  • It offers 48 hours of protection.

10. Neck Gaiters To The Rescue

The idea of dressing up solely for summer may seem excessive at first – putting on a neck gator? Sounds crazy… 

But they are excellent protection from overheating while also providing some sun coverage if needed. They keep you cool, sweat-free and protect against UVA/UVB rays.

S A store Package

What to Wear Hiking in Hot Weather
  • The gaiters are multifunctional, and they also protect you from bugs and dust!
  • They are lightweight, breathable, and ideal for motorcycle riders. 
  • The gaiters will keep your neck clean and cool in the heat. 

11.Pack A First Aid Kit 

Last but not least on this list is the first aid kit. 

No matter how close or far you go for a hike, you need an aid kit in the heat. Being uncomfortable in any sort of weather is no joke. 

Protect Life Store Kit

What to Wear Hiking in Hot Weather
  • They have different sizes. 
  • We use the smallest one in the summer. It is easy to carry and very lightweight.
  • The set contains every single emergency thing you may need, and it comes in a pocket-size.

Hot Weather Hiking Tips

After choosing what to wear for your hot weather hiking clothes, make sure you also:

1. Have A Plan B

 When planning your hiking routes, always have a backup plan! If it becomes too hot for the planned activity, find an alternative route with plenty of shade.

What to Wear Hiking in Hot Weather

2. Bring Lots Of Water

When hiking under the hot sun, make sure you hydrate more than usual. You may not know how much water is enough. 

There are no exact numbers on how much water you need during a hike in the heat because it already depends on how much water you usually drink and how much you sweat. 

So, listen to your body and bring more than you think you may need.

3. Take Breaks

Take several breaks during your hike. Don’t push yourself to the edge. After you cool down and have enjoyed your break long enough, continue your exploration.

4. Pack Snacks 

Taking a break in the shade can be a great time to taste a snack. 

Summer fruits, like grapes, mangos, and peaches, are rich in water and natural sweetness. They can give you an energizing boost to keep on with your hike. So, don’t forget to bring your favorite fruit in your backpack. 

5. Get Out As Early As Possible

Hikes in the summer are more enjoyable when you get to leave early. 

That morning breeze feels amazing on your skin, but it also means finishing before noon so there’s less chance of getting overheated and suffering from heat exhaustion!

What to Wear Hiking in Hot Weather


FAQs About Hiking In Hot Weather

Are Hiking Boots Good For Hot Weather?

Hiking boots you wear in hot weather need to be lightweight, but sturdy thanks to the premium materials they should be made of. Double-check to see if your lightweight hiking boots are made with materials like synthetic mesh, GORE-TEX fabric, or leather. Don’t exchange quality with compromised materials.

What Should You Not Wear In Hot Weather?

If you are not into any sort of sports activity, avoid wearing clothes made of silk, wool, polyester, rayon or nylon

They will make you sweat even more and retain odor. This will make your hot weather day even more comfortable. Note that these are the materials you should avoid only when you are not doing any sport.

What to Wear Hiking in Hot Weather

So there is was a full list of the best hiking clothes for hot weather. Did you like the tips to keep in mind when choosing what to wear hiking in hot weather? 

Now, put on your hot weather hiking shirt and everything you need to walk to the great outdoors (and stay safe while doing so)! Remember, the most important thing is to be comfortable so that you can enjoy your hike and stay safe

Just be sure to take plenty of breaks in the shade and drink lots of water. And don’t forget to share your photos with us on social media – we can’t wait to see them.

What are some of your favorite hiking clothes for hot weather? Let us know in the comments!

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