Are Blundstones Good For Hiking? Facts And Answers 2023

My brother recently asked me: “Hey, Aisha, are Blundstones good for hiking?”

Which got me thinking, because during several of the hiking trips I’ve seen fellow hikers wearing them.

Since Blundstones are high-quality, comfortable, well-built, AND fashionable, you´ll find people wearing them around town or on the trail.

However, I always thought they weren’t pro hiking shoes (they aren’t, by the way) so I decided to do my research.  

Despite being comfy enough for short hikes (in warm-weather conditions), Blundstones are not hiking shoes and are not designed for hiking long distances.

So if you too were thinking about going hiking in Blundstones, the answer is to go ahead, but don’t get too far, since bludstones are not designed for hiking long distances.

Keep on reading to find out why.

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Blundstones Facts

The Blundstone brand is a renowned Tasmanian brand that has around 150 years of history.

It was founded by John Blundstone, who wanted to design shoes that would be able to resist the harshness of cobbled streets, factory floors, and uneven farmland terrains.

His company has put shoes on soccer players, Australian soldiers, and farmers, among others, and eventually created a particular type of shoe that ended up becoming their most popular item.

These are ankle-length boots, with no laces, and elastic sides, and are known for being high-quality, comfortable, versatile, and have excellent craftsmanship. 

And they look good with many outfits and on everyone, no matter their gender.

Although the brand has some shoes designed with the outdoors in mind, many people still wonder: “are Blundstones good hiking boots?”, referring to a particular model called Blundstone Thermal, which is one of their most popular, well-known shoes.

But are they? If not, then what are Blundstones good for? Let’s find out!

Are Blundstones Boots Good For Hiking?

Although Blundstones are not hiking shoes, that doesn’t mean that you can’t wear them for short impromptu hikes. But what are the pros and cons of doing it?

Pros Of Hiking In Blundstones 

  • They are well-built, water-resistant, and have comfortable insoles, which are real blessings when hiking.
  • The shoe´s leather prevents bacteria growth, which translates to low chances of getting stinky feet.
  • You don’t need to change your shoes if you suddenly want to hike on a city trail.
  • They will be ok for short hikes.

Cons Of Blundstones For Hiking

  • They don’t provide enough ankle support, which is a must in hiking boots.
  • The outsoles don’t provide too much traction, so you could slip.
  • They are not as breathable as professional hiking shoes.

Top Tips For Hiking In Blundstones

Still, if you want to wear your pair of Blundstones for a hike, make sure you follow these tips:

1. Go on short hikes. As mentioned, Blundstones are ok to wear if you´re hiking for short periods or distances. 

2. Don´t go to a mountain trail or rails full of rocks and fallen branches.

3. Make sure to break in your Blundstones, instead of wearing them for hiking right out of the box. You will achieve this by wearing them at home as often as possible before hitting the trail.

4. Make sure they fit by trying them on and walking around and wearing proper hiking socks, such as the Darn Tough Merino Wool Socks, to protect your feet further. 

What To Consider Before Buying Hiking Shoes

Great hiking shoes share a set of traits that make them excel outdoors. They need to be able to protect your feet in rough terrain, after all.

Flexible yet sturdy, comfortable yet stiff enough to provide arch and ankle support, breathable and waterproof… Hiking boots truly run on a delicate balance to keep hikers happy – and safe!

Here’s what you should keep in mind when purchasing hiking boots:

  • Make Sure It Fits

A shoe that doesn’t fit you well is a shoe that will hurt your feet. This is especially true in the outdoors.

The rocks, branches, rough conditions of a trail, etc., will be challenging, and if you have loose shoes, the friction will probably cause blisters (aka, a hiker’s nightmare).

So make sure your new set of hiking shoes fits you to a T. They should not be too tight or you will be uncomfortable during your hike. If they are too loose then they may chafe at your feet. It is extremely important to try on different pairs until you are sure of one that fits right. 

For a more in-depth guide, check out this detailed article on how your hiking boots should fit

  • Does It Provide Ankle Support?

Fitting is not enough, though. Shoes that provide ankle support are vital in the outdoors.

They have to prevent painful twists that will hurt you and possibly leave you incapacitated in the middle of nowhere. I can’t imagine limping outdoors, especially if you chose to go for a hike in a remote place.

  • Check The Traction And Grip

The outsoles of hiking shoes are made of sturdy rubber with tons of random patterns that increase the point of contact with the ground.

This is what gives your hiking shoes a powerful grip on the ground, preventing slips, especially on wet surfaces, which is why it is an extremely important characteristic. 

You´ll likely encounter wet and slippery ground when hiking outdoors.

  • Make Sure It’s Breathable

Not only will shoe with poor breathability will give you smelly feet, but the sweating can potentiate friction, which enhances the possibility of getting blisters.

Also, if you´re hiking during the winter, sweating will cause your feet to get really cold, which is very dangerous because it can cause frostbite on your toes. This can permanently damage your skin and in worse cases, the muscles and bones of your feet!

Types of Blundstones

All the Blundstones boots are water-repellent and the leather is treated to prevent microorganism growth. This reduces smelly feet and overall improves foot hygiene.

Blundstones come in 6 categories according to the style. These are:

1. Originals

Also known as all-around Chelse boots, these boots are very good-looking and provide superb underfoot comfort. 

They don’t have any lines on the inside. The lining is the material inside a shoe that has contact with the entire foot, covering the inside seams.

2. Classics

Classics have an additional insole that gives your extra comfort in the heel area. They´re also lined in the tongue and the heel. The soles are shock-proof and provide an extra cushion that translates into less tired feet.

3. Thermal

Thermal boots are for women and men alike, and they are super fashionable. They´re great for cold and wet weather, and they come in several colors, so don’t worry about combining them with your clothes.

4. Dress

These are more refined versions of the classic boots. They are perfect for going to work or going on a date night, for sure.

5. Women´s Series

Feminine, high-quality, and with stitching along the elastic that makes them look trendy and gorgeous.

They look great with leggings, shorts, dresses, skirts, and just about anything! 

Talk about great shoes that combine with several outfits. This is why Blundstones are a favorite among ladies around the world.

6. Kids

The little ones can wear and rock their Blundstones with this collection. They´re easy to put on and take off, so kids can dress themselves. 

They´re also perfect for running, which is great since children love to run a lot.

Top 3 Best Blundstones For Hiking

1.Blundstone Thermal


  • Good for cold weather.
  • Great traction, which makes them good for walking in the snow.
  • They keep your toes very warm.
  • Awesome durability.
  • Lightweight.
  • Comfortable heel areas with cushion.
  • They look good in different outfits.


  • Not good for vertical hikes or rough terrains.

These boots do keep you warm during the winter if temperatures are not super low, which makes them a great option if you´re planning to hike in these conditions.

They have Thinsulate insulation technology, which means warm toes, and phenomenal durability.

The footbed is removable and made of real sheepskin, which will keep your toes very warm.

The outsoles have great grip, this makes it easier to walk in the snow.

You´ll find that the heel area is comfortable and has a great cushion, and they´re lightweight. In addition, they look great with several outfits. 

On the downside, they slip on vertical hikes, which is something we talked about earlier: these are not shoes for mountainous terrains.

2.Blundstone Original


  • Water-resistant and unisex.
  • Lightweight.
  • Breathable.
  • Good ankle support.
  • Insoles with a great cushion.
  • Comfortable.
  • Good traction.
  • Easy to wipe and clean.


  • They don’t have great arch support, but it can be solved by buying inserts.

These boots are unisex and made of water-resistant leather, which is great news for ladies that prefer a more classic look.

They’re very lightweight and because it’s not lined, they are more breathable. They also provide hikers with fairly good ankle support.

The insoles provide a great cushion, which makes them very comfortable, and according to the brand, they have up to 90% shock absorption.

Although they don´t have great arch support, this can be easily taken care of by buying inserts. The traction is also quite good.

Also, they are easy to clean and wipe.

All of this makes these boots an excellent choice for the outdoors, and one of the best Blundstones for hiking.

3.Blundstone Active


  • All around shoes.
  • Very comfortable.
  • Extremely lightweight.
  • Elements-resistant.
  • Great steel support.
  • Great breathability.


  • They don’t have superb traction.

These all-around shoes are very comfortable and extremely lightweight. 

They´re also very flexible, thanks to their proprietary feather flex technology, as well as elements-resistant, due to rubber insole inserts.

This series has great steel support, and are very breathable, especially in warmer weather.

On the downside, they don’t have as great traction as the other two in this list, so if you purchase them, make sure to wear them on light hikes and easy trails, in terms of terrain, instead of wearing them on rocky or iced-up grounds.

Can Blundstones Be Used For Hiking?

So, can you hike in Blundstones? As long as your hike is short, yes, you can use Blundstones for hiking. However, if you´re planning on hiking as a hobby or being outdoors a lot, then I suggest you invest in professional hiking boots

Are Blundstones Good For Winter Hiking?

No, Blundstones are not good for winter hiking. This is because they’re more suited for warm weather conditions. Though they are an all-around type of shoes, overall they’re not suitable for winter.

The brand-created insulated Blundstones that will keep your feet warm, but the standard ones are still not good enough for super-low temperatures.  

Are Blundstones Good For Outdoors?

Blundstones boots are great for the outdoors and the city, as long as the trail is not extra rocky or rough. They´re comfortable, durable, and will make you look stylish at the same time.

Are Blundstones Good For Walking All Day?

Yes, they´re comfortable shoes and you can wear them all day, even in the rain or on a trail that’s not too rough. This makes Blundstones excellent shoes for traveling around.

Are Blundstones Good For Rain?

Yes, Blundstones are good for rain since Blundstones leather is water-resistant. They can be used for rainy days, both in the city or on a trail. You can wear them confidently and they will keep your feet dry.


After looking around, I can confidently ask my brother´s question “are Blundstones good for hiking?”. 

Yes, they are, as long as you don’t wear them on rough grounds and during mountaineering activities. They don’t have enough ankle support or grip for that.

Sizes can be an issue because you´ll have to convert Australian sizes to US sizes

If you were wondering “are Blundstones good for wide feet?”, the answer is it depends. Some models are great for wide feet, while others are too tight. 

If your feet are on the wide side, go for rounded-toe Blundstone models, for sure.

Blundstones are stylish and comfortable and will protect your feet during a long walk, even if it’s rainy.

So now you know you can wear Blundstones for hiking, traveling, or going to work. They are really great shoes. 

Did you know Blundstones were so versatile? Let me know in the comments below!

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