13 Islands At Johor For An Incredible Sweet Escape In 2023!

The islands at Johor are the perfect place to lay on the beach or even get your adrenaline pumping with watersports! 

Get ready to feel recharged with this list of 13 incredible islands at Johor for your next sweet escape. 

It’s been a while since you packed your bags for a vacation and your social media timeline is flooding with travel pictures and you feel the FOMO. The good news is, you don’t even need to travel that far or break the bank!

 The islands at Johor are just as pristine and beautiful as the ones in the Maldives.

WWB guest poster Erina will share all the best islands in Johor.  

islands at johor


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1. Pulau Tioman 

islands at johor

First up, Pulau Tioman is one of Malaysia’s pride and joy and the biggest island in the archipelago. 

Pulau Tioman is one of the major tourist destinations in Malaysia and arguably the most visited out of all the islands at Johor. 

It was once chosen as one of the most beautiful islands around the world by Time Magazine

Surrounded by calm and crystal clear waters, Pulau Tioman is a crowd favourite for a romantic getaway and even for a thrilling adventure. 

The island is robust with a variety of sea creatures, vibrant coral reefs and interesting rock formations. 

The island comprises many different villages with beautiful beaches all around the island.

 Each village has their own community with facilities including chalets, restaurants and attractions for locals and tourists alike. 

Water taxis can be seen around the beach at most islands for anyone who wishes to travel to and from neighbouring Johor islands.

Activities at Pulau Tioman

Many people opt to take a full board package when they come to Pulau Tioman which usually includes activities like island hopping and snorkelling trips. 

I don’t blame them, there are many snorkelling and small islands within Pulau Tioman to be explored.  We would also recommend you take a package if it is your first time visiting and if you are on a tight budget. 

However, it is always best to explore all the villages here as they offer different activities and attractions altogether. 

Spend some time with the locals and meet other tourists to share the hidden gems that the island has to offer.

 For instance, there is a turtle hatchery as well as jungle trekking trails in Juara Village which are often not included in those packages.  

Pulau Tioman attracts divers from all around the world for its amazing variety of marine life and seascapes. There are also many shipwrecks and underwater caves for divers to explore. 

Many rare sea creatures like the blue-spotted stingrays, turtles, and sharks as well as an array of colourful coral fishes can be found at these Johor islands. 

There are also many water sports activities available at most beaches in Pulau Tioman like:

  • windsurfing, 
  • jet skiing, 
  • paddleboarding and 
  • kayaking 

You can also choose to camp on some of the available campsites near the beach in Pulau Tioman if you wish to experience being closer to nature. 

These campsites usually have shared facilities like showers and toilets. 

How To Get To Pulau Tioman 

Pulau Tioman can be accessed by boat or ferry and takes around 1-2 and a half hours depending on the weather and sea conditions. 

Here you have the option to go to Pulau Tioman either from Tanjung Gemok Jetty in Rompin, Pahang or from Mersing Jetty in Mersing, Johor. Both jetties have ample parking spaces and bus services available close by. 

There will be a number of ticket counters offering boat transfers to specific parts of Tioman Island once you reach the Jetty. 

Two of the main ferry companies to and from Pulau Tioman are

You can choose to purchase a roundtrip ticket or a single trip ticket depending on your itinerary. The average one-way fare for adults is RM 50 (USD 11.40) and RM 45 (USD 10.30) for children. However, this would vary depending on the season. 

It is advisable to purchase them prior to your arrival to save time and avoid disappointment

Visitors should also save the numbers of a few different local boat transfers and taxis if they plan to explore other parts of the island and to have options in case of busy seasons.

Where to stay : 

1. Go Deeper Tioman is an affordable capsule hotel. It is surrounded by lush greenery and is complete with its own dive centre. It is favoured among solo travellers and budget travellers alike. 

The rooms here start from RM 138 (USD 31) per night. 

2. Juara Beach Resort is one of the most famous budget-friendly resorts in Pulau Tioman. It offers cosy wooden chalets, a beachfront restaurant and an amazing location for beach activities like kayaking, and snorkelling. 

The rooms here start from RM 190 (USD 43) per night. 

3. Bagus Place Retreat is a secluded resort offering guests serenity and privacy. The resort has a great spa facility as well as gives guests access to their private pier and beach or sea activities. This is the perfect place to go for a relaxing retreat away from crowds. 

The room here starts from RM 360 (USD 81) per night.

4. Melina Beach Resort is an elegant family-owned eco-friendly resort. Complete with its own in-house coral reef, highly rated restaurant and is located along a private beach. Guest will be right in the elements and within close proximity to everything Tioman has to offer.

The rooms here start from RM 388 (USD 88) per night. 

5. Berjaya Tioman Resort is a 4-star resort complete with all the amenities you would need. There are restaurants, beach bars, a spa, tennis courts, kid’s playgrounds and even a golf course! This resort is a perfect place to enjoy a family vacation.

The rooms here start from RM 800 (USD 181) per night.

6.  Japamala Resort by Samadhi is the ultimate luxurious tropical beach retreat you have dreamed of. The 5-star resort is surrounded by the lush rainforest in Tioman and offers its guest the perfect sanctuary and privacy. This is the perfect honeymoon or romantic getaway stay in Tioman.

The rooms in this luxurious resort start from RM 1, 358 (USD 308) per night. 

2. Pulau Rawa 

islands at johor

Pulau Rawa is one of the ultimate hidden gems of Johor given its status as a “private beach”, it is extremely well kept and protected.

 Rawa Island has white sandy beaches, crystal clear waters and an amazing landscape throughout. It is designed to transport you out of your busy lives to a tropical paradise. 

There are only two available accommodations to choose from, Rawa Island Resort and Alang’s Rawa. The standard packages for a two-night stay at Rawa Island Resort start at RM 2,040 (USD 464) per person for a hillside deluxe room and can go up to RM 6,400 (USD 1455) per person for a luxurious 3 bedroom waterfront bungalow.

 Meanwhile, Alang’s Rawa standard packages for a two-night stay start at RM 850 (USD 194) per person for their Coconut Tree Group Room and can go up to RM 1320 (USD 300) per person at their beautiful A-frame huts. 

Both places only offer packages with a minimum of two nights’ stay. Rawa Island Resort is the bigger resort out of the two, perfect if you are looking for a tropical island resort feel. 

While Alang’s Rawa offers guests a feel of Santorini, Greece inspired chalets. 

Activities at Pulau Rawa

Enjoy a dip in the warm waters and a snorkel session along the natural coral reef just a few steps from the shore, take a short hike and enjoy the serene scenery or simply laze around on the white sands. 

There are also facilities like dive centres and a spa located on the Island to help you unwind and escape the strains of modern life. 

One thing to note for the thrill-seekers, no motorised water sports are allowed on or around the island. 

This is simply done to minimize sound pollution and protect the waters and coral reefs and keep the island in its pristine state. 

So, do not expect to see any jet skis or speedboats in the vicinity.

There are also no televisions in the rooms at Rawa Island.

This is done to help you take a break from screens and electronic devices and encourage you to enjoy the beautiful natural surroundings and activities available. 

Not to worry, you will still receive cell service. There is also a game room stocked with board games, a pool table and an entertainment unit. 

How To Get To Pulau Rawa 

Pulau Rawa is only accessible by boat from Mersing Jetty, Johor. 

When booking your accommodation, both resorts will arrange the boat transfers for your arrival and departure as part of their package so there is one less thing you need to worry about. You only need to pick your preferred timing from their boat schedule. 

3. Pulau Besar 

islands at johor

Pulau Besar, formerly known as Pulau Babi Besar is located only 15 kilometres from the mainland of Mersing. 

It only requires a short speed boat ride to take you to and from the island making it an ideal weekend vacation spot. 

This island in Johor has lush and thriving flora and fauna that offers a jungle trekking trail for visitors to explore and enjoy the unique greenery available in Pulau Besar. 

There is even a treehouse that delights both children and adults alike. 

Pulau Besar is awarded the Marine Park title to protect its vast marine creatures and seascape. 

The vibrant coral reefs and variety of sea creatures make for an amazing diving destination. The crystal clear water remains warm with great visibility which makes snorkelling and diving here even more enjoyable. 

Activities at Pulau Besar 

There are a variety of activities to choose from when you are visiting Pulau Besar. 

Visitors may enjoy beach sports like beach volleyball, cycling and soccer among many more. 

Watersports activities include snorkelling, diving, and kayaking. Visitors may also opt for island hopping to neighbouring Johor islands to explore and snorkel. 

Pulau Besar has an amazing hiking and jungle trekking trail. 

The hill at the centre of the lush vegetation of the island goes up to 2000 metres in height. You may take a breezy trekking route and enjoy the lush greenery or if you’re feeling more adventurous, you can hike up the mountain to enjoy a panoramic view of the island. 

Pulau Besar also offers vibrant nightlife. 

After dinner at one of the many restaurants available on the island, visitors may follow up the night with drinks and dancing at the local bars. 

The bars here offer many specialised drinks concocted with local fruits harvested from the island. Live music will also be available during weekends and peak seasons. 

How To Get To Pulau Besar

Pulau Besar can be reached with only a mere 30-minute boat ride from Mersing Jetty. 

You may have your resort arrange a boat transfer to and from the island or purchase them directly at the ticketing counter at Mersing Jetty. 

The boats from Mersing Jetty depart at 12:30 P.M. at the earliest and depart at 10:30am earliest from Pulau Besar.  

Where to stay :

1. One of the best Budget-friendly accommodations in Pulau Besar has got to be the D’Coconut Pulau Besar Resort. It offers amazing views of the ocean and access to the beautiful beach. It is also complete with its own private swimming pool and a restaurant right in the resort. 

The rooms here start at RM 240 (USD 54) per night. 

2. Aseania Resort Pulau Besar is a 3-star resort that comes highly recommended. This beautiful wooden ‘Kampung’ style resort is complete with its own pool area and private access to the beach. There are many sea sports activities offered right as you walk along the beach. This is a great place for a family getaway. 

The rooms here start at RM 570 (USD 130) per night. 

3. Bayu Lestari Island Resort is a luxurious 5-star beachfront resort offering great amenities for families and couples alike. Complete with restaurants, a bar and a game room right on site. It offers a great location that is close to attractions on the island including access to a private beach. 

The rooms here start at RM 800 (USD 181) per night.

4. Pulau Sibu

islands at johor

Pulau Sibu or Sibu Islands consists of a number of islands which are Pulau Sibu Hujung, Pulau Sibu Tengah, Pulau Sibu Kukus and the main island, Pulau Sibu Besar. 

Pulau Sibu Besar only spans a mere 1 kilometre wide, making it possible to just walk from one end of the island to the other. The island has thick vegetation and four white sandy beaches that offer privacy to visitors. 

This island offers crystal clear waters, minimal crowds and plenty of privacy which makes it a perfect romantic getaway and honeymoon spot. 

It is also an amazing place to unwind and relax from your busy day to day routine. 

Activities at Pulau Sibu

The island has a beautiful spread of coral reefs that makes snorkelling and diving the main tourist activity in Pulau Sibu. 

You may even opt to get diving lessons and become a certified diver here on the island with the internationally recognized PADI license at Sea Gypsy Dive Centre

Besides that, you can also practise sailing or windsurfing among other watersports. 

How To Get To Pulau Sibu

Pulau Sibu can be accessed by a short boat ride of under 40 minutes from Tanjung Leman Jetty. 

You may have the resort arrange your boat transfer or purchase it at the jetty itself. If you are purchasing it yourself, we advise you to take a look at the boat schedule first while planning your trip. 

If you are driving, it will take you approximately 5 hours from Kuala Lumpur and approximately 2 hours from Johor Bahru.

 Another option is to take a bus that will take you to the nearest bus terminal which is Kota Tinggi Bus Terminal. 

You can continue your journey by cab service or take a local bus to Tanjung Leman Jetty.

Where to stay : 

1. Junansa Villa is a cosy budget-friendly accommodation available for solo travellers and budget travellers alike. The villa is also perfect for travellers wanting to experience and explore the local culture in Pulau Sibu. 

The rooms here start at RM 200 (USD 45) per night. 

2. Sea Gypsy Village is a unique tropical island resort surrounded by lush greenery on one side and a private beach on the other. The resort offers an on-site restaurant, bar and a dive centre as well as other beach activities. 

The resort offers full board packages with seasonal rates available upon enquiry. 

3. Rimba Resort is a beautiful hidden gem nestled at the northern rip of Pulau Sibu. Its pristine location will surely offer you a picturesque tropical island vacation. The resort is complete with all the amenities you need for a comfortable stay like a restaurant, bar and dive centre for sea activities. 

The rooms here start from RM 300 (USD 68) per night.

5. Pulau Tengah 

islands at johor

Pulau Tengah is another lesser-known tropical paradise nestled among the beautiful islands at Johor. 

This island is privately owned and a part of Johor’s Marine Park, so you can expect pristinely maintained beaches and dazzling clear blue waters. 

This island prides itself on its conservation efforts and ongoing eco practices to preserve this hidden paradise. 

The island spans about 3 kilometers with eight sandy beaches framing the island amongst rocky rock formations. 

There is only one resort available on this island and it is called, Batu Batu. This resort is designed to emulate its rich history and traditional ‘Kampung’ style. 

Have a look at their website here and we promise you would fall in love instantly. 

Activities at Pulau Tengah

Batu Batu founded Tengah Island Conservation (TIC), which manages conservation activities including biodiversity management and research, rehabilitation and regeneration of the island’s natural environment. 

As a result, the island is thriving in lush greenery and robust marine life where there are frequent sightings of sea turtles, dugongs and black-tip reef sharks and more.  

There are 15 dive sites available on and around Pulau Tengah where a wide variety of marine life can be observed. 

You will find unique and large natural coral formations decorating the reef making it a colourful sighting. 

Snorkelling can also be enjoyed here for all experience levels. Batu Batu Dive have experienced dive masters to guide you at all experience levels. 

You can charter a boat for an island-hopping excursion and explore the neighbouring islands like Pulau Hujong, Pulau Besar and Pulau Harimau. 

You can also spend your day on the island to laze around any of the eight beaches available and take a dip in the warm crystal clear waters. Also, don’t forget to catch the undisrupted sunsets to end your day.

There are also three different types of turtles that visit the island. 

They can be seen on the island laying their eggs during breeding seasons between the months of June and August. You can also go trekking around and inside the island to enjoy the beautiful lush vegetation. 

How To Get To Pulau Tengah

Pulau Tengah is only accessible by Batu Batu’s private speedboat from Mersing Jetty. 

It takes about a 30-minute boat ride with only one or two scheduled boat journeys every day. Boat transfers will be arranged for you when you book a stay with Batu Batu.

Where to stay : 

The only accommodation available on this private island is Batu Batu. The resort prides itself on its eco-friendly facilities and ethos. Guest will enjoy a relaxing and luxurious tropical island retreat away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

The full board packages at this resort start at RM 1400 (USD 317) per night.

6. Pulau Harimau 

Pulau Harimau is an inhabited island located near Pulau Rawa. 

It is a popular spot for a day trip as there is no accommodation or campsites on the island. 

Protected under the Iskandar Marine Park, the island offers pristine beaches, crystal clear waters and an abundance of marine life. Visitors will experience a serene and relaxing experience at Pulau Harimau. 

Activities at Pulau Harimau

The breathtaking rock formation and abundance of marine life make Pulau Harimau a diver’s paradise as there is much to explore underwater. 

Don’t worry if you don’t have a diving license as many visitors find snorkelling on this island to be enough!

 The water is also clear enough that the coral reefs and fishes can easily be spotted without having to go diving.  

Aside from being a diver’s paradise, the island has a cavern that forms a private pool where visitors would swim or float around enjoying the roofless natural rock formation. 

That experience itself would make your time in Pulau Harimau a memorable one, making you dream of the day you can visit it again.

There is also a lighthouse at the edge of the island where visitors can go up to observe the wonderful views surrounding the island.

Be sure to take a lot of pictures for your memories, or share the beautiful view with your followers on social media!

How To Get To Pulau Harimau

Your visit to Pulau Harimau like many islands is dependent on the tidal and weather conditions. 

This is especially true for Pulau Harimau as it is surrounded by cliffs and boulders. There are also no direct boat transfers from Mersing to Pulau Harimau as the island is extremely protected and only allows a small number of groups at a time. 

If you are staying in Pulau Rawa then you may request an island-hopping for snorkelling or diving excursion directly to Pulau Harimau from the resort.

 As it is very close to Pulau Rawa, the journey will only take you a few minutes. 

Where to stay : 

Unfortunately, visitors are not allowed to stay overnight on this uninhabited island as there is no accommodation or facilities available. 

If you are staying at Pulau Rawa, you may request an island-hopping excursion at Pulau Harimau. 

7. Pulau Aur 

islands at johor

Pulau Aur was once only a stopover point for local fishermen and is now a popular tourist destination. Nowadays people flock to this island for its coral lagoons and crystal clear waters. 

This is especially popular among diving enthusiasts as there are over twenty diving spots around Pulau Aur. 

The crystal clear waters offer great visibility underwater, which is always a sure way to get any diver excited! 

Marine animals like the manta ray and barracuda are often spotted in this divers paradise. Additionally, the island maintains its authenticity by limiting development on the island. 

So you can truly immerse yourself in island life!

Activities at Pulau Aur 

Besides diving, visitors may also enjoy snorkelling at the shallow coral reefs where you can enjoy the colourful variety of fishes and corals. 

Visitors are also encouraged to take a short boat ride to a nearby island called ‘Pulau Dayang’ to explore the variety of beautiful sea creatures this smaller remote island has to offer. 

If you wish to explore whilst staying dry, we advise you to take a little trekking trip to Teluk Berhala and Teluk Pahanan. 

Here you can immerse yourself in the local culture and lifestyle of the island’s villagers while maybe making a new friend while you’re here. 

How To Get To Pulau Aur

Pulau Aur is about a 4-6 hours boat ride from Mersing Jetty.

 Due to the long journey, the frequency of ferries to and from Pulau Aur is also very limited. 

It is advisable to plan ahead for the journey and stay longer than just a weekend. 

Ferry tickets can be purchased on the jetty, or you may opt for full board packages which often include boat transfers. 

Where to stay : 

1. Sebukang Bay Resort is the perfect option for budget travellers wishing to experience the ‘Kampung’ lifestyle. Do note that there is limited Wifi connection at this resort, guest are encouraged to put their gadgets away and immerse themselves in nature. 

It is a family-owned establishment offering guests a full board package starting at RM 374 (USD 85) per night.

2. Gilligan’s Dive Resort is a beautiful resort located at a secluded private beach in Pulau Aur. The rooms are equipped with air conditioning and a hot water heater. It is perfect for families and couples.  

The resort offers a variety of full board packages starting at  RM 655 (USD 148) per person for a two-night stay. 

8. Pulau Pemanggil 

Pulau Pemanggil is the place to go if you wish to experience deep-sea fishing.

It is especially famous among fishing enthusiasts because of the specialized fishing trips offered here which focus on big catches. 

You will see fishermen bring back big fishes like marlins, tuna, dorado and many more!

This island offers a more traditional atmosphere rich in the local culture. 

Make sure you take some time to explore the main village of Pulau Pemanggil, Kampung Buau. 

You will get to explore the small fisherman’s village and learn and observe their culture and lifestyle. Make sure to say hello to the friendly villagers here and you might get some good tips about the island! 

You will get to enjoy locally grown durian and mangosteen straight from the tree. If that is not exciting enough, the gold-sand beaches here with their crystal clear water will make you fall in love with Pulau Pemanggil. 

Activities at Pulau Pemanggil

There is much to do on this island for visitors with a variety of interests. If going on a deep-sea fishing trip doesn’t interest you, there are other water-based activities you can enjoy, like kayaking or jet skis among many others. 

Take a diving or snorkelling excursion while you’re in Pulau Pemanggil.

There are many beautiful coral reefs to explore! You can even hop on a boat for a tour and island hopping to explore the neighbouring islands like the beautiful Pulau Dayang, Pulau Aur or even Pulau Lang. 

Land activities on these islands of Johor are spectacular water-based activities.

Pulau Pemanggil has a beautiful hiking trail to Batu Buau for visitors to take to enjoy a birds-eye view of the magnificent island. 

This trail is on the beginner to an intermediate level so most people get to enjoy it, just remember to bring appropriate footwear if you’re planning to hike Batu Buau. 

How To Get To Pulau Pemanggil

The journey to Pulau Pemanggil is not a short one. It takes around 4-5 hours by boat from Mersing Jetty. 

This can be arranged when booking your stay at the resort or purchased directly at the jetty. 

Due to the long journey, we advise you to spend more than just your weekend here and take the time to explore the neighbouring islands too. 

Where to stay : 

1. Lanting Beach Resort is the only accommodation available in Pulau Pemanggil. There is a restaurant on-site serving delicious local and western food options. The resort has a game room as well as beach and sea sports activities available right on their private beach. 

The packages here start at RM 468 (USD 106) per person for a two-night stay. 

9. Pulau Dayang 

islands at johor

Pulau Dayang belongs to a group of islands in the east coast of Johor which also consist of Pulau Aur, Pulau Lang, and Pulau Pemanggil.

 Pulau Dayang is the biggest but also the furthest out of the four making it less crowded compared to other islands at Johor. 

This beautiful island is mostly famous among divers and fishing enthusiasts.

 Its wide array of marine life and crystal clear waters makes it a diver’s paradise.

 It is also the home of the fastest fish in the world, the Black Marlin. Naturally, many fishermen from around the world visit to attempt this big catch. 

Activities at Pulau Dayang

The watersports activities on this island are quite limited compared to other islands.

 The main activities here are snorkelling, diving and fishing. There are many diving spots offering great visibility with a large number of sea creatures to observe like the manta rays. 

Some of the famous diving spots include Captains Point and Telok Jawa among many others.

Pulau Dayang is also a sport fishermen’s haven as there are many deep-sea fishing trips and exhibitions to participate in. You can also take a short boat ride to the fishermen’s village in Pulau Aur to visit and enjoy the local culture and traditions. 

Visitors of Pulau Dayang will also get to enjoy beautiful sunrise and sunsets over the main jetty or right on the beach

At night the sky will glow brightly as there is minimal light pollution making it a spectacular stargazing location. This lesser-known island is an ideal place if you are looking for a relaxing trip to unwind far away from other tourists. 

How To Get To Pulau Dayang

You can take a ferry to Pulau Dayang from Mersing Jetty. 

Note that the ferry to Pulau Dayang takes around 5 hours and usually departs at night, so visitors are encouraged to plan for this long journey accordingly. 

The island is also accessible via boat transfers from other neighbouring islands that may have a more flexible ferry schedule.

Where to stay : 

1. Dayang Blue Resort is a famous accommodation on the southern side of Pulau Dayang. The resort is famous among divers because of its surrounding clear blue waters.

The bathrooms on this resort are on a shared basis. However, it has its own restaurant on-site and a private beach for guests to enjoy. The packages available differ between seasons and are only available upon confirmation.

2. AC Dayang Island is another beautiful small resort located on a remote and private beach. The clear waters and myriad of marine life found around the resort make it a popular choice by divers and fishermen alike.

The rooms here are fairly limited as they only accept 50 guests at one time. The packages here start at RM 900 (USD 204) for a three-night stay. 

10. Pulau Tinggi 

islands at johor

Pulau Tinggi is an island rich in history and culture spanning hundreds of years. 

It was once a populous port for fishermen and spice traders where it got its nickname “General’s Hat Island” for its odd shape.

Over the years the island has been infamous for its turtle hatchery and giant clam breeding centres. 

The Malaysian government has taken special care to conserve the island and turn it into a protected Marine Park Centre for future generations to enjoy. 

You can expect to see an abundance of marine life and colourful corals thriving in Pulau Tinggi.   

Activities at Pulau Tinggi

In our opinion, the best thing to do in a place with vast white sandy beaches such as Pulau Tinggi is to lie in the sand and relax while enjoying a refreshing beverage or even a good book. 

Work on your tan (with sun protection of course) and finish that book you’ve been meaning to read. 

If you’re all tanned and wish to get your adrenaline pumping, you can enjoy the many water-based activities available on the island.

 Rent a kayak and paddle to your heart’s desire, float around in your snorkelling gear over the beautiful coral reef or go diving and explore marine life and maybe find Nemo while you’re at it! 

Whether you’re a novice or seasoned hiker, you will not want to miss the jungle trekking trail in Pulau Tinggi.

The trail is not clearly marked so you should hire a guide or attempt it with a group. You will not regret taking this 40-minute trail as it will lead you to a hidden lagoon and beautiful waterfall for you to take a dip in. How magical does that sound?

Don’t forget to visit the turtle hatchery to watch or take part in helping repopulate the small endangered sea turtles.

 Donations to keep these types of centres running are always welcome and encouraged. It will surely give you a wholesome experience you would not forget.

How To Get To Pulau Tinggi

To go to Pulau Tinggi, you would need to get on a boat from Tanjung Leman Jetty. 

The boat ride will take around 45 minutes. You may have the resort arrange your boat transfer or purchase it at the jetty itself. 

Where to stay : 

TAd Marine Resort is the only resort available in Pulau Tinggi. The resort features nicely built wooden chalets that blends beautifully with its surrounding and are fitted with modern amenities that makes for a comfortable stay.  There is a swimming pool, bar, restaurant and even a convenience store within the resort. The resort has a private beach with its own dive centre. 

Room prices average around RM 500 to RM 700 (USD 113 to 158) but vary for different seasons. 

11. Pulau Kukup 

islands at johor

Pulau Kukup is a unique island and different from any of the Johor islands on this list.

Mainly because it is a mangrove island. Established as a National Park in 1997, Pulau Kukup is one of the largest mangrove islands in the world. It is the home of many rare and endangered mangrove-associated plants and animals. 

The island is a host to migratory waterbirds on their long journey along East Asian- Australasian Flyaway (EAAF). 

These birds take refuge on the island to roost and for feeding on the island’s large mudflats during low tides. Bird enthusiasts will truly appreciate the sightings of these rare migratory waterbirds. 

The wetland homes various rare underwater flowers, submerged plants and floating water plants. This island is also the natural habitat of wildlife species like wild boars and different types of mudskippers and shellfishes. 

Activities at Pulau Kukup 

Nature lovers and adventurers would rejoice in visiting this island which is also a national park. 

Visitors can explore the island via a self-guided walk or opt for a guided tour. The interpretive signage placed strategically around the island acts as an informational guide and facts on the ecosystem. 

Bird lovers can be seen with binoculars all year round to observe the Mangrove birds like the Pitta, Whistler and Blue Flycatcher. 

Visitors can also take a boat to the mudflats to catch a glimpse of the globally-threatened stork, the Lesser Adjutant. Although the best time for birdwatching is between September to April during the migratory season.

There are a few boat rides available for visitors to take to explore the island further. 

The Sungai Ular boat ride gives visitors a close-up view of the mangroves by going through the small winding creeks. Note that this is only available during high tide.   

A round-island boat ride allows visitors to get a well-rounded view and experience of the mangrove island while enjoying the beautiful views of the Malacca Straits. Visitors will also get to do some fish feeding activities. 

How To Get To Pulau Kukup

Pulau Kukup is located at Kukup in the Pontian district of Johor, Malaysia.

 Visitors can drive and park at the main office in Kukup Town and take a  round trip ferry at their main dock for a small fee. You can find more information about this island and other Johor islands and ferry schedules here

Where to stay : 

1. Kukup Mangrove Floating Chalet is a famous accommodation in Kukup. It is built on stilts over the waters overlooking the ocean. There is a restaurant on-site including karaoke and gaming facilities. The rooms here are equipped with air conditioning and decorated with simplicity.  

The rooms here start at RM 140 (USD 31) a night. 

2. Oceanic Sky Resort is a beautiful accommodation reflecting the simplicity of a fishing village. It is also built on stilts with a connection bridge to the pier used by local fishermen. There are boat services to bring you to Pulau Kukup National Park as well as mahjong rooms, ping pong tables and even a karaoke room. 

The packages here start at RM 200 (USD 45) per night.

12. Pulau Mensirip 

islands at johor

Pulau Mensirip is a beautiful island that is inhabited and privately owned by the Sultan of Johor.

This rocky island hosts an abundance of marine life, pearly white sandy beaches and warm crystal clear waters. 

This tropical paradise is lush in greenery and dense forest.

Pulau Mensirip is one of the islands at Johor that is gazetted by a Marine Park title.

This means that the island is conserved and protected by the government for future generations to enjoy. The surrounding of Pulau Mensirip is dense with marine creatures and natural coral formations. 

Activities at Pulau Mensirip

Pulau Mensirip is a sought after place for snorkelling and diving. 

The robust catalogue of sea creatures and colourful coral reefs will surely impress many visitors. The calm warm waters combined with great visibility make for an ideal diving experience.

Visitors who obtain a permission may visit the island as part of an island-hopping trip from the neighbouring Johor islands like Pulau Rawa and Pulau Tengah. 

Swimming in the dazzlingly clear waters of Pulau Mensirip will leave anyone feeling refreshed. 

Do not miss the opportunity to rest and laze on the white sandy beach or take a stroll to explore the small island. 

How To Get To Pulau Mensirip

Pulau Mensirip can be accessed by boat from Mersing Jetty.

 As this is a privately owned island by the Sultan of Johor, visitors would need to be granted permission to visit the island. You may apply for permission by contacting the Johor National Parks Corporations

However, you can take a  diving or snorkelling excursion to Pulau Mesirip if you are staying in Pulau Rawa or Pulau Tengah.

Where to stay : 

13. Pulau Hujong

Pulau Hujong is a small island located on the northeast side of Johor. The island is thick with vegetation and surrounded by crystal clear waters.

With the white sandy beaches and swaying palm trees, this island is the perfect location to spend the day relaxing, unwinding and enjoying nature. 

Activities at Pulau Hujong

Just like Pulau Mensirip and Pulau Harimau, these islands in Johor are uninhabited and do not have any accommodation available. Visitors often spend a day in Pulau Hujong as part of their island-hopping excursion or for snorkelling and diving at Pulau Hujong’s beautiful reefs. 

How To Get To Pulau Hujong

Pulau Hujong is accessible via a 30-minute boat ride from Mersing Jetty. It is also possible to go to Pulau Hujong by a short boat ride from its neighbouring Johor islands, Pulau Besar and Pulau Rawa

Where to stay:

Unfortunately, visitors are not allowed to stay overnight on this uninhabited island as there is no accommodation or facilities available. 

Important Information To Know Before Planning Your Trip 

Mersing Jetty

1. If you are driving from KL, your journey to Mersing Jetty would take approximately 5 hours while it only takes 2 hours if you are driving from Johor Bharu. 

2. There are ample public parking spots around Mersing Jetty with an average rate of RM 15 to RM 20 per day.  There are also a few private parking bays around the area with varying prices.

3. Mersing Jetty can also be reached by bus from Terminal Bersepadu Selatan (TBS) in Kuala Lumpur and Larkin Terminal in Johor Bharu which will approximately be 5.5 hours and 2.5 hours to Mersing Jetty respectively.  

4. The nearest airport to Mersing is Senai Airport in Johor Bharu, which you would then have to arrange for a car or bus to take you to Mersing Jetty. 

Tanjung Leman Jetty

If you are driving, it will take you approximately 5 hours from Kuala Lumpur and approximately 2 hours from Johor Bahru. 

Another option is to take a bus that will take you to the nearest bus terminal which is Kota Tinggi Bus Terminal. You can continue your journey by cab service or take a local bus to Tanjung Leman Jetty.

Best Time To Travel 

The islands at Johor enjoy the same weather as mainland Malaysia. 

It has a hot and humid climate during the day and cools at night time. The best time to visit is usually between May and August, after the monsoon season for a lower chance of rainfall. 


How Many Islands Are There In Johor?

There are many islands in Johor. More specifically, there are 12 islands you can visit in Johor. However, some of these islands are inhabited or require prior permission from the Johor Marine Park to visit as they may be privately owned by the Sultan of Johor for conservation purposes.  

Does Johor Have A Beach?  

YES- Johor has a beach, many beaches! Johor has a lot of amazing beaches. There are more than 10 public beaches in Johor. The most popular is Pantai Desaru or Desaru Coast in Kota Tinggi. This is a popular tourist destination because of the white sandy beach spanning over 22 metres and rows of luxurious beachfront resorts available in the area.  

How Do You Get To Rawa Island?

If you want to get to Rawa Island, you will have to take a 30-minute boat ride from Mersing Jetty. Rawa Island Resort or Alang’s Rawa will arrange the boat transfers for your arrival and departure as part of their package when you book your accommodation at either resort. 

Is Tioman Island Worth Visiting? 

If you’re wondering if Tioman Island is worth visiting, the answer is YES! It is definitely worth the trip for island lovers. You can find budget-friendly accommodations and luxurious beach resorts on Tioman Island. There are also many land, beach or water-based activities to ensure a worthwhile vacation and one of our favourite islands at Johor!

Are you feeling inspired to visit the islands at Johor yet? 

We are spoiled with choices when it comes to choosing where to take our next vacation. 

The good thing is we do not have to compromise on the quality of experience we will get as there are up to par with destinations all over the world. 

Do keep in mind all the important tips we’ve listed before you plan for your trip. 

Make sure to check with your accommodation management for further information and requirements.   

Let us know in the comments below if you’ve been to any of these islands or planning to go soon! And if you know of any more beautiful islands at Johor that we could add to the list, feel free to tell us. We’d love to hear from you!

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