21 Types of Hikers : Which One Are You and Why It Matters!

How does the types of hikers you are, affect you and your hiking?

You will want to try all the different types of hikes, but what types of hiker are you?

Are you the type of hiker who wants to explore every angle of the map? How does the socialite type of hiker affect your hiking? How do you deal with the Nature Lover types of hiker, if you are a fast hiker?

Catching some fresh air and getting your body moving is the best thing to do for sure. Can you even count the benefits of hiking?  

Hiking is a sport where you need to walk through lots of types of trails and perform all the different types of hiking activities you want. We all start by just getting a pair of trainers on and starting walking. 

Before you know it you may get very dedicated and start to have a routine preparation for hiking; your future shopping wish list may be a list of different types of hiking boots and other hiking tools.

Avid hiker, Nejona, will give you a complete guide today to answer all your questions about the types of hikers. 

21 Types of Hikers 

  1.  The Weekend Warrior
  2.  The Gear Junkie 
  3.  The Outdoorsman 
  4.  The Nature Lover 
  5.  The Mountain Man 
  6.  The Ultra-light Backpacker 
  7.   The Day Hiker 
  8. The Beach Bum 
  9. The Thru-Hiker 
  10. The Casual Camper 
  11. The Campfire Connoisseur 
  12. The Car Camper 
  13. Backcountry Beginner 
  14. Family Adventurer 
  15. Urban Adventurer 
  16. Socialite 
  17. Outdoor Enthusiast 
  18. Adventure Racer 
  19. Wilderness First Responder 
  20. Globetrotter 
  21. International Traveler


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21 Types of Hikers and Which One You Are!

 1. The Weekend Warrior

different types of hikers weekend warrior

You fight your way through the weekend. You can’t wait for Fridays to come because you know that you will get your hiking shoes on to go out and set yourself free right after work. 

It’s time to brush off all the tension you have carried through the week. 

The hills are waiting!

Whether it’s a quick day hike or an all-out backpacking trip, you are ready to take on whatever comes your way. All you need to conquer the world is a pair of hiking trainers

types of hikers trainers

 2. The Gear Junkie 

types of hikers the gear junkie

Nothing is unexpected for you.

 You always have the necessary gear to handle whatever Mother Nature throws your way, from a torrential downpour to a full-blown war. 

Your hiking companions might think you are a fireman because you always have a survival kit with you, just in case the worst comes knocking.

types of hikers survival kit

You are extremely keen on being updated with the latest disaster and weather forecast.

These hikers are always ready and willing to take on the great outdoors, no matter the situation. “The Gear Junkies” are the perfect companions for every outdoor enthusiast who is willing to take risks.

 3. The Outdoorsman 

types of hikers outdoorsman

You are the thrill-seeker who wants to hike in the most extreme conditions. Whether it’s mountains, canyons, or rainforests, this hiker can handle it all.  

You connect with nature, and you’re able to listen to what your heart is whispering to you. 

You like pure acceleration; the trees speak your language; the mud calls you, get on a mountain bike, and roll uphill – downhill.

types of hikers hardtail mountain

 4. The Nature Lover 

the nature lover types of hikers

You don’t care about getting muddy or scratched up because you feel at home in the forest. You are out in nature to get inspired and recharged.

Even though you’re not out there for the sake of the sport, you enjoy that physical challenge and the peaceful uphill battle. You’re not opposed to stopping for a break at a scenic location or enjoying lunch on a sunny patch of trail.

You’re out there to catch the sights and sounds of nature, for the landscapes, day and night. Wildlife attracts you the most, and binoculars are your best friend for observing. 

You like making memories for a lifetime. 

types of hikers binoculars

 5. The Mountain Man

types of hikers mountain man

The mountain man types of hikers is the kind that thinks scaling a cliff face or crossing a rushing snowmelt river barefoot isn’t just a challenge; it’s part of the daily routine. 

This breed enjoys nothing more than spending every waking hour in nature, surrounded by peaks and wildlife. 

To them, descending into valleys is an exercise in futility; why would anyone want to leave such natural splendour? 

Sure, they might miss the odd creature comforts that city folk take for granted – like Netflix and doughnuts – but at the end of the day, those things pale in comparison to the satisfaction that comes from summiting a rugged peak safely

types of hikers rugged peak safely

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 6. The UltraLight Backpacker

types of hikers ultra light backpacker

An ultralight backpacker is someone who takes a minimalist approach to a backpack. 

They believe that carrying less weight will allow them to move faster and hike for longer distances. This types of hikers typically has only the essentials: a sleeping bag, food, water, and clothing. 

Everything else is considered optional.

Hiking is a great way to get some exercise and enjoy the outdoors, but it can be a pain lugging all your gear around. If you’re the types of hikers who likes to travel light, then you’ll want to check out this ultra-light backpack type of hiking gear. 

types of hikers ultar light backpack

You will want that backpack with maximum space and minimum weight, so you can focus on enjoying the hike instead of worrying about your stuff.

 7. The Day Hiker

Exactly as you read it, I come and go within a day! 

Even if I have 1 hour to spare, I choose to spend it hiking.

 Hiking clears my thoughts, and I like to hike daily. I look for the areas around my neighbourhood. It turns out there is always something new to explore.

There are exciting terrains to hike at, not very far away. I grab my poles right after work and come back home at twilight. 

trekking poles types of hikers

 8. The Beach Bum

beachbum types of hikers

Life is better at the beach, and the beach is the only reason you like summer. 

Hiking is taken less seriously now because swimming becomes more important. 

types of hikers sunglasses

However, you sometimes like to hike slowly and enjoy the breeze around the hills by the beach. 

The high temperatures make it harder to climb, but a good pair of sunglasses and a sun hat is a wise choice for handling the heat in every other kind of sport you might want to do.

types of hikers sunglasses

 9. The Thru-Hiker

the thru hiker

What’s that, you ask? Well, it means they hike long trails end-to-end in one continuous journey. Sounds pretty crazy, right? Maybe it is, but that’s what they love to do.

Thru-Hikers be like: “I’ve thru-hiked the Appalachian Trail, the Pacific Crest Trail, and the Continental Divide Trail. That’s a lot of miles under my belt (or rather, on my feet).

This types of hikers likes to push themself physically. 

To them, there’s nothing like being out in nature and disconnecting from the hustle and bustle of society. It’s relaxing and therapeutic.

These hikers take on the challenge of hiking an entire trail from start to finish – no matter how long it takes. Hiking very long distances is intense and is not a walk in the park. Be well informed before you start an adventure like this. 

types of hikers hikers gear guide

 10. The Casual Camper 

types of hikers casual camper

If you love camping but hate the idea of hauling around a bunch of gear, then you might be the casual camper types of hikers. 

This hiker is all about simplicity and enjoying the outdoors without fuss.

 Casual campers might not have all the gear or know all the trail etiquette, but they’re out there enjoying themselves nonetheless.

All they need are light clothes and fresh air to breathe, inhale-exhale.

types of hikers light clothes

 11. The Campfire Connoisseur 

camp connoisseur types of hikers

Suppose you’re out on a hike, and it starts to rain. What do you do? If you’re like me, you probably find the nearest shelter, sit down, and begin to shiver. 

However, if you’re a campfire connoisseur, you take the opportunity to set up your fire pit and cook the perfect steak, make a salad, and even test up a recipe for hot chocolate.

This hiker seems to enjoy sleeping on the ground and cooking over a campfire. 

They know how to make the most out of camping, turning what could be a miserable experience into a fun and relaxing adventure. 

Their favourite gear is probably some grill or iron cooker

types of hikers iron cooker

 12. The Car Camper

car camper types of hikers

Car campers always have an air mattress in their car that they can inflate at any time. Comfort is essential to them. You know when you’re dealing with a car camper if you hear them saying: 

“I like to get out into nature, but I don’t want to have to carry all of my stuff with me. I’ll drive to a trailhead, park my car, and hike from there. 

It’s the best of both worlds: I’m getting exercise and enjoying the outdoors, but I’m not exhausted when I’m done because I didn’t have to carry my gear with me. Plus, if it starts raining or gets too dark, I can just drive home. Win-win!”

types of hikers camping cushion pillow

 13. Backcountry Beginner

backcountry beginner types of hikers

As a beginner hiker, you should know a few things before heading into the backcountry. 

First, assess your fitness level and be honest with yourself about how much physical activity you’re comfortable with. Then, pick the right gear – remember, less is more when it comes to ultralight backpacking. 

types of hikers trekking walking anti shock

Lastly, be prepared for mental and emotional challenges – being in nature can be wonderful, but it can also be challenging at times.

 14. Family Adventurer

family adventurer

The family adventurer hiking style is all about taking things at a leisurely pace and enjoying the scenery. You are never sure how kids will react after walking for a good while, though.

Make sure all their questions are answered, but most importantly, keep them busy with the right hiking tools for kids

types of hikers explorer kit

This is an excellent style for young children or grandparents in tow. Slow and steady wins the race!

 15. Urban Adventurer

There’s a new types of hikers in town, and they are not like the rest. 

You are urban, and your idea of an “adventure” is hiking a few blocks to your favourite spot for brunch. You like to explore your city on foot, you make good company. 

It does not matter whether you are walking on the street or hiking on different types of trails, because you feel equally comfortable. 

You give the best city tours everyone can possibly find.

 16. Socialite

socialite types of hikers

We all know that person who has to be at every party and always knows the latest gossip. They’re always out and about, never missing a chance to have fun. 

Well, it turns out there’s a type of hiker just like that!

 The socialite hiker is always on the go and loves to mix with other hikers along the way. They’re not in a hurry to get to the top, and they certainly don’t care about how many miles they’re hiking. 

All they want to get is the experience, the pictures taken with a long selfie stick, and spending time with friends.  

types of hikers long selfie stick

  17. Outdoor Enthusiast

outdoor enthusiast

You are not like every outdoor person. You take serious risks! Whatever high peak you know, you want to reach it. 

Impossible? Wounds? They motivate you even more! There are no such words in your vocabulary.

You like cycling through the narrowest trails. You like getting in the muddiest puddle to know each stone you hadn’t noticed before; You want to know what’s behind that hill, and you want to track every single move you make. A GPS is the only partner you look for!

types of hikers gps

Exploring every angle of the map is your accomplishment as a hiker.

 18. Adventure Racer 

adventure racer

An adventure racer type of hiker has an athletic body. They typically navigate in the wilderness and look for competition. 

Adventure racing is a growing sport that combines trail running, orienteering, and mountain biking elements. It’s perfect for those who thrive on an extreme expedition and love taking risks in nature. 

Orientation is crucial for this kind of sport, and you should go deep into learning how to read the map and navigate in the midst of the unknown.

types of hikers squiggly lines compass

 19. Wilderness First Responder

wilderness first responder

I carry a full pack with all the necessary gear, including a map and compass, even on short day hikes. 


 Because you never know when you might need them. I’ve seen too many people get lost or hurt in the wilderness because they weren’t prepared. 

First things first: what the heck is a wilderness first responder?

 A wilderness first responder has specific training in backcountry medical care. In other words, if you get hurt while hiking and there’s no doctor around, a wilderness first responder can help. 

Yes, a first aid kit is always and forever in their backpack. 

types of hikers first aid kit

 20. Globetrotter


If you’re like me, then the idea of globetrotting has always been immensely appealing. 

I mean, who wouldn’t want to see the world’s most incredible sights and explore different cultures? Unfortunately, the cost of travel can be prohibitive, especially if you’re not content with just staying in tourist traps. 

But what if there was a way to see the world without forking over a fortune? Believe it or not, there is! All you need is a little creativity and some helpful tips from seasoned globetrotters. 

Globetrotters go through different countries on foot. It is hard, and you will carry a heavy backpack, but what you get back is for life. 

Don’t you think globetrotters go broke though! These hikers know how to travel on a budget and keep working at the same time!

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 21. International Traveler

international traveler

If you think you have read enough, read again!

They have hiked in every possible corner of the world. Their families are a bit nomadic, and so every few years, they pack up their bags and move to a new country. 

And of course, one of the perks of being a kid is getting to explore new countries and hike in their impressive landscapes. 

Listen to them talking about hiking in Switzerland, Norway, Spain, and Thailand. From snow-capped peaks to lush rainforests – these travellers have seen it all!

Types of Hikers: FAQs

What Are The Three Types Of Hikes?

The three main types of hiking are day, long-distance, and peak bagging.

You were on a day hiking when you came back within a day; You had long-distance hiking when you spent some nights in the forest; You hiked peak-bagging when you reached the peak of several hills. 

What Is The Difference Between Hikers And Trekkers?

Hiking involves a long, intense walk in the natural environment on hiking trails or footpaths for a period not longer than a day-night. While trekking is a more challenging hike in the wild, on hiking trails or not. It lasts a couple of days.

What Is A Social Hiker?

Social hikers like to share their hiking interests with other people. You will love their commitment and all the hiking tips they give on the way to the top. 

Separately, Social Hiker is a self-paced hiking challenge that includes an outdoor adventure and is willing to explore with stewardship for skill development. 

What Are Pro Hikers?

A pro hiker enjoys hiking and has turned his hobby into his profession. 

Pro hikers are typically very experienced hikers who have mastered the art of hiking and know how to enjoy the outdoors safely and comfortably. They are passionate, and their commitment requires a lot of perseverance.

So, what types of hikers are you? Walking, you have put one foot in front of the other and moved through the world in a way that could classify as hiking. 

This post hopes to have inspired you to get outside and explore the world around you with someone you enjoy spending time with. Even if you don’t think of yourself as a hiker, that’s ok! We all have to start hiking somewhere.

Maybe after reading this, you will even consider yourself a hiker (or at least give it a try). We want to hear from our readers. Get on the move and happy hiking!

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